Yu Ren

By E Mei

207 The charity of the wife of the lord

207 The charity of the wife of the lord

207 lord's wife's charity

"Yang Yang, does he know that you have this brother?" Bai Hao never heard Yang Lan mention the sea pumice, but this is normal, involving the royal sin, he does not need or can not take the initiative to turn out and tell people.

"Know, we have seen... but the old man is not willing to let us have more contact." The sound of the sea pumice is a bit cold, and the white sorrow is a turn of thought. The emperor does not know whether he wants to protect Yang Lan, or is afraid that the two brothers will join hands. Go to his position, or what other things she can't guess.

"My mother always remembers to ask me to take care of this younger brother before death. He said that after I died, he would eat a lot of bitterness, but she couldn't help him. He could only rely on him to squat. She said that my aunt died. It’s very embarrassing, Yang Lan must become an emperor in the future, this is the compensation that the old man promised, and I will kill the queen to avenge my aunt, and help Yang Lan if necessary.” “The sea pumice said that later, quite a bit angry. Not flat.

"Because your mother thinks you are very powerful and has the ability to take care of yourself, she doesn't need to talk to your mother-in-law, it doesn't care about you." Bai Xiao secretly snickered and got along with the sea pumice. She slowly discovered that he actually blended. With his three temperamental traits, he was able to express all three characters in a succinct manner. It was not unreasonable, nor did he know that it was too deep to lead to such multiple personalities, or that he was.

For example, now, it is clearly the child's temperament.

The sea pumice stone screamed twice, and the expression was a little slow, but in a blink of an eye, the face was stretched and said: "Yang Xiao, the kid, you will not see you again later."

Bai Yu’s pretense does not understand: "Is he not your brother?"

"Hey, you know in your heart, that kid is very interesting to you, you are mine, and you are not allowed to relate to other men, especially him." The sea pumice is tightly wrapped around the white arm, and the tone is tough. refute.

Bai Bai gave him a glance and grinned. "I have to have something with him. I know him earlier than I know you. I am like this to you. You still doubt me. It makes no sense." ”

The sea pumice understands this truth in his heart, but he is still very upset when he hears that he talks to him for this. He is so disgusted that she pulls her hard and smashes her two couples, so she begged for it.

Bai Hao anger gas closed his eyes and did not care for him, the sea pumice wrinkled his face, took her no way, the room calmed down.

The sea pumice misses the warm atmosphere of the two whispers, and can't help but poke her face: "Talk to me"

Bai Hao resolutely ignored it. The sea pumice only felt that the mouse was pulling the turtle. I don’t know what to do. The little girl in her arms was very delicate. She was not allowed to suffer any pain. He was not willing to come. He couldn’t pull his face. .

He pondered for a long time, finally decided to talk about it, and found that the little beauty in his arms breathed evenly and lightly, and he was already asleep. He was so angry and funny, and closed his eyes to sleep.

When she slept, she forgot the last night's vindictiveness with the sea pumice. The two took the ghosts and ghosts together and drove the carriage to the place where the tiger eagle set up the temporary mourning hall and left the place.As a fiancee of the sea pumice, since he is coming, he must not enter the hall with him to make a show.

It was originally a hurricane, and the Tiger Eagle gang, which was filled with uneasiness and turmoil, because the arrival of the two people was in a hurry.

When such a thing happened, the Tiger Eagle helped the gangs to disperse. Even if they persisted, they should become a third-rate force. Some of the leading figures have secretly searched for new owners. Many gangs in Pingzhou have also taken the opportunity to recruit people.

Liu Yilong was in the middle of the day before, killing his wife and children and most of his family members... Bai Yu felt that he was so clean, most of them were the sea pumice stone deliberately scribbling the roots, and the tiger eagle only left Liu Erhu and Liu Sanying’s wife and children. .

The sea pumice took the white scorpion to go to the incense ceremony, and then told the orphans and widows about the organization and care for them. As a result, the two families were grateful and thankful, and they were as excited as they saw the reborn parents.

Bai Hao had to admire that the sea pumice had the potential of politicians, and he was very good at making a show.

However, when she saw the orphans and widows, she remembered her own task, and she still had more than 700 places. She didn’t know when she was going to be at the sea pumice. It was related to her lifelong happiness in the next life, but it was not a joke. Must be completed as soon as possible.

She did not want to bring the ginkgo white to them, fearing that they would inadvertently discover the secrets of the identity of the sea pumice, and bring them unpredictable dangers, saying that they must not only help the people who borrowed the pumice.

Since she is nominally the fiancee of the Haipushihai Big League, it is also helpful to do good deeds to improve the reputation of the sea pumice. He should not oppose it.

I made up my mind and left the Huying to help the spirit hall out of the town. Bai Yu took the initiative to discuss with the pumice stone. The sea pumice stone looked at her strangely and said: "You don't look like a lot of heart, what do you do? ?"

In this case, compared with the murderer who is accustomed to murder and arson, Bai Hao feels that he is so kind-hearted, it is simply a Buddha.

"When I was a child, my body was very poor. When I was three years old, I almost died of illness. My mother made a wish to the Tibetan King Bodhisattva. If I can get better, I must help the people before the age of eighteen, and do great dedication to thank God. Later, I It was so good. So I promised to go through the Bodhisattva, I must finish it." Bai Hao introduced his own magical encounter, in exchange for a sneer of the sea pumice, obviously not all right.

In the past, he also sent people to check the details. Although the details are not too clear, the Bai’s couple did indeed retreat to the rivers and lakes after doing the miracle of her three-year-old illness.


He never cares about what kind of bodhisattva, causality, etc., so he did not think much about this issue. He only thought it was a coincidence.

Bai Hao shook his arm and said: "I can't do anything about it, and it's good for your reputation. I don't want you to bear the livelihood of those people. I just want to find someone who can trust and be literate. I handle the chores, and the people who contact my family take over the next thing, you promise me."Such a spoiled pleading was very effective against the sea pumice. He thought that if there was really no harm, he would agree.

When I arrived at the inn of the night, Bai Hao immediately wrote a letter, and a letter to Baiguo and Yangmei, telling them that they intend to continue the human trafficking business with the martial arts personnel, let them send letters to contact us, and prepare to receive her new purchase. The staff, a letter to the grandfather of the grandfather reported peace.

The sea pumice went out to the local martial arts as usual, and said to her when she came back: "If you want someone to help, it is better to find someone who is in trouble. They have a lot of people to help, and they have plenty of people. There is a rudder and it is convenient to deploy."

"The people in Jitangtang are good, they are afraid that they will die and can't accept my set." Bai Yu was hesitant.

"You are not saying that as long as they handle the chores and contact your family? Don't let them know too much." The sea pumice has always felt that those people are so deceived.

Bai Hao nodded and promised to come down.

A few days later, Yue Laosi ran over, followed by two followers, one is comfrey, and the other is the six elders Han Baizi who I saw last time.

Bai Hao looked at the three guys who were very big, and sighed: "I want people who have to fight. You don't have to come in person, send a few powerful people to help. You can trust me, but you can't believe it." Haida League Lord?"

Yue Laosi smiled and said: "What is the little girl saying, we are here to help, Zisha that Shantou has always said that you save the talent is really to save the end, much better than our set, the old man naturally I have to see it."

Before the comfrey, I went to the small mountain village managed by the couple of Atractylodes in the outskirts of Beijing. Later, I brought Xiao Yu back to see the last side of his father, Yuan Xiang. On the road, I accidentally asked Xiao Yu about the experience and current situation of Xiao Yu. I knew Bai Jiana. A set of rescue procedures.

Although I don't agree with some of the practices of the day, but the facts are in front of me, people who have redeemed from the white house may not be rich and rich, but at least there is a survival skill. The food and clothing are not a problem, and some are well mixed. It is even possible to give a letter to the department.

Xiao Yu finally refused the suggestion that he would redeem him for the dilemma. He insisted on going back to the village. Some of them refused to accept the meaning of his father Yu Yin. More, he was already thoroughly brainwashed by the white family. Make a look.

The comfrey heart has a feeling. On weekdays, their so-called difficulties in helping the poor are all solutions. Many people have saved it today. After a while, they starved to the streets. The poor people saved a lot, but when it comes to results, Far from being comparable to the White House. She said her thoughts to several elders in the temple, but the results were minimal. Only my master and the four divisions showed some interest, so this time I heard that the pumice stone wanted to ask a few people to help, immediately I took the initiative to ask you, and also took Master and Si Shibo together.Bai Hao took a glance at the three people, and thought about it, as well as the sneaky and ghostly help, so he said: "The three have to help, the little girl is too happy, but please promise three, the little girl may be with you. There are some differences in the purpose of the Jitangtang. If you can’t accept it, please don’t object to the destruction. If you feel that you can’t help, just ask it.”

Yue Laosi and Han Baizi looked at each other and took a picture of the chest: "No problem."

The result was a problem on the first day...

"This, what is this?" Yue Lao asked with a sly look at the paper template that Bai Bai gave to the comfrey.

"Selling the deed, the four elders have not seen it?" Bai Hao took the paper and looked at it carefully, saying that he was very satisfied.

This is the standard layout that she let the sneaky singer write according to her meaning last night. This morning, I plan to let the comfrey take it to the store to engrave and get some spare.

"You are not saying to save people? How did you become a buyer?"

"Not my family, why should I save?" Bai Hao looked back at the idiot's eyes.


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