Yu Ren

By E Mei

206 cover quilt pure chat

206 cover quilt pure chat

206 cover quilt pure chat

In the heart of the white scorpion, the little raccoon flower in the arms has already taken the lead to react - one go, one bite to the hand that the sea pumice stone circled the waist and waist.

After the ups and downs of the sea pumice, I forgot to guard against the beauty of the child's ** ** weapon, screaming quickly and dangerously to avoid the teeth of the raccoon, but because the arm is too close, it is stretched at the same time The claws were caught.

Instead of confessing the supply, the first thing was to hurt a cat. The face of the sea pumice was iron and blue, and when I reached out, I wanted to take the little raccoon out of my white scorpion and forget it.

When he looked at his fierce eyes, he knew what he wanted to do. He quickly put his little raccoon in his arms and smiled. "It, it thought you were going to hurt me. It was not intentional..."

In the past few years, the sea pumice has been rarely injured in the face of the top master. However, since she encountered the day, she was not scratched by her own bite. The damn cat that she raised was successful. The former is a lover. There is a lot of flirtatiousness between him, he likes it, and he doesn’t have time to pay for it. Besides, he said that he has been able to get back with him in the past few days, but what about this damn sly cat?

"What do you mean, I will get close to you in the future, and it will jump out and bite me like this? Give it to me." The sea pumice sinks his face.

Even if you don't smother this cat, give it a lesson and let it know who is the boss. Otherwise, every time he gets close to the day, he must be careful about the sneak attack. It is too irritating.

The first reaction of Baiji is to pick up the little raccoon and run away a bit, avoiding this fierce god, but with the character of the sea pumice, if she alienates him for the little raccoon, I am afraid that he will kill the heart more, she can protect the little raccoon I can't protect myself for a while, and the sea pumice is the way to kill it.

So she gently touched the little raccoon while comforting, and took the initiative to get together in the sea pumice stone, and said, "Don't be angry, okay? Little raccoon just wants to protect me, and I am not used to you." ""

"Hey, give it to me, I will teach it to say it again." Although the sea pumice still refused to give in, the tone softened a lot.

"If the little raccoon has no wildness, it will not protect me." Bai Yan raised his small face and intentionally or unintentionally exhaled at his ear.

She noticed the small movements of her intentions. The sea pumice showed a slight redness on the skin outside the collar. The insistence went to the majority: "I am by your side, who can move you a cold hair?"

Before the light in the cave was too dark, the white cockroaches never found out that his closeness really made him blush. So, at least one of his clumsy and shy actions was a true performance.

The heart can't stop popping up some smug and happy little bubbles, the white voice is softer and softer: "But you can't be with me all the time..." while spitting out the tip of his tongue and gently rubbing it on his earlobe .

The body of the sea pumice was obviously stiff, and the breath was so fast and heavy. The eyes flashed with the light and slowly looked into the arms and smiled like the little fox who had just ate honey. She could not help but reach out and hug her.White 茯苓 茯苓 未 未 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀 怀Let people relax.

She is uncomfortably twisting her body, and some regret that she can't help herself.

The sea pumice saw her avoiding her own gaze, and looked down at the little raccoon flower. Her heart moved and raised her hand toward the little raccoon. The little raccoon rubbed her eyes and quickly softened her body and went to sleep.

Lessons from this cat can be said later, why should the beauty be wasting time to fight for this cat?

Bai Hao sighed, carefully placed the raccoon flower on the soft pillow prepared for it before the corner of the bed, the hands just left the raccoon flower, the man has been smashed by the sea pumice, the eager kiss falls over her On the face and lips.

Bai Hao insisted that he would not let the sea pumice stone to make the final step. The sea pumice stone could not bear to force her too much, so she ate a tofu and gave up, and solved the outerwear and shoes and socks, holding the little beauty in her arms and pulling the quilt to cover the two. Ready to continue to follow the previous confession.

"Come on, what are you doing with me?"

Bai Hao did not expect him to persist, but fortunately she is ready to deal with it.

"I don't have anything to look at you. Everyone has a secret. I have it, and a lot... I don't know what you want to know, so I didn't take the initiative to mention it. Is this counting you?" The face was innocently pillowed on the arm of the sea pumice.

It makes sense to say this, but the sea pumice is not so simple to perfuse the past. He raised his eyebrows: "Can you tell me your secret?"

"Well, as long as you want to know, I can say." Bai Hao's look is clever and serious. Although the sea pumice still feels guilty, it is very docile.

"Talk about your overseas island."

Bai Xi’s heart was a bitter smile. This guy really didn’t want to send it. She sacrificed her hue and she was soft and weak. As a result, people still caught her.

She organized a speech: "The people in my family are somewhat deviant, and the situation in Laos is unstable. The big brother is a military commander and will inevitably be affected. Once there is any change in the country, even if we are partial to the border town, we still It is within the control of the forces of all parties, and it is too difficult to be able to stand alone under the control of the nest. The island is a retreat for us."

This is the truth, but now, one of the more important uses of this island is to hide the pumice for the family.

"You are right to you.

Big brother is really on the heart. "The words of the sea pumice are sour.

"Big brother has paid a lot for our family. If it weren't for him, our family couldn't have been so stable these years."

"Hey, remember, he can only be your big brother, and he is a man who has had a wife." The sea pumice is very dissatisfied. As I knew so, I should leave Cui Zhenyi’s woman in Lu Ying’s side. Safety."Do you mean to say me? I tell you, the woman in the magical education who is waiting for you, it is best not to have other women in front of me. You can't touch, can't see, can't think." The experience of the mother told her to deal with it. The best way to eat this jealous guy is to smoke him back with vinegar.

Sure enough, the sea pumice is not angry and laughs, and licks her long hair. "Do not touch, don't look, don't want to, do other women have you look good?" For the first time, Bai Hao clearly showed him the meaning of jealousy. He cares, the sea pumice is too happy to have time.

"It’s not good to look at me."

The sea pumice smiled softly and infinitely, and promised.

Just as Bai Hao thought that the topic was transferred successfully, when the alarm was lifted, the sea pumice suddenly asked: "Where is the location of the island?"

Whitehead has a headache, how is this person so difficult?

She thought about it and bit her lip: "This island is not my own secret. I can't tell you, but I can promise you. As long as you and I have love, I won't leave you hiding on the island. ""

This is very skillful. No matter what changes will happen to her last relationship with the sea pumice, she will throw down the pumice stone sooner or later, but she will not hide on the island and hide underground.

However, it sounds like this is like "dedication to the sea pumice". As a result, the sea pumice stone will be bright when you hear it, and the smiles in your mouth will not be hidden, and you will not continue to ask. There was a lingering kiss in the day.

The rare atmosphere was harmonious, and the two men chatted purely on the bed covered with cotton quilts.

In order to express his concern for the sea pumice, Bai Yan took the initiative to ask him: "When you were a child, was it really a small girl?"

"Well, my mother and the old man are getting together more and more. After giving birth to me, I said that I made up for the regret that the old man is not around her, so my little name is Xiaoxi. In fact, my mother is not the old man, she When she said that she was vying for the position of the gods, she needed the help of the old man..." The sea pumice grinned.

Bai Yu’s heart smiled. It seems that this Gan Qinglan is a very real and powerful person. She may not be tempted by the emperor, but she is obviously not as stunned by the love of Yang Lan’s mother, so that the moth is burning. It’s a smashing fall of the deep palace, and even your own children can’t protect it.

"What kind of person is your mother?"

"She is very powerful, martial arts is not the top, but the decisive decisive, the work is very tricky, the people in the gods are cured to obey the post. If she is still, I will like you very much, your temper is a bit like her ......" The sea pumice lightly caressed the white face, remembering the scene when she saw her at first sight.

She is so beautiful, especially the shimmering radiance in the eyes, which makes him feel very familiar. Now I think about it, probably because that kind of eyes are quite similar to his mother.

In the dark night, her soft and horrified appearance is a pity, but the reason he will pay special attention to her is still the beautiful eyes that make him feel familiar.It was not until later that she found out that she was guilty of confessing to a group of thieves, and that she was so fierce that it was until she was a tigress that only wore a lamb skin. Instead of not feeling disappointed, he could not help but be fascinated.

Bai Hao didn't know his thoughts. He continued to ask along the subject: "Your mother seems to have a good relationship with your aunt. Have you seen your aunt?"

The sea pumice stone stunned, and it was rare to show a little cherished look: "Yes, the mother and the aunt have been living together since childhood. Auntie is a very gentle woman, completely different from her mother..."

It sounds like the sea pumice seems to have an excellent impression on his aunt. It is no wonder that he will remember to avenge his aunt, and he also has a love for the house and Yang, and he hates the queen and the two emperors.

Thinking of Yang Lan, Bai Hao could not help but smile, I don't know how he is doing now?


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