Yu Ren

By E Mei

205 confession of the devil

205 confession of the devil

The confession of the 205 Great Devil

The sea pumice makes the ghosts bring the white scorpion back to the Zhengqiyuan to rest, and they will continue to negotiate with these people.

Hu Yingbang is a big gang in Pingzhou. It was started by Liu’s Escort and passed down for generations. The core figures are the sons of Liu’s son and the disciples inside the door. Now, such a thing is inevitable to be dissolved.

The land occupied by the original Tiger Eagles will be redistributed. The remaining orphans and widows of Liu’s family also need to be taken care of. Otherwise, the old enemy will come to the door and it is estimated that life is difficult to protect.

Bai Hao also did not want to deal with these shit's things, but also did not like to see the sea pumice acting, she was afraid that she could not help but laugh at the face of his benevolent side.

Strolling back to the Zhengqiyuan, the little raccoon who saw the owner for a few days saw her slamming and slamming. It hadn’t left the owner for so long, and now it’s stuck in the white scorpion and refused to leave.

Bai Hao touched his furry head, and then fiddled with its small claws. He smiled and said: "Did I not think about me in these few days? Look at you to eat and sleep well, it seems to be fat again. If you are worried, you will be hurt." I can't jump too fat."

The little raccoon screamed and screamed and screamed to sell Meng. A pair of round cat eyes seemed to be full of grievances. I don’t know if it was a blame for the owner to drop it for a few days.

The ghost smiled and said: "It wants you to be tight. Every day, you stare at the window and wait for you, and you are not willing to care."

The white cockroach sipped on the head of the little raccoon and did not speak. The little raccoon is now two or three years old. It is said that its normal life span is more than ten or twenty years. After three years, the little raccoon can no longer find her. It will be very lonely at that time... she thinks of the little raccoon I felt so sad when I waited for her at the window.

I don't know if it is because my parents are not around, or for some other reason. When Bai Xuan recently thought of his own limit, he was depressed, and he didn't have any old days.

The sneaky sorrow was originally intended to be happy, but I didn’t expect it to provoke her to frown. I couldn’t help but secretly wonder what I said wrong.

Fortunately, the low mood of the daylight is coming quickly, and it turns cloudy and sunny.

The ghost took a letter written by Ginkgo, Yangmei, etc., an anecdote about the road, an explicit suggestion that men and women should be taken care of alone, white eyes are full of black lines... This letter is too late, what is her loss? Have eaten, Yangmei if she knows that she must violently jump like thunder and then stop her desperately preaching, and then greet the people from the white family to come to the sea pumice to force marriage.

She does not intend to marry the sea pumice, so she has to keep secrets of "super friendship" with the sea pumice.

When the ghost saw her feeling better, she talked about what happened during the days when she was not there.

On the morning after the white pelicans were taken by the sea pumice to the illusionary fairy valley, the sea pumice had been returned to the manor for a glimpse of the whereabouts, and the result was on the spot by Wuyunmen, Jizhou Situjia, Feiqionggong and Chijia. The man stopped and asked him to marry the four daughters. The pumice stone immediately refused to admit that he only married a wife, and he did not dare to provoke a debt and live up to the affection of the four daughters.Some words were deeply affectionate, and the women in the room couldn’t wait for themselves to be white, and they would have such a good husband.

The sneaky singer said that it is nothing more than implying that the white sorrow is to be blessed, and to return the infatuation of the lord.

Bai Yan’s heart is also very sweet, but I still can’t help but speculate deeply that the sea pumice has just been paid for her willingness to eat and dry it. It’s just when the love is hot, I can’t wait to dig my lungs. And ask her to be happy, how can she have the mood to provoke other women?

Waiting for his fresh energy, and then there are beautiful women to come to the door, then it is hard to say.

I really want to have some little people's heart, but if I don't think so, I will be more worried about it. I can't help but hate the sea pumice when I think about it. What kind of heart radish is installed, it makes me really hate it.

This time, the bad mood of the day has been maintained until the evening when the sea pumice is looking for her.

After bathing in the side room, she returned to the room and saw the sea pumice sitting under the lamp while reading the book while waiting for her. She glanced at the book in his hand and felt that it was old and did not know where the old antiques were dug. She didn't remember that there was such a dilapidated book in her room, so she replied with a sentence: "What book is this?"

It was said that a yellow shadow was thrown into her arms. It was Xiaozuhua who found her back and rushed to stick.

It just saw the "natural enemies" came, and I knew that I couldn't fight against it. I was nervous for a while, and I saw that the master finally appeared. I quickly came to spoil and seek comfort.

"The heartless old man left the 'Promise Wushuquan' boxing." The sea pumice looked up and smiled at her. The smile on the handsome face of the lamp was more glamorous than the light, but I saw the little raccoon sticking to the white chest. Wrinkled with a fierce intimacy.

This cat is really damn annoying.

Bai Yiyi: "Liu Yilong’s business was really what you did." She didn’t know what to use to face the pumice stone.

This murder and arson is nothing but a matter of thought. If you do not handle the relationship between the two and break up peacefully, God knows that he will make more horrible things to retaliate.

The sea pumice stone extended a hand to indicate the past: "If I said that I didn't do it, wouldn't I let my wife down? That Liu Yilong is not all useless."

"You have just touched this dirty old book, don't touch me." Bai Yu holding a small raccoon flower around his hand and sitting opposite him: "Is this Promise Wushu box very powerful?"

"Fortunately, some have reference value, but it is not rare." Hai Pumice smiled and smiled.

Back to the hand, the sneaky sneaking into the room with the white scorpion has been very smart to go out to prepare the water for hand washing.

Bai Xin’s heart nodded, she said, in general, human beings should advance forward. If these old antiques are superior to the present, wouldn’t it mean that the people now live more and more?

“Isn’t there any other yin and yang mutual Dan” that can increase the skill of one?”"Do you believe in such a nonsense? Tianxin old couples have left some medicinal herbs, but they have been put on for too long, and they can't take them long ago. Liu Yilong is dying to take a well-preserved Dan who is said to help him get through the meridians. The medicine, when it was practiced, was ruined. If it was not, it would take some time to clean up him. Things would not be so smooth.” Haipushi’s mouth was full of laughter and added: “The lady is really like a god.”

Yue Laosi once told him about the cheats and medicinal herbs in the treasures of the Tianxin old man, and also praised how his future children’s brains are calm, so the sea pumice has this.

Bai said: "I thought that the diarrhea was over, I didn't expect it to be so bad..."

While the sea pumice talked to her, she flipped the remaining few pages of the boxing score and threw it to the side. The ghost gave him a warm water pancreas to let him clean his hands, and then quickly retired.

Bai Yu’s attention was drawn to the past by the little raccoon that was rolling in her arms. I didn’t pay attention to the movement of the sea pumice. When there were only two of them left in the room, the sea pumice came up to hug her to the bed, and she noticed. It’s not right, and the little raccoon who is holding on to the enemy is twisting and retreating. He said, “This is the right qi, you... don’t mess around.”

"No one in the yard, even if there are, sneaky, ghosts, they will deal with themselves." The sea pumice began to think about this after leaving the morning in Bailu, where is it easy to let go?

Bai Hao all the way back to the end of the bed, holding a small raccoon flower into a ball: "No, sneaky, they will know"

The sea pumice is very angry and funny: "They have long known what we have done these days."

"If you don't do it, you won't do it." The white glow of Bai Yuyu's face is still unpleasant. It is not entirely shy. It is just a woman who grew up in modern times. She cares very much about **, ghosts and ghosts. The purpose is in the yard, and even if their martial arts do not deliberately eavesdrop, I am afraid they can also hear their movements clearly.

"Well, I don't do anything, it's late, go to bed early, we will leave tomorrow." The sea pumice looked a bit, but took a step back, but still insisted on sleeping together.

Bai Hao knew that it was impossible to drive him away, and there was a "leather warmer" in the nest, so he nodded generously.

"This cat let it go out."

"No, the little raccoon does not see me for a few days, I want to sleep with me."

"It's a female cat, this time should go out to find a male cat, what are you doing?" The sea pumice is very disapproving.

If it is not found that the little raccoon is a female cat, he has already started to smash it, and why is it so arrogant to grab a woman with him?

White 茯苓 is said by his words, right now, it’s spring, isn’t it the season of cats? How can the little raccoon not see the movement? She carefully recalled that in the past two years, no matter what season, the little raccoon seems to never go out to find a lover, I do not know that it is growing too slowly, still not a mature, or because it does not look at other breeds of male cats.

The little raccoon is an imported famous cat. If you want to find a similar **, it will be a little difficult...Bai Hao looked at its round, innocent cat eyes, and suddenly felt that some of her fellow pity, she and her in this world are difficult to be similar, no wonder she always felt the little raccoon.

When the sea pumice saw her expression, she suddenly became alienated, and there was an uneasy fog in her heart. It was such a clear person who was in front of her eyes, but felt that the two were far away, and there was something in the little fox’s heart that looked at him.

He very much disliked the feeling of being excluded from her. Even if the two had already had a husband and wife, he still had a bad feeling that she would disappear into his eyes at any time and could never find it again.

He couldn't help but drag the white scorpion into his arms, picking up her chin, squinting and staring at her face, and screaming in a word: "What do you have to look at me?"

No doubt, it is 100% certain.


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She burst into tears: "Master, the slave is also the material of the Chinko champion, let me go."

He didn't even lift his eyelids, only said faintly: "Go down"

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