Yu Ren

By E Mei

Chapter 204 螳螂 and the oriole

Chapter 204 螳螂 and the oriole

The five-color fluorescent flower in the illusionary fairy valley was filled with night and night, and five dreams were changed in five nights. Finally, it faded silently in the early morning light on the sixth day.

The white pheasant sat in the hole and looked at the blossoming and dying flower, and his heart was inexplicably touched.

One year spent similar, each year is different……

Fluorescent flowers will fade in five days, and will be held again again next year. She has been in this world for fifteen years, but fifteen years later, there will be no more in this world.

The sea pumice stone hugs her afterwards and softly said: "I will bring you to see flowers next year. I heard that there is a kind of strange flower named Yuye Tianzhu, which blooms once in a hundred years. Every time it blooms, it is one year. After some days. I am going to find a plant that is about to bloom to send you."

Perhaps the two have a close relationship. The attitude of the sea pumice to the white peony in the past few days is not overwhelming. She only treats her as a queen and a princess. She likes it as long as she likes it. Will be sent to her.

She knows that this is the pumice stone that is intended to please her, just like every man in love, can not wait to dedicate all the best things to his lover. She enjoyed this gentle treatment and simply took a happy chest to accept his enthusiasm.

Maybe after a few days, his enthusiasm subsided. Without her doing anything, the two will gradually drift away. Bai Yi thinks that this mood will be indefinitely low.

But reason tells her that this is the best ending for each other!

Bai Yu put aside these unpleasant thoughts and leaned into the sea pumice, lazily: "You don't have to be busy? Stay here every day..."

"Yes, so today we are going to leave here. We will come back next year." The sea pumice said with some regret that he enjoyed the days of paradise in these days, but there are too many things outside. With him, being able to steal five days is already his biggest limit.

Next year's event will be said next year, you will let the ghosts and ghosts send me my things. You are a lascivious and insidious villain! "White 茯苓 茯苓 眉 竖 竖 竖 。 。 。 。.

The only dress she wore was completely destroyed by the sea pumice. The replacement of the clothes has not been sent. She is basically sure that this is the devil's deliberately - she is not so good that it is convenient for him to eat tofu!

I think about it again. Although it is close to Hunchun, the weather is still quite cool. She can only stay in the nest when she wears so little. It is very convenient for all kinds of misconducts.

The big devil is the big devil, and the brain is full of evil thoughts that are very yellow and violent!

"I like to see you wearing my clothes... It's a good look..." The eyes of the sea pumice slid around the white scorpion, and the look was a little smashed.

The white plaque is still wearing his Gebu short-sleeved shirt. His length is only knee-length, revealing a pair of slender and slender legs. The wide clothes are only on her waist, and her body looks more delicate and delicate. .

Every time the sea pumice saw her wrapped in her own clothes, she became more and more aware that she belonged to him completely. The taste was wonderful and satisfying, which directly led him to delay the baggage of the clothes left in the Zhengyuan.Bai Hao pushed him hard and stood up and didn't have a good air. "Good-looking? Then I wear it out and show it to others!"

The sea pumice stone stood up and held her in her arms. She smiled and said: "Whoever dares to look at it, I will dig up his eyeballs and kill them with a few more eyes."

The white cockroach knot, raised his fist and slammed him a few times: "I know the bastard who beats and kills, and threatens to intimidate!"

The sea pumice haha ​​laughed and pulled her fist and kissed it.

Of course, it is impossible for the sea pumice to let the white enamel wear so little. He took the cloak and wrapped it in the white scorpion. He left the phoenix fairy valley and returned to the place where he got off five days ago. Keeping in front of the car, the car is still the one that came.

The ghost came forward to bow to the sea pumice. The white cockroach hid in the cloak and listened to the voice. She was too embarrassed to look down on her undressed situation. Ghosts are very clear that the person who can hold the teacher like a baby must be white, no doubt, but he dare not ask more, just can't see.

The sea pumice directly carried the white pheasant to the car, and ordered the ghost to drive to the town.

The carriage swayed on the road, and the sea pumice reached out and took the white cloak to open the cloak: "There is your dress in the bag, you haven't always said that you have to change your clothes?"

Bai Hao hated and yelled at him: "You get off the bus and I will change!"

The sea pumice doesn't care too much about her bad attitude. She laughs with a bad heart. "I changed it for you." When he said that he would reach out to solve her clothes, he was shocked and quickly patted his claws. .

"You turned your back!" The white coat slammed back into the corner of the car and bluffed.

Hai Pumice thought that it would be very close to return to the town from here. I didn’t want to do any time. I finally stopped talking about her. She smiled and turned her back: "I have seen it, what are you shy about?"

The white cock quickly turned his dress away from the baggage on the side, and was too lazy to get angry with him.

This big devil is clearly deliberately teasing her, the more she reacts, the more he is proud, hehe!

In the sea pumice ear, listening to the white 茯苓 flip to change the sound of the dress, the picture of her dressing in the mind, secretly hearted.

Waiting for the white dress to wear a good dress, the makeup is good, the carriage has entered the town area, the sea pumice is quite vocal about the hair style of the white, thinking that she should take the kind of hair of a married woman, and the white cock has a look at him. Do not care.

Before the carriage entered the town, the sea pumice sat in the position of the driver.

Changed by the ghosts into the car to accompany the day. Bai Hao admires his actor's professionalism. As long as he appears in front of others as the main maritime pumice stone of the martial arts league, this guy is far from forgetting to be a gentleman. Now this is a false shun.

The carriage is still in the manor where the Wulin League is located in the town. Because the treasures have been taken first, most of the martial arts have left, and the manor has been cleaned up. Most of the people left in Pingzhou are local martial arts people. They are already in the hall. After deliberating on a big case of the Tiger Eagle gang on the day before, I suddenly heard that the martial arts lords went back and returned, and they came out to meet.Many people saw the sea pumice stone rushing to the car with the lord of the martial arts lord, and immediately guessed the identity of the car, and thought of the unparalleled beauty of the white, even some of the older martial arts predecessors could not help but secretly swallow.

The appearance of a gentle gentleman from the sea pumice took the white scorpion down the carriage and took her up to see the people. After the chill, one of the scholars dressed up and asked the young man: "Does the lord turn for the tiger eagle?" It’s not as good as Liu Yilong’s true beast!”

A few others echoed, and the words of the public mouth yelled at Liu Yilong. Bai Yu heard some clues from their words. It turned out that Liu Erhu and Liu Sanying of the Tiger Eagle Gang did not die from the demon cult, but because they were the first to steal The treasures of the old man in Tianxin’s land stole the most valuable martial arts cheats, and the two brothers sent joyfully to return to the Tiger Eagle to report to Liu Yilong. How do you know that Liu Yilong saw the money and set up a trap on the road? The two brothers and the nephews and other entourages were all killed.

As a result, Tianwang recovered and did not leak. The night before, Liu Yilong learned from a secret book left by Tianxin old man. The result was somehow ruined, yelling in the frenzy, the six parents did not recognize, the knife slashed the people in the mansion, some When people saw the situation, they escaped. Liu Yilong’s madness was distributed to the fire house. The people who had no time to escape and the things in the house were burnt all over, and the secrets left by the old man of Tianxin were also put on the torch.

The person who escaped mentioned the words that Liu Yilong was mad when he called, only to know the evils he had done.

Bai Yan listened to her heart. She remembered that the sea pumice had left for a long time the night before, and then he thought that he was good at all kinds of evil means of hypnosis, and could not help but sigh.

Liu Yilong’s actions, cleaning up the suspects for the demon, and solving the troubles for the sea pumice are true, not only do not have to chase after the killing of the Liu’s brothers, but also keep the Tianxin old people in front of everyone. The next thing burned, in fact, these things must have been received by the sea pumice.

It’s a stone bird. It’s just killing the younger brother’s nephew and stealing the treasure. Liu Yilong really did it, or it’s just the unlucky ghost of the sea pumice.

Bai Hao was thinking, suddenly listening to a middle-aged man with a sharp-nosed monkey. The yin and yang blame: "Hey, this Liu Yilong thought about pushing the death of his brother-in-law to the head of the demon, and even the lord went to run for him to find the culprit. We have a group of martial arts people in Pingzhou who are playing around. It is really hateful! Hate!"

There was no angry look on his face, but he took a look at the frivolous appearance of the show. It was found that the white eyes looked at him, and the coveted color in his eyes barely concealed.

The sea pumice looked in his eyes and his brow wrinkled slightly.

The martial arts figures in Pingzhou were all difficult to look at. The book that started talking to the sea pumice was young and prosperous. On the spot, he smirked and said: "What do you mean by Zhou Tong?"

Zhou Tongyu smiled two channels: "It doesn't make much sense. I just remembered that everyone was stunned by Liu Yilong in the past few days."The sea pumice stone did not change, raising his hand and taking a picture of the shoulder of the scholar: "To deal with the devil, the person is the responsibility of my martial arts, not for someone. Liu Yilong is not good, but the deceased has been paralyzed. How to arrange the Liu family and the Hu Ying to help the public is the most urgent task, but also rely on the peers of Pingzhou to lend a helping hand."

When the words were righteous and sorrowful, and the words were appeased, it was easy to bring Zhou Tong’s sarcasm. The scholars and the local Pingzhou martial arts people who were already angry were even angry, and they were changed to discuss with the sea pumice. How to place the Hu Ying Bang and the Liu family's orphans and widows, and let the week pass to the side.

Zhou Tong snorted and turned and left.

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