Yu Ren

By E Mei

Chapter 203, I want to eat it today.

Chapter 203, I want to eat it today.

Chapter 203, I want to eat it today.

When Bai Hao heard the dissatisfaction and suspicion in the sea pumice, he suddenly remembered what he said should not be said. He laughed and said: "I am worried that my mother can't find me, she will be sad..."

The sea pumice felt that it was not that simple, but he couldn’t think of any reason why he would want to leave him immediately after he took the initiative to “eat him”. Even if they were the first time, they couldn’t help but hurt her. However, the second time later, she obviously liked it. o

She is willing to give herself to him, and he should always be interested in him. The sea pumice thought of the lingering pictures of the two people last night, the brow stretched out, only when he was suspicious, did not continue to pursue: "If you don't worry, just invite them, just to host the wedding for us. Anyway, my identity They also have a number in their hearts."

When she heard the word "wedding", she numb the scalp. Her mind is deeply convinced that male and female friends can break up at will, but once she rises to a husband-and-wife relationship, it is not only a matter of two people, but will not only alarm the two families. There are many more norms and obligations that must be observed.

She knows that she only has three years left, how can she still tie the two together?

And once she became the wife of the sea pumice, of course she had to live with him, and it would be harder to want to get rid of him.

The most important thing is that she can't secretly hide the two children's children and give them to her mother. Her whole family must have a relationship with the big devil. Run away.

"I am still young, I promised that my mother would accompany them." Bai Yan cautiously.

The sea pumice stone squinted her eyes to her crisp chest hidden under the water, and her tone was serious: "I don't think you are small..."

White eyes, slowly returning to the taste - this pervert is teasing her!

She grinds her teeth, and she learns to learn n times faster than she learns. Yesterday, she was still a child, and today she knows how to slap a woman!

The sea pumice walked up to her and picked up her sleeves. She put her hand on her shoulder and said softly: "Now relax, it will be good soon."

The white snoring sighed and it was promised.

Skillful and professional techniques combined with syrup, the effect is very obvious, Bai Hao comfortably squints, I feel that having such a boyfriend who is good at massage is a happy thing!

And this time the sea pumice is very restrained, although the hands have not let go of any part of her body, she also clearly found his rush of breathing, and the thirst of his eyes, but his hands and movements from beginning to end are very regular, At least she didn't feel any extra improper behavior, the place that was massaged was very comfortable, and the sequelae left last night quickly faded. ?

However, under his passionate gaze and palm massage, Bai Hao did not consciously redden his body, and he could not calm down.

Heterosexual massage is really an evil activity. Even if the motive is pure, it can seduce the feeling of extreme impureness. The white blushing heartbeat is reluctant to ask the sea pumice to stop this evil activity.Even when the sea pumice took her out of the tub and put it back on the bed, she wiped her body and wet hair with a cloth towel. She did not raise any objection and found another new function of the sea pumice - as a The master of internal strength, it is comparable to a human meat dryer, playing on his hair for a while, the wet hair is actually all done!

The big pot of syrup just didn't know what the material was. After the bubble, not only did the discomfort and fatigue of the body disappear, but the traces of the kiss marks faded, and even the skin and hair seemed to slip a lot. Bai Hao immediately thought of the two hot spring villas that were being built in the capital of Beijing. If the prescriptions were to be passed, the ladies in the capital would not be crazy about them, how good the beauty products were.

A snack and a pot of hot soup were placed at the table. The sea pumice took his clothes from the suitcase and put it on the white, and hugged her to the table.

That dish of dessert is really the one she asked for!

This is indeed a dim sum that Bai Yu likes very much on weekdays. Last night, he carried out a very labor-intensive "labor". Now he is hungry and his eyes are shining. He immediately picks up a piece of stuff into his mouth.

The taste of crispy and loose snacks melts in the mouth, and the taste and taste of the various nuts are just right, and they are not lost in the capital of Beijing or the chefs of Bailishan. Bai Yan ate with a smile, watching the sea pumice stone more pleasing to the eye, from the capital to the Baili Mountain on this road, she has not eaten such authentic Baizi cake.

The sea pumice saw her have a good time, got up and went out for a trip. The white plate of the dish was not finished yet. I saw him bring a food box back. There are not only Feng Deng porridge, plum blossom dumplings, but also several kinds of her usual Eat small dishes.

In the great sense of happiness, Bai Hao always felt that something was wrong. Haipushi looked at her eyes a bit strange, but she was in a good mood now, and did not go deep into the question.

Her food intake was not big, and she quickly became full of snoring. After drinking a large amount of tea from the pumice stone, she ran with her breath and asked: "We didn't go back to the gas court overnight. Is it OK?"

The sea pumice smiled even more strangely: "I went back to tell you this morning that since the treasure has been stolen, it is no good to stay here. I am going to trace the demon murderers who intercepted the tiger eagle and helped Liu Erhu and others. Not staying here."

Bai Yan tilted him and said, "It’s really anxious and righteous..."

"Mrs. praise." The sea pumice calmly accepts praise.

"What happened to the treasure? When so many people went, they didn't get anything?" Bai Yu asked curiously.

"The things inside are first picked up by people, only some are not portable.

Gold and silver, it is not worth much. "The sea pumice is cold and cold, and the language is ridiculous."

Looking at his performance, this treasure seems to be true, and the sea pumice seems to know who is the first to steal the treasure."I always thought that the treasure was created by you." Bai Yu did not hide his conspiracy theory. In fact, in the martial arts novels, most of these treasures are tricky behind, or to provoke martial arts disputes. Perhaps there are other ulterior motives.

The sea pumice smiled twice and picked up the white pheasant. "Thanks to Mrs. Remind, this is a good idea."

"I didn't teach you to harm people!" Bai Yan frowned and protested. He thought and asked: "Do you know who the treasure is in?"

"Know... is your body better?" The sea pumice put the white scorpion on the bed.

"Well, who is that person?" Bai Hao was very curious who dared to eat, so that the teacher of the adults suffered a dark loss. |

In fact, it is not a loss. Maybe it is that the pumice stone is deliberately letting people do this. Otherwise, the treasures will be given to the same martial arts fellows. What good is it for him?

The sea pumice did not answer her question, but smiled in amazement: "I will be relieved...",

The next moment, the white stork was pushed down on the bed, and the belt on the temporary body was pulled open. The only piece of Gebu clothes on the body was torn down and thrown aside. The white body was uncovered in front of the sea pumice. .

Bai Hao was shocked and finally remembered why he felt that the sea pumice looked a little strange to her eyes. It was clearly the eyes of the pigs that were about to be slaughtered - feeding you chubby, eating and eating Extraordinarily good!

It’s no wonder that the service was so thoughtful, it was a medicated bath massage and a gourmet hospitality. It turned out that it was calculated to eat her!

The sea pumice stood by the bed, staring at her with twinkling eyes, untied his own belt, and took off his clothes in three or two.

Bai Hao ruthlessly smashed himself into a ball, trying to cover up important parts. The sea pumice went to bed and dragged her into her arms. She easily passed through her defense line and went to her sensitive place to open her hair. Silk, kiss her snowy white jade back.

Every kiss is very light and soft, like feathers rubbing the skin, itching, a feeling of electric shock spread across the spine throughout the body, white, can not help but sneeze the kitten.

The ** means of the big devil head has progressed too fast! Bai Hao was annoyed by his emotional reaction and almost wanted to bite.

The sea pumice stone laughed twice, and the palms slipped onto her waist and slowly smashed, then slowly dragged it up. He didn’t feel the small place to touch it. It was different from the eager and rude last night. Excessively, it is like having a heart to make her itchy. The rough skin of the fingertips slowly rubs against her sensitive and delicate skin. It feels crazy!

Itchy! It's hot! That feeling evokes the resonance in the depths of the body, so that Bai Hao could not help but tremble.

"You let me go..." The rejection of the exit is twitching, soft, like being spoiled.

"Don't let me go! I let you eat yesterday, I want to eat it today!" The sea pumice spotted her reaction, and the action was released.Bai Hao knew that he could not refuse, and he no longer resisted. He loosened his body and turned around and stirred the pumice stone. He sipped on his chin and hated: "You bastard!"!

The sea pumice bowed her head and kissed her. She was not allowed to continue to export and hurt her. She took her to the bed and began to taste the delicious little fat pig.

Forbearing now, I can finally let go of my belly and enjoy it!

At the beginning, I was able to bear the temptation to play with teasing. After a while, the action of the sea pumice stone could not help but become more and more urgent, and the white cockroaches were quickly tossed by his slowness, although he was quite rude to him, but Also with his movements, he stretched out like a blooming flower.

In the next few days, the sea pumice, which tasted the taste of the first time, was like a wild beast that didn't know how to lick. It was unceremonious to take the white scorpion from the inside out, and even the bones and bones of the belt were cleaned up.

With the help of the medicated bath, the sea pumice stone no longer cares about anything. As long as the interest comes from the cave, he will hold the day and ask for joy. Bai Yu thinks that he wants to have children. The effect of the sea pumice is also conducive to improving the success rate. Too much resistance to his closeness, but sometimes it can't be eaten, just stop calling... but generally it's useless.

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