Yu Ren

By E Mei

201 one back and two cooked

201 one back and two cooked

When the sea pumice is still only the sea pumice stone, there is once a very evil and very dark conjecture in the heart of Baixuan. "Mr. Don Juan, who is surrounded by many chivalrous women and demon women, will not be a boy or a child?"

In particular, the various oysters, clumsiness and shyness that the sea pumice showed in front of her made her more and more sure of this bizarre idea. A healthy young man of twenty years has never had a nap, especially when he does not lack the opportunity to contact women. It is quite a strange thing.

As a peerless master of both internal and external repairs, it is impossible to suffer from dark diseases, and the shape and temperament are full of masculine taste. The absolute unbeaten of the East is comparable. It can only be attributed to his fact that he may be a martial art, and it is an old-fashioned. The two people are above the two possibilities.

Until after discovering that the sea pumice has two evil horrible identities, such as Ganzi and Xiaoyan, she completely overthrew her previous thoughts and determined that Ganzi Ganda Devil is a natural outstanding actor, what it is like, including the sea. This wood male character of pumice is also very beautiful.

What is oyster, clumsy, shy, what is a gentleman who is pretending to be deceived once, and it is easy to go to the other extreme.

Because of this prejudice, she intentionally or unintentionally ignored many misinterpretations, including Xiaoyan’s “strong kiss” that made them both lose, including in the Linglonggeya room, when she took the initiative to kiss the sea pumice, the other’s Cooperative reaction... In fact, at that time, he was not uncooperative. He did not know how to cooperate in order to disclose the fact that he had no experience at all.

The big devil likes her active closeness. Will it be unfamiliar to cover his skills?

Bai Hao was conceited and looked at the people with a unique vision. However, he did not expect to judge the mistakes again and again on Gan Devil’s head. This guy is simply her nemesis.

This damn bastard is also very embarrassed to say that there are several women in the devil who are serving him to sweep the floor and wipe the table?哼哼 Such a clear lie that wants to provoke her to be jealous, she did not hesitate to believe, but also secretly uncomfortable for a long time.

She is now sure to be sure that the man who swept the right and the evil around him is a boy and a child before tonight. The most direct evidence that led her to this conclusion was the rude, oyster and unruly intimacy of the sea pumice.

In the case just now, she thought that most normal men would not have enough reason to disguise their reactions, and it was not necessary.

Anyway, at least for this time, Hai Pumice is quite concerned about her. It is unreasonable to treat her so violently in the case of her closeness. The only explanation is that he has no experience, can’t control, and is ** Drowsing my mind, I can't pay attention and I don't know her feelings.

Not deliberately bad for her, but he did everything by instinct, and it was inevitable that she would accidentally hurt her.

Bai Yu figured this out, but he was not stupid enough to directly determine the facts.

She dared to ask the sea pumice "You are not the first time", and it is estimated that the possibility of this man being angry and murdering is also successful.

However, now she is a loss, or is it cheap?I accidentally became the first woman of the martial arts lord and the cult leader, and the trouble was big.

When Bai Yi thought of this, she couldn’t laugh. Before she wished that she would just play with her, she would soon lose interest, or she would not let him feel too sad if she died in the future, even if she could not There is also a great risk of overthrowing.

At least the big devil gave her the first time, and her concern for her is definitely higher than that of other women around her. She wants to eat and give up, the consequences may be serious.

Really depressed, this time is not supposed to be the heroine worried that the actor will eat and run? Bai Yan thought that he felt that his three views were distorted and his thoughts were extremely non-mainstream.

The physical fatigue suddenly came, and Bai Hao felt that the troubles were still waiting for her to rest on her mental strength.

The body is sticky and there is also her sweat and sea pumice. The situation is even worse in a difficult place. The white cockroaches don't want to move, but they are very clean and can't help but tangled. The two eyebrows are unconsciously screwed up.

"Is it hard to be? Where is it uncomfortable?" The mellow voice of the sea pumice sounded in the ear, with the hoarse sexy after the ** faded.

Bai Hao felt that the "big mountain" that had been pressed on his body had finally been removed. The whole person was taken into a warm embrace, and a mixture of grievances and angry anger rushed into his heart: "I am not comfortable all over the body. You bastard is rude." ghost"

She knows that the sea pumice does not deliberately make her sad, but does not mean that she can forgive him. Her first time was to find a man who has experience, knows gentle and considerate, and left a good memory for her.

As a result, because the big devil's bragging misleading, it became a deputy wolverine... She now has a pain in her body, and even feels like she has been beaten for a while. I can't say that there was no joy at all, but it was nothing compared to the suffering she suffered.

Who is the yuxian yu dead, eclipse and other ghosts? It’s time to drag it out and beat it.

The sea pumice looked down and saw the bruises "scars" everywhere in her body. Some of her heart regretted that she was too heavy, but she was also proud of her satisfaction. This is a little fox that is hard to smother, and finally it is his.

It is very different from the bitter feeling of the white pheasant. The feeling of the sea pumice is very good. It is too good to be good, the body is completely relaxed, and the body and mind completely satisfy the sense of comfort. It is more pleasant than the moment when the practice breaks through the bottleneck and enters the Dacheng situation.

I knew that this man and woman were so happy, he had to eat this little girl that night, and now it’s so wasted.

The sea pumice is in a good mood, and naturally it is not accounting.

The attitude, let alone he is not willing to hurt her, so a pair of big palms will reach out to the white scorpion, slowly slamming her for the injury, hoping to make her better, while smiling quietly: "Good good Don't be angry, look at it yourself, I am not much better than you, you have bitten me a lot..."

"Who told you to hurt me? Deserve it." The warmth of the place where the two palms were pressed, the heat spread slowly, it seems that it is really not so painful, and Bai Hao is satisfied with such service. Singing his eyes and relaxing his body, Ren Hai Pumice.This kind of unpreparedness is very dangerous. The sea pumice has slowly changed its taste because of the gentle massage that cares for love...

The wounds of the white scorpion are mostly in the sensitive parts, the delicate skin, the enticing curve quickly evokes the man's memories of the good taste, and the massage movements under his hands begin to gradually relax, and the breathing becomes more and more hot.

The white cockroach was like a kitten that was caressed by the owner. He almost snorted. He suddenly felt that the roots were hot and hard, and some slippery and unclear objects were holding on to his lower abdomen. He was already massaging her waist. The big palm also moved over her hips.

Although it was "attacked" by the shackles today, it is relatively good in terms of good condition. It seems that there is no need for special massage... The white cockroaches are half-closed and twisted, indicating that the big palms are still back to the previous position and continue to serve better. .

As a result, the disobedient palms were not retracted according to her wishes. Instead, they tried to grasp them. The technique was as fierce as the sea pumice attacked her before, and even tried to push her waist and hips toward the big bad guy. Direction push.

The lower body of the two people approached quickly, and the feeling of the unclear object on the white belly was more obvious. She was shocked and suddenly woke up to what was on the abdomen, and when she opened her eyes, she wanted to struggle and retreat. .

The sea pumice stone circled her and whispered: "Little girl, let me come again..."

"No, I am tired and uncomfortable, you let me go." Bai Hao’s strength was completely better than that of Shanghai Pumice. It just consumed so much. Now it’s even more soft and weak, and it’s hard to push a few men around. Like pushing a big stone that was burnt hot, she did her best, but the other party still didn't hurt.

With the first experience, the action of the sea pumice was obviously smooth, and it was easy to settle the white, and the two men were adjusted to the standard posture suitable for his attack.

The white cockroach was frightened and protested with a crying voice: "I am very painful and painful... Hey, you don't come again, I am not used to it, I am very sad..."

"On one occasion, I will gently, do not hurt you." Sea pumice pulled up a small hand on top of his chest and put it on his lips, kissed her, and the other hand explored her leg. It seems to be going to confirm her "injury."

While trying to shrink his body and dodging, Bai Hao screamed: "You dare to chase me, I will ignore you."

The sea pumice stone went over and kissed her lips, and topped her with the tip of her nose. She smiled softly: "It is obvious that you want to eat me, oh, okay."

"I have to eat, don't eat wow again... you are a bad guy." The protests of the day have not been finished, and they have become an exclamation in the big attack of the sea pumice.

The sea pumice kissed her lips unceremoniously, sealing her opposition, until the lovely and hateful little mouth left only the soft and charming sigh of breath.Bai Hao feels that she is doing a long ** boundless dream. The repeated revival in her dreams is the lingering entanglement between her and the sea pumice. In her mind, there is a strange idea: no wonder the martial arts of the great devil head is the only martial arts. It’s really a matter of inferiority, learning ability and innovation ability are outstanding...

If you think of yuxianyu death, eclipse and other ghosts, you must drag it out and beat it. The big devil is no longer restrained, she really will die.

Is this the aftermath of a boy who has been a child for more than 20 years? Unlucky, she has undoubtedly become the only natural victim.

Bai Hao suddenly remembered Xianglin’s famous saying: “I’m stupid, really. I know that there are wolves in winter...”


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