Yu Ren

By E Mei

200 I have to eat you!

200 I have to eat you!

The little raccoon does not understand the meaning of the master's words, but sees the owner happy, and also followed the 喵喵 a few sounds.

Bai Hao solved the problem in his heart, and felt that the whole person was a lot easier. He narrowed his eyes and began to consider the location of the crime and the action plan.

The big devil seems to say that she will take her out at dusk today. I don’t know if I will cancel the appointment because of last night’s grudge? Anyway, see the opportunity to act.

There are too many people waiting in the Zhengqiyuan. She doesn't want to sneak a peek at gossip. Especially her current identity is too many people know. She doesn't care about her reputation, but she can't care about the reputation of her parents, especially the grandfather who is the official. .

It's not modern, it's definitely a big scandal between unmarried couples, not to mention that she didn't plan to marry the big devil in her life.

Bai Hao figured everything, and the mood was good again. After lunch, he called the ghosts and ghosts to go out and go shopping.

Today, the town is surprisingly quiet, not half the shadow of the rivers and lakes, even the ordinary people are much less, at first glance, the pedestrians on the road are sparse, at least 80% less than yesterday.

“Where did everyone go?” Bai Yan asked the ghosts sideways.

"Does the lord say that he did not tell the young lady? Today he took the same martial arts person to the place of the treasure." The sneaky look strangely to the day, and when she went out, her name for the white pheasant and the sea pumice became "Miss." With the "Lord".

Bai Hao laughed twice. Yesterday, he was busy with the pumice stone. He did not say anything else. The sea pumice stone even wanted to say that in such a situation, he was too lazy to say.

It's no wonder that there are no people on the street. Those martial arts people just came here to the treasure. Even if ordinary people hear such news, they will want to see the excitement.

"Hey brother, he knows the location of the treasure?" Bai Yu is also somewhat curious. She knew that he would be taken to her. She also wanted to see the excitement and see what the treasures that were soaring were all there.

"The Liujia brothers of the Tiger Eagles discovered that it is said that his second brother and son and the third brother were only ruined... the poisonous hands of the magical teachings, the organs of the treasures are heavy, and the people of the magical teachings have not been able to break in. Less masters tried to enter the results and returned to the feathers, but also killed and injured many people. So today the leader of the lord personally led the team to go, to prevent the people in the cult of the martyrdom to take the opportunity to murder the white ally, and to bring the power of the people to open the treasure, three Avoid the fact that all parties are self-inflicted and murdered in order to compete for treasures." When the sneaky said this, it seemed to bring a little bit of sorrow and schadenfreude. At first glance, I knew that things were not so simple.

Most of them are arranged by the sea pumice. He set the twilight date today, which is to say that he expected to settle the matter back before dusk.

It is very likely that this is a game, but I don't know who is being counted by him. Most of the treasures are also tricky, and the white heart is clear, and I will not continue to ask.

Sure enough, at the end of the application (around 5 pm), the ghosts and ghosts reminded her to go back to the gas court. After a while, I heard the rumors coming from the front mansion. It seems that the big troops had turned back.The sea pumice face always tells people to send the food to the main room, and let the white scorpion go to dinner together in the past. Liu Yiyi, who came back with him, will appear as a shy appearance when he sees the white pipa. I don’t know. I thought she liked white scorpion instead of sea pumice.

White contempt is innocent. After using the rice, the sky was dark, and the pumice stone confessed a few words. With a white scorpion and a ghost, I went out from the Zhengqiyuan, and a carriage was waiting there.

The carriage took about a musk time and stopped by a small stream by the mountain. The sea pumice told the ghosts to stay here, and took the white hand and walked along the stream.

There was silence all around, only the sound of running water, the sound of insects, and the rustling of the breeze blowing through the blades of grass. It seemed as if they were left between the heavens and the earth.

From the hands of the two people to upload a slight warmth, Bai Hao felt that this warmth has been rushed to the face along the arm, making her uncomfortable, and a god was almost stumbled by a round cobblestone under his feet.

"What's wrong?" The sea pumice reacted extremely fast, and the palms were slightly forced, and the white cockroaches were re-supported.

There are ghosts in Bai Xin’s heart, and Zhiwu said: "I didn’t see it for a while, nothing, keep going."

After another walk, the road conditions became worse and worse. The original gravel and gravel gradually turned into a rocky beach. The sea pumice stone was quite enjoyable to enjoy walking with the sweetheart, but the white man refused to do it. She was only in the afternoon. The town has been away for more than an hour, and now the sky is getting darker. The sea pumice does not feel anything, but she does not want to leave.

The eyeball turned and the white cockroach simply asked for it: "The road is not good, don't go, you carry me."

The sea pumice stone smashed a bit, and when he bent over, he slid the white scorpion and smiled and said: "I want to hold you, obviously, why don't you say it earlier?"

As long as you don’t have to walk on your own, Bailu didn’t care to be teased. He asked two times: “Where do you want to take me to me? What fun?” Now the black light is on fire, and it’s in the wild, even the object of rape. No, she doesn't feel that there is anything to play with.

"I want to take you to sell it," the sea pumice stone joked.

"I am so expensive, who can afford it." Bai Hao did not care to extend his finger to poke his chin.

"Yeah, there is no way I have to keep myself." The sea pumice bowed his head to bite her naughty finger, and Bai Xiao smiled and hid his hand.

The diaphragm that the two of them had caused by the Nayong incident yesterday disappeared.

Not far away is a huge stone mountain, covered with vines, the creek seems to have come to an end. The white pheasant is wondering, and two dark shadows suddenly flashed in the dark.

The pumice stone was prayed, and then he retreated to the stone wall and opened the dense vines. A stream of two people standing side by side through the big stone cave.

The sea pumice stone went straight in without holding a white cockroach. In the heart of the day, the two men are sneaking, and most of them are devils. Is it the sea pumice? Is this going to take her to another magical stronghold?The space inside the cave is much larger than the hole. The sea pumice stone steps on the big stone protruding from the water surface. It sees a faint light and shadow reflected in the front hole, and the color is neither moonlight nor light.

"Close your eyes." The sea pumice bowed.

Bai Yu said with her eyes closed. After a while, the sea pumice put her on the ground and smiled. "Okay, open your eyes and look at it."

The white cockroach slowly opened his eyes and was suddenly shocked by the beauty in front...

She and the sea pumice have left the cave, it seems to be in a valley, there is no moonlight in the valley, but full of clumps of lilac fluorescent flowers, countless unknown butterflies flying in the **, these butterflies The body is also fluorescent, blue, green, yellow, white... The streams reflect these dreamy spots flowing through the flowers, like the neon sky.

This kind of magnificent scenery has only been seen in the past fantasy animation works, she has some doubts whether she is dreaming.

"This valley is the forbidden place of my gods. It is called the illusionary fairy valley. When the five-color florets are transplanted outside the valley, they will become ordinary flowers, neither fluorescent nor discoloration. The same is true for butterflies. The five-color fluorescent flower is only open for five days a year, and the color is different every night. After the purple, blue, green, yellow and white five-color wheel is once, it will all fade away. Today is the first day of flowering." The sea pumice stone is holding the waist of the white dragonfly, slow. Slow introduction.

"It's beautiful", Bai Yu reached out and touched the fluorescent purple flowers with large mouths. The touch was the same as that of ordinary flowers. A white butterfly stopped on her finger and gently swung its wings.

"It is very beautiful, but the five-color fluorescent flower and the butterfly are highly toxic." The sea pumice is not good.

"Ah?" The white stunned, and quickly retracted his fingers.

The sea pumice looked at her astonished look and laughed: "Ha ha, what are you afraid of? You have my mysterious sinus wash my body, what is the fear of this five-color fluorescent flower and butterfly?"

"You bastard" pushed him away with a sigh of relief, turned to want to go into the ** to play, the sea pumice also followed her.

The breeze is everywhere, the pollen is flying everywhere, the pale yellow pollen is also fluorescent, such as a flash of smoke floating around the two people, the white heart is moving, turning to ask the sea pumice: "Is there anyone else in the valley?"

The sea pumice shakes his head: "The five-color fluorescent flower and the butterfly grow, except for a limited number of flowers and trees that are not afraid of poisonous, no other creatures. The average person has to stay in this valley for half an hour, even if nothing touches I will also be poisoned and killed. I used to practice here for a while." One side pointed to a cave on the opposite stone wall.

"It sounds terrible. Are these streams not poisonous?" Hearing, he found that there were not many other creatures besides this fluorescent butterfly.

"If these poisons don't touch people or animals, they will dissipate within the tenth. The stream will flow out of the cave, and it will be no different from the ordinary stream." The sea pumice replied.

Bai Hao looked around for a while and felt that it was a good place to "make a crime." She bit her lip and looked up at the man around me. She asked, "You are a sea pumice right now?"A glimpse of the sea pumice, but has not yet reacted, the white cockroach will hold his neck and hold his toes and kiss his lips.

The sweet breath poured into the nose, and the soft tongue tipped across his lips. The sea pumice did not expect that she would suddenly kiss him, and completely forgot to react.

The white enamel had originally had a colorless heart, and the sea pumice did not cooperate. Suddenly, he became angry and stunned his sharp teeth and bite into his lips.

The sea pumice was sore, and people woke up and felt that they had once again bitten a few deep scalloped lips. I don’t know if the aftertaste should be taken seriously and the little beauty in front of me could complete the full kiss.

He knows that Bai Yu likes beautiful flowers. Every time he gives flowers to her, her mood will be good. She did not expect to take her to see the five-color fluorescent flower, which can make her take the initiative to get close to herself.

In the fluorescence, the white scorpion seems to see his face begin to redden. Her evaluation of his performance is: the reaction is very fast, and the pure feeling is really loaded.

"You hugged me to the cave where you lived." Since he wants to install it, let him have a fun, when he sees that she is thrown at him, is he also obedient and obsessive?

The sea pumice naturally can't guess her crazy and bold plan. Only when she is curious to see where she lived, he now wants to let the white man take the initiative to kiss him like he just did. He naturally pleads and picks her up. I jumped into a cave about a foot high from the ground.

The day before the cave, the ghosts were sent to clean up. The various things needed for life in the cave were all available. The sea pumice took the white scorpion to the bed and put it down. He turned to look for the oil lamp to light up, but the white cockroach was holding him.

The light in the cave is very dark, and the white owl can't see what the sea pumice is now, but she feels that such darkness is more conducive to what she is going to do next... After all, she is still somewhat guilty.

She has a wealth of theoretical knowledge between men and women, but she has no practical experience at all. Of course, as long as she speaks, it is estimated that the man who has been hungry for a long time will be willing to take the initiative, but she is somewhat eager to say such a thing.

Although the results are the same, but she is not willing to make the big devil too proud, she wants to kill him and let him know that her powerful "you sit down" command.

I changed someone else and dared to speak to the big devil with such a tone. He had already shot his head in the palm of his hand, but the object was white... The pumice stone thought of the kiss that was just missed, and he was honest without any dissent. Sit next to the white scorpion - he is now a sea pumice.

Bai Hao sat idly on his lap, grabbed his neck and slowly leaned in front of him, gently kissed his lips, soft and moist lips clinging to him, the sea pumice almost immediately Open lips are welcome.

The white pheasant did not accept the invitation, naughtyly contained his lower lip and kissed it. The feeling of tingling was instantly turned into a flame, and the sea pumice was burnt all over the body. Unfortunately, the light was too dark, and the white cockroach did not see his red face. .

Even if you see it, you will think that he is playing the innocent thing. In fact, this situation, the sea pumice has been unable to distract himself to cover up his reaction...The white cockroach couldn't see the man's look in front of him, but from his hot, heavy breathing and suddenly tight body, she knew that he was emotional.

A kiss has been smug in the heart, and the move is bold. The tip of the tongue sweeps over the man's lips and teeth, and explores the play in his mouth. The deliberate man's hot tongue is often naughty when he is enchanted by fire. The ground retreats and dodge.

The man wants to chase after him, but the only reason in his heart reminds him that if you endure the naughty and willfulness of the beautiful woman in your arms, you may get a sweeter return.

The lingering kisses are sometimes intense and gentle, and I don’t know how many times. The white scorpion reaches out and wants to unravel the belt of the sea pumice. I think of the clothes that can be stripped of the big devil’s head, and think of the big devil’s body that I saw in the hot spring cave. With the back, she felt a burst of excitement and anticipation.

She does not want to deny that she actually likes the body of the big devil head...

"You..." The sea pumice spotted her bold movements, involuntarily stunned, and stretched out her palms to cover her savvy, not knowing whether she wanted to refuse or wanted to help.

"I want to take off your clothes," Bai said, trying to hide his guilt and timidity. The bluffing, sinful look of the guilty, seeing the heart of the sea pumice.

Bai Hao’s own color was not punctuated, and he opened his palm and continued his female pervert.

The sea pumice felt that he must be dreaming. For many days, the beauty who refused to let him go to the pool for a half step took the initiative to take off his clothes. As she said, because he is a sea pumice, she would like to take the initiative to approach or even?

For whatever reason, he hopes that this dream will continue to do so, it doesn't matter if you wake up.

Because of the man's honest cooperation, his clothes on his upper body were quickly taken off, and he pushed him in bed, his hands slid along his shoulders and slid over his chest, waist and waist... The warmth is smooth, the texture is clear and full of elasticity, as if you can feel the power and flexibility contained in it. The white fascinatingly traces the lines of his muscles with fingertips, full of curiosity and admiration.

Although she can't see anything clearly, but with memory and touch, I can imagine how the body of the man under his body is tempting, and now he is indecent with her.

The sea pumice felt that a stream of heat in the depths of the body went straight down the belly. The whole person was like a bow that was pulled full, and he could not wait to explode the heat and power of his body.

The little banshee on the body is slow, he wants to take the initiative, but he is afraid of annoying her and will not be so close to him. The burning and tight feeling that is not relieved almost ruined him. .

Bai Hao "played" for a while, the daring went to 70%, the finger slipped onto the edge of the man's trousers, but could not courage to pull open the tie knot.

The sea pumice couldn't help it anymore. She reached out and pulled her body into her arms, trying to get closer to her feelings, temperature and soft body. When he was unable to prevent himself from falling on him, Zhang mouth took a bite at his shoulder and neck and ordered: "Do not move."The sea pumice stone was bitten and screamed, almost no words: "Little, what do you want to do?"

Like a white snake, he twisted his body and put it in his ear. He bit his earlobe and pondered twice. He said, "I want to eat you."

The sea pumice almost couldn't believe his ears, and the little banshee in his arms hugged his arms. He wanted to roll over and hold her down. Bai Yan extended his hand and held him to stop his counterattack. He said, "You don't move."

The sea pumice stone sucks two breathways: "I don't move, but can you hurry up?"

Bai Hao proudly shouted: "I will come slowly, if you don't obey, I will not eat." The man's honest restraint under the man gave her confidence. She is having fun, how can she give up the initiative? ?

However, I did not expect that the restraint of the sea pumice had reached the limit. Her voice had just fallen, and the position had undergone earth-shaking changes. She was pressed tightly on the bed by the man, and the ardent kiss of the sea pumice fell on her face like a squally shower. On the lips, vaguely announced: "I feed you to eat"

White 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 , , , , , , , , , , , 就 , , 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就 就net.

But now what I want to say and say is too late... Anyway, she just played tired, and now he is "serving" her. Anyway, he has not had at least a few women, he should be very experienced.

Otherwise, relying on her guy who only talks on paper, it is estimated that he will not be able to do it anymore. Bai Hao finds reasons for his loss of mastership and slowly stops struggling.

But soon, Bai Yan found himself wrong...

The dress was torn directly into a few pieces of rags, and there was no film in the blink of an eye - this

Damn rude, what dress she will wear tomorrow?

There was a pain in the chest, and Bai Hao couldn’t help but yell: "You lightly tap, it hurts." There is no dough, it can't be so kneaded.

It’s even more difficult to be a gimmick

She regrets, she does not want to continue

The rude bastard, she is about to be smashed by him.

In the darkness, the big devil's head is a beast that has not eaten meat for a few years. He is eager to kiss and add on her body. The movement is rude and has no rules. The white sputum is painful and fearful. There was a flame, and she burned her body softly. It was frightening, painful, nervous, and she was expecting that she could not completely separate it. She vaguely felt that the performance of the big devil was not right, but at the moment she could not stop it. .

"You don't want to go away... I beg you, let go." The white sorrow pleaded, and the weak resistance seemed useless under the violent attack of the man.

The legs were pulled apart, and then a male character was eagerly approaching, and the softest and softest part of the slammed came a tear that almost fainted her.

The white sputum hurts with tears, and a reflexive bite in the man who dared to hurt him, calling the other person to breathe a little, and even more advancing in her body.Every movement repeatedly tortured her wounds, and from day to night, she turned to beg for mercy, and eventually she became a thin cockroach. The screaming and screaming of grievances stimulated the man's wild blood.

The feeling of pain slowly gradually became numb, leaving an indescribable sour and soft numbness, white stunned, exhausted and exhausted. I don’t know if this feeling is sad or comfortable.

In the confusion, a hot stream rushed through her body without warning. She whispered and snorted, and she fell softly on the bed. The man who was hot with the fire finally stopped. Looking down at the delicate face that she was wet with tears and sweat beads, the complexion is faintly faint, blushing, smooth and translucent like a translucent thin porcelain, a pair of beautiful eyes that are half-closed are blurred, lips are slightly open, and the whole person is stunned. Lazy and charming, so beautiful that he wants to keep her in her arms forever.

Gently gently kiss the drops of water on her face, and remove the sticky hair for her. The pebbles and eagerness of the sea pumice before the change, the movements are cautious, as if the beauty under the body is a rare and rare .

The white man sighed twice and glared at the man who looked apologetic and uncomfortable. His mind slowly resumed operation, and suddenly he was surprised to have an impulse to laugh. She suddenly understood why she felt that the performance of the big devil was not right. It is.


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