Yu Ren

By E Mei

195 Who is not worthy

195 Who is not worthy

The old man needless to say that he is Yue Laosi. He is still standing next to a man and a woman. The woman is a comfrey. The man is about forty years old. He is wearing a stone blue shirt, no need for white face, long eyebrows. Hey, the five senses are so delicate and somewhat feminine, but the look is awe-inspiring. Even when it is expressionless, it makes people feel like they are frowning. It is a difficult and picky guy.

The way in which the Supreme’s appearance is generally not to go to the main entrance, it is common practice to go over the wall and jump to the window. Yue Lao four voices just fell, a group of three people jumped from the wall to the yard.

The words of Yue Laosi caused a lot of people to look at the scene. This four elders may not be able to reach the peak, but become his apprentice. Hundreds of thousands of meters, mastering this force is equivalent to mastering half of the white martial arts, it is inevitable to be eye-catching.

The silver-bearing old man, the old man in the mouth of Yue Lao, is even more difficult to look at.

On the side of the sea pumice, he introduced the white-faced middle-aged man next to Yue Laosi: "This is the six elders of the Jitangtang Han Baizi Han, who is also the master of the comfrey girl."

The white-hearted rules and regulations are conducive to courtesy, and the attitude is gentle and courteous. Just like a ceremonial and thoughtful person, Yue Laosi has never received such treatment from her. I am more surprised to be surprised.

Han Baizi’s seniority is high, and even if he nods, even if he returns to the ceremony, he looks up and down the white eyes and suddenly says: “Not worthy”

The golden old man with a sullen face next to him, his eyes flashed and his face was bright.

Yue Lao four-footed footpath: "What does not match? Han Laoliu, you have made it clear."

"The little girl's bones are wonderful, when your disciples are wasted, you don't deserve it." Han Baizi said solemnly and harshly, and his attitude was desperate.

"I don't deserve to be equipped with you?" Yue Laosi's self-esteem was hurt and turned his face on the spot.

The comfrey quickly stepped forward and held his arm and whispered softly: "Master, he is joking with Shibo, and Shibo, you should really fight with Master, but it is like his wish."

Yue Laosi was mentioned by her, and she immediately remembered the way that Han Baizi’s stalking man did not lose his life, and immediately slammed his slogan. Han Baizi glanced at the comfrey and seemed to blame her.

Bai Hao looked at this scene and suddenly remembered that he had seen the information about several elders in the Jitangtang. The above said that the six elders Han Baizi was a martial artist who liked to find someone to try, which is the best. The bad thing is that the elders recruited people and did not care about the results, only care about the process.

In other words, whether you win him or not in martial arts, he will be pestering you until the two are exhausted. The absolute value of his martial arts is not as good as Yue Laosi, but the endurance value is called the second in the martial arts, and no one dares to cross him to call the first.

He and Yue Lao are in the same door. If Yue Laosi wins, he will not be able to kill him. Therefore, the result of each comparison is to win a lot of rounds with Yue Lao, and the result is finally ended.

Such a terrorist, it is no wonder that Yue Laosi refused to work with him.The two elders were beaten by the embarrassed church, and the old man and the old man were not good enough to continue to entangle. The sea pumice gave a sin to the courtyard to settle down, and the luggage on the car was carried by the servant in the manor. .

The comfrey is familiar with the past, and the white singer laughs and laughs: "Is my sister still mad at me? Look at the part of my husband who has done the best for the Ma’s party. I will spare me. You are in pairs with the ally, and finally I am not doing this matchmaker?"

She said that she had ordered a white acupuncture point in the Linglong Pavilion and handed her to the hands of the sea pumice. She was really angry in her heart, and she began to doubt her identity, but now she is in a different place. As I have just seen, it is obvious that some people in the Wulin League are not friendly to her. In this case, the days of multiple helpers will be much better.

So in the face of the initiative of the comfrey, she snorted, neither agree nor refuse. The comfrey noticed that her attitude was softened, and she immediately climbed up the pole and smiled and whispered: "Do you know who is looking at your face?"

Bai Hao wants to shake her head. She used to look at the news of the rivers and lakes as a gossip news. I almost forgot the words. If it wasn’t for the ghosts and faces, I would like to pay close attention to the people of the Jitang Hall. Maybe even a few of them can't remember, let alone figure out the temperament of each elder.

"He is the head of Wuyunmen, surnamed Liu Mingwan, the nickname is called Jin Laotou, Wuyunmen is one of the three major sects of Baidao. 'Five lines of Mianyunzhang' is very powerful. Do you know why he wants to give Look at your face?" The sable of the sable grass is excited.

This kind of mentally retarded problem, Bai Yu can think with his knees: "Because he has a candidate for the martial arts lord's wife, and most of them are his family."

The comfrey hits the palm of the hand: "The cleverness of his granddaughter Liu Yiyi is known as the first beauty of the martial arts. Two years ago, he met the famous Greenwood thief in the state of the state, and they were almost caught by them. Fortunately, Haimeng was the master. Passing by to save her, but also smashed the iron palms and their party feathers with one person's strength. Liu Yiyi returned to Wuyunmen and publicly claimed that the non-Haimeng masters would not marry."

Bai Hao listened and just wanted to laugh aloud, can you still be a little old?

It is also a hero who saves the beauty so skillful, but also the beauty is determined to be so creative, and it is the combination of the martial arts lord and the first beauty of the martial arts. Even the heroine's name is so sturdy and thunderous. Still let people not live?

The white scorpion was blinded by the thunder, and apparently had some discrepancies with the comfrey. However, it was a good thing to respond, and she did not come to the "confidential".

"You have nothing to ask to say?"

Grass feels that white must be trying to suppress shock, anger, or grievances, so it will not speak.

Bai Hao gently spit out a breath: "I wish them a hundred years of good fortune, forever concentric."

A brain-remaining beauty and a multi-faceted perverted man with a temperamental tendency in a brain, a beautiful and appropriate pairing combination, perhaps this is the legendary - complementary"You, you, you... How can you say that this kind of long-spirited ambition and the destruction of your own prestige? The lord likes you so much, he will not empathize with it."

"It is going to rain, and the Wulin League is mainly the first beauty of the martial arts. It can't be stopped." Bai Hao looked up at the sky at a forty-five degree angle, and his face was bright and sad.

Before she finished, she was dragged into a warm and thick embrace. The sea pumice was red and red, but she was very serious. "In my heart, you, you are the most beautiful, the best, me, me. Only...you, you one"

The comfrey saw this fascinating classic scene, staring at the stars, smirking and flashing people.

The sea pumice heard no more movements around him, and the look on his face slowly became gloomy. He bowed his head and said that he had bitten a bite on the white ear, and the white screamed and screamed, but he struggled to open the sea. The icy eyes of pumice turned a few laps on her face before slowly letting her go: "My tolerance is very limited..."

White squinting at the ear, I don’t know what kind of wind he was pumping, and suddenly he changed back to the virtues of Ganzi’s devil’s head and threatened her.

The sea pumice does not know how to describe his feelings. He just walked in front, but the contents of the whispering conversation between the comfrey and the white scorpion are all missing in the ear - Bai Yu does not care that his cognition makes him very Annoyed, I can’t wait to catch the odious little girl and swallow it.

He is very dissatisfied with her attitude, but does not know how to improve the situation. He asked himself that he was very good at the day, but she did not care.

She said, "Like the sea pumice", in fact, he can also feel that she did not lie, but her so-called like too light and too casual, like a fine jewelry, a beautiful dress. Her love for him is not even as good as her damn serval.

She once said that she likes people who look good, she likes a lot... The more the sea pumice is, the more ugly the face is. What he wants is that Bai Hao only likes him, just as he only wants to be close to her. Why is this damn little girl dare to be so negligent to him, not taking him seriously?

Bai Hao didn't know why he suddenly lost his temper. He probably only guessed that he might be related to his own conversation with comfrey. She felt that she had just opened a harmless little joke. Is the big devil overreacting?

Could he hope that he would scream like a wife and scream at his collar: "You only have to look at me, love me, and blame me for a different woman. Don't touch, don't think, don't even mention it."

It’s really inexplicable, but if you can run him thunder, you can consider the sacrifice image and try it...

The two people walked in tandem with each other and went to the Zhengqiyuan behind the manor, which is the courtyard reserved for the martial arts lords.

Two pretty prostitutes were greeted in the yard. When they met the sea pumice, they bowed and bowed their faces in a pleasant surprise. The attitude was respectful: "Slaves Xiaolan and Xiaoju asked the lord."The state of the pumice stone has returned to normal, standing in the same place and squatting, said: "How do you have a prostitute in the Wulin League?" There are also servants in the Wulin League, but most of them are male servants and older servants, generally not The use of young prostitutes will not cause some disgraceful scandals, which will hinder the positive image of the Wulin League.

The niece named Xiaolan on the left replied: "The slave is the slave of Wuyunmen Liuzhangmen. My lady will arrive tomorrow, and the two will take the lead to clean up and prepare."

Come to clean up and prepare, how to clean up and prepare to go to the qi hospital where the martial arts lord lives? Bai Yan listened to my heart.


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