Yu Ren

By E Mei

192 river crab cohabitation

192 river crab cohabitation

Bai Yan was frightened and warned to guard against the murderous beast and beast. I was afraid that he suddenly turned his face and used it. She also knew that she couldn’t move her. It’s just a matter of his thoughts. Now she is in his hands, he I don’t want someone to help her save her, and this guy is obviously not very concerned about the promise.

The only thing she can rely on now is the extent to which Ganzi cares about her...

Ganzi used her "cannibalism" to confront her. After a while, when Bai Bai was about to be scared, he finally said: "Do you not like to like me? I want to be intimate with you. You push the third resistance four times..."

Bai Hao knows that this time will not convince Ganzi, similar events will continue to happen in the future, she can only resist once, can not resist the second, third, if there is no accident, she will be brought at least by Ganzi Three months, enough to be able to clean up her countless times.

Biting his teeth, Bai Yu resisted his shame and tried to say: "I like sea pumice, not Ganzi or Xiaoyan. When I see the sea pumice, I want to be close, see Ganzi or Xiaoyan, I want to run away."

Ganzi is too powerful, and it is a lawless guy. It’s useless to argue with his words or to say that it’s useless.

Ganzi recalled it. It seems that it is true. When he is still the old pumice stone, Bai Yu will take the initiative to get close to him and even teas him, but when his identity is small or sweet, the white will only Smirk at him, always guard him, reject him, and hate to go as far as he can.

"The sea pumice is me, I am the sea pumice." He is more reluctant to be forced to be intimate with him than he is, and he prefers her active closeness. The bite she had bitten on his ear, the one who kissed him in the exquisite room, although the difference between these real kisses was very much worse, but the kind of heart-wrenching excitement was better.

If you let the white scorpion kiss him like he kissed her, then I feel like I’m so excited.

"The sea pumice stone didn't dare to touch me. I saw a few more eyes and sleeves." Bai Hao noticed that Ganzi's attitude seemed to be softened and he continued to persuade.

"Hey, let's go, you like the nerd who can be at your disposal." Ganzi's tone is sour, and some even eat another "self" vinegar.

Bai Hao put on a grievance and a sad look: "The sea pumice will not bully me, threaten me, force me, and will not do such excessive things to me before I get married."

Ganzi’s look changed and suddenly said: “When I am a pumice, do you take the initiative to kiss me?”

The white cockroaches had to squint in the heart, but it was the color of the heart, but did not dare to show the slightest wrong look, hesitated, and slowly nodded.

She did not expect to be able to retreat without loss. Now it is just a slight modification of the original idea, to eat some tender tofu to protect the peace, to take the initiative to eat the big devil's dry bean to protect peace. It’s gone.A q thought, can eat the martial arts lord's tender bean dry, can be considered earned, how many martial arts ladies, chivalrous women, enchantress want to eat still can not eat?

As for how long this trick can stabilize Gan De Devil, she did not dare to hold too much hope, and she was always eaten and wiped clean.

Ganzi said that she did not pull the white sputum and made a few squats in her arms before she took her to the ground and stepped back. "Well, I will follow you first."

The first thing to do is to escape from Ganzi. The first thing is to go away from Ganzi. When I stepped in, I heard Ganzi’s coldness, and she was so scared that she stopped and smiled and explained: “I just got up and went to groom. Wait You will take me to see the little raccoon, will you?"

Ganzi nodded and pulled a rope around him. The two cockroaches pushed the door and walked in. Ganzi pointed to the white cockroach, and the two cockroaches would quickly send the warm water towel, the scented pancreas and other waiters. Go to the side to groom.

Ganzi Da Ma Jindao is sitting in the white room, and there is no meaning to avoid it. Bai Hao also had to be quiet when he did not exist.

Bai Yan washed her face, sat in front of the dressing table and brushed her hair by two gongs. I didn’t notice it. Although the sandalwood dressing table was chic, it was the best from material to hand, but it was placed in this room. Slightly awkward, it is not completely in line with the elegant feeling of the room. It is probably for the convenience of her temporary move in.

The big devil can be so careful and not easy...

Ganzi looked at the figure of Bailu, and his emotions gradually calmed down. He only saw the scene of the bridegroom’s grooming when he was a child. After the death of his wife, no woman had dressed up in front of him. Now, I can’t help thinking of childhood. When I was in a warm time with my mother, I felt a little bit of tenderness in my heart. I got up and walked behind the white scorpion. I took a jade comb from my hand and slowly combed her with a blue silk. The two cockroaches looked at each other and slid their hands to the side.

Bai Hao was looking down at the matter, not paying attention to the person who had combed her for her.

As the sun shadow slanted westward, the sun faded away and became warm and gentle. It gave a gentle and warm glow to the men and women who stood upright. A thin figure passed by the window and saw this scene. Can not help but stop to gaze.

Ganzi is so murderous and gentle and quiet. If you let other subordinates of the demon see it, you must think that if the teacher is not changing, he will be demon.

It seems that the future lady of the church is really good at his husband. The influence on his family is so unbelievable.

The thin figure shook his head, not destroying this rare picture, turned and quietly left. He is the younger brother of Ganzi. He originally wanted to report to several Pingzhou rudders with Ganzi.

The deputy rudder master and several lords have arrived, waiting to be seen in the front hall, but now that the teacher is "busy", let them wait for the first time.

After half an hour, Bai Hao finally saw his baby love cat raccoon flower, which was fed by Ganzi, and honestly rolled into a golden hair for the hair group to sleep in the rattan basket.Ganzi had to leave and the little raccoon was sent by him. He saw that it was safe and sound, and the hanging heart was released.

Before Ganzi left, she said that this garden house can move around casually, just don't leave the hospital. White is not going to go out at all. If someone hits the magician here, the trouble will be big, let people know her. What is the relationship with the demon leader, will inevitably make her family up and down.

Bai Yu was sent here by his sleep. He didn’t know where the yard was, nor how big the yard was. He simply walked away with Ganzi alone—in case he would run away, at least in the future. I also know how to leave the yard.

The two cockroaches were sly and dumb, just quietly following her, just like the shadow. Bai Hao also bought some poor people with deaf and disability before, knowing simple sign language, but compared with these two squats, I found that they are all puzzled. Occasionally, one or two movements are also guessed. Obviously, the sign language they have learned is not consistent with the outside, and it is basically impossible to communicate with outsiders.

Bai Hao had to smile, and the secret work of this kind of secret education is really powerful. It is the deaf-mute people who can't communicate with them. Even if they are arrested and tortured, it is impossible to force any secrets. .

She walked in the yard for a while, and saw ten deaf-mute servants of different ages. They saw the white storks and fell down on the sidelines, while the two skeletons behind them gestured to them with special gestures. Sometime, I don’t know whether to introduce her identity or remind everyone here to hold her firmly.

Now the light is just right, Bai Hao temporarily does not think about his situation and other messy things, relax, appreciate the scenery in the garden, while secretly observing the communication between the two baboons and other deaf servants, speculating on the meaning, leaving most of the time At an hour, it was not all harvested until the sun sank and the sky was dark before returning to the room.

The two servants sent the food, four dishes and one soup, all of which were the favorite foods of the white peony. The cooking techniques were also excellent. After using the meal, I sent a few boxes of interesting things and a large box of content-rich books to let her pass the time, and Ganzi may have something to do, until the white coat changed and fell asleep, still did not appear.

White lie on a soft bed, sighing comfortably, this is simply the day of pigs... happier than pigs, after all, no one raises pigs in addition to eating and sleeping, but also provides a large yard to stay and meet Spiritual entertainment needs nothing but freedom, except that no one talks to her, it is perfect.

The little raccoon only woke up for a while at dinner, and the two dinners were ready for dinner. The little raccoon was more like a pig than the owner. After eating it, he hit a few fullness and rolled up to sleep.

Tomorrow, we must find a way for Ganzi to promise her a stable external communication channel, so that she can contact her relatives in the capital and the Bai family in Bailishan. Otherwise, the news that she was taken away by the sea pumice will be passed to her parents. On the other hand, the problem is big.It was really depressing. It was obvious that a weak woman was forcibly imprisoned by the big devil. She not only dared not to ask her parents for help, but also tried every means to cover up and paint the Taiping, and it was really sad to mix her.

However, the more sad reminder is still behind, the next day, Bai Hao woke up from her sleep, and found that there was a big living person around her. Gan Gan Gan Dazhu had a bed with her and she was sleeping with her bed. The quilt, too much, put her as a pillow and the whole circle is in her arms.

The white face was dull and looked at the handsome face that was only a distance from her, and she already had no idea what she should say.


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