Yu Ren

By E Mei

191 put or not?

191 put or not?

Although the car of the Gan Dajiao master is not as refined as the white house, it is not inferior to the comfort level, and even the luxury and richness far exceeds the ebony carriage that the white dragonfly sits on. The carriage was covered with thick cushions, and people sat up comfortably and didn't want to get up.

Ginkgo sees people only looking at the surface, worried that the car of the sea pumice is simply ill-treated to her own lady, it is really a concern.

Bai Yu holding a small raccoon sitting in a corner pretending to continue to sulking, while secretly looking at the environment inside the car, the two 遂 for her and Ganzi off the shoes, put on a small shelf next to the door, also followed by the car Come up and serve.

The carriage is very spacious, and the four people do not feel cramped. Ganzi’s big model went to Bai’s side and reached out to her waist. The movement was natural. The white cockroaches uncomfortably wanted to move away, but Ganzi refused to let go, and she had to give up.

The two cockroaches saw their little movements in their eyes, and their faces showed a few surprised expressions, but they quickly returned to coldness. They have been waiting for Ganzi for many years. They have never seen him take the initiative to get close to a woman, and have never seen him show such a great interest in a woman.

Bai Hao felt that these two shackles were a bit strange. From the time they met, they have been quietly and without a sense of existence.

"They are all dumb." Gan Lan found her eyes and did not think that she smiled.

Is this a congenital disability or is it ruined the day after tomorrow? White cockroaches full of doubts, but refused to open - let Ganzi a little scruples, otherwise, once he developed a casual intimidation against her to achieve the purpose of habit, the unfortunate thing is her

Just as she figured out how to get along with Ganzi, the little raccoon in the rattan basket woke up, squatting low and slamming her head and squatting into the white scorpion. Bai Xin’s heart was happy, and he reached out and touched his head and said: “You can wake up, still hurts on your body?” The tone is gentle, and you can hear the sweet and sour water.

When he saw him, he ignored him and couldn't think of any good way to break the deadlock. So he solved the medicinal properties of the little raccoon. I didn't expect the white pheasant to speak, but the attention was all led by the little raccoon.

The little raccoon has a bad spirit, and it is more sticky and white, and it smashes for a while. Suddenly, I found that my "natural enemies" were looking at it with a bad look, suddenly swayed and swayed. I want to jump up and give Ganzi two paws.

The white cricket put the rattan basket aside, hugged the raccoon flower to the leg, gently smoothed it for the hair, and calmed the road: "The little raccoon flower, you can't run around without injury, let's not ignore the bad guys."

The little raccoon stunned the Ganzi for a while, finally relaxing under the white sigh of relief, comfortably sighing and enjoying the host's loving service.

Ganzi looked at this man with a good-hearted and funny look, lazily said: "Where did you get this cat?"

Bai Yu hesitated, finally replied: "It was sent by an exotic businessman. It is said that it is rare in the local area. Everyone calls them golden lightning."Ganzi’s temper is not good. Excessively taking Joe in front of him will die very badly. His temper is violent and violent, and he is anxious that he has no good fruit to eat. He doesn't want to be thick with her, but the little raccoon is too weak now. He can kill the raccoon ten times eight times with his fingers.

Gan Gan listened to her opening, but also secretly sighed: "The action is quite fast, and it is enough to deal with the general thief. It is a bit like a martial arts. It can be a small life if you raise your hand." The meaning, the skill of the little raccoon is not just Seoul.

Bai Yu was not convinced, but thought that he was a bad woman, he was seriously injured, and could not help but be depressed. He retorted: "There are not many people who are a little bit martial, and I don't like it because It can deal with thieves"

This is also true. Maybe it would be a little bit of a thought to raise a small raccoon flower, but this cat is too appetizing for her. After getting along with her for so many years, she has long regarded the raccoon as a family member, preferring to have something for herself. I don't want it to have something.

"Useless things" Ganzi tone is sour.

"哼" The kitten at home was disgusted. The white cockroach was very unhappy. When I thought about it, I still had to find a way to get the raccoon flower back as soon as possible. So I gave a soft tone to Ganzi: "Is there any medicine that can make it faster?" "The little raccoon is so sick, she is very sad."

Ganzi smiled: "You let me kiss you like last night, I will cure it." He missed the wonderful kiss that last night. I can’t wait to turn the little face of the white now, so I will revisit it. Fan.

Bai Yan’s face had a fever, and he glanced at him. He ignored him. He didn’t say that it would be easy for him to be so close. There were two squats on the light car. She could not let him do whatever he wanted. She is not interested in performing in public.

Gan Yan thought that he would soon be able to get the white cockroaches on his own site. When he wants to kiss him, he will have a patience and patience.

The mountain road is rugged. Although the mat is covered with thick cushions, it is a bit bumpy. The arms of Ganzi are very warm. During the swaying, the white eyes gradually pick up, and finally the little raccoon is sleeping on the legs of Ganzi. It’s gone.

Gan Yan reached out and played with her black and soft hair, and her expression was very gentle. The two sisters saw this scene, and my heart was even more shocked. Without the owner’s suggestion, they all knew the importance of this woman in the master’s mind. Anyone in the world can compare.

The two decided not to agree, and the wait for the young lady to do more than to serve the master.

When the white cockroach wakes up, it is a wide bed. The quilt cover is made of bamboo and blue silk. It is soft and comfortable. The afternoon sun shines through the window and the room is not much. However, at first glance, it is not ordinary goods, and each piece is chic.

Ordinary people can't see it all the time, let alone use it.

She sat on the bed for a while before she suddenly found out that the little raccoon had disappeared.She was shocked and pushed out of bed, and wanted to find it. It was just like Ganzi’s push in the door. He had replaced the martial arts trousers’ green and blue cloth, and changed into a snow-blue robes embroidered with wishful clouds. Really a jade tree, the wind is extraordinary. It is a pity that Bai Hao simply did not appreciate it. He asked his hands in front of his abominations. "What about the little raccoon?"

Ganzi’s face sank, grabbing her claws and biting it down. Bai Hao did not expect that he would come to this move, scared to exclaim that he wanted to rescue his hand back too late, and he would lift his foot under anger.

Ganzi flashed sideways, twisting her hands to the waist, and then hugged her tightly to her chest, and said coldly: "Don't make trouble, otherwise I will stew the cat to feed the dog."

"I want to see it." Bai Yu also knows that he is too impulsive, but Ganzi has never concealed the disgust and killing of the little raccoon. Who knows if he will fall asleep and smother the raccoon What?

"You don't want me to cure it for it?" Gan Gan said.

"Hey? Really? Then you take me to see it, okay?" Bai Yu reasoned to return, immediately put on a petite tone of pleading.

Ganzi looked down at her face with a little bit of sleepiness. A pair of big eyes stared at herself with water, and couldn’t help but move her hand to the back of her head and kissed her lips.

After several failures and frustrations, Ganzi has summed up a successful experience. First, gently grind her two pink lips, then slowly pick her lips to find deeper sweetness, and chase her soft and naughty. Tip of the tongue.

When Bai Hao noticed his intention, there was no chance to escape the dodge. The whole person was firmly imprisoned in the arms of the man in front of him. His breath was his smell. The strong tongue did not hesitate to search her lips. Mizu, do not allow for a little bit of privacy, and more excessively curled up her tongue and sucked.

The spurt of the fire is direct and strong, and the white scorpion is almost ruined, and the other party is arrogant in the territory that should belong to her.

Ganzi loosened the big hand holding her wrist and held her waist to compress the distance between the two.

The body and the heart cling to each other, Ganzi gratifiedly slammed, and the palms followed the instinct all the way to her hips, and her body was elevated, so that he could kiss him deeper.

The fierce attack made Bai Hao completely overwhelmed, and Ganzi stepped hard as if to swallow her in the stomach.

The white cockroaches were kissed by him, and each time they gathered up a little bit of resistance, they immediately became more madly plundered and suppressed. So many times, the white cockroaches finally broke the jar and no longer resisted. Attack the city slightly.Ganzi slightly relieved, but the result was even more "hungry." He lifted the little beauty in his arms to a high-footed little one, pushed her legs away and let the distance between the two. More recently, the range of attack on the lips began to expand gradually, from the lips to the cheeks, to the ears, to the chin, and then to the slender and tender neck, just as he intended to open the collar of the day and continue to go all the way. Bai Hao finally couldn't help but struggled fiercely, holding his hands tightly around his collar.

There is still a bit of reason in the passion of Ganzi. I am afraid that if she wants to open her hand, she will hurt her and have to suspend the offensive. Shen Sheng said: "Hey, let go of the hand..."

"Don't let you go, you don't talk about credit." Bai Yu knows that his hands are loose, and the things behind him are hard to say. Ganzi definitely has no potential as a gentleman. It’s a shit for him, and he will definitely clean her belt bones at once.

Ganzi's breath is much thicker than usual. A pair of eyes are extraordinarily dark. It seems to burn a burning fire. He knows what he wants to do. He also knows the resistance of Bai Yu. He is hesitant to ignore himself. Or follow the promise and relocate this delicate porcelain doll, so far today.


You said that the female overlord entered the wolf's nest, and the big devil's head was very cold. You said that this time it was put in good or not.

Call the pink ticket, everyone just click below, you need to drop support, force ing.

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