Yu Ren

By E Mei

182 leaving Beijing

182 leaving Beijing

182 leaving Beijing

Yang Lan had very little contact with the emperor since her mother died, and she was only able to guess his mind from memories and some public actions of the emperor. After he returned to Beijing from Beiguan City, the emperor began to secretly send people to contact him. At the same time, he also expressed his concern to him through Princess Antai. Although the two fathers and sons were not common, they felt close.

Including the plan to clean up the two forces of Mao and Xia, Yang Lan also played an important role in it, in conjunction with the emperor to maximize the role of the plan.

After the power of Shaw’s Xia’s power was overturned, the emperor publicly regarded him as his most important son and the heir to the future of the country. He not only let him go to the political court, but also discussed with the minister in the royal study. He watched and studied at the side, and he began to hand over a lot of real power to him. This kind of treatment was never enjoyed by even the great emperor and the second emperor.

Yang Lan is certainly happy, but after years of tempering, his heart has become calm and calm. In the face of sudden glory, he is not really excited to forget. Instead, he has become more and more in contact with the emperor. The more vigilance.

In order to fight the hair and the summer, the emperor spent more than 20 years. This kind of hard work and the sternness of the two sons who sacrificed without hesitation were enough to make Yang Hao secretly scared.

The old man on the dragon chair, besides his father, the more important identity is the emperor and for all the people, including their own children, the identity of the old man is first and foremost the emperor. emperor

Yang Lan has long been a child who needs father and son's affection. The various Ron of the emperor seems to him to be more of a compensatory psychology. In that year, because of the power of Mao and Xia, he had to look at what he liked. A woman who dies in the deep palace and her most proud son can't be close, so once the Ma's Xia family falls, the emperor will vent all the things that he wanted to do and can't do.

Tianjia is ruthless. The relationship between the emperor and Yang Lan has been alienated for many years. It is better to say that he wants to be good to Yang Hao. It is better to say that he has taken power and wants to show his supreme authority. Yang Lan was not stunned by the appearance of the scenery. He knew very well that the emperor’s enthusiasm for him subsided and the real test was behind.

However, he is no longer willing to live by the "family" of the emperor's alms, especially after these recent things, he has a deeper understanding, the power is only in his own hands, he has the right to do whatever he wants. By giving others, it is necessary to be restricted by others, and the so-called fame and fortune in front of the eyes may be taken back by others at any time.

Yang Lan always knew exactly what he wanted. He looked at the white face with a cold face and whispered: "I don't like it here, but one day I will turn it into something I like. Look like."

Bai Hao glanced at him with less interest: "That good luck."Yang Lan suddenly had the urge to push her into her arms and force her into her body, or to swallow her bite into her stomach. This little heartless little girl didn’t say a word. Covering the intention to show his relationship with him, he clearly told him that she didn’t care about him, didn’t care what he was going to do, and didn’t even care about him.

If you talk to other confidants, I am afraid that they are not scared and whitish, or worry about the difficulties and obstacles that he is about to face, and the woman he cares most in front of him, just say "I wish you Good luck, he sent him, fearing no, worrying, as if he was talking about nonsense that the weather will be better tomorrow.

Yang Lan has a deep sense of powerlessness. It seems that no matter what he does, the final result is blocked by Bai Yu without hesitation. His efforts are like fists on cotton, nowhere to focus.

Why are you looking for bitterness and only tempting this little girl? Yang Yu smiled bitterly, and he suddenly felt that it was more difficult than the emperor who was impressed by the little evil girl in front of him.

The most important thing is that he didn't have enough time to launch an offensive against her, but fortunately, the little evil girl was still young, and with her temperament, she should not be fooled by other men, except...

"Do you have a good relationship with the Haimeng master?" Yang Lan thought of his report. He didn't want to guess and guess, and asked directly. In fact, Bai Yu and Hai Pumice have contact with each other. He knew it early, but the person responsible for secretly listening to the news can only simply return the fact that the two people met, and the fact that Bai Yu’s victims of the Wulin League and the Jitangtang’s victims of the Ning'an River were affected. It is impossible to infer what the attitude of Bai Yu is to the sea pumice.

When Bai Hao listened to the name of the sea pumice, he had a headache. He didn’t want to make a bad voice: "A good ghost."

Yang Lan’s heart was a little uncomfortable. Instead, there was a bad foreboding. He never saw Bai Hao’s intense emotions for a particular person.

"His identity is a bit complicated, you are careful." Yang Lan felt that his voice was awkward.

"I know..." After the horse, the guns were full of depression, and I didn't even want to say anything. Yang Lan and the sea pumice are actually half-brothers. Their mothers are two sisters with very good feelings. Yang Lan will know that the identity of the sea pumice is not strange.

Just why did she wait for her to get rid of this big devil to remind her?

Yang Lan and Bai Hao went all the way to the palace gate, watching the white horse get on the train and return to the old palace, only to turn their own car and leave.

Bai Hao returned to the old government, and simply explained the things that happened today. The three people in Bai’s family were heavy and heavy, and Bai Changshan sighed: “I was thinking about whether my children could stay in Beijing for a few more days... Anyway, the baggage has been packed up almost anyway. If it is too late to pack it, send it back and send it back to Beiguan City tomorrow and tomorrow."

Although the Bais and his wife did not give up, they did not object, and immediately ordered to go ahead and leave Beijing tomorrow.The white family members are all action groups. They are arranged overnight. The next day, the personnel and horses are all ready. The guards of Baijia are running out with 30 people. The maids only bring three people, namely, ginkgo, white peony and bayberry. The rest of the prostitutes They are all staying in Beijing.

In the whole team, only Yangmei and Bailu will not martial arts. Once there is anything, Bailu and Baiguo are not weak with other guards, and they can concentrate on protecting the day. Yang Mei is responsible for taking care of the division of labor and various chores along the way.

White 茯苓 and ginkgo, white 芍, a lazy do not love to manage things, a lively and active, a poor management, bring Yangmei more worry.

The luggage has also been streamlined. Except for the things to be used on the road, the rest will not be taken, lest they have to be taken care of. Even so, the team is still full of six cars, not counting the team. Horse.

On the eve of the day, the eye-catching ebony carriage was parked in a farmhouse next to the official road in the suburbs. The group left the old house the next morning.

Bai Yu has been in this world for more than ten years. For the first time, he has to be separated from his parents for so long. Although it is a happy thing to leave the capital, but when he thinks about leaving the mother for a few months, he can’t help but be reluctant to bury himself. The mother had a good time in her arms: "Mother, the matter of the capital is over, you have to come to Beiguan City soon."

Mu Peilan's eyes were red, and she said nothing. She nodded and forced her tears to send her daughter to the car. Bai Ug saw a distressed saying: "Or I will go back with my nephew."

Bai Hao looked at the side of the white-haired, equally dazzling grandfather, shaking his head and said: "Auntie stayed in the capital to take care of the grandfather and the mother, and the children are waiting for you in Beiguancheng." Grandpa waited for so many years to retrieve. Auntie, he is old enough, and the capital is not a good one. It is better to have a father to accompany him and take care of him.

Lin Pingzi suddenly interjected: "Would you like me to go back with you? A five, A and two guys take care of themselves and take care of them."

Bai Yan looked up and gave him a look: "Reassuring your loyalty to the country, how much money my family can earn in the capital will see you." Lin Pingzi was struck very sad, "cheeky" looked at the day.

Bai Hao pulled him and whispered: "You promised me one thing. Before Yang Lan did not succeed, don't go too close to him on the surface, and help him to avoid others, especially the emperor and other princes." Eyes and ears."

Lin Pingzi is a wise man. He has long noticed that the relationship between Yang Lan and the emperor is not as filial to his father as he is seen by others. It is quite white, and he frowned. "Are you afraid that his affairs will be repeated?"

Bai Hao nodded and said: "You and I all know that he will eventually become a thing, but I don't know how hard it is. I want to help him, but I can't take it myself. And he always has to do it. The emperor's person, you must not forget his identity, treat him as a friend who has nothing to talk about, the peers who have made friends... My grandfather's current situation, you should be clear."

Lin Pingzi’s face changed and changed: “Yang Hao, he should not be as mean as the emperor...”"Yang is not a good person, but in that position, many things can't start from his likes and dislikes, and his thoughts will change slowly. You must understand what I mean when you are so smart." Road.

Lin Pingzi nodded silently. He did not necessarily understand the biological thinking of the emperor, but he never doubted what he said to Bai Yu, although she knew that she was a little girl who was a little smaller than him.

Lu Ying practiced the Yulin Army in Xi Daying. Bai Yu left early to inform him, leaving a trust Lin Pingzi to hand him, and he left the crowd and got out of the car.

The carriage went through the west gate of the capital smoothly and headed for Beiguan City in the morning light. Shortly after the out of the city gate, several fast horses came up from behind, and two of the knights quickly ran to the front of the team to stop, loudly: "Please stay"

When Bai Hao drove the curtain, he saw Yang Lan riding a black horse and ran to her car.


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