Yu Ren

By E Mei

181 Language Arts

181 Language Arts

181 language art

Bai Yu said this, not only the emperor and the two old princes, even Yang Lan also felt unbelievable, but after thinking about it, this woman has always had more ghosts, maybe it can be done.

Yang Lan is also a very intelligent person. Bai Yu unexpectedly said that she can do the three things. He turned his heart and thought about it in other directions soon. If he realized it, he would show a blank look, but he wanted to come. If you want to go, you can only figure out most of them. There is still one place that you can't understand anyway.

The emperor has been unable to hold back, and he smirked with a smile: "When it is so good, you dare to let go of your eulogy, so you can see how you can do these three things. If you can't do it..."

"Dare to ask the emperor, if you can't do it, what are you waiting for? With the crime of bullying, she will be introduced to the Wumen Gate, or will she be forced to marry her to Tiantong?" The voice of Princess Antai passed from the entrance of the main hall. Come, she and the emperor are a mother compatriot. Since childhood, the relationship is very intimate, and the eunuch outside the temple did not dare to stop her, but she was forced to come in one fell swoop.

When she saw her, she suddenly let go of her big stone. If Princess Antai wanted to come to the emperor, someone would block her.

The emperor did not expect Princess Antai to get rid of his people so soon. He sent someone to succumb to his own sister. At this time, she could not help but feel guilty, but she still insisted on her support: "She knows that she dares to bully and commits. There is still no remorse at the moment, and there is no remorse at this moment. Shouldn’t it be punished?”

He believed that he had enough handles to deal with the day, and later, his attitude was tough.

Princess Antai just came back and didn’t know what happened before, but she was very disappointed with the emperor. Today is the idea to fight with the emperor and keep the face.

She has been with the day for a while, knowing that her thoughts are weird and often absurd, but she has her own set of principles and guidelines. It seems that she is impulsive and arrogant, but she often solves the troubles of her own troubles. , will not cause trouble for the people around you. So far, she has made a lot of noise in the capital, and it seems that her unfortunately is her opponent.

One and a half times is luck, and the second time, it proves the fact that behind her direct method of doing things, the situation is clearly seen, what can be done, what can’t be done, and my heart is clear.

With this kind of cognition, Princess Antai bite her teeth: "I don't know what the child did to make the emperor so angry? She is not a person who does not understand things, and she will not offend the heavens without any reason. . . . How can she have a weak woman to have this ability and have this opportunity?” This said, the people in the temple have changed their faces. She clearly implies that the white is right, the wrong is the emperor.

The emperor was not angry, he would have to look at it. His good sister knows what the ridiculous leather of the white cockroaches blows. I really didn’t expect that his sister, who had been defended from a small age, turned out to be the one for this little demon woman today.

"Hey, you said that this little niece said what he did? The face of my country was almost lost by her." The emperor pointed at the white sneer.Yang Lan simply rehearsed what happened at the banquet and what the white singer said to Princess Antai. Princess Antai’s face has changed and she has no choice but to forehead her head: “There are some big words in the children’s words, but this palace believes she can do it.”

Princess Antai said this is not because of blind trust, but she and her once had a joke with her...

On that day, the two daughters came back from the Zhongguo Gongfu, and they happily took her and said: "Mother and mother, my sister taught me a very powerful spell, you can write red characters with ordinary black ink."

Princess Antai is amazed, can black ink writing turn red? How can it be?

Seeing her unbelief, he squatted next to him and said: "If we can do it, the mother will send us the Chih-Chan, is it good?"

Chih-Hsuan is a huge red horse that was accidentally brought by the Northwest Royal Ranch. It was sent to the capital as a tribute, and the emperor gave it to Princess Antai. This kind of horse is very rare, temperamental and extremely fast, quite endurance, and the two have been coveted for a long time.

Princess Antai originally wanted to give it to her daughter later, so she readily agreed to the bet.

As a result, I was so eager to grind the ink on the spot and wrote a "red" on the snowy rice paper.

Princess Antai was deceived by her daughter, crying and laughing, asking who this idea is, and the two daughters answered in unison: White.

Have had such experience, Princess Antai naturally guessed that Bai Hao was playing word games this time, but she did not figure out the mystery in her words.

The emperor did not expect this to be the same, Princess Antai is still so hard, and sometimes a bit stunned, the two old princes look at this and look at that, decided to silence is gold.

Yang Lan stood up and walked over to the emperor: "Father Huang Rong, Miss Bai said that although it seems to be exaggerated, it is not a false statement, but it is a joke with the two barbarians."

"Not a vain? Just kidding?" The emperor was told by him that he couldn't help but stumble. Although his son is interested in white, he has always been a major event, and should not be fainted to make a big lie for the girl.

Yang Wei calmly said: "The so-called ten strong men can't push down... In fact, as long as the person being pushed is looking for a reliable thing to rely on, such as rock and stone, Taiwan base. As for the three-foot mover stone table, Yang Call someone else to help."

The mystery was revealed to be simple and not worth a smile, but the emperor, Princess Antai and the two old princes repeatedly thought about the words of the day, which is true.

What Bai Hao said is very stable and has been practicing for many years, but it is misleading to think about the direction of personal strength, but I don’t know.

It has nothing to do with what can be done later.

An old prince hesitated a moment and finally couldn’t help but say: "You can lift up five hundred pounds of boulder with one hand... this, this... what is going on?"

Yang Xiao smiled and said: "This palace has not figured out, I just want to ask Miss Bai to confuse."

Not only him, but everyone in the temple, except for the white, everyone can't figure out, because this one is really irresistible, neither can you ask for help, nor can you rely on the stone.At this time, the emperor knew in his heart that today is not to be white, sitting on a dragon chair and not talking. However, he was curious in his heart how to explain this sentence.

Bai Hao Shiran said: "This is a little troublesome to do, I have little strength. If you want to do it, you must have enough long enough hard slats. But I can use the long wood chips as a demonstration."

The white 茯苓 is to demonstrate the principle of leverage, six wine glasses, a long thin wooden slat, one side of five wine glasses, one wine glass, a jade paperweight in the direction of the five wine glasses under the slats, and then five Only the end of the wine glass is raised high.

"As long as the pole is long enough, I can use a force of fifty kilograms or less to push up five hundred pounds of stone." Bai Hao summed up and stepped back two steps.

Princess Antai looked at her with amazement: "This is fun, how do you think of it?"

Of course, Bai Yan can't tell her that this is junior high school physics knowledge. In her last life, everyone who is almost the same age as she is now knows. I can only evade the road: "I used this method when I saw craftsmen transporting stones."

"It’s wonderful to use the tools, but it’s very rare to lift five hundred pounds of stones in one hand.” Princess Antai could not help but admire.

Bai Hao took this lead and was prepared for the worst situation. The emperor would rather squander her face in front of the Tiantong people and tear down her lies. Let her father and Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi come to the demonstration. If it really falls to this point, it’s good. One of the three things is more reliable.

When Yang Lan saw the emperor's look changed, he apparently counted on the need to be embarrassed, so he said: "Tiantongguo and my country have been fighting each other for years. This time, they took the initiative to seek peace, but it was because Tiantong’s forces in the country were guilty. The throne is unstable. It is said that they are asking for their own country. They should have whispered and sighed, but they pretended to be gestures. They demanded a lot of things. They were really hateful. Miss Bai just teased them with words and did not provoke them. What kind of chaos, ask the father to read her ignorance in her youth, and spare her for a while."

This is to give the emperor a step, but also to plead for the white ,, although the big words of the white 茯苓 能 can be rounded up, but if the emperor insists on the truth, even if it is not a big crime of deception, the sin of "disrespect" can not run.

Princess Antai understood his mind and quickly echoed: "It is precisely, if the emperor punishes the deaf child and let the people of Tiantong know it, it must be determined that the child's words on that day are all lies, but not beautiful."

The emperor sneaked a sigh: "Whether, look at the Baiqing family's share, today will not cure your sin, then go back." Even if the crime is ruled, it will only be a small sin that is not painful, spread out The ambassador of Tiantongguo suspected that other people would also think that he was guilty of blasphemy and that he was not worth the candle.

The emperor waved his hand and let them all leave. Princess Antai shook hands with a white hand and whispered: "Hey, they are waiting for you outside, you are going with them. Some things I have to discuss with the emperor."

Bai Hao now just wants to go home soon, not asking too much, nodded and retired.The two old princes took the first step, and the white scorpion fell behind. Yang Lan deliberately slowed down and walked to her side. He whispered: "Sorry..." He was pleading for his father and pleading for himself.

Today's event, everyone knows that inside the emperor, the emperor is going to fight against Bai Bai by dealing with Bai Yu, but if it is not for Yang Lan's sake, the emperor may not be aiming all the way to the white.

Bai Yan looked up and glanced at him. He pointed at the nearest eunuch eunuch who was standing next to him at least a mile away. They should not hear their movements. They simply lowered their voices and said: "I hate here, the palace, what is the most annoying. Every time I come, there is no good thing."

In addition to a smile or a smile, Yang Lan can say what he can say? Only a long sigh.


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