Yu Ren

By E Mei

180 Triathlon Female Overlord

180 Triathlon Female Overlord

It’s not just Yang Yi who has doubts about the words of Bai Yu. Everyone in the hall thinks that the three people she said can be tolerated. When reading a novel, I will go to the leaves. I have a lot of masters of martial arts and martial arts. I may have mastered both inside and outside. Some of them can do the first two, but it is a nonsense to use the internal force to move the stone table.

However, the people on the scene stood on their own, and they all hoped to be able to overwhelm the enemy’s Tiantong country. In particular, Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi’s status is not low, saying that they can represent the honor of Laos to a certain extent. The opening retorted.

The emperor's heart even more wants to see the jokes of Knife, and he has to retreat, and it is even more beautiful.

The Prince of the West returned from the beauty of the United States. When he saw his son’s face, he couldn’t help but utterly questioned: “What Miss Bai said is too exaggerated. Is there such a human being in the world? That would make the king open his eyes."

Bai Yan’s face was solemnly grievous: “I am a national of Laos. If you lie in front of the emperor, you are guilty of bullying and sinning. If you don’t believe it, please ask the emperor to call them.”

She said this, not only the princes and fathers of the West Court, but even the emperors, emperors and princes are shaken... Could it be true that she said?

The Prince of the West turned his head and looked at the emperor. He still didn't believe in this evil.

The emperor coughed a sigh: "The three of them left the city to pick up the party in the past few days. I am afraid that I will not be able to return to the capital in a moment. I have to choose another day."

He really wants to marry Bai Hao far away to Fanbang, but it does not mean that he is willing to let Laos swear in front of Tiantong. If Lu Ying and other three people arrive, he can't do three things that Bai Yu said. Lu Yingwei’s name was swept away, and the reputation of Laos was also implicated. He was not willing to take the risk.

If the three people really have this ability, Knife, the voice of the singer who claims to be the first warrior of the same country, has no light. It is also good for the emperor to sue the same thing.

In any case, he was too tempted to be forced into a dilemma by the day, and the knife marriage proposal may not be able to talk about it today. If he forcibly squats and gives him a marriage, God knows that Bai Yu will say something more exciting, and when he is completely torn with his face, it will be greatly worthless.

As soon as he thought of the white-bellied roar, he had to cover her, and the emperor felt ashamed of swallowing flies. However, he turned back and sent the Tiantong National Envoy. He just happened to be able to rule the sin of the white sin. Even if he could not really kill her, he could beat the White House.

This little girl is really daring, knowing that the bully is also daring to talk nonsense in front of so many people. It’s just that sin plus one has sent such a big handle to him in order to refuse the marriage. I really don’t know if she is too smart or So stupid

The emperor sneered in the heart, and he appeased Knife and the Prince of the West. The two fathers and sons saw that the emperor would never let them meet with the three of the people in the mouth of the day, not only doubting, but also being more dissatisfied with the emperor. - You don't want to be so happy when you start marriage. Now we are fascinated by the fact that you are pushing the three obstacles. Why not use us as a monkey?The two fathers and sons were depressed and their faces became more and more difficult to look. The knife was young and vigorous, and they shot the table: "Since you have such a powerful person in your country, what are you afraid of letting them compare with me now? Are you bragging about our two fathers and sons? ?"

The emperor was smashed by his top and his face was black and his heart was smashed with countless "barbarians". But this is indeed his loss. People now say it in person. He wants to refute the rebuttal and worry that the relationship between the two countries will be stagnant.

The covenant had just signed yesterday, and the ink was still not dry. If the other party wants to repent, he is also very big.

White 茯苓 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 没 : : 没 : Words are not under him..."

The named Yang Lan stunned, and he was so angry and funny: Well, in order to give your cousin a momentum, even I have dragged it. What is "in the case of martial arts, it is not under him"? He and Lin Pingzi's martial arts are half a catty, why did he lose to Lin Pingzi?

He has a certain grasp of the victory over the knife, he does not worry that the father will blame him after the victory, the father has just put the ** into his hands, it is to do a few big things to prove that he is a Tao Mingjun In front of this situation, the most important thing for the father is to preserve the national prestige of Laos, rather than whether it can successfully make Bai Yu and Fan. Read the novel and go to the leaves~

"Well, please ask the Sixth Highness to compare with me." Knife was told by Bai Yu that he immediately pointed his finger at Yang Lan. This little white face looked unhappy for a long time. He looked at his deputy, and he was afraid that he could not stand him. Punch, as long as he beats Yang Lan, when he sees what the beautiful man says

The emperor became a tiger, and was also angered by Knife's arrogance. He knew the details of his son, just let him give the two barbarians a lesson. Yang Xin’s heart is self-disciplined, and he will not let the knife go down to Taiwan.

The emperor's mind, it is best that Yang Hao and Knife are tied, so he can still give birth to the marriage, but with the knee to know, Yang Lan will not be as he wished. No man will be willing to push his sweetheart into the arms of a barbarian.

"Alright, my son, you will have a discussion with Knife King, you are friends, you will not be hurt when you get there." The emperor was sullen and even yelled at Yang.

Yang Lan got up and took a ritual and walked to the middle of the main hall to stand opposite the knife.

The emperor looked at the outside and stood by and watched the lively day, and his heart raised an anger: this little girl was really a misfortune in his words, and his son and Knife, who were forced to fight, how old is she? Such a bad tire must not be left behind.

The emperor chilled his eyes and gave him a glimpse of the death of the eyes.

The white enamel surface is very calm, but there is no bottom in my heart. I hope that Princess Antai will be able to support her at a critical juncture. Otherwise, the barbarians of the same country will leave, and the emperor will not help but kill her.In the middle of the main hall, Knife Jinle tightened his belt and took a big fist in the casserole. He rushed to Yang Lan in front of him and pointed at his chest. Is it possible to let him hit him? An understatement has avoided his positive attack.

Knife Jinyi wants to show the prestige in front of the beauty, and the two fists and tigers will go to Yang Lan to say hello. Yang Lan did not dare to underestimate the enemy. He began to dodge and accidentally tempted. This manpower is indeed not small. Although he did not practice his internal strength, it was very hurt to let him punch a punch.

The two of you came to me for dozens of rounds. Yang Lan slowly figured out the number of knives and knives. The number of counterattacks was increasing. The knives and punches fell, but the body had already been greeted by Yang Hao. Although the shot is not heavy, it also makes him feel hurt.

After playing for a while, Yang Hao felt almost, and deliberately sold a flawed knife to attack the knife. The knife was so eager to be fooled. As a result, Yang Hao lived in the arm and borrowed a little bit and fell a dog to eat. Fortunately, fortunately. Yang Lan did not want to cut his face too much. He pulled a belt around him before he fell to the ground, letting him stand firm.

Knife Jin is very depressed, but he also knows that he is not an opponent of Yang Lan. His temper is straightforward and arrogant. If he can't say anything, he will be red-faced and give a fist to Yang Lan. He will return to his seat and sit down. .

The emperor saw this little barbarian eating, his heart was dark, but on the surface he made a kind of kind smile, hard and mud: "evenly divided autumn, evenly divided, haha"

The eyes of the scene did not seem to be able to lose the knife, but everyone pretended not to see the emperor's words, the atmosphere seems to be harmonious and friendly, but to be awkward, the Prince and the West Prince do not mention half a word, drink After two glasses of wine, they got up and retire, and the banquet ended in vain.

They were sent away by the two, and the emperor told the others to retreat. They left Yang Lan, the two old princes and the white priests to ask questions in the temple.

Bai Hao knows that the main event is coming, and the emperor is trying to seize the opportunity to repair her. In fact, she was not afraid of such a scene. Under the eyes of the public, there were foreign guests present. The emperor should pay attention to the country and do not deal with her at will. It is the most difficult one to settle accounts after the fall.

Although she was prepared, she was a palace. If the emperor did not care for her directly, there would be no way to fight.

Fortunately, everything is still in her grasp. The emperor still loves his face. He wants to find a reason to deal with her. Therefore, the two princes and Yang Lan are specially left. If they are there, the emperor will have to pay more attention.

This is also more than the cowhide that she just blows is too outrageous, so that the emperor feels that there is a slap in the face of a bully smuggle to clean up her, will be able to leave the witnesses on the spot to show that he is reasonable, legitimate and legitimate.

Now I only hope that Princess Antai will come as soon as possible, so that she can maximize her safety.

Just as Bai Bai secretly prayed, a loud noise rang in the ear. The emperor took a big shot in front of the big case. Senran shouted: "You are a good daring girl, you are bullying the guilty condemnation, and you are arguing against the covenants of the two countries. I really thought there was When Bai Qing’s family protects, he can do what he wants, disregard the law, and ignore the country’s safety?”A top hat is buckled, and one of them is a big crime. The emperor is really killing.

The white fist's fist slowly squeezed in the sleeves, and the tone calmed: "The minister is afraid, but the meaning of the emperor is unclear."

"I don't know? I have a single hand to pick up five hundred kilograms, one good one can't hide or not, ten strong men can't push forward, and one can move the stone table at a distance of three feet. You really want to be a three-year-old child. Are you deceived? Could it be true that you have to rumor that the white ugly, Lu Ying, and Lin Pingzi’s three people are going into the palace to dismantle your lies?” The emperor screamed.

The white scorpion did not panic as he imagined, but he calmly said: "There are no vain words for the ministers. These three things, they can do it, they are the ministers, and they can do it one by one."


Call the pink ticket hard, just below, the female overlord tells you the secret of the triathlon.

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