Yu Ren

By E Mei

179 big flicker

179 big flicker

Bai Hao and so on are the moment that Knife Jin proposed to see her. She did not have the ability to beat the cows across the mountain. The time was rushed. If Knife was not willing to face her, her plan would be lost. Read the novel and go to the leaves~

Although Tiantong people can marry many wives, as the knife of the first warrior of Tiantong, it will not be accepted by a woman. After all, his wife who has returned from the country to China will surely cause many people to be curious. It is impossible not to appear in public social occasions. If you go to Laos to come and pick up a wife who doesn't shoot, it will hurt the face of Knife.

Knife Jin really could not guarantee the authenticity of the rumors, so she did not open her mouth and said her death directly. This gave her a great opportunity to completely ruin his infatuation in the cradle.

The emperor wanted to marry the white scorpion, the big disaster in his mind, and naturally there was no reason to refuse. He did not see the white scorpion. The man of Knife Jin wanted to see her not tempted unless he was not the man

As long as Knife is determined to be blazed, he can use the excuse of "state-oriented" to forcibly marry Bai Yuyuan. At today's banquet, he will set up a marriage with hot iron. Even if Bai Changshan and Mu Peilan have a pass-through. Also helpless.

In order to achieve the goal, today's palace banquet did not even ask the foreign minister to accompany, only a few adult princes and older princes to attend, to ensure that no one can speak out.

As for Princess Antai, he also had plans... He asked Princess Antai to enter the palace to receive the Princess of the West, but it was the heart of Anmu Peilan, otherwise he was really worried that the scams would not come.

What if Princess Antai is? He has his own way to make her open

Princess Antai heard that the eunuch had come to ask for the white scorpion, and she was anxious to stop. The palace lady around her was slipping. A bowl of hibiscus jade bamboo stalks poured directly onto her body, and she suddenly made her half body full of soup and wolf.

The palace woman was so scared that she was stunned and stumbled on the ground. The other two female officials went one on the other and went forward. They respected each other: "The slaves waited for the princess to return to the back of the dress. Look at the novel and go to the leaves. Please thank Wang Hao for the rudeness." Princess Antai retired.

Several small eunuchs came up to clean up the seat of Princess Antai, and two other eunuchs dragged the troubled palace lady out on the spot.

Princess Antai knew that this was a bit tricky, but she was struggling, but she was lightly clicked on her shoulder by one of the female officers. She suddenly became weak and could not say a word. Another female official held her whispered: "Princess Niang, offended"

When they heard the emperor summoned the white pheasant, they saw that the emperor had been splashed with a soup and had to leave the scene. For a moment, I didn’t know that it would be better.Although Bai Yu couldn't see the little action of the two female officials, she knew that this was a bureau. I had to get the Princess Antai back as soon as possible to continue to support myself. Then I whispered, "You are going to go with that. The two female officials will bring back the aunts of the eyebrows as soon as possible. I will go first, there will be no problems for a while, you don't have to worry too much."

He and the donkey nodded and got up and chased them out.

Wang Xi, the Western Academy, saw this scene quite unexpectedly, but she didn't know the curved doorway, so she just sat in the seat, and there was nothing to say.

The two little eunuchs who came to call Bailu rushed to each other, and Bai Hao took a deep breath and turned around to bypass the screen and start her battle at the other end of the hall.

At the end of the screen, the emperor sat at the top, and there were several emperors on the left hand side. Yang Lan was also among them, and he was sitting close to the emperor, apparently the one most favored by the emperor among the emperors.

Bai Hao and his gaze touched him, and he saw a few worries in his eyes, so he blinked at him without any traces.

If you look at the appearance, Yang Lan is also an outstanding one among the emperors. He is similar to the emperor in only five or six points. Most of them are more like his mother-in-law Banyan, who gave birth to such a son, which shows how beautiful it is when he was born.

On the right hand side, there is a man who is dressed in the same day and two national costumes. It must be the father and son of the West Palace. The two fathers and sons sit next to the two elders, and the costumes should be the prince of Laos.

The Prince of the West Palace is a strong man. The Prince himself listens to the voice of a middle-aged man. When he looks at the face, he has to go into old age, and his eyes are obsessed with his own eyes. He can see his heart and anger, and he can’t wait to greet his own. He beat a pass.

Needless to say, the young one is a knife knives, and he has a "knife face" of the same type as the green eyes she rescued in Beiguan City, but it is much worse than the handsome and sexy of green eyes. It is also a "knife face". The same outline is clear, the green eyes are the masterpieces of God. In front of this, we can only say that the production process is more casual.

It’s not a handsome guy, it’s even more polite.

The appearance of the white pheasant not only looked at the princes and fathers of the West Hospital, but even the princes of the Shu Kingdom who had never met with Bai dynasty before could not help but be dazzled.

Sure enough, it is the first beauty of the capital. Several emperors praised the heart, and couldn’t help but jealously knives, so that a beautiful beauty would have let a foreign barbarian get it. Is there any truth? I knew it before. When you are on the shortlist, you have to be fooled by the suspicion.

Not to mention the status of the first assistant of her grandfather's cabinet, it is worthy of her desperate appearance.

From the moment she saw the white pheasant, Knife decided to desperately want to pick her up. It is not important that she has the magical ability to tame the beast. If the woman who is as beautiful as a fairy can become his wife, she will Is the happiest thing in his life.

The Prince of the West Palace was very awkward. I knew that this marriage was personally played by myself. Compared with the beautiful woman in front of him, the slut of the milfs was as rough and ugly as the result, and now they are cheaper.The first thing that Knife Kam returned to God was to turn his head and sing the grandeur of the Shu Kingdom: "The ancient beauty with the hero, please the emperor to give this beautiful lady a knife to his wife."

This scene has long been expected by the emperor, feeling the beard is trying to answer, suddenly heard the white cicada's crisp voice is not high or low:

"Are you a hero? Is there any evidence?"

In just ten words, the words were clear and straightforward. On the spot, the emperor and the knife carp that was in the state of ecstasy were stunned, and the scene was in a silent silence.

All the people in the temple did not expect that a woman would not be able to remain calm and calm in the face of many strange and noble men, and even dared to be embarrassed to the guests of Tiantong.

Fortunately, the savage sons of Tiantong are used to being straightforward. Although they have been defamed, they do not feel offended. Knife Keng vigorously pats his chest and says: "I am the first warrior recognized by Heavenly Kingdom. I hunted it by hand. Five tigers, eight black bears, and twenty or thirty wrestling masters can't help me."

Bai Hao glanced at him, his heart disdain, you are not a gorilla, what chest to shoot?

"My father, cousin and righteous brother are the heroes of Laos. If you can be better than them, I will marry you." Bai Hao looked up and did not humble.

When the emperor knew that he was wrong, he wanted to stop speaking, but Bai Hao had already released such a statement. He wanted to stop it. It is not unreasonable to suspect that Knife is not as good as a few male relatives. The emperor did not deal with the messengers of the heavenly country. They knew that the warriors in their families paid the highest priority to their reputation, and their reputation was defiled. They were saddened by the killing of them.

Surely, Knife’s eyes are bright and loud: “So please ask them to compare with me and you will know”

Although this barbarian has not learned the martial arts of the Shu Kingdom, but with the actual combat experience, the training is beyond the ordinary people's sensitive reaction and superb fighting techniques, and the martial arts masters may not be able to get him. He has such confidence is not empty talk.

It is a pity that Bai Hao is simply digging a big pit to let him jump...

"My aunt has practiced martial arts since childhood, and his arm is very strong. One hand can lift up five hundred pounds of boulders." Bai Yu pretend to be naive. She remembers that the world record of weightlifting in her life was less than five hundred kilograms, and she still had her hands together. She did not believe that the knife would be able to surpass the world champion with brute force.

Surely, Knife has changed his face and his arm is also very good, but if he wants to lift five hundred pounds of boulders with one hand, he can't do it himself. This weak and delicate little beauty, is the father actually a natural powerhouse?

When the emperor saw Kaneko's look, he knew that he couldn't do it. He had never heard of a strong man who could have such power. This time he finally found the opportunity to speak: "So divine power is rare, this is a gift of diversity. Oh, you can't do it."

Bai Yan smiled and did not argue with the emperor. He continued to make no sense: "My brother is the general of the northern part of the country. The bow is very solid, the horse is extremely stable, and it does not hide and let the ten strong. Han can't push him down if he pushes him."

While talking and looking at the knife in the eyes, he asked him silently: Are you OK?Knife Jinda has a second drop of cold sweat. He is good at wrestling. It is the first wrestling master of Tiantong. It is not necessary to say more about the stability of the horse. Two or three strong men push him positively. He can barely stand firmly. More than a few combined forces, he will definitely be undoubted.

The emperor’s heart suspected that Lu Ying was so powerful? However, Lu Ying is a person who is personally hand-picked. He is already a flag of the country to resist foreign enemies. The emperor can't face the public and question the most prestigious generals in this shack, especially in front of "outsiders."

There was another silent silence in the temple.

Bai Hao seems to have failed to crack down on Knife, and continues to be "innocent and innocent": "My cousin is a loyalty minister. He has been practicing internal strength for many years. He can move the stone table at will."

This time, Knife's face is blue and white, and the waterfall is flowing down the mountain...

Yang Lan is a master of both internal and external repairs. He clearly knows what Bai Yu said. Bai ugly, Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi can't do it at all, and she can't help but sweat for her boldness.


The words of the female overlord are not bragging about the mouth. People talk very responsibly. Not only can her family be able to do it, but she can do it. If you are so smart, you can guess how she did it. Oh...

Call the pink ticket hard, just below, the female fighter gives you the power.

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