Yu Ren

By E Mei

178 I want you to be jealous.

178 I want you to be jealous.

178 is what you want to say is you

When the emperor received the envoy of Tiantong, Yang Lan was also on the side, but the situation at that time did not allow him to express his opinions. Then the emperor called him to the royal study room and warned him a lot. The general idea was that he should not be for his children. Mistaken big things, not to do things that disappoint him.

Yang Lan listened calmly. Without refutation and no promise, the emperor soon put on a pair of fatherly faces to remind Yang Lan how much effort he had spent over the years to protect him. How much expectation he had and how much he expected. He is cultivated as a future treasurer.

From the royal study room, Yang Lan’s look returned to the government unchanged. Only a few close attendants who were with him all the year round could feel that he was not as calm as the surface.

They have some horrible premonitions. They have just experienced a rebellious country, and perhaps a bigger change will happen in the near future.

When Yang Lan and Ledang and several other advisers discussed the big things in the secret room, Bai Hao had just read the information of the Prince of the West, and the fat was counted as tomorrow, holding the little raccoon and slumbering on the bed.

The palace banquet was held at noon, and the white pheasant was set to stop and enter the palace with the family of Princess Antai. Because it is the host country, Cao Yu and Zhao Wei are obviously insufficient in terms of quality and knowledge. Therefore, the emperor still let Princess Antai enter the palace to be responsible for the reception of Wang Xi, the Prince of the West.

Mu Peilan personally sent the white pheasant to the Princess Antai and said: "I can't enter the palace today, and my nephew will ask you to take care of it."

Princess Antai nodded: "Do not worry, I will definitely leave you safe and happy."

璁珑 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 璎珞 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙 芙Son, you go like this, this marriage is definitely possible."

The tradition of the country, the Queen's new funeral, although the officials do not have to mourn, but the family must be served for three months. The white pheasant is indeed dressed in plain clothes and does not see any dazzling jewellery and jewellery. However, the dress is tailored and chic. Although it is a winter attire, it is not bloated and faint, but it is not a beautiful and beautiful, but also a woman. Both the cockroaches and the cockroaches, which are common to the daytime, are straightforward, not to mention other people.

Bai Hao said: "Where do I dress up, it is my natural beauty that I can't give up and say good, even if I go to the dress, the barbarian will not look at me, the emperor will change his mind?"

The two county owners thought it also makes sense. They are more familiar with the temperament of the white scorpion. If she is so calm, she must have planned in her heart and will not let herself fall into danger.

璎珞 scratched her face and said: "As you are the most beautiful, the skin is still very thick, and you will praise yourself all day long."

Bai Hao returned to her with a big white eye: "When did I praise myself? I clearly praise myself."They were both troubled by the two of them, and they relaxed their mood. Princess Antai pulled the white hand: "No matter what, I will never let you marry in the same country." She thought about it last night, spelling Turning his face with the emperor, you must not let the white stork marry to Fanbang. After all, their Yang family owes a lot to the Bai family. Bai Yu is the only daughter of Mu Peilan, the life of the Bai family. If something goes wrong, she will no longer see her good sister.

Bai Hao dared to make a big noise today, but also relying on the presence of this elder who really loves himself, the loss that can be eaten is limited.

Today's palace banquet was held in the Ziyun Hall, which is slightly smaller than the Lanlan Palace. During the national mourning, even if it is a foreign guest, it is not easy to do it. The country is more open than the former, although most of the female guests are unmarried. The famous sneaky, but only in the banquet between the male and female guests, the screen is set up, meaning that it will be separated.

Princess Antai specially arranged for Bailu to meet with the priests and the priests of the county. The eyes of the tens of thousands of daughters who had been seen through the eyes of the singer, and found that Xia Xinxin was also among them, but the infinite scenery of the former stars has been one. Going back, most of the ladies have intentionally or unintentionally kept a distance from her, and secretly looked at her with pity or gloating eyes.

Xia Xinxin did not say anything, but when she found the white eyes, she squinted a little, and Bai Yan naughtyly blinked at her. Xia Xinxin remembered yesterday's business, and couldn't help it for a while, regardless of her manners, she returned to her with a big eye.

The purpose of today's banquet is obvious. Marrying to Tiantongguo is not a good thing to be happy. Therefore, the best ladies who are most eager to dress up in their clothes, through the mourning of the country, almost all the whites are dying, lest they be seen .

When Princess Xi’an walked into the hall accompanied by Princess Antai, he saw the white scorpion at a glance and couldn’t help but move his heart. Such a beautiful woman, even in the Tiantongguo Palace, never saw a thousand dollars.

Wang Hao secretly frowned, she did not want her son to take a woman who was too beautiful to go back to trouble. Tiantong is not like the country. It also pays attention to the etiquette. It is not unusual for the people to compete for a woman's sword. Even if the woman is already the wife of others, as long as the strength is strong enough, they can snatch it.

The emperor of Tiantong, together with his prince and several other emperors, are all lascivious. Although their son is a famous warrior in the middle of the country, it is hard to prevent this from happening.

When the host guests are present, the banquet will officially begin. The female niece here only has the Princess of the West and the Princess Antai. The other women are stunned, lest they be noticed, in stark contrast to the lively atmosphere on the other side of the screen.

Wang Xi of the Western Academy vaguely understood their minds, and their hearts were greatly dissatisfied. If the husband did not explain it again and again, she would not pick these dog eyes to see people low and weak.

Woman as a daughter-in-law

Wang Hao glanced at the woman at the scene and smiled and asked Princess Antai: "Which is our future Prince?""She is about to marry, she is not tender, and she is disappointed." Princess Antai has long thought about the rhetoric. The twelve princesses are now being confined to the palace. She is trying to murder the white woman and must be subject to it. Some of the punishments, the most important thing is that she will not bother to make trouble at the party and mess things up. It is imperative to sign a covenant with Tiantong, and there must be no negligence.

Wang Xi, the Western Academy, did not know that, in his heart, he despised the twists and turns of the woman of the country, and turned to the topic he was most concerned about: "I heard that a lady in your country can make the beast look down on his life. I wonder if I can see it?" ”

This incident was said by several warriors who were responsible for escorting gifts and arriving in Kyoto, the country. The four people used the same words to describe the scenes they saw in the orchard on that day. The Prince of the West House did not believe it. However, the four warriors sweared that there was no swearing, and that he could not believe it. The three are very curious as to what kind of woman actually has such ability.

The warriors once said that the lady is as beautiful as the fairy. These four people are warriors whom the Prince of the West is very valued. They often go to the Western Palace in the weekdays. They have also seen many beautiful people. They say this, they suddenly check I was interested in the prince’s three sons.

Originally, the Prince of the West House wanted his wife to be a wife of the country. It was purely a political consideration. Knife Jin did not agree with this. However, it was not a big deal for him to be a woman, so I was too lazy to oppose it. Now I heard the warrior say 祁The country has such a magical and beautiful woman, and suddenly it has a different kind of mind - he is going to marry such a beautiful and powerful woman.

The Emperor of Laos once said that the woman will come to the banquet today, and the Princess of the West Academy can’t wait to see it.

Princess Antai also knows that she can’t hide, so she refers to Bai Yudao: “It’s that lady, she is the granddaughter of Bai Changshan, the first assistant of my domestic cabinet, named Bai Hao.”

How can it be her? This little girl looks like a wind blows down, saying she can tame the beast? Bragging

In terms of appearance, Bai Yu is very much in line with the description of the "fairy beauty" of the warriors. However, the Western Court Princess Wang knows that the cabinet's first assistant is a local civil servant, and a civil servant's granddaughter will train the beast? What kind of joke? She is so big, and seeing a beast like a tiger black bear is a problem.

"It's really a man who can't be seen..." The Western Academy Princess Wang smiled a little stiffly, and his heart was completely unbelievable.

At this moment, a middle-aged man’s voice suddenly came from the screen, and he was laughing and shouting with a strong Japanese-speaking accent. “My son is the first warrior of Tiantong, and he wants to marry his wife. I hope to marry a heroine who is both beautiful and courageous."

Princess Antai’s look was a glimpse. Sure enough, she came to look at the white-faced, still indifferent. It’s strange that she has any way to stir up the matter.On the other side of the screen, a slightly younger man’s voice continued: “After Knife Jin went to Beijing, I heard that there was a Miss Guoguo who could tame the many beasts that I sent from Tiantong. I wonder if I could have a good time to see the beauty of my eyes?” The accent of his speech is not as heavy as the previous man, but he can also hear that it is from the same country.

Here, the eyes of Miss Qianjin’s eyes fell on the white scorpion. The thing that happened in the animal garden is that Xia Xinxin is not very clear, let alone other people? However, there was a dialogue between Princess Antai and Wang Xi of the Western Academy. Everyone knows that the one who tamed the beast is white, and the two men who just spoke, needless to say, are the Prince and the Prince of the West.

Nowadays, people are going to name them, and they are married to the three sons of the West Prince. The nineteens can’t run away. It’s a day when the ladies are mostly lucky.

I am even more sorrowful and sorrowful: how beautiful is it, and what about the family? Still not marrying a barbarian?


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