Yu Ren

By E Mei

177 Endure more internal injuries

177 Endure more internal injuries

177 endured more internal injuries

Bai Yu sacrificed a lot of tender tofu, and finally sent the sea pumice away, and then used lunch in the old house of Shibu Lane, and then set off to Linglong Pavilion.

She had specially let the Lingguan Pavilion, a female manager who was familiar with Xia Xinxin, to meet her at the Linglong Pavilion.

When they arrived at the Linglong Pavilion, Xia Xinxin's master and servant had already stepped in the elegant room, and accompanied by Xia Xinxin, it was the one who sent her jewelry to the Linglong Pavilion for money.

According to the old lady of the old house, there should be only one servant waiting around, presumably she is coming from her family, the only one she brought is her most trustworthy person.

The white pheasant did not turn around and smashed the horns. He and Xia Xinxin met each other and said: "In the past few days, I was in the palace, thank you Miss Xia for sending a letter to my mother."

Xia Xinxin smiled slightly: "Don't thank you, I just want to leave a living path for my family."

Bai Hao did not expect that she would be so direct. Xia Xinxin looked at her with some mistakes and continued: "Since Grandpa was seriously ill, his father ran around every day, trying to save the summer family and keeping the Xiajiazi in the court. I am a woman, I can't help you, I can only do this little thing. I hope that Baige can see this point, raise his hands and let my family live."

"It's not that serious. My grandfather didn't think about how to be with your family?" Bai Hao laughed.

"Really, the old white house is not sad for us from beginning to end...but if you have a life..." Xia Xinxin was heavy.

Bai Xin knew in his heart that Xia Xinxin guessed that it was the emperor in the palace who was going to deal with them. It is no wonder that she would be arrogant as she is a proud woman.

"Since you know that you have a life, my grandfather can only do as much as possible within a limited range." Even if Xia Xinxin is reluctant to help her, it does not make sense for her family to save their lives. The truth, especially when her grandfather is now difficult to protect himself.

"The old white house can do this, Xia Jia will be grateful to the German." Xia Xinxin is also very familiar.

"You are very blessed by your mother."

Her parents used her as a pawn, just thinking that she would use her to win the glory of the dynasty, and she had already ignored her face. This has been repeatedly rejected.

This kind of marketing method of her parents is not only used by Bai Changshan and Deng Wenhua, but also used by other powerful officials. The former can still be silent and silent. Others are not all kind, very Fast Xia Xinxin has become a big joke in the circle of the official women's aunts in Beijing. Many people are gloating in the dark. More than a month ago, the first talented woman in the capital, the shelf is higher than the princess, and it will be completed in a blink of an eye. Nobody wants a "leftover woman."

However, under such circumstances, Xia Xinxin still wants to leave a way for her parents and family members, and even bows to her natural enemies, which is really not something that ordinary women can do.

Xia Xinxin is silent."But should you think of you, to persuade you to marry your mother? If you let them go this way, no one can save it."

Xia Xinxin smiled bitterly: "They don't even listen to my brother's words, but where do you want to listen to my insulting daughter?"

Since the poetry event, Xia Xinxin’s reputation has plummeted. Her parents and even her grandfather, Xiage, always complain that she is insulting, and she is far away from the other houses outside the capital. She can’t wait for her daughter.

On New Year's Eve, the family was greatly changed. The wife of Xia Lao and Xia Xinxin's aunts, both of whom were ill, were ill, and Xia Guoxun took the opportunity to take her back to Fuzhong to temporarily assist in the management of the house. However, in just over a month, Xia Xinxin tasted the warmth and warmth of the people. Fortunately, Xia Guoxun’s care and enlightenment did not allow him to sink into it. The past high and sharpness were also unknowingly cleaned up.

Bai Hao stared at her for a while and suddenly asked: "Do you not hate me?" Although the downfall of the Xia family is behind the scenes of the emperor, the white house is on the surface, it is the biggest beneficiary, and Xia Xinxin I am famous for her direct relationship with her. Some of the white cockroaches don’t understand why she can face her so calmly.

Changed, she saw the enemy, even if she did not find someone to beat her, she would never whisper to talk to her.

"I used to hate you. I don't like you until now, but I am envious of jealousy." Xia Xinxin did not hide.

Instead of being angry, Bai Hao smiled and said: "I also feel that I deserve to be envied by others."

Several women in the room were speechless for her cheeky.

Bai Hao did not care what their expressions, took a small drink from the tea, and signaled that the fruit went up and handed an envelope to Xia Xinxin. The latter took it and opened it, his face changed, and he mute: "You What means?"

There are a few silver tickets in the envelope, and the total amount is at least three or five thousand.

Bai Yuman doesn't care: "Going out is important, I think you will need these things as part of my thank you."

"Is it a matter of saying things?" Xia Xinxin's face became very ugly. I didn't expect her so trusted person to sell her down.

Bai Yan did not want her to blame the good guys, and it was rare to explain: "It doesn't matter to Luo Guan, but I saw your 丫鬟 send jewelry to Linglong Pavilion to exchange cash, guess something. I am the owner of this Linglong Pavilion, naturally I can see the guest’s entry and exit. I have not mentioned it to anyone else.

You can rest assured. ”

Xia Xinxin licked her for a while and finally vented her words: "What do you want?" Her family's door is very strict, she has few opportunities to go out, and finally found a way to raise money privately, and calculated the details, I did not expect Also hit the hands of natural enemies.

Linglong Pavilion turned out to be the business of Baijia? Have you heard it before?

"I want to help you, you have to run, I have prepared for you even the money." Bai Yan laughed innocently.

"You will be so kind?"

"I have always been a good person with a good heart.""You, you..." Xia Xinxin thought that his heart was dead, and he did not expect to be alive with a few anger.

"Don't you, me, me, the money is for you, I won't take it back. If you still refuse it because of the moment, then I will look down on you." Bai Hao stood up and took a few wins with Ginkgo and other exits.

Before leaving, I turned my head and said cool words: "I think you are still like a person, just so old, what is the old well? Nothing to endure so hard and not afraid of internal injuries."

Xia Xinxin was too angry to say a word.

Bai Hao is proud of the ginkgo and Yang Meidao: "It feels good to have a good time."

Ginkgo is speechless, and my heart: You will not be the master of the game, so look for Xia Xinxin to vent...

But I don't know if Bai Hao is looking for Xia Xinxin, but the reason is that she was teased by the sea pumice.

Bai Hao always likes to build happiness on the pain of others, so the mood will soon turn cloudy and sunny, and when it comes to the old government, it will be full of smiles, in stark contrast with the bitterness and depth of the door.

The atmosphere in the old house was dignified, and Bai Changshan brought back a very bad news. The envoy of Tiantongguo arrived yesterday. When he was in the face of the holy day, he suddenly proposed to see the lady who could make the beast bow down. Hey.

The ambassador of Tiantongguo was the prince of the West House, who was a compatriot with the emperor. He brought his own prince and the three sons. He talked more than once and said that he wanted to kiss him, and he was also a priest for him. The national name is the threshold of returning to the same country.

With the appearance of a white scorpion, if it appears in front of these days, the country will definitely have an accident, and Bai Changshan is very troubled by this.

The emperor’s attitude is optimistic, but Bai Changshan has a good position in the DPRK after all. He is not arbitrarily arbitrarily arbitrarily arbitrarily arbitrarily arbitrarily, but he can marry the white scorpion, he is a thousand. Ten thousand are willing.

Therefore, the emperor very happy to agree to the requirements of the Prince of the West, indicating that the banquet was held in the palace, so that the Western Academy Princess Wang can see the ladies and daughters of the Shu Kingdom, hoping to be happy, the twelve princesses do not have to be too lonely to marry foreign countries. As for the white priests to be named by the ambassadors of Tiantong, of course, they must attend.

At this point, everyone in Baijia understands that the emperor will not let go of the day, and the three parents are very heavy in their faces. The tortoises that have been affected by these days have finally erupted, and they sneer two channels: "Do me." Let them see and see, I have to go and give me this whole thing, I really think that our white people are bullied."

Bai Changshan was also disheartened by the attitude of the emperor: "How do you think about it, don't worry about it"

He would like to see what kind of situation the emperor wants to force him to, and he thought that the forces of Mao and Xia would be eradicated, and the political situation would gradually return to the right track. I did not expect that the emperor first thought about how to rectify the DPRK, but to deal with him. This is the old courtier who has been loyal to him for decades. Perhaps the emperor was bitten by a snake for ten years, and he could deal with him. Why should he point his finger at his granddaughter?

Bai Yan saw Grandpa say so, but there is no fear.The Bai’s couple looked at each other with a smile, and Bai Changshan’s time with him was very short. In his eyes, Bai Hao was a smart, self-seeing and pampered little girl. He didn’t know that Bai Bai’s initiation was coming. How much destructive power can be.

However, is it true that their family has paid less for the royal family? What are they paying for?

Anyway, the things that should be done in the capital have already been done. They can't bear to let the white cockroaches swallow their voices. As a matter of thought, the white family no longer frowns, but faintly expects some tomorrow's palace feast.


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