Yu Ren

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176 Labor reform

176 Labor reform

176 labor reform

The soft words of my sweetheart are the ones that the sea pumice stone loves the most. The current anger is gone, and laughs: "Speak and listen."

"Do you know what kind of person is the Crown Prince of Tiantong?" Bai Hao felt that the sea pumice held her posture and made her feel uncomfortable. She twisted herself and found a comfortable sitting position and directly took him. When the human flesh is used.

Looking at the white squatting in his arms, the sea pumice is incomparably good: "A barbaric, did not inquire."

"I’m ignorant, I know, the prince is a big fat man weighing two hundred pounds. When he participated in the royal autumn hunting in the early years, he accidentally fell from the horse to the scorpion. He was also scratched by the gravel and half fat. It’s ugly and terrible. The worst thing is that he’s grumpy and lascivious, and there’s a lot of cockroaches in the palace, and there’s more than a dozen children.” Before the day, I asked my parents about the twelve princesses. Marriage object.

"He and the twelve princesses are just a natural one. What do you think?" Bai Yu smiled like a little fox.

The sea pumice stone loves to look at her like this, a beautiful pair of eyes flowing, more charming than the stars in the sky, a moment of emotion can not help but bow down and kissed her eyes.

White scorpion secretly bites his teeth and endures

"Well, it's a good match." The sea pumice has understood why Bai Yu prevented him from killing the twelve princesses. This is not so good. The princess who is selfish and cruel is married to a ugly and fat. It is a disaster for both of them to be a violent prince with a disability.

Of course, the prince of Tiantongguo can't see the twelve princesses, but he can also find other people's jealousy. The twelve princesses are completely finished. She has been rejected by the emperor in Laos and married to Tiantong. She will be wronged and no one will support her. When she is suffering, she will eat it.

Bai Hao is just a little woman who lived in the border town from a young age and went to Beijing for two or three months. However, she was able to know the prince of Heaven and Earth, thousands of miles away. It is not necessary to rely on her home intelligence network, the heart of the sea pumice. Suddenly, I don’t ask the source of her news.

"But what if they have two stinks?" Bai Hao deliberately asked.

Sea pumice matches the head: "Well, what do you say?"

"If the twelve princesses are not satisfied with the waters of the same country, what is growing on their faces, it will become even worse. I think the princes who are lascivious will not want to see her more. She went to Tiantong, and it happened to us. It doesn't matter." Bai Yan laughed.

"You care about the old man in the palace?" The sea pumice did not take it."I don't care about it, but my grandmother and my grandfather still have to go through the capital in these days. What if the emperor starts with them? They can't openly commit crimes. And the twelve princesses are always concerned. If the two countries have an accident, the emperor will pick another person to go to the pro. If I remember that the princess who is not married in the palace is only one of her, it is very likely that the emperor will choose Yu Xiufeng to send it to the princess in the ancestral hall. Pick someone else, I am really worried that the emperor will take the opportunity to marry me..." Bai sighed.

Although she only met with the emperor, from the information revealed by her grandfather and her parents on weekdays, she has reason to believe that the emperor had been tempted to dispose of her, but she did not think about the specific plan for a while.

The reason why the emperor did not want to see her was very simple. First, because Yang Lan and Hai Pumice showed her obvious interest, even an ordinary father, seeing that his two most proud sons liked the same woman, I am afraid that This woman has a good impression.

Second, the emperor worried that her grandfather would threaten the imperial power by some of the forces in the DPRK through her marriage.

Her grandfather had already resigned, but the emperor kept the voice of the ruling and the old, and the emperor tried to show his loyalty to the veteran minister. He also tried to stay in the house. In fact, after the New Year’s Eve rebellion, the imperial court of the country really needed her grandfather to live like this. The old minister of the scene, this emperor also knows, so he has to use both people and be on guard.

The sea pumice listened to her words and sank her face: "Reassure, he dares to marry you to others, no matter who this person is, he will not leave a small life to be with you."

In addition to playing and killing, can this guy not use his mind to think of other solutions? Bai Hao only wants to turn his eyes, but she is so easy to temporarily comfort him, I really do not want to stir up his barbaric temper, but have to turn the topic. Dao: "Now that there are ready-made candidates, we don't have to worry about this. If you are busy, can you help me?"

"Help me get a bite, I will help." Hai Pumice thought of the last hurriedly interrupted kiss and became hot, not waiting for the white promise, holding up her face, kissing his long-suffering lips. .

Bai Hao did not expect that the sea pumice would suddenly become a wolf, and it was too late to dodge. The lips fell into his mouth, and he wanted to turn his head away. The chin was pinched tightly. He only felt that his lips seemed to be deviled. When it is delicious, it is generally eager to swallow it.

She did not offend the rude ghost. What did he do so hard?

The lips are painful, itchy and numb, and the breath in the nose is all the hot air with the smell of sea pumice. The white cockroaches suddenly have a feeling of nervousness and fear for this too close contact, she does not know How to describe your situation, I only feel that the heart is very excited to live and dance, as if suffocating at any time.

"Pain..." The white cockroaches contained a vague and painful heart. While trying hard to push the man in front of him, but the sea pumice had the last experience, an arm like a hoop generally held her tightly, she simply Do not move.

The sea pumice stone tasted a little bit savoryThe drops of water, stunned a little slow down the attack, found that the white face was tears, suddenly some hands and feet: "What's wrong with you? Is it painful? Don't cry, don't cry, I don't kiss you."

Bai Hao screamed at him and accused him: "It hurts, hurts, you bully me every time."

The sea pumice is frustrated: "You kissed me so much last time..."

I dare to love this guy is to revenge this little guilty white 茯苓 茯苓 , , , , , , , , , 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海

The sea pumice is also very puzzled. When Bai Xie kissed him last time, he obviously felt very good. Today, he kissed him back and felt so wonderful. How did this little girl suffer from aggrieved pain?

He couldn't pull his face to ask himself what was wrong. He looked at the white scorpion and felt some heartache. He looked down at her lips, which was much more rosy than usual. The blush was against her peach blossoms. The small face reveals a strong sense of charm, and he can see that his index finger is moving, and he can’t wait to grab her again and kiss him.

But when I saw the tears on her face, he couldn't get his hands. Forget it, next time he is a little lighter, don't make the little girl hurt. The sea pumice quickly attributed the negative reaction of the white scorpion to that she was too spoiled and unbearable.

The sea pumice took the handkerchief from the white crotch sleeve and wiped the teardrop on her face carefully. She took care of her for a very good reason: "I don't want to move her to the twelve princesses, Cui Zhenyi, what do you want?"

"The one she had left was not far from the capital, and it was nearly a hundred miles away. The neighborhood was very quiet. The host of Jing Yuanshi was very similar to my family. She packed up a lot of people and took in a lot of women from the big family. It’s not as simple as eating a sacred Buddha. Every day, there are different ways to do it. I don’t even have to eat it after dinner. Cui Zhenyi is used to being blessed and used to be served. "White Donkey knows that he can't take Joe too much in front of the sea pumice, so see him showing a regret and apologetic look.

"It’s just too cheap to eat it. It’s too cheap for her." The sea pumice whispered, the woman who dared to touch him, the best way to deal with it was to throw her into the Thousand Snake Cave and let her suffer from snake worms. Bite bitter, crying for three days and three nights to slowly die.

"But in this case, the money she earned from her work belongs to me." Bai Yu proudly explained: "There is no such thing as embroidered female red, copying, etc., all of which are sent out by my family. Most of the females in the head are born. The famous door, the craft is very good, they can earn several times the money when they change things. I will give them bonus bonus when I am honest. Cui Zhenyi will not think about it. It’s boring to kill her, let her live forever. Working for me to make money, I can barely make up for the spiritual loss suffered by me and my mother."

Instead of killing Cui Zhenyi and ruining his own merits, it is better to enslave her and let her spend the rest of her life relying on the sale of labor to atone, so that at least she can bring some practical benefits to her victim.

The sea pumice faintly swept her and said: "You can say it on your mouth. When it comes to killing, it will be soft immediately."Bai Hao laughed twice and did not argue. She is a bearish life and death, but it does not mean that she regards human life as a mustard. After all, people who have lived in modern society for more than 20 years cannot do anything that does not take the lives of others. Things are coming. Twelve princesses attempted to murder her, Cui Zhenyi was considered an accomplice at most, "labor reform" would be fine, there is no need to kill.

However, these said to the sea pumice, it is just a waste of effort, who dares to offend the big devil, he will only use the most direct way to kill people suddenly and never suffer, or to make ten tortures to torture people, Anyway, it’s all a death.

"When did you leave to go to Beiguan City?" asked the sea pumice.

"The first month of the twenty-ninth...you have something to do in the capital, you don't have to send me." Bai Yu was excited. She had heard the tone of the sea pumice. He seemed to have a lot of things left. She just stayed away from the capital. Can temporarily get rid of the entanglement of this piece of candy

The sea pumice faintly guessed her careful thoughts, but he had plans, so don't break it, let the little fox be happy for a few days? After that, she is his, and no one can block in front of him.


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