Yu Ren

By E Mei

175 I am venting for you

175 I am venting for you

Not many people care about what mistakes Cui Zhenyi made, causing the emperor to send a thunder and dragging down the family to plead guilty. There are not many people who are deeply concerned about the unreasonableness of this accompaniment. Everyone only cares that the emperor will choose for Lu Ying. Which daughter is a wife.

After Lu Ying returned to Beijing, he learned about Cui Zhenyi’s news and couldn’t tell what it was like. He had both the ease of letting go of his heart and the tireless fatigue and helplessness – even now there is no obstacle between him and Bai Yu. Can they still return to the original relationship?

He will always remember that when he fell to the streets, suffering from hunger and cold and other people's cold-eyed bullying, thinking that he would humble under a few squatting fists, there is a beautiful doll that squeaks and announces: "I want to bring He goes home, I like him, I want him."

Then, his life has undergone earth-shaking changes. He is accompanied by a beautiful female doll that is not like a real person. She listens to her with a delicate child's voice and makes him do this. He wants him to carry her everywhere, and arbitrarily Decided that he wants to become very strong, just like her one, only listen to her words, and later be her alternate husband.

Where does a three-year-old doll know what a husband is? How can you be serious when you say it?

The 13-year-old boy already knows what is a husband and wife. He was very embarrassed by the little girl's direct, red-faced, and finally nodded stiffly under the "weighing and tempting" of the female doll. In his heart, there are actually a thousand and ten thousand willing, even if it is an alternative...

This promise is very serious in his heart. Since then, all the strict exercise given by the righteous mother has become less difficult. Even in the years since the army, when others were tortured by brutal training and bloody When he cried and shouted at her mother, he was still as good as he was, because the stronger and better he was, the closer he would be to the female doll.

When he accidentally got the help of the nobles and his own unremitting efforts, he finally became a good name, and the good luck that God gave him to the end.

Because of the promise of the father, because of the expectation and enthusiasm of the mother of the bed, he had to marry a woman he was extremely disgusted with.

The female doll is thundered because of this. Her most angry thing is that he is not obedient and does not keep his promise, but he has ruined his lifelong happiness so rashly.

Then he found that the female doll was still as close as he was before, but his attitude was no longer so unscrupulous relatives, and that a little embarrassing feeling slowly disappeared from her eyes. He knew that he had no qualifications for his alternate husband in his life. It can only be a brother.

What if I missed a nominal wife? His wife, who really wants to marry, has become his sister, just a sister.

The emperor concealed his mind in secret, and smiled like a harmonious elder on the surface, asking him which one he liked, but the flash of light in the eyes of the emperor was clearly unwilling to mention him.The emperor had long seen that he was affectionate to the day, and at first he even hinted that he would re-marriage him, and that he would be a good thing for him and Bai Yu. But nowadays, Bai Yu is the only granddaughter of Bai Changshan, the first assistant of the cabinet, if he is The granddaughter of Bai Changshan, with the suspiciousness of the emperor, will have to assess the pressure he may have on the heirs of the royal family in the future. Before the influence of Bai Changshan did not really fade out of the temple, the emperor would never want to see such a thing. occur.

Lu Ying thinks of this and wants to sneer. The emperor is right to know him. But he never understands that not everyone is so keen on power and likes to exchange everything for the power of consolidation.

Therefore, he swears that he has declined the "good heart" of the emperor's media. He does not want him to be angry again for his hasty decision. So just like this, he is waiting for the appearance of the person who is destined according to the heart of the day, although he does not feel the expectation at all, and does not think that he will be heart-warming.

Lu Ying succeeded in smashing the remaining embers of the Mao’s family with the enemy’s plan. The backbone figures of Mao’s and Xia’s were not down, they were controlled, and no big waves could be turned, but the emperor did not Feel happy.

Especially after secretly interviewing a mysterious figure, the emperor's temper became more and more violent.

A small building behind the emperor’s sleeping hall is a forbidden place for anyone except the emperor. The emperor will enter the building alone when he has a lot of troubles. It will be one or two hours.

There is no major secret inside, just two portraits of a lady hanging on the wall. The two women's looks are similar to five or six. A gentle and graceful, a sleek and charming, is a rare beauty.

The emperor was sitting in front of the portrait, and the mouth seemed to be talking to people and seemed to mutter: "Qinglan, tourmaline, you said, how can the two boys not let me save my mind? I like the Pelan family. That little girl?"

"First, the deaf refused the marriage that I meant to him. I had to leave the position of the righteous to the hoe, and then the smack of the scorpion actually said that he would kill the twelfth for the little gimmick... Twelve, how can I say that it is his sister... This six-parent does not recognize the miscellaneous account and heard that I want to marry the girl, even dare to marry me, saying that in addition to him, the person who wants to marry the girl must die." The emperor said The more angry.

"Twelve really is the species of Xia, and it is not enough to make a mistake. I am not able to hurt the little girl with a cold hair by her. The little girl is a misfortune. No, I can only be sorry for Perrin." Otherwise, I am worried that one day they will kill each other for the little girl. They are the flesh and bones that you have left for me. If I can, I really don't want to hurt them."

The emperor sighed with a sullen face, and looked in a complicated situation for a while before getting up and pushing the door to leave.

Bai Hao did not know that the emperor had already killed her. She was commanding us to pack their bags and prepare to return to Beiguan City.Bai Changshan had no choice but to let her grandmother leave so early, but since the emperor showed his attitude of caring about marriage, he also began to feel uneasy, especially the innocent disaster suffered by the White House in the 17th month of the palace, which made him feel that Sun My daughter stayed in the capital, and something will happen sooner or later.

Although he has already handed over the request to return to his hometown, the emperor is not really relieved. He will continue to move all kinds of powers in the dark. He does not worry about himself. He is afraid that anything will happen to the children and grandchildren. . In his opinion, it is best for his son and family to leave the capital, but Mu Peilan is absolutely unwilling to leave. The son does not say anything, and he can't let his father stay alone in the capital. Then only let the granddaughter take the first step.

Bai Hao was busy packing all the interesting things that she had come to Beijing for these days. Ginger smiled and took a letter and handed it to her: "Miss, the Haida League sent someone to send a letter." I blinked my eyes.

When I heard the face, I changed my face. There is no shame on the face that I hope to see, but it is closer to a kind of negative emotions such as frightening, stiff, and reluctant.

Ginkgo is very strange, but I don't dare to ask. Bai Hao took the letter and opened it inside. He only wrote a few words on it: before ten o'clock in the afternoon, I would like to see you not even paying for it.

I am in the middle of your lungs. I am not yours. If you want to see it, you will see it in a limited time. The temper that went to your fairness was immediately stimulated by this letter filled with commanding tone. When you put the letter into a ball, you threw it into the charcoal pot next to it and burned it into ash.

But when I think about it, I can't really ignore it. It is not fun to be angry with the big devil's hair. Since he has decided to take a soft-hearted policy toward him, he must not hesitate to swallow his voice and deal with him.

Forget it, anyway, this afternoon, I also want to meet with Xia Xinxin in Linglongge. I will go out early to meet the big devil, to see if he has anything to do, and I must see her now.

Bai Hao was overwhelmed and changed the dress out of the dress, called Ginkgo to order to prepare the carriage, only took the white fruit, white peony and Yangmei to go to the ten steps.

White 芍 芍 芍 , , , , 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白?

The master and the servant and a group of four arrived at the old house of Shibu Lane. Only when they came to the sea, the pumice came. Bai Hao had already done some psychological construction in the car. Now he took the initiative to repatriate the three women, such as the white pumice. Talk to her.

The sea pumice stone was very satisfied with her literary behavior. When all the people left, they pulled the white scorpion into their arms and smiled and asked: "I don't see you for a few days, do you want me?"

Bai Hao tried hard not to struggle, and said with a flat voice: "What good things have you done worthy of me?""Talk about it, do you think that the two monks who are harming you are dead? Your family can't face them and I will export them for you." The sea pumice smells the familiar sweet and warm body of the white pheasant, and the mood is good. Less, a few words are very gentle.

"Don't stop me, I don't want them to die, you must not do it." Bai Yan was shocked and quickly stopped. If his uncle wants to kill, don't slap her. If she is deducted for her merits, she will not die.

Besides, the twelve princesses are no more abominable daughters of the emperor. Even if they are killed by the big devil in front of them, the emperor will count the accounts on her head. She does not want even the emperor to offend.

The sea pumice had only collided with the emperor for this matter not long ago. I did not expect that Bai Hao would not appreciate it, and his face sank on the spot.

Bai Yu observed the color and knew that he was going to get angry again. He quickly reached out and wrapped his hand around his neck. He softly said: "I know that you want to exhale for me, but I feel that sometimes it is better for the enemy to live alive than to let them It’s much more irritating to die.”

The sea pumice slammed and the fire cooled down.

Bai Hao put it in his ear and said softly: "I thought of a good idea, can you help me?"


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