Yu Ren

By E Mei

174 They will all be "happy"

174 They will all be "happy"

174 they will be very happy

Cui Zhenyi is all right. Anyway, Lu Ying’s wife, how to deal with it, Lu Ying does not want to come to the emperor and does not have much opinion. The dilemma is the twelve princesses.

She is going to marry in Tiantong, and in any case, this time cannot be moved. But after she did this evil, she asked Mu Peilan not to pursue it. Princess Antai felt that she had no face.

Mu Peilan understands her embarrassment, and she does not want to tell her what she wants, so that she has the opportunity to plead for the twelve princesses, so I don’t mention it. I only said: "There is such a movement in the palace, you have to trouble you. For our mother and daughter to pick up the hands and tails."

Princess Antai sighed: "No trouble, all things are done in the past, I just calm down Cao Yu and Zhao Wei, and I will raise my hand."

She looked at the side of Mu Peilan, and looked calm and white, and apologized: "They just said that Cao Yu had said that the two eunuchs who had stolen the nephew had found themselves, and they had already died. Their bottoms seem to be nails inserted by Mao Guifei, and the tired ones are shocked."

Bai Yan smiled and said: "A lot of animals are much more lovely than people. I have nothing, but the mother and the aunt are worried."

Princess Antai naturally heard that she had the meaning of the twelve princesses and Cui Zhenyi, but said that the two animals were not as good as they were.

"How do you make those tiger black bears so obedient?" Princess Antai listened to the passage of the Guardian Army to save the people in the orchard, and I was really curious about how it was done.

"Because the Tibetan King Bodhisattva bless me." Bai Yan's attitude is very serious, but Princess Antai feels that she is concealed, but Mu Peilan's look is also very religious, which teaches her a bit confused. This kind of thing is not willing to elaborate, she is not too much to ask.

She had heard of the miraculous resurrection of Bai Yu at the age of three because of the god of the Bodhisattva, but as a person who has not seen the miracle with his own eyes, it is difficult to fully believe this kind of thing.

In fact, Bai Hao himself can not fully understand the reasons, but the experience from small to large tells her that as long as the slightly spiritual animals will especially like to be close to her, this special function can only be explained as the welfare given by the Bodhisattva.

Princess Antai shook her head and let go of this topic, organized the language, and swallowed: "The matter of today is indeed the twelve princesses, she is not right, but Tiantong’s eyes are going to marry the country, which is of great importance. This is really inconvenient. Severely punished her... Sister Pelan, can you, can you..."

She will not naively think that Mu Peilan does not mention the twelve princesses and does not intend to retaliate. The more such Mu Peilan is, the more she says that she will not let go of the enemy, but she does not want to be embarrassed.

If it is the past, Princess Antai will not plead for the twelve princesses, but today it has to be mentioned.

When Mu Peilan’s eyebrows were picked, the words brought a bit of anger: “Yu, if you are pushed into the orchard today, what would you do?”

Princess Antai gnawed her teeth: "I will kill the 12 princesses with revenge, but if they can return safely like a nephew, even if it is a big grievance, I will bear it."Mu Peilan didn't have a good air: "I am not you, I don't have such a big amount of energy."

"Mother, that... forget it, don't let the eyebrows be embarrassed, you have to do anything to the twelve princesses, grandfather he will be very troublesome." Bai Hao suddenly pulled the mother's sleeves to persuade.

Princess Antai did not expect her victim to plead for the twelve princesses, and suddenly overjoyed.

Mu Peilan is very surprised. Her daughter is a temper. She has no heart. She definitely does not have the great sentiment that ignores the personal grievances of the overall situation, and does not have the broad mind of grievances.

But when she saw her daughter secretly blinking at her, she understood that her daughter had other plans, so she did not say anything against it.

Princess Antai happily took the white hand: "He is really a good girl."

"We don't pursue the twelve princesses, but a woman like Cui is by my righteous brother. Our family is sleepless. She is still married to the emperor. Big brother can't move her. What will happen to us in the future?" Take the opportunity to mention the conditions.

Princess Antai said with indulgence: "This woman is indeed a good match. Lu Ying is the pillar of my country. I can't let such a woman who has lost her morality break the family. This time... I will discuss it with the emperor. Will give you a satisfactory explanation"

Bai Yu was satisfied, and sincerely thanked Lu Ying, Princess Antai left them for lunch in the palace. The funeral of the Queen also came to an end. The woman who entered the palace in the morning arranged for the palace to return home, and the second batch of women in the afternoon entered the palace.

Mu Peilan and Bai Yu went out of their own carriages and determined that there were no outsiders near the carriage. Mu Peilan asked: "How do you want to deal with the evil woman?"

Bai Yan smiled and said: "She will soon be married to Tiantongguo to go to 'happy life'. At this time, something happened. The marriage has blown up. Isn’t it much cheaper, her mother, her good days are behind? It."

When Mu Peilan heard it, she heard her plan: "Do you want to deal with her after she marries?"

Bai Hao "hmm", said: "We want to kill her is too simple, and we promised to pass the Tibetan king Bodhisattva, no longer smothered, not worth breaking her ring and staining her hands."

"Mother, you think, after this incident, I have suffered such a big loss. The emperor has to compensate our family. If it is possible to take the opportunity to solve the big brother's marriage, isn't that good?"

The marriage between Lu Ying and Cui Zhenyi was given by the emperor. She also kept filial piety for Lu Ying’s mother. Even if she was annoying, she even made a seven-out article. As long as the emperor did not nod, Lu Ying would not rest.

Get her. Even if the white family secretly sent someone to destroy her, she is still the original wife of Lu Ying. Lu Ying has become a coward. The wife of the future is a continuation of the string. It is better to salute Cui Zhenyi’s card. .

White 茯苓 certainly does not want to live in the future of the big brother because this woman is cast a shadow, so the best way is to solve this marriage by the emperor, the bell must also be ringing the bell, presumably the emperor will not leave such a woman in his own It is very unworthy for him to provoke him to complain about his grievances."When Cui Zhenyi has nothing to do with her older brother, I will definitely make her live "full and meaningful" and no longer can come out to harm people."

Bai Pei smiled, Mu Peilan touched her face and said: "Well, since you have an idea, the mother is also with you. No matter what happens in the future, the mother will never let you go to the palace." ""

"Well, that place is the most annoying, and every time you go in, there is no good thing."

"This time, I have to thank you very much, Xia Xin, Miss Xinxin. If there is no such thing as her letter, the mother may decide to go around in the palace and look for you everywhere." Mu Peilan originally wrote to Xia Xinxin. There is no good feeling, but today's business, all the more she has to send a letter to remind, this feeling is enough to offset the stereotypes in her heart.

Bai Hao nodded and said: "Well, tomorrow, my eldest brother will bring people to trap the remnants of the Mao family. I am not good at going out, and Xiajia does not agree with her. I secretly went to see her before leaving Beijing. Thank you very much. It is."

The twelve princesses were born by the Queen, and Xia Xinxin was a cousin. The real family, her behavior of reporting to Mu Peilan, is likely to be a betrayal in the eyes of the Xia family. The twelve princesses, Xia Jia received news on the morning and evening, if the white high-profile contact with her, it is likely that she will be blamed by the tribe. It’s not a thank you, but a victim.

The two mothers and daughters returned to the old house, and Bai Changshan had heard the news and rushed back. The palace tried hard to suppress today's events, but Bai Changshan had been operating in Beijing for decades. This happened and many people were alarmed. How could he not know it?

My granddaughter and granddaughter were murdered, and almost no life was gone. Only Bai Changshan was so angry that if he was not persuaded with his parents, I am afraid he could not help but rush into the palace to find an emperor to discuss.

At dinner time, the old government received the news that the wife of the general of the town of Cui, Cui Shi was rude and speechless, and collided with the nobles in the palace. He was sent back to Cuifu by the eunuch, and the emperor was furious and ordered the eunuch to Cui’s heavy Reprimanded.

It is said that Cui married Marty, who is a Lujia person. What rude things she wants to make in the palace should be returned to the town’s generals. The emperor’s object to be reprimanded should also be Lu Ying, but now it’s the spearhead. Directly referring to Cui Jia, everyone with a clear eye knows that the emperor is to separate Lu Ying from Cui.

This is the end of the matter, where does Cui Jia still do not understand? On the second day, Cui Zhenyi’s elder brother took a sinful affair. He even said that he had not disciplined his sister during the period of Lu Ying’s defense of the border. He lived up to the emperor’s love and lived up to Lu Ying’s trust, which led to Cui Zhenyi.恃 生 生 生 、 、 、 、 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 崔 崔 崔

On this one, many of my family’s daughters have raised their brains.The teahouse pubs in Beijing also began to circulate around the story of how Cui’s family was so poor and loyal to the rich, refused to recognize Lu’s marriage, waited for Lu Ying’s outcrop, and how to use his means to send his daughter to Lu Ying. Some people who had doubts about Lu Ying’s "cold-blooded and ruthless" heart suddenly realized that it was no wonder that Lu Ying was not waiting to see Cui, and there was still such a past.

As for why the emperor gave Lu Ying such a marriage? Legend has it that Lu Ying took the initiative to ask for the purpose of fulfilling his parents' wishes. Now the emperor discovers the truth and naturally cannot bear to blame the country's Dongliang Zhongchen.

The emperor’s face was earned, and he became a loyal and loyal person in the mouth of the people.

These rumors are caused by the white people looking for people to spread, and there are not many people in the Bai family. This way, it is also to calm down the emperor's forced recovery.

When these things happened, Lu Yingzheng took the troops to the road where the Mao’s remnants gathered, and when he triumphed, Cui Zhenyi had been sent to a monk outside the capital by his family.


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