Yu Ren

By E Mei

173 Beauty and the Beast

173 Beauty and the Beast

Outside the main hall, Yang Lan has commanded the eunuchs of Yiyi Palace to take care of all the people in Xiuhua Palace.

Time is tight, he does not think that he can ask the news of the day in these eunuchs, he just wants to give Mu Peilan the opportunity to force a confession to the twelve princesses.

Cui Zhenyi stood by and looked at it. At this point, she didn't worry about her safety at all. She had only one thought in her heart. I don't know if the twelve princess killed the little monk.

She has been desperate to repair Lu Ying’s relationship with her, so today the twelve princesses are making a fuss in the Pandan Palace. A palace lady secretly said in her ear that she would wait for a while to find a way to hold Mu Peilan, someone would take her for her. When she killed the words of the day, she was tempted.

Even if Mu Peilan suspects that she has participated, there is no evidence. It is a big deal to send someone to kill her in private. She has nothing, and what is terrible? Even if she dies, she will have to slap the bottom.

Mu Peilan and Princess Antai came out of the temple. Princess Antai’s eyes were red, but Mu Peilan was relatively calm. Yang Lan did not know whether they were asking good news or bad news.

He is not close to the twelve princesses, but he also knows that this emperor is a queen. He has always been used to arrogance. He has never taken the lives of others seriously. Since the layout is deliberate, it is impossible to just make a fuss. Satisfied with it.

Princess Antai saw that Yang Lan was determined to look at them. Although she was calm, but the rigid posture was enough to reveal the panic in his heart, she had seen this expression many years ago - just after his mother-in-law died. That night.

"Miss White... is in the animal garden..." Princess Antai felt that her throat was awkward.

Mu Peilan took a deep breath, did not know whether to comfort her or comfort herself, said: "It's okay, she is not afraid of those things since she was a child."

Princess Antai was very surprised how she could say such a thing. Yang Lan immediately thought of the scenes that he saw on the Baili Mountain that impressed him: a wild white tiger was at her mercy in front of the white scorpion. There are a large group of evil dogs in the cold springs, which are not inferior to the wolf and tiger leopards. Lin Pingzi once accidentally mentioned that slightly spiritual animals like to be close to the day.

That is to say, nothing will happen in daylight? Yang Lan still can't believe it, but at this moment he hopes that this is true.

Knowing that the day is in the animal garden, it still takes a lot of trouble to go in.

The eunuch who was in charge of the key to the orchard was drunk and drunk by the twelve princesses. The keys to the garden gate were all stolen and unknown. In the backyard of the animal garden, too many beasts were shut down and forced to break into the door. If one or two lions and tigers came out, the responsibility was too great. The guards of the nearby guards had made sufficient preparations, and the hunter warriors who accompanied the same country When I found it, I just slammed the door into it.

Princess Antai did not understand martial arts and was left safe outside the park. Yang Lan insisted on going with him. Yulinjun sent 40 martial arts high-powered to protect him and Mu Peilan. The four warriors of Tiantongguo held the bow and arrow hunting knife in front. Responsible for opening the road.The four warriors of Tiantongguo heard that someone had entered the animal garden and asked them to go to the rescue. They were not willing.

The tiger black bears in the animal garden are sent by them personally from Tiantongguo as a gift. How fierce and fierce they are, they have a lot of heart, even if they are martial artists who are used to fighting with the beasts, they have been exhausted for so long. The ground was torn into a few pieces, not to mention the lady who was a big official, and she was so fine that she didn’t even have bones.

Let them go to save people is a joke, the collection of corpses is almost the same, in order for them to take their lives to fight, it is not worth it, but who asked them to ask for the country? I don't know if Congress will not anger them for this matter, and no more willing to slap on it.

The weather was very cold in the first month, and in the animal garden where there was some silence, but for a while, the four warriors were nervous and soaked in cold sweat.

One of the warriors couldn't stand the strange atmosphere and sighed: "How did the ghosts go this way, not even a ghost shadow? Those big guys are sleeping?" This season, the bears do hibernate. However, because they are tossing this way, those bears have food and drink, shouldn’t they just fall asleep in the yard? And even if the bear sleeps, what about the tiger?

This yard is not very big, it doesn't make sense to see it now.

On the contrary, Mu Peilan and Yang Lan, who were surrounded by the Yulin Army, were nervous, but they did not have much fear. After listening to the warriors’ complaints, they only looked at each other and did not say anything.

Not far from the front, there was a tiger’s low voice, and the snoring was not loud. The group’s heart glimpsed and clenched the weapon and went there.

Bypassing a slope, the strange scene in front of him has all the more than forty people.

More than a dozen tiger black bears, who are bigger than the big ones, are surrounded by a squat or a squat, and a beautiful white girl in the middle sits peacefully on a big tiger lying on the ground, leaning obliquely against a large stone behind. Lazily facing a tiger road: "Don't be noisy, wait for someone to come to me, and then call you no later." The tone is soft and gentle with a delicate voice, as if you are talking to your friends in general.

More than a dozen beasts who don’t vomit their bones gather together. The sweet and tender “prey” is in front. They don’t attack, but they are not as murderous as a tamed cow and sheep. They even have a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. atmosphere of.

The four Tianguo warriors who took the lead in the first place also hanged their hunting knives in their own hands, loosened the tight bowstrings and put down their bows and arrows. For a moment, they forgot that these casual ones were easily torn into two halves.

The girl sitting in the herd is white, she hears

The sound of footsteps, when I looked up and saw a large group of people who suddenly appeared, my mother was in it, and she looked at her with a reassuring expression. She immediately happily held up a big black bear and stood up, hurriedly ran over. In her arms, she called: "Mother"

Although Mu Peilan knew that her daughter had a good idea for animals, it was only at this moment that she saw her daughter safely and nothing, and finally let go of her heart.She gently pushed her daughter away and carefully looked at her from top to bottom, saying: "Mother is really anxious to die, but fortunately, you are fine."

Suddenly, when I bowed my head, I saw a few bloodstains on my daughter’s waist. Her heart was lifted again and she was shocked. “Are you injured?”

Bai Hao wants to shake his head: "No, there is a big black bear who doesn't know what kind of stimulation he wants to bite. Fortunately, they helped to get rid of it. These blood are the unlucky black bear." Large group of animals.

Then he succumbed: "But they desperately rushed to me, licking a lot of saliva... sticky and dirty..."

Mu Peilan touched her head and said: "They saved your life and made them have a relationship with each other. Going back to wash is clean."

Yang Lan saw the white cockroaches safe and sound, the tight heartstrings suddenly loosened almost on the spot, but he was calm after all, and looked at the large group of looks that were not very friendly, and slowly came to the behemoths around them, bitterly inserting Speaking: "Is there anything to wait for us to go out safely, but what?"

Bai Hao turned to see him, knowing that he came to save her, and smiled at him with a rare smile, then turned his head and waved to the dozen tiger black bears: "You don't come over, I will come back to see you."

Those giant beasts seem to understand her general meaning, reluctantly whispering a few sounds, and sure enough to stop in the same place no longer. The forty Yulin army that came with them was amazed, and the four-day warriors of the same country were even more surprised.

Until a group of people had to safely withdraw from the orchard, they couldn’t believe it. The more than a dozen tiger black bears that had never been domesticated, would have bowed their heads to a beautiful girl who seemed to be blew. It is more honest than domestic cats and dogs.

The Princess Antai, who was waiting outside the park, and the Yulin army, saw them safely. There was nothing in the day, everyone was relieved, and Princess Antai pulled the white pipa and only knew a stack of words. "God bless, heaven." bless".

Four days, the warriors of the same country walked to the front of the white scorpion, and suddenly they threw themselves down to the ground. They slammed several heads and shouted "Imperial Man", making a lot of people in the country screaming and laughing, and several Guardians came up and pulled. Also advised to get them away.

Yang Lan whispered a few words in the ear of Antai Princess, nodded to Ms. Mu Peilan and took the person to leave.

There is still no such thing as what happened here in the Lanlan Palace. These days, there are already enough things. Princess Antai does not want to make any big noises. So when asked about the meaning of Mu Peilan, they will bring their mother and daughter back to Yiyi Palace. After the grooming, I will send them to leave after the funeral of the Queen, and try not to disturb the women who entered the palace.

The priests and the priests of the county will occasionally enter the palace with their mothers. They will leave their clothes in the Yizheng Palace. The body of the scorpion is similar to that of the priests. After the bathing, the palace lady sent a sergeant to the county. The plain white dress waited for her to change, and then Mu Peilan took her to Princess Antai.Today, this is the case, it is impossible to not disturb the emperor. The two nephews in the palace who are temporarily responsible for the matters concerning the harem also came to Yiyi Palace to discuss with the Princess Antai. The matter involved the twelve princesses and the old granddaughter of Baige. There is a general of the town of Beijing, the generals Cao Yu and Zhao Wei are not willing to provoke, naturally find an Antai Princess "to discuss."

When Mu Peilan and Bai Yu arrived, Cao Yu and Zhao Wei were just sent away by Princess Antai.

From the heart, the most troublesome thing that Princess Antai now feels is not how to smooth out this matter, blockade news to avoid causing bigger incidents, but how to comfort Mu Peilan.

Her slutty friend has always had the temperament of hatred, and the twelve princesses and Cui Zhenyi wanted to kill her daughter. She blamed her for revenge.


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