Yu Ren

By E Mei

172 Fortunately...

172 Fortunately...

In the Yiyi Palace, Princess Antai is talking to Yang Lan, who is coming to the palace, and then to talk to Yang Lan, who can't wait for the notice to come in directly from the outside, and hand in the Princess Antai to tell the story quickly.

Princess Antai is sure to change color, and Yang Lan’s face is not so good.

"Since most of the hands are twelve, let's go find her first." Princess Antai took Mu Peilan and went to the Xiuhua Palace where the twelve princesses lived. He told the eunuch of the Yilong Palace that he should go immediately. Seek Cao Yu and Zhao Wei, find out the two eunuchs who pretended to be the people of Yizheng Palace and took them away, and asked Cui Zhenyi to "see" to Xiuhua Palace.

Yang Lan also wants to go, Princess Antai stops: "In the inner palace, you don't have a lot of adult princes, you are waiting for news in my palace."

Yang Lan shook his head: "One person counts two shorts. It is imperative to find out Miss Bai first. After other things, I will plead guilty to the father." After that, I don’t wait for Princess Antai to promise or refuse, so I will get up and go to Xiuhua. Going to the palace, the situation seems to be anxious than Princess Antai.

Princess Antai vaguely knew that Yang Lan was interested in Bai Yu. Seeing this scene, she sighed and took Mu Peilan on the car. The eunuch rushed to Xiuhua Palace.

If it is not the ban of the palace, it is not allowed to openly and arbitrarily perform arbitrarily. Mu Peilan is not sure about the location of Xiuhua Palace. It is absolutely impossible for her to grind what car to sit at this time. She only hopes that everything will still be available. The daughter is still safe.

I hope that the twelve princesses just want to get some pranks to scare her daughter... Mu Peilan constantly comforts himself.

Fortunately, Xiuhua Palace is not far away. The eunuchs who pulled the cars rushed all the way. It was less than a fragrant time. The Princess Antai and Mu Peilan got off the bus and saw the palace door open. Yang Hao kicked a few more. The obstructed eunuch has already entered the temple first.

They quickly followed, and the twelve princesses in the inner hall also heard the news and walked out, yelling at Yang Lan: "Six emperors, great power, where are you here? Are you really a prince? I I want to tell the father about it and see what he says."

Yang Lan did not come to quarrel with her. She asked no question about her provocation. Shen Sheng said: "Where is your person taking Miss Bai Jia? Now say it, as long as Miss Bai is safe, this is me. No longer pursued."

The twelve princesses did not expect that the things they had done were discovered so quickly, and they did not expect that the first thing that ran to find her suffocating would be this romanticism, and it was usually the same as the six emperors. She remembered that the eunuch had reported that Bai Hao was afraid of dying at the moment, and her heart was a little guilty. She said, "What Miss Bai, Miss Black? I don’t know the Six Emperors, you are looking for a woman to find your sister. When I come to the palace, I am not afraid of shame. When my mother died, I can bully me, my sister who has no mother?"

Princess Antai took two steps: "When are you going to be willful? When is Miss Bai got where you got it? Let's make it clear, if she has something, I am afraid that your father will not let it go. Passed you"The twelve princesses are only dead when they are white. It is never a big deal for her to kill a few people, but seeing the most powerful six emperors and even the fathers and grandfathers, the Princess Antai is so quick to find the door. I also know that this matter is debunked and she may be troubled.

She only screamed fiercely on her mouth. Actually, she also knew that the father was never particularly fond of herself. Now that her mother died, there will be no more people in the palace to speak for her. This is the case. She must not admit this and herself. related.

She remembered the words of the eunuch who had made her idea for her. The eyes turned and said: "Aunt, even if you are an elder, you can't swear at me like this. I was taken back from here by the people of Youlan, now you Actually, what did Miss White and Miss Black lose? Is it a joke who saw it? Do you have any evidence to put this kind of thing on my head? After the mother’s bones are not cold, do you join me to deceive me?” Cover your face and cry.

Yang Lan knows that this entanglement is just a delay in saving people. He has settled his mind and passed the words that Mu Peilan said. Cui Zhenyi’s family is a big prince party. It is impossible to have any friendship with the twelve princesses. Before he listened to Antai. The princess said that the twelve princesses rushed to the empress and cried, and they felt that something was wrong. Although the twelve princesses had no brains, they could cry and go to the emperor to cry, and cry in front of the crowd, except for the death. The royal face is useless to change her situation.

Now it seems that it is very likely that she deliberately went. One of them came to the chasing of Antai Princess in order to win the letter, and the second came to contact Cui Zhenyi, let her delay the Mu Peilan, so that her People calmly pick up the day.

He met with Bai Cui and Cui Zhenyi in Beiguan City. After returning to Beijing, he was also very familiar with Lu Ying’s incomparable white family and completely ignored Cui’s and his family’s family. The 12 princesses only wanted to harm the day. I am afraid that Cui Zhenyi will actively cooperate with him without asking the ins and outs.

The twelfth princess has also successfully shifted everyone's attention. Even if the incident occurs, she can push it all the way.

A close friend of Antai Princess ran in and whispered: "The wife of General Zhenbei invited, and is waiting outside the hall."

Mu Peilan looked at the twelve princesses who were crying in front of him, and then thought of the abominable woman outside the temple. They had their hearts peeled and bones removed, but it was imperative to know the whereabouts of the daughter.

When she turned her head, she wanted to cross-examine Cui Zhenyi. Yang Lan stopped her: "This is a very delicate arrangement. It is not the twelve that I want to come up with. Cui has no contact with the twelve, and I am afraid that the idea is not her. I asked her if she couldn't ask anything. I went outside to ask the palace eunuch who was serving in the palace. My wife and my aunt were here to ask 12, how?"

Indeed, Mu Peilan clenched

Fist, she can't wait any longer. Her daughter doesn't know where she is suffering now. Everything is because of the little age in front of her. She has a black princess. If the daughter has something, their husband and wife will live in the world. What's the point?Thinking of this, Mu Peilan glanced at Princess Antai, and looked calm and quiet: "Princess, things are caused by the daughter of the woman, it is better to wait for the minister to privately persuade the twelve princesses, is it good?"

Princess Antai is one of the few people who know her details. She understands that she intends to confess to the 12th public initiative. He is hesitant and bites his teeth and nods: "Good..."

She gave an order, and the eunuchs who came with her could not help but say that they had all the eunuchs in the Xiuhua Palace in the temple.

Yang Lan also stepped back, leaving only three women in the temple, so that they could force the 12 princesses.

The twelve princesses shouted loudly, but the eunuchs of Yiyi Palace had only listened to the instructions of Princess Antai, and they ignored her. The twelve princesses watched their own people alone, and they were afraid on the spot. They bluffed: "You are bold. I, I want to tell the father that you are uniting to bully me."

Mu Peilan didn't say anything, and everyone saw them go out. The bows on the front and the left are two slaps. The twelve princesses are so big. Except for the New Year's Eve, which was in the hands of Mao Guifei, no one dared to move her. Fingers, I didn’t expect Mu Peilan to look like a silent and gentle woman who dared not to hesitate to do so.

When she snorted, she wanted to cry out. Mu Peilan clicked on her acupuncture point, and she couldn’t make a sound. Then she intercepted her several meridians, but for a moment, the twelve princesses felt that there were thousands of people under her body. Only a small ant is biting her, and it hurts and itching. She almost wants to tear off her flesh and pieces, but she can’t move a word.

Princess Antai saw her little face that was distorted by pain. She was saddened by her heart. After all, she was a prostitute, and she could think of a lifeless and unspeakable day. If she pleaded, she could not say a word.

Mu Peilan untied her acupuncture point, pinched her neck and made her unable to speak. She could only gasp like a dying fish. She lowered her head and said coldly to her: "Where is my daughter, you say no? ""

This kind of confession means that the tough guys in the rivers and lakes can't stand it, not to mention the twelve princesses, who are so accustomed to the princesses, she can't afford to be half-pounded. She can only stand still in horror and hope that Mu Peilan can put it. Pass her.

Mu Peilan counted on her, and the twelve princesses had a slight reduction in itching and gasped and whispered: "She... she is in the animal garden..."

Mt. Peilan, Princess Antai has already been surprised. There are rare birds and animals in the front yard of the animal garden. There are various beasts in the backyard. Tiantongguo just sent a dozen tigers and black bears yesterday. If Bai Yu is there, is there still life at this time?

Princess Antai grabbed Mu Peilan and didn't know if she should take her. She cares about her daughter. She knows her. If she sees her daughter being torn by the tiger black bear, she will be mad.

Mu Peilan calmed down a lot and continued to ask: "What did your people do to her in addition to sending her to the animal garden?"

The twelve princess shook his head hard and said: "No... no..."

Mu Peilan sighed with relief and whispered: "Fortunately..."Princess Antai couldn't stand it anymore. She almost cried out. She wanted to turn to the animal garden immediately, but she knew that everything was late now.

From the disappearance of Bailu to the present, it has already passed for half an hour. Bai Hao will not martial arts at all. How can he escape the attacks of those beasts? There is no place in the backyard of the animal garden that can be sheltered from the beasts. The living people enter, fearing that less than half of the musk time will die under the fierce claws of the beast.

"Let's go to the animal garden." Mu Peilan stood up and took Princess Antai out.


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