Yu Ren

By E Mei

171 madman's killing trap

171 madman's killing trap

171 madman's killing trap

The woman in the whole hall, under the direction of the ceremonial officer, squatting in front of the spirit, timing and crying, is a work that is quite a test of physical strength. Even if the hoe is too busy, it’s really annoying to cry out and dumb. bother.

Although there is a futon mat, it is a morning, and there is no difference between being sentenced. So soon a group of older people can't hold up, and the eunuchs are helped to rest.

The white sneak sneaked the sleeves of the mother, and lowered the voice: "Do we also faint? I have the medicine given by Fang Hai, that is, the doctors can't see anything." She asked the grandfather yesterday to see clearly. The steps of the sacrifice, now let people go to Fang Hai to prepare medicine.

As soon as the medicine is eaten, the face is blue and the pulse is vain. Whoever sees it is not doubtful.

Mu Peilan is both distressed by her daughter's suffering and some funny. Why is it that: "The child will endure forbearance again. We are too early to rest next to it. It is easy to recruit people's words... and it is a drug that is poisonous, can not eat or don't eat."

Bai Yan thought of the current situation of Grandpa Bai Changshan, flat mouth, only tolerated. They are now the target of the public, and some of the moves are easy to be used by the people to refuel and vinegar, and so on, and more people fall down, they are no longer so eye-catching.

Regret, I knew that I would ask Fang Hai to get a colorless and odorless powder, and stunned a few of them. Then she could justify it in her name. It was still inexperienced and self-reviewed.

Then suddenly there was a scream of screaming outside the hall, and then I saw the twelve princesses squinting into the temple and rushing to the emperor's coffin, crying and crying, crying and crying: "After the mother and the mother... you die It’s so bad.”

When Bai Hao heard this sentence, he almost laughed, and immediately thought of Zhou Xingchi’s crying screaming "Xiaoqiang, you died so badly". She used her strength to cover her face and smiled. She smacked her face with red eyes and tears. She didn't know that she felt more empathy and was sad for the two mothers.

The twelve princesses followed a large string of female eunuchs, and they all wanted to persuade her to take her away. But the twelve princesses had to make a big fuss like a iron heart, and opened a few ladies who came up to pull her, crying. More and more tragic: "After the mother, you are gone, everyone is going to bully your daughter. The father is not waiting to see me. I only remember the foxes in this palace. I will marry me to Tiantong and go to the daughter." I don't know if I can live for a few years. I can't see my mother anymore. You know this before, and my daughter will go with you after the clean mother. You are in the sky, open your eyes and see your daughter being What does a person bully look like?"

While crying, while slamming the coffin, his face was full of tears and his makeup was a mess, and a face that could not be called a beautiful face was made even more miserable.

The palace eunuchs want to take her away, but she is a golden jade leaf, did not get instructions, who dares to move her rough, the other women in the main hall of the Lanlan Palace saw this scene, all eyes and noses, halo Halo, the cover of the face, all pretending to be gone, but my heart shook his head to what the twelve princesses did.what is this? The princess of a country is not even decent, and in the face of a foreign woman, like a shrewd woman, she is crying and crying. This is the funeral of her mother. It is simply not a system.

But people are princesses, and they can't look down on this pool of water, only the stupid.

Xia Jia also came to a few ladies and wives, Xia Lao's wife and Xia Jiada's milk were sad and sick at home, and the rest of them have been afraid of this noble and slutty niece, plus what Xiajia can't afford now. Who is afraid of rushing forward to take this evil to the body?

White sighed with a sigh of relief, and my heart was stunned by this uninspired princess. Is it so noisy and useful? I really want to go with your mother, it’s not too late, go back to the palace to find three feet of white, and guarantee a hundred. Obviously, if Li Yunxin’s example is in the front, wouldn’t he think of pretending to be sick? Besides, anyway, it’s all married. If you marry the Tiantong country, although the living conditions are not as good as those of the country, you may be able to become a queen in a few years. So what is the life to die?

Seeing that the funeral scene was to be ruined by the twelve princesses, and finally came to the rescue figure - Princess Antai and the two highest-ranking Cao Yu and Zhao Wei of the palace arrived.

Princess Antai was inconvenient to live in the palace for a long time. Therefore, after the New Year’s Eve rebellion, the things in the palace were handed over to Cao Yu and Zhao Wei. They used to be under the pressure of the Queen and Mao Guifei. They could only take the tail and be a man. They had just taken over the inner palace. They had to do funeral for the emperor. Everything was cautious and careful. The things that were slightly bigger in the past ten days were I have to send someone to ask Princess Antai to come to the palace to help decide, lest I take responsibility. After seeing the foreign woman who was in the palace to worship the queen, she could breathe a sigh of relief. I didn’t expect the twelve princesses to come out again.

The twelve princesses are the only daughters of the Queen. They are two who dare to take care of her. Fortunately, Princess Antai is in the palace today, and she has been begging her to appease.

Princess Antai did not expect to see such a scene. She saw the princess of the twelve princesses, and she was so angry that she turned pale and took a few steps to go to the group of imperial eunuchs who shouted: "The princess is overly sad, talking and doing things." Without a measure, do you let her go to the trouble? Don’t you bring her back to the palace to take care of him? You can’t stop a weak woman. What is the use of these wastes?”

The eunuchs of the palace ladies listened to her speech, although they were shackled, but some people were brave enough to support them. They quickly pushed down the twelve princesses and said that they would drag outside the hall.

This time they no longer care about it, and they started to pay a lot. The twelve princesses can no longer break free. The crying is more and more screaming, and the rhetoric is even more difficult to hear: "You old lady, you see me after my mother died, but also bully me? You are broken. My marriage, I am going to go to Heaven and the country, I will not let you go."

She didn't think about it at all

However, on the New Year's Eve, Mao Guifei will torture and humiliate her. Only Princess Antai will keep her life in spite of her personal safety.

Princess Antai was too lazy to rebel with her, cold face to an eunuch around her: "Let her shut up"

The eunuch was a person in the Yiyi Palace. He took out a piece of pome from his arms and went straight to cover the mouth of the twelve princesses. A group of people quickly retired.Princess Antai told the people to re-arrange the objects that had been messed up by the temple, and turned to see the mother and daughter of Mu Peilan not far away. Now the scene is inconvenient to say, she smiled helplessly at them and nodded her head. go away.

The former hall was restored to the previous solemnity, but there was a little more ambiguous atmosphere.

Time passed by, the body discomfort was sent to the side to go to the rest of the lady, more and more, Mu Peilan did not want her daughter to suffer and did not want her to take medicine, so I asked Bai Hao to take the pill and swallow it, but for a moment, she The face becomes ugly very much.

The white cricket was very low and low, and exclaimed a sigh of relief to help the embarrassed mother-in-law. The eunuch, who was serving next to him, stepped forward and lifted Mu Peilan to the next chair. The white pheasant naturally followed. Take care of.

Mu Peilan's identity is no small matter. The eunuchs in the palace are all eye-catching. A general eunuch sent a small eunuch to call the doctor and sent Mu Peilan to the wing behind the Lanlan Palace. He sent tea greetings and was very attentive.

The doctor came to see the face of Mu Peilan, and then he took the pulse, and then he calmed up and opened up a prescription to go back to Mu Peilan to take care of her, and let her begin to rest in bed now.

Bai Hao smiled in his heart, and he wore a look of worry and fear. He respectfully sent away the doctor. Just now the eunuch heard the news and asked Mu Peilan to rest in peace. At the end of the funeral, he would send her mother and daughter back to the palace. Home, don't go to the front and get tired.

The two mothers and daughters got up early this morning and thought that it would be nice to sleep back. How do you know that you just lie down? Cui Zhenyi and the two eunuchs will come to the door one after another.

The two eunuchs came forward to say that Princess Antai heard that Mrs. White was unwell and wanted to invite her mother and daughter to rest in Yiyi Palace. Mu Peilan wanted Princess Antai to find her at this sensitive moment. It must have important things, just promised, Cui Zhenyi is here.

I don't know what excuses she used to leave the hall and ran here. She looked stunned. When she met Mu Peilan, she said that she would say "Yimu", and then she fell to the feet of Mu Peilan, and no matter how many eunuchs stood next to him.

After all, she had a husband and wife relationship with Lu Ying. Mu Peilan was bothered by her and she was not embarrassed to face her. She had to persuade her to get up and say that Cui Zhenyi was only begging her for forgiveness and saying something about Lu Ying. .

The two eunuchs saw her pulling and pulling, and they were anxious. They went forward: "Can Mrs. White let Miss Bai go to Yiyi Palace with her small size, and the young people are afraid that the princess will wait..."

Mu Peilan just saw these two eunuchs beside the Princess Antai. It should be a good person in Yiyi Palace. Bai Yu is next to it, Cui Zhenyi has something to say and will not say it quickly. It is better to let her daughter go to Princess Antai first. She spoke to Cui Zhenyi and went later. It was not too late, so she nodded. The father-in-law is taking care of the little girl."

The two eunuchs did not dare, and led the white pheasant out of the side gate of the Lanlan Palace. When they got on the car, they went to Yiyi Palace.Cui Zhenyi saw no one outside, and slowly accepted the crying. He said: "I have done a lot of wrong things in the past. My mother hates me and despise me. It should be true, but please help my mother believe that I am true to him. A sincere heart, seeking justice and justice for me to persuade the public, I really know what is wrong, he is not satisfied with me, I am willing to change. Just ask him not to leave me, give me a chance to change."

Mu Peilan said coldly: "Lu Ying wants to take a break? Who do you listen to?"

Cui Zhenyi hangs his head: "Everyone in Beijing has said this, even the people in the general's office have said this."

"You and Lu Ying are the marriage gifts that the emperor personally gave. If the next person said a few gossips, he would be able to overthrow the emperor's gift of marriage? Cui, you are also the door to the door, how to see things so confused?" Mu Peilan Responsible.

This Cui Zhenyi is not a fool. How can I talk and do things today? In the heart of Mu Peilan, she suddenly felt a little uneasy. It seems that something important has been ignored by herself.

Cui Zhenyi’s face was red and intermittently said: “I’m confused. I’ve been returning to Beijing for many days. I’ve been very cold to me. I’m afraid... I’m really not going to retire my wife? Then, the emperor wants to give another name to the public. The lady is a flat wife..."

"You have to ask the emperor about this matter." Mu Peilan’s doubts are getting stronger and stronger.

She had not dealt with Cui Zhenyi positively before, but from her daughter and the maid who was next to her, Cui Zhenyi was not such a foolish and dull look at the moment.

From her dare to take the family and travel thousands of miles to Beiguan City to see Lu Ying intend to draw, deliberately set up a bureau in front of Lu Ying, dare to go to the tower when the enemy attacked the city, and later find the people of the autumn wind pavilion Want to assassinate the day, all kinds of acts show that she is a very determined person, how can such a woman listen to a few rumors and rush to her front to show weakness and cry, confess to beg for mercy?

If these are her intentions, what is she doing for this?

Mu Peilan was wondering, a little eunuch ran into the wife of the sergeant Lang Zhongzhong. Mu Peilan's eyebrows are light, she remembers that this lady's husband is one of Xiage's old and proud students, and this lady is from Xia's side, she came to the door at this time, what is the intention?

However, she hated Cui Zhenyi, and would rather go to see the Xiajia people, and did not want to deal with Cui Zhenyi, so immediately said to the little eunuch: "There is

please. ”

Cui Zhenyi stood up, took out the handkerchief and wiped the tears, and gathered it into a courtesy: "The mother has a guest, I will retire first."

It was her who just refused to leave. Now she is taking the initiative to leave her. Mu Peilan has a heart and nodded to let her go.

Cui Zhenyi turned and went out, and passed away with the lady who was about to enter the house. My wife saw her and she was a glimpse. She only thought that the smile on Cui Zhenyi’s face was so cold that she saw her tremble and waited to see clearly. However, she felt that her smile was very ordinary, thinking that she was blind, and smiled and nodded and walked into the door.

Mu Peilan still remembers that he was ill, and smiled weakly in his chair. He asked, "I don't know what Mrs. Yu visited, what is it?"Mrs. Yu took two steps, took a wax pill from her sleeve, handed it to Mu Peilan, and carefully whispered: "This is the cousin Xinxin asked me to bring to Mrs. White or Miss Bai, and you will understand when you read it... ..."

She didn't know what was inside the wax pill, but Xia Xinxin said to her, it is good for her to hand this wax pill to the white mother and mother, and maybe she can keep her husband's official position. This cousin has always had a good relationship with her, and she is also very clever. It is also unreasonable to harm her at this time, so she took the opportunity of the Queen’s death today.

Xia Xinxin and Bai Lu’s grudges, Mu Peilan knows very clearly, and she is a bit strange that she has something to give to the day, so she thanked Mrs. Yu and crushed the wax pill to see what was hidden.

There is only a thin piece of crepe in the wax pill, embroidered with four words on the bright red thread: Be careful.

When Mu Peilan looked at these four words, he was suddenly drenched by a basin of ice water, and then ignored the disease, jumped from the chair, rushed to the door in a few steps, regardless of the surprised eyes of the nearby palace eunuch, one hand Caught the little eunuch who was watching her for the door, and asked: "Which house was the two eunuchs, where did my daughter go?"

The little eunuch was scared to know that he was shaking his head.

Mu Peilan finally wants to understand Cui Zhenyi’s strangeness. She clearly has the heart to drag herself, so that the two eunuchs will take away the day.

She thought that the Queen and Mao Guifei were dead. No one in the palace would count their mother and daughter unreasonably. Even if there was, there was no courage and power, but she missed one countlessly - not everyone People have to weigh the gains and losses before, and some irrational madmen try their best to kill people. It is probably just a little bit of jealousy or just looking for an object to vent their anger.

When she thought that her daughter might have been in the corner of the palace, she was afraid that she would be almost mad. If her daughter had a case, would she even use the twelve princesses?

She has set her mind and there are many houses in the palace. She doesn't know where the twelve princesses are. The best way is to find Princess Antai to help and start a thorough search. I don't hesitate to go to Yiyi Palace. And go.

On the other hand, the white scorpion got on the car and was taken away by the two eunuchs for a while, and it was also unreasonable.

Although she is not familiar with the road in the palace, the road between Yiyi Palace and the Lanlan Palace is still a bit of an impression. The road that is going now seems to be inconsistent with the direction of Yiyi Palace in her memory.

The car that was last in the palace was almost counted by the empress and the second emperor, and was robbed elsewhere. Will it not happen again this time? How is this kind of thing unsafe in the car sedan... There is some fear in the heart of the white house. Today, I entered the palace to participate in the funeral of the queen. The little beaver was not brought around. She is now a weak woman, two of them are in the prime of life. The eunuch is enough to kill her ten times eight times

Although she knows that she will not die before she is 18 years old, there are many things in the palace. Some things may make people feel more disgusting than death.Just as she hesitated to fight, now she turned her face and jumped away. The car was dragged into a small door. The two eunuchs responsible for pulling the car did not wait for the white hand to drop. The car turned and ran back, and the small door was bolted out.

Bai Hao jumped out of the car and ran over and found that the small door had been locked from the outside, and such a small door was actually cast from iron.

She pushed hard a few times and knew that it was impossible to break through the door with her own strength. Unless she had the skill of the devil, she would no longer be in vain, and turned around to see the two eunuchs. What place to take her to.

She was taken aback by the scene she saw in front of her. The yard was quite large, and she couldn’t see the margins. She had three feet on all sides, and there was a high platform in both directions. She was at least a few dozen away from her position. Zhang Yuan, in addition to this, there are no other buildings in the vicinity. The yard is full of plants, and the ground is standing with a muddy land mixed with snow, not the flat stone road in the palace. Just after the cold winter, the branches of the plants in the yard are still bare, and they are very desolate.

There was a familiar smell in the nose, similar to the smell of the beast that she would smell in the wilderness of the wild beasts on the Baili Mountain. She wondered how there would be such a desolate place in the palace, and the yellow shadow on the right side flashed. Then there is a shocking tiger.

A tiger with two or three times as large as her feet smashed out of a rocky mountain and rushed toward her, and the thick blood came from her nose.

The white eagle retired a few steps and flashed to the back of the car. He heard a broken piece of wood in front of him, and the sound of the silk tearing, the whole car was smashed by the tiger's claws and suddenly ruined half.

At the same time, another black shadow bypassed the car and she was less than three feet away - a big black bear that was almost as tall as her.

Bai Hao finally knows where this is. Yang Lan once told her that there is a beast park in the palace, which is dedicated to raising rare animals and animals from the local and foreign countries...

The twelve princesses were sitting in her bedroom at the moment and laughing at the mirror. The eunuch, who was waiting for her in the palace, looked at her abnormal look.

I don’t know what kind of nerve this princess sent today. First, I ran to the Queen of the Emperor of the Lanlan Palace. After being sent back by the Princess Antai, not only wasn’t it angry, but it’s not too angry, it’s not a stimulus. Excessively crazy...

The twelve princess asked the palace girl to wash the makeup and tears on her face. She played with the jade comb and smacked the long hair, and whispered with the sound she only heard: "That little 贱The man should have been bitten by the tiger black bear in the orc garden now. Brother, don’t blame me for hurting your sweetheart. The little monk looks like a smug look. What can I do to confuse you in the underworld?"

"Her grandfather, brother-in-law, cousin are not very powerful? Hey, I really want to see how they look when they see the body of the little man. It must be wonderful."

"Mother is dead, you dare to bully me on one's head? I will let you taste the taste of death and death.""After the mother, you will soon have to come down to accompany you, you are not happy?"

"You don't have to worry, I want to marry the Tiantong country to be a queen. Even if the father knows that I am a small monk, I don't dare to take it for me. Otherwise, who will he go with him? Hahaha... ..."

"Why do you all despise me, but take that little monk as a baby? Why should I go to the wild land to marry a ghostly man, who is in the capital?"

"Why do they have a white house to go to heaven, but your summer home is going to fall to this place? Why can a white thief replace his grandfather's position?"

"After today, I think you are still proud, see you still laugh and laugh, hahaha"

At this time, an eunuch walked into the sleeping hall, and smiled and walked over to the princess and slammed: "Princess, things have been done."

The twelve princesses smiled even more joyfully: "You saw it with your own eyes... did she go in?"

"Yeah, I heard it for a while outside the door. There was a tiger cub inside, and my mother was screaming, and I almost scared my pants." The eunuch made a look of fright.

The twelve princesses took the jade comb and threw him. He smiled and said: "Look at your useless virtue. Go and get the rewards and roll it."

The eunuch sincerely feared to smash two heads and got up and retired. The twelve princesses were not found from beginning to end, and the disdain and gloom in the eyes of the eunuch.


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