Yu Ren

By E Mei

170 one cup after another

170 one cup after another

170 one cup after another

Yang Mei is somewhat worried: "This Miss Xia, I don't want to take a private escape. Let's go away..."

Bai Hao nodded: "It is very likely, um, I admire her now, watching so many pop-up ads, why not come?

"No? You appreciate her? Don't say what she had done to you before, just say this time, she dropped her parents and family, and ran away without a thought. Have you ever thought about being tired of other people?" .

"She didn't think about her feelings, she wanted to marry an old man as a stepmother. And if this marriage really becomes, I am afraid that her family's situation will be even worse. I am just curious, she can't shoulder. Miss Qianjin, who can't mention it, can do anything when she ran out. If she was accidentally trafficked, she wouldn't be surprised to see so many pop-up advertisements. Why didn't she come? There is no such thing as a lady's image. I can see Yang Mei secretly sighing.

However, regarding Xia Xinxin's marriage, they all felt that it was not suitable. The words of Bai Yan were not unreasonable, so they stopped talking. They got up and packed up and went back to the old government.

The days were silent and passed for a few days. Because the Queen was newly mourned, the Lantern Festival was also very deserted. The white family returned to the Chungcheong Government at noon on the day of the Lantern Festival to have a reunion dinner with Lin Pingzi and others. Go back to the old house to eat another meal, then eat the Lantern Festival early and go to rest.

On the 16th day, Baige’s old man went out early and went to the early morning. He was again summoned by the emperor and returned to the old house in the evening. In addition to a bunch of military affairs, he also brought back a gossip. Deng Wenhua and Deng’s uncle refused privately. The marriage of Xiajia is said to be the old age and she is not willing to delay the Miss Xia.

Regarding the situation of the Xiajia, Bai Changshan once sent someone to mention him. He is also a smart person. Although a young talented woman is a good person, it is worth nothing compared to his own career.

Deng Wenhua is a person brought up by Bai Changshan. The age of Bai Changshan is there. It is impossible to occupy the position of the first assistant for many years. Moreover, the words have already revealed that he wants to return to his hometown to support the age of the year. He only looks at it. If you are in a step, you will be a very good person. How can you risk a woman for this time and lose the Sacred Heart?

Yang Mei and Bai Guo listened to this news and said: "It seems that Miss Xia is a false alarm. Why don't you see so many pop-up advertisements?

"I am afraid that the Xia family will not give up, there is the next one..." Bai Yan shrugged.

Xia Xinxin marry someone, marry well, and has nothing to do with the white family, so Bai Yu heard it, forgettain, another news brought back by Bai Changshan, she could not help but gloat.

Tian Tongguo sent an envoy to talk and hope to end the border war between the two countries and welcome the princess of the country as their prince.

The country of Tiantong is located in the northeast of the country. When facing the sea, it faces the mountains and mountains. The middle is a plain. However, because of the cold weather, the soil is poor, and the cultivation is very rare. Many people rely on hunting and grazing for a living. It is very difficult, but it has also formed. Awkward folk customs.From the past, the Tiantong State and the Shu State have been in wartime and disputes have continued.

This time, Tianguo’s initiative to discuss peace is said to be due to the infighting of several major forces in the country. The emperors and princes of Tiantongguo felt that the situation was serious. They hoped to resolve the border wars before they closed the door to mobilize troops to solve the problem. Disputes.

The Princess of Yingguo is hoping to stabilize the relationship between the two countries in a pro-and-family manner. Secondly, it is also interested in borrowing the momentum of the country to increase the ranks of the Prince.

The Laoguo side has just experienced floods in the Ning'an River, stimulating riots in many places in the country, and a civil strife on New Year's Eve is also a time when it is a bad time. It is natural to be able to temporarily cease fighting with Tiantong.

Under the circumstances that both sides are happy to see each other, the envoys of Tiantongguo have not yet arrived in Beijing. The selection of relatives and relatives in the country is basically finalized. This and the pro-Princess are not others. It is the twelve princesses of the Xia Queen.

After Yang Lan took the same visit with Wu Yaoma and Li Yunxin to the Zhongguo Gongfu, Bai Hao let Fang Hai be sent with the medicine. Li Yunxin obeyed the instructions and suddenly became sick of the night, and he was red and long chloasma. In two days, I changed from a good boy to a ugly man in the capital, and I was lying in bed to die, and life could not take care of myself.

The Xiagui people in the palace and the twelve princesses even invited a few doctors to treat him. All of them came back and just said that they were not sure. They also suspected that Li Yunxin was sick, but there was no substantive evidence. The confidant eunuch around the company accompanied the doctor to Li Fu, and the eunuch was shocked when he saw Li Yunxin’s appearance. He came back and cheered and told him about his terrible situation. The twelve princesses could not, and they had to beg for Xiagui as soon as possible. Choose another good for her.

The best candidate in Beijing now is of course the new loyalty of the country, Lin Pingzi, but Princess Antai said in front of the emperor, the emperor does not want the newly promoted people to have a relationship with the Xia family, and I don’t want to reject it.

The twelve princesses were too late to attack. A worse news came. The Tiantong emperor would come to the capital to discuss the matter in a few days, and at the same time agree on the big marriage between the two countries. The ideal and the loved one in the emperor’s mind turned out to be her.

This news made the twelve princess crazy, but made Bai Hao very happy. She was very unhappy with the twelve princesses. I didn’t expect the eye to come so fast. It’s really a big thing.

Originally, she still had some worries, fearing that the twelve princesses would rely on Lie to find Lin Pingzi, and then they could put down their minds.

According to the rules of Laos, on the seventh day after the death of the empress, the palace wife first held a worship ceremony. On the 17th, the foreign woman went to the palace to worship. After the 27th, the coffin will be sent to the ancestral temple, and then sent to the emperor on the next day. The tomb is buried.

The queen just died on New Year's Eve.

The first month of the 17th is the day when the foreign woman enters the palace to participate in the emperor's great mourning. Because the emperor is the county magistrate of the emperor, he has to enter the palace with his mother.

The two mothers and daughters have no feelings about the death of the queen, but when people are in Beijing, they must act according to the rules. Therefore, when Mu Peilan is not bright, he will change from the National Government to take the bus and go to the old government to pick up the same. A white dress dressed in plain clothes, went into the palace together.The place where the funeral was held was still in the Woodlands Palace. The number of women who came to worship was much less than the day of the birth of the Queen more than 20 days ago. Some of them were sinned by the husband and wife’s husband’s rebellion. It was the father and brother who died or were seriously injured in the New Year's Eve turmoil, thus avoiding the worship.

Many people think of the excitement and horror of the Queen's birthday, and there is a burst of emotion in the heart. It is obviously a flower and a group of rich and unparalleled. Who wants to live in the palace of the only son in the tragic death of the day, hopes for a lifetime, and even a few days can not keep their lives. It was burned to death in the Ningyi Palace. This change of life is really unpredictable.

The identity of the people in the Palace of the Lanlan is like the epitome of the current situation. It is dominated by the family of Bai’s backbone, and it’s almost invisible with Mao’s. The original Xia’s party is also fading. Without the momentum of the past.

When Mu Peilan’s mother and daughter arrived, they suddenly caught the attention of all people. All kinds of eyes filled with envy and hatred came in, because at the funeral of the Queen, the women were afraid to laugh and laugh, and they were not allowed to walk around. However, many people have moved in the dark to want to be closer to the two mothers.

No way, the most popular relatives in the capital now count the two mothers and daughters in front of them. One is the eldest daughter-in-law of Bai Changshan, the first assistant of the cabinet, and the other is his only granddaughter. The power of Bai Changshan is more powerful than that of Xiage. General Mao has been over, and it is not too much to say that it is a powerful power. His relatives are naturally the leaders of many bureaucrats in Beijing.

Moreover, behind the two mothers and daughters, there are two big backers, Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi. The two men have made great contributions to the retreat of the New Year’s Eve. One is in charge of the Yulin Army, and the other is in charge of the Ministry of Housing. The sixth choice of the candidate is good.

In such a bright background, which woman does not want to contribute?

Mu Peilan is a person who knows the depths. Recently, he has become more and more low-key. By reason of taking care of his mother's illness, he has refused many ladies' invitations to visit. Even Princess Antai has only seen one or two faces.

Today, the Queen’s great mourning is inevitable. She has already explained the white scorpion in the car. Try not to talk to these women and women as much as possible.

Bai Yule has no need to smirk and socialize with people, naturally there is no opinion.

The Emperor's coffin was parked in the middle of the Lanlan Palace, because the emperor's body was burned to the point of being black and hard, and it was completely disgusting to let people look at the remains, and there was a loss of the country, so the cover was closed and there was no gap.

Mu Peilan’s two mothers and daughters went to the front to go down and cry because of the instructions of the palace. The two were of high quality, and the position of the scorpion was very high. The white scorpion walked and secretly looked around and unexpectedly saw Cui Zhenyi.

Cui Zhenyi is also a servant in the life of a group of women, what is embarrassing is that all of her people are when she is a plague, can not wait to be as far away as possible from her. Cui Zhenyi has no expression on her face, but she still sees her uncomfortable and shameful at first glance.She is Lu Ying's wife is good, but Cui Jiayi thought that Bajie is close to the big prince. It is not a secret in the capital. The emperor has such a thing. The emperor took care of Lu Ying's face and only gave Cui Zhenyi's brother a demotion. Disciplinary action, did not continue to go deeper, the small life and the official position to save, but then think about what is impossible.

The most terrible thing is that since Lu Ying was in the capital city, he has not stepped into the generals’ steps for half a step. Even Cui Zhenyi’s face has never been seen. This matter has also been rumored. Some people even said that the emperor might give another land. The British allegedly matched the news of a famous lady as a wife.

As a result, everyone knows that Cui Zhenyi is not allowed to be in front of Lu Ying, and even his status will soon be unprotected. In this case, who is willing to be close to her?

The white scorpion will have Cui Zhenyi’s helplessness and can’t help but sigh. This woman is self-sufficient. It’s a complete cup.

She did not think that there were more than one woman in the cup that I saw today, and the other one would soon be on the scene...


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