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152 first got rid of

Bai Hao realized that she had inadvertently carried out a "thoracic attack" on the big devil's head. She was so scared that she could quickly shrink her hand like a red iron plate, but Ganzi was still a step faster than her. The big palm easily caught her trouble. The hand is hard to return to his bare chest.

"Let's let go", shy and angry and shouted. Although Ganzi really looks good and can eat, she doesn't have the temptation to want to kiss his skin.

"This time, you are the first to provoke me." On the face of Ganzi, there seems to be a faint blush, just under his palm, and the girl who is soft and slippery is incredibly attached to the skin of his chest. The cool touch from her palm seemed to ignite the flame in his body. The excitement that made him bloody and violent, swept his body in an instant, even more than when he was in the hot spring pool. He is very hot.

It seems that every time I get close to this woman, the body will automatically produce such a happy and anxious, sweet and exciting reaction.

However, the white anger that was furious and anger did not notice the strange change of Ganzi. He only heard the words he said and almost exploded on the spot.

Before, she also listened to "小祢" and said similar words. She thought that she was too good to keep him with her. Now she completely understands it. It turned out that she was impulsive on the day and bit the big bastard and hypocrite ears. that matter

At that time, she thought that she had bullied the honest man. The mischief was so good and the result was that the honest man was not only untrue, but also badly scum, and his own trick was simply an axe.

Ganzi this bastard must be very proud, she stupidly sent to the door and thought she took advantage of it.

The more she wants to get angry, the more she can't leave, the fierce jade finger bends, turns into a big pliers, and twists into the smooth skin under her palm.

Ganzike did not use the protective body to counterattack, but looked at her with unpredictable look. The brow wrinkled: "How is a girl so rude?"

"I am ferocious? On the murderous, I can't catch up with you." I stunned for a moment, almost wanting to laugh, the most murderous killing the bad guy turned out to have a face and said that she was savage?

That is to say, the hand that repeatedly abused the chest in Ganzi’s chest finally stopped the attack.

She did her best to screw up, but the victim did not hurt. It was nothing to do. It was boring to squat again. She wanted to take back her hand and stay away from this dangerous molecule.

The hand was able to leave Ganzi’s chest smoothly, but the homeopath was held in the palm of his hand. Bai Yan glanced at the "Glorious Record" left by his paw on his chest. Some of his smugness was also awkward - just in the On the left chest of Ganzi, it is obviously red, and it clearly shows a few petal-like twilight fingerprints, as well as several crescent-shaped nail marks.

Just thinking about attacking this big devil's head gas, now I look at the scars left by my own shots... People who see it will definitely think in a very discordant direction.

Ganzi seems to have a great interest in her hand, holding it in the palm of her hand and kneading it to play.Soft and smooth palm, slender jade fingers, pale pink beautiful nails, perfect as craftsmanship, delicate lines and crafts. The feeling of squeezing such a hand is incredible. He can't help but be grateful that he just resisted the attack without any effort to resist it. Otherwise, it would be a pity that such a charming hand would fold half a piece of nail.

The white cockroach is so big, has not done a heavy work, and even the needle thread has never been moved. The hands are naturally well maintained, and it is a youthful age of fifteen years old. It is not beautiful and smooth.

This big devil is not taking her hand as a dough? Still want to break her finger to retaliate against her offense? White 茯苓 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想 想

In this way, I waited for a while, but I still couldn’t see the big devil’s head moving further. Bai Hao finally couldn’t help but fear and screamed. “Hey, I didn’t mean it, I told you to talk to me... I I apologize for apologizing. Is it good for you to let go?" The louder the voice, the weaker the tone, and the best is a good tone of negotiation.

"not good"

The little girl who is bullying and fearing evil is funny but does not let go, but deliberately squeezes her fingers with gravity.

"That... I have already come out in the middle of the night. You have sucked up my blood and you have done a great job. You promised to send me back before dawn. If you don't leave, you won't have time..." Bai Yan felt his palms more and more Heat, like a hoop, getting tighter and tighter, my heart shouting badly.

Ganzi took her to stand up and dragged her all the way to the place where his clothes were placed. She loosened her hand and reluctantly let her say: "Don't you apologize for apologizing? Come and wait for me to dress, when? When you wear it, we will go back."

Although Bai Xi is bullying and fearing evil, it is essentially a wayward little bully. Where is the temperament, the reason has not yet started, and the mouth has already taken the lead and said: "You want to be beautiful, why do you have me? Waiting for you?" Speaking of two steps back, I wanted to circumvent him and run out.

How can her movement speed compare with the top masters like Ganzi, the eyes of the eyes have not been lifted, and even did not turn around, grabbed her arm and dragged her back to push it to the side of the big stone where the clothes were stacked. Then, by borrowing the advantage of congenital body, she pressed her directly on the stone.

The height of this big stone only reached her waist. In order to avoid Ganzi, she straightened her back and became the squatting posture of the lower body, and the upper body leaned back on the stone.

Gan Gan leaned down and pressed against her, and there was something burning in her eyes that made the white cock hit the heart, and the voice revealed a trace of it.

Feeling tight: "I don't care if I don't wait for me to dress. I don't mind if you use other better methods to apologize." It seems that some discomfort has moved.Bai Yu began to be stupid, until I saw the warmth and demon charm in the black eyes of Ganzi, and I finally realized that the lower bodies of the two people did not know when they were close together, the worst. However, because her reclining movements are like a disguised waist, she can even perceive that there is some terrible change in Ganzi's body through a thick long skirt, and a male animal character is just around the corner.

The dead wolf was shocked and jumped, and the reason quickly returned. He stammered and asked for mercy: "No, isn't it just for you to wear clothes? You can't do it with you... I think this method will apologize to you." Very good, still no other way..."

Over the years, she has had the upper hand in dealing with people for most of the time. Even if she is accidentally in a disadvantaged position, she never needs her to ask for mercy. If she is not overwhelmed, she will not say anything in any way.

Hey, she hasn’t been so bullied because she’s so big, sea pumice, Ganzi... you bastard remembered me.

Gan Gan’s heart was unwilling to squat on her, only to slowly support her body. When he stood up and pulled up the white scorpion, his eyes had already recovered, and the big model waited for the white lady to come forward.

The situation is stronger than the people. Bai Hao confessed to go up and re-fasten the belt of the shirt. He looked at the piece of jade chest that she had just licked. She was hidden under the white coat, she could not bear it. I lived a little politely and sighed a sigh... I knew that I had to lick him a few more times.

"Well, it's good." Ganzi is more than a white head. The white scorpion turns around him for a few laps, and his hands are sore, so he can put on his clothes. Fortunately, Ganzi martial arts is strong and strong, and it has already been invaded by the heat and cold. It is not necessary to wear so many clothes as ordinary people, but there are only three heavy clothes inside and outside, otherwise the white cockroaches may be directly burdened on the ground.

"You are like this, even if you wear it?" Gan Gan looked down at his horrible shape and looked bad, but it seemed that it was not intentional.

But...but how can there be such a rough woman in the world?

She was waiting for him to put on all the clothes, but Ganzi was not intoxicated by the happiness of the little beauty, and found a powerless fact. From the inside to the outside of his collar, none of them were neat and straight. The inside of the collar was too tight, and his neck was smashed. The outside was not twisted or twisted. The robe was more direct. Dressed as a left squat, not to mention the gorgeous brocade belt on the waist has been smashed with hemp rope.

Bai Hao saw that a peerless beauty man was dressed up as a postmodernist decadent psychedelic virtue, and felt very guilty. She could not help but argue: "I... I... Serving people to wear clothes... I am not professional what……"

Ganzi took a look at her and had to reorganize herself. White 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 : : : : 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓Ganzi quickly took care of it. He dragged the white pheasant and went outside the cave. The two living dolls dressed in black were outside for most of the night, and even a layer of frost was formed on the eyelashes. I still stood in the position of last night without feeling, and I have never moved.

Goodbye to the two men, remembering their encounters, the body could not help but shake, and Ganzi, who grabbed her hand, immediately noticed, and asked: "What? Cold?"

Bai Hao shook his head: "Would you wait for them to send me back to Beijing?" It is best not to know when you don't come. Now she would rather be on the same path as a metamorphosis big devil, and not both. The walking dead is again loaded into the "coffin" and shipped.

Ganzi proudly smiled: "Since I have restored my original appearance, why should I let them smear your eyes? Naturally, I personally send you back."

Suddenly, I bent down and put the white cockroach, which was not prepared at all, and got up and kissed her face. Haha smiled and walked forward, jumping directly from the stone platform.


You see, first the chest attack, then the sm, the small hand, the handicap, and the dressup game, it is very uncoordinated, I believe the evil children must be very happy.嘻嘻

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