Yu Ren

By E Mei

151 chapter of the river crab

151 chapter of the river crab

Bai Hao tried to calm down and prevented herself from showing a panic-stricken look. She knew that the more she was afraid, the more happy she would be. She is confident that she has not read it wrong. Although this perverted child in front of her is murderous, she does not kill her.

Xiao Yan was somewhat surprised by her calm performance. The flat mouth blamed: "You are not afraid?!"

"I don't think you have a love corpse." Bai Yan listened to him and said that he knew it was right. This abnormal stinky child was deliberately scaring her.

Xiaoxiao smiled and suddenly pointed at her and poked it. The white body fell on the soft pad that had been paved on the edge of the pool, and could not afford a little strength.

Xiao Yan stood up in a big way and began to undress in front of her face. Bai Hao was shocked, wouldn't it? ! Such a small child will "do bad things"? ! But now she doesn't say that she is running away, and she can't even say anything.

The reason why she has always been dissatisfied with Xiao Yan’s various indecent assaults is that the asteroids are playing because they feel that whether the soul is an adult man or not, the body is an absolute child, even if the mind is evil again. Doesn't she have the "conditions for committing crimes", is she guessing wrong? !

Or is this perverted child actually a madman? !

Just as she was in a state of suspicion, Xiao Xiao had already taken off her whole body, step by step to the side of Bai Yu, and picked up her sleeves to reveal a white arm.

The white pheasant clearly saw a small bronze mouth on a large bronze bracelet on the wrist of a small scorpion. A colorful snake with only a thick and short chopsticks swam out and bite down her arm!

On the buttocks, it is itch, white sorrow is nausea and fear, but it can't move, but it can't be called. It can only watch the snake suck her blood, and soon becomes thick and fat, and blinks. She has the thickness of her index finger.

Xiao Xiao saw almost, grabbed the snake seven inches and pulled it out of the white arm and put it on his arm. Before the white cock reacted, he jumped and jumped on a raised rock in the hot spring pool. Sitting back to her knees.

The white eye turned his eye and aimed at his own wound. There were only two red holes in the blood. The wound was neither swollen nor black near the wound. It seemed that there was no poisoning. She lay down against the back of the little squat, clearly seeing the snake on his arm all the way to his neck, biting his carotid artery, and then the body began to bit by bit. thin.

Bai Ruran realized that this snake was a blood transfusion tool and sucked the blood from her body to the body of Xiao Yan.

What Xiao Xiao said just now is the day when he is a great achievement. Then, is her blood the introduction of his practice? Yes, Xiao Xiao’s so-called “sacred power” is mostly the “Nine-turning” magic that the mother-in-law said will make people look like children.

Just don't know how your blood made him look good? White squatted on the cushion and thought about it.Among the fires, Xiao Yan’s thin back has the child’s unique tenderness. If it’s not a colorful snake wrapped around the neck, it looks quite “loving and affectionate”, and the white cock is thinking and thinking, after seeing the snake complete the blood transfusion task. , softly fell to the side, Xiao Yan spread his arms, after a burst of bones and activities, the back seems to grow a few inches higher.

Bai Yu knows that the Demon Lord has begun to perform in her presence to transform the magic of the villain into an adult, and he can't help but hold his breath.

However, Xiao Yan's body did not continue to grow up as she imagined, but slowly revealed a white smoke from the top of the skin. The water in the hole was transpiration, and the white scorpion was not too noticeable. Until the skin of Xiaoyan was covered with a thin layer of hoarfrost, she realized that the white smoke from the cockroach was cold.

Just as she imagined that Xiao Yan would become an ice sculpture, Xiao Xiao suddenly jumped into the hot spring.

As for the feeling of whiteness, the water in this hot spring is at least seventy or eighty degrees. It is not too far away from the water. The little cockroach jumps like this, and is not afraid to cook himself!

It turns out that how can the cult leader be cooked in a pool of hot spring water? However, people practiced chilling and went on a hot bath. However, he took it out of the water and re-sitting on the boulder. The hoarfrost on his body disappeared naturally. The body seemed to grow taller and stronger. On the back of the white pelicans, the skin is crystal clear as jade, as if you can see the blood vessels inside the skin and even the internal organs through the skin.

If this is the case, Xiao Yan has exchanged cold and hot for nine times, and the body is completely strong and strong. Xiao Yan, no! Now it’s a complete demon cult, and it’s not a muscle-exaggerated type. The contours of the body are smooth, and every muscle is just right. Like a hunter in the wilderness, there is no cumbersome. It has a deadly power and beauty.

A few meters away from the distance, I watched a drop of shiny water droplets along the wide shoulders of Ganzi and slid all the way down the narrow hips. The long black hair of the wet black hair was scattered on his jade-like back skin. Shengxiang, it is simply a crime! Looking at it, I couldn’t help but my heart beat faster, and even some of my mouth was dry.

Hell! It must be that the air is not circulating here, and the temperature is too high, so her brain is faint and full of heat! When Bai Hao tried to make excuses for himself, Ganzi suddenly turned around slowly.

Bai Hao was struggling for a while, should he quickly close his eyes to avoid seeing any irritating picture - this guy didn't wear anything! Just saw a child's ** nothing, now this is a strong man!

But let this bastard find that she did not dare to look at him, she must be very proud, thinking that she was afraid of him, too weak to their own momentum!

Moreover, she does not want to deny that she is a bit curious and confused.

I want to see the man's body in front of me... In the end, I don't admit defeat, curiosity, and the color heart threw down the girl's restraint. The cult leader is all naked, and there are few people in the world who have a chance to see it!Such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, missed the life that I am sorry for her living? !

She decided that she wanted to see it, but the naked man did not cooperate. When she turned and turned to half, she leaped away from her line of sight. Bai Yan sighed softly. I don’t know if my heart is feeling relieved, or I regret more.

Curious to be curious, the man in the cave is a man and a woman, the man is still naked, this is very easy to accident!

Although Bai Yan did not intend to be a woman with three sorrows and angers, the requirements for possible objects that are related to her skin are very high, and she is even more reluctant to have a sloppy, stubborn or grievance.

The place where the eyes could not be seen came from the sound of the clothes that were dressed in Ganzi. The white cockroaches slowly closed their eyes and slowly nodded, and this guy knew the shame, hehe!

However, she was relieved that she was too early. She hadn’t had time to calm down and watch the liver calm down. She blinked and saw a big man who was only wearing a blouse and a pair of pants. She sat down beside her and was leaning down. Looking at her, that face is quite familiar. It is a sea pumice that has not been seen for many days!

Bai Yan couldn't believe in blinking his eyes. It was one thing to have a feeling in his heart. It was another thing to turn into reality.

Ganzi reached out and touched her face gently. She smiled very unfaithfully and honestly: "You didn't guess it long ago, how can you be surprised?"

In this way, the enchanting smile of this evil spirit appeared in the face of the sea pumice, and the face was always so sloppy, so that the white cockroach was very maladaptive.

I have to admit that such a smirking "sea pumice" is very good... so nice! Full of aggressive beauty, let the white stunned and can not help but sway.

Ganzi’s palm left her face and gently tapped on her shoulder. The white cockroaches felt that the soft hemp feeling on her body had disappeared, and her hands and feet seemed to be able to listen to her again. She let go of Ganzi, who had invaded her airspace, and sat back and sat up halfway, eating and eating: "When, when did I guess?"

I don't know if I was too scared or I couldn't fully resume my speech function. Even Bai Hao himself could hear that the voice was obviously changed.

Gan Yan's eyebrows, lazy and laughed: "Ah..... I forgot, I sealed your memory." Saying that despite the resistance of Bai Yu, dragging her into her arms In her ear, she muttered a few strange notes that seemed to be spells.

When I was awake, I remembered everything.

In the Yunqueshan hospital, he once broke his identity!

"Think of it? Actually, even if I have sealed your memory, you should still be able to guess it with the asteroid hand. It’s just not sure. Is your husband and I very powerful? No one in the martial arts can master both black and white. "Ganzi's tone of voice is a bit like a small sly, with a little child showing off to adults, thinking that it has just recovered identity, the role has not been converted.

It is a double-faced person, very abnormal! White sputum abdomen.She thinks she needs to think about it, how can she get rid of this big devil head safely and without any problems.

Her good-looking, good-looking girl with a good career and a good career, how can she run into this big abnormality? Is it true that God feels that she is too happy in this life, so give her some trouble and twists and turns?

She still has three years to report to the local government, and the task of helping the people is almost completed. She waits for the rest of the day to enjoy, and pulls her parents to walk around freely.

Now there is a major change in the goal that will soon be achieved!

This is all for shrimp! ! !

Bai Yu was full of sorrow and anger, and asked Heaven without words. Gan Gan saw her look changed, that is, there was no half-hearted delight, and even if she didn't look at him, she couldn't help but sink her face, and her arms were not consciously tightened.

The white cockroaches couldn’t help but groan, and they screamed and struggled. In the middle of the chaos, they touched something slippery. She looked up and found that one hand was unbiased and pressed in Ganzi’s bare On the chest... The child has finally become bigger and worse. I am honest and reliable. Is this chapter very harmonious?

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