Yu Ren

By E Mei

149 people with small vinegar

149 people with small vinegar

149 people with small vinegar

After the Bai’s couple negotiated, Mu Peilan immediately wrote a letter stating that Xiao Yu’s desire to marry him was requested, and Princess Antai was handed over to the emperor. The letter said that the two husbands and wives only had this daughter, and she hoped that she could stay with her. They planned to return to Beiguan City with their daughters after the rebellion was settled.

The implication is to let the emperor rest assured that their daughters will not be involved with the dignitaries in the capital, nor will they marry into the royal family. The emperor read this letter and will solve the problem of Xiaoyan.

In fact, they had long wanted to let Bailu return to Beiguan City first, but most of the thousand soldiers who had been scattered around Mao’s family had not yet been captured. These people were brought into the palace by the Mao brothers, and later they took hostages and fled the capital. Mao’s most loyal and loyal guards, at least half of those ten people are desperate.

Although Bai Hao has followed dozens of guards, but from the capital to the North Guancheng, there are thousands of miles of roads, in the middle of these guards gathered together to retaliate against her, the enemy is ignorant, the danger is self-evident.

Bai Yu did not have much hope for the emperor to live in Xiaoyan. Although Xiaoxi was mostly the illegitimate son of the emperor, he grew up not to be surrounded by the emperor. It would be difficult to say that this emperor is in the heart. According to her experience with Xiaoxuan, this guy's words and deeds reveal an unruly and arrogant temperament. Never let the emperor ban the more he sings on Taiwan.

Her bad feelings became true the next night...

When she dreamed halfway, she felt like she was pressing something, and she couldn’t breathe. She opened her eyes in panic and saw a small figure in the darkness lie on her, no need to think about it. I know that it must be a small beggar.

Xiao Yan’s eyes glared at her as if there were black and cold flames burning in it.

Bai Hao struggled to push him to catch his breath, but he was pressed more tightly.

"I have warned you many times. Don't think about violating my promise to me. You think that moving out of the emperor to press me, I will let go?" Xiao Yan snorted, coldly looking at the white and uncomfortable struggle under him.

"Get up... I, I am not angry..." Bai Hao intermittently said that the air in the chest had to be squeezed out.

Although Xiaoyan was angry, she did not plan to kill her. He slowly sat up and sat down on her lap.

The white cockroaches gulped and gasped for a while, and asked: "What did the emperor tell you?"

Xiao Yan replied without answering, but asked: "What is your relationship with Yang Lan? What did you say with him alone yesterday? Tell me honestly, I don't have half a lie." The muzzle.

The white stunned and angry, and glanced at him: "Take your ass"

Xiao Yan suddenly reached out and squeezed her shoulder. The feeling of sour and numb suddenly spread from all over the body from the place where he was pinched. It seems that thousands of ants crawled along the skin and blood vessels, and the white sorrow was uncomfortable. Call it, and immediately know the time and ask for help: "stop, stop, stop and feel uncomfortable"Xiao Yan sneaked a sigh: "Don't lie on me, I like you, I will give up on you. I have thousands of ways to clean up you. You want to listen to me, or let me be punished and obey, with your Will

The white cockroaches are sore and tearful, and they bite their lips without snoring. The rare and pitiful gesture reveals a stubborn and untamed posture. The beautiful gesture makes Xiao Xiao’s heart move. He wants to hold the woman in front of the palm to care for the pet, and wants to torture her to see her soft language. He was so weak, but when he really hurt her, he felt regret.

He was tempted to reach out and tried to touch the white cheeks, which was bitten by the blushing red lips. But she was flashing sideways. He was a little angry, but he was afraid that he would hurt her if he did anything. He had to bear the air. : "Don't bite. You are good, I will be very good to you."

Bai Hao insisted on ignoring, but stared at him with a vigilant look.

Xiao Yan flat mouth, and restored to the original innocent child look, with her long hair in the hands to play, said: "I know that Yang Lan also wants to marry you, but you refused. Fortunately this world I don’t want to kill anyone. Yang Lan is one of them. If you really want to be with him, you can’t help me find a way to kill him...”

The white scorpion is dead and does not answer. The long hair in the hand of Xiao Lala is dissatisfied: "You talk with me."

The dead child, Bai Yu, cursed him innumerable times in his heart, but she also knew that the situation was stronger than the people. The stupid child in front of him was out of the ghost, and the martial arts were surprisingly high. He wanted to complete her, and she could not hide.

She can't say that she is guarded by sternness, but even the famous martial arts master like Yue Laosi can't sneak into her side silently, and Xiaoyan has done it, and more than once.

The most frightening thing is that this guy is obviously very proficient in the drug lords of the side door, and it is hard to prevent. It’s easy to get into such a terrorist and want to get out of it safely.

She is most afraid of being involved in her parents and other people around her, and this stinky child loves to kill her and smother her. She hates this disadvantage, but there is no way. If even the emperor is dispatched, this stinky child is still doing his own thing, and refuses to let go, is there no one in this world who can cure him?

"Hey to talk" hair was once again not light and not tossed, stinky children are impatient.

The white mind turned a few turns, and the good woman did not eat the loss before she said that she would not have to deal with him.

"You are with Yang Hao... is it a brother?" Anyway, he can't get rid of him, and he doesn't have to cover up and pretend he doesn't know.

Xiao Yan said, "Well," said: "My mother is a sister to his mother.

My mother is a sister, and they have very good feelings. Many years ago, they met the old man of the emperor. Later, my aunt was willing to squander martial arts, and promised not to contact with the people in the rivers and lakes, marrying me as a sideline, but my mother was used to living freely. I don't want to be bound, I am even more reluctant to give up the power of martial arts and hands, to go down to be low, to be a small beggar, so stay outside the palace. ”"Niang Niang later became the demon leader, and she did a lot of things for the old man. She always went to the capital to meet the old man. Compared with the aunt who swallowed in the palace, I don’t know how happy. I was born soon, Yang Lan was born. Hey, the old man was so good to their mother and son that they couldn’t wait to pick up the moon in the sky and give them to them. As a result, the queen didn’t feel relieved, and finally couldn’t help but poison the aunt. The old man saw that Auntie died, and finally learned to be smart. No longer close to Yang Lan, only to save his life. Is there anything good in the palace? Or my little wife is smart." Xiao Yu said that he finally revealed the "fox tail", it is necessary to educate the whites Was fooled by Yang, to be a prince.

White is too lazy to distinguish anything, just ask once and understand: "Your mother is the demon leader, then what about you?"

Xiao Yan leaned down and leaned in front of the white scorpion and smiled. "I am naturally a cult leader. My real name is Ganzi. Are you afraid of it?"

Mother-in-law really sees miles

Bai Yan turned a white eye: "I am afraid of you, will you not wrap me around?"

Xiao Yan screwed his brow and said: "It is obviously you who provoke me first"

"I shouldn't be a good person and get rid of you."

Xiao Yan’s lips moved, but she did not say anything in her heart. He still waited to give her a “surprise”.

"The emperor said that the ghost face was found 12 years ago. Why did you send it a few days ago?" Bai Hao has been entangled in this problem, but he could not ask the emperor in person that day, so he asked Xiaoxi now.

"My mother found the aunt of the ghost face, and was preparing to send it to the capital, but I heard the news that my aunt was killed in the palace. I was so angry that I was at a critical juncture, and I was most worried about it. Therefore, she was caught in the fire, but she saved her life, but she left the root of the disease. Her heart resentful that the old man could not protect her sister, wrote a letter to the old man and said that he would send someone to kill the aunt’s behind-the-scenes master. People, the old man replied to the interest, and persuaded her to be patient for a while, and one day she would be able to recover the blood debt for my auntie. My mother was convinced by him, but my heart was still not guilty, so I was not angry. Send the ghost face to you." Xiao Yan sees the white sly look bad, but also knows that she is angry, smiles and touches her little face, said: "The queen has been burned to death in Ningyi Palace that day, summer home The old man also took the "Erosion" that I had under the slogan. I had to eat a full year of pain before I died slowly, and I couldn’t scream for a long time. Is it really amazing?"

You are very perverted, and you are yelling in your heart.

"You will prepare for tomorrow night, I will send someone to take you to a place. You obey, I will send you back before dawn. If you are not obedient, I will take you away and never come back."

It is also a threat of red fruit, but Bai Yu understands that he does have the ability to do it. She has no choice but to cooperate.

"Where are you going to take me?"

"Don't ask, you will know when you get there, you don't say anything to people, otherwise people who know will die." When Xiao Yan said this, his eyes were full of murder, and he remembered his means and nodded.But think carefully and not right: "Do you send someone to bring me? Why don't you come?" There is a faint smile in the question.

Xiao Yan was laughed at her anger and hated her.

This is her own knowledge. He is now a "five short stature", and his height is less than the white chest. Even if the martial arts are brought to the world, it is inconvenient to take her to perform the light and fly. It is also awkward to think about it. "Wife" shame in front of me?

Bai Hao did not dare to provoke him. He sneered and turned to the topic: "What about those people who have come to my house in surprise?"


In the next chapter, the little children's shoes can finally grow up.

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