Yu Ren

By E Mei

148 How much can you pay?

148 How much can you pay?

148 How much can you pay?

Bai Hao looked very weakly at the generation of love Li Gongzi, almost wanting to turn a blind eye to him: "To take Miss Xu to meet with Li Gongzi, and to solve the marriage of the twelve princesses are two different things, there are priorities, I think for Li Gongzi In fact, the latter is more urgent."

The five horses and the Li Gongzi face the twilight at the same time. They are not unexpected. This is just that Li Yunxin always has to see Miss Xu’s peace and nothing to be assured. On the same day, the five horses will come back and describe the "buyers" of the Xu family. The terrible virtues, and later they did not bother to find out the whereabouts of Xu’s sisters, how can Li Yunxin be assured?

These days, his heart is as fried, hateful and painful, and he thinks that his sweetheart does not know what kind of bullying he is suffering, and he wants to kill him on the wall. Fortunately, Yang Lan and Wu Hao Ma accidentally bumped into the white thirteen on the road yesterday. The five horses recognized that he had walked outside the city with the ugly eccentric who bought the Xu sister. After that, there was no trace of the ugly, estimated two. People are familiar even if they are not associates.

Yang Yan sees it as white, and then recalls that Bai Yu’s day is acting, and immediately guessed that the Xu’s sister was actually bought by her.

Although this little evil woman of Bai Yu is barbaric and bully, she has always been very good at the people she bought. People in her hands will never suffer and suffer.

The five horses wanted to send people to chase the white thirteen. I didn't expect to be discovered by Bai XIII. There were no traces in a few times. Yang Lan explained to him, he would be suspicious, so Yang Lan simply asked him to bring Li Yunxin to the Zhongguo government to pick up people today.

Li Yunxin is like that. When he sees it at a glance, he understands that he is not at ease. He has to see his sweetheart safely, so he is so anxious to come to the door.

Today, she is going to do good deeds and pretend to be good people. She can't fight the bitter master too much. Bai Hao takes back the contemptuous eyes and turns to the topic and asks: "How does Li Gongzi plan to solve the twelve princesses?"

Li Yunxin really has a countermeasure, but in the face of Yang Hao, how can he speak freely? The five horses saw him vomiting and vomiting. He knew that he was a scruping Yang Lan, and stood up and said: "Yun Xin, you can bluntly say that the sixth hall is not the kind of person. Since he is willing to go this way today, he will never do a good fight. It’s awkward."

Lin Pingzi also mentioned that in the ancestral temple, Yang Lan and the five horses had been "eyebrows to go", saying that these two people must have "sentences", and Bai Yu’s remarks on the five horses would be more certain, but I don’t know Yang. What did you do to make this five-horse horse trust him so much.

Yang Lan received the gaze of the five horses and smiled. He said: "The Li brothers said that it is fine. Twelve of her... I really wronged you. The marriage should be yours. I want to be a beautiful thing. If there is a need for this palace." Where you can help, this palace must do its best."

Li Yunxin is not a pure nerd. The identity of Yang Lan is too simple for him to be a villa. There is no need to lie to him so badly."My father has a worldly exchange. I have said that a woman from a neighboring family has been sick and sick since she was young. This year, the sixteenth, the condition became more serious. The doctor said that she could protect her life for two months. Her parents feared that she would become a master without a young age. Lonely soul, is looking for her husband to marry her husband. Under the next, the next thought is really not, then she will enter the door to marry." Li Yunxin said that there is no need to say here.

With the thunder of lightning, the wife who was dying of illness was smashed into a door, and became a married woman. The marriage of the twelve princesses naturally fell through, even if the wife could not enter the door or hang up the next day after entering the door. The twelve princesses want to come and can't pull their faces and marry a coward who is a "mother".

Although Li Yunxin has the lowest status among several people here, he is also a high-quality golden tortoise. If he wants to find a wife, he can’t find a normal, healthy and beautiful condition. He sincerely made himself a coward. For the "King Festival" for Miss Xu Jiada

The five horses are his deep affection, but Yang Lan can only smile: "The paper can't hold the fire. Your marriage will be spread sooner or later. It is disrespectful to pass to the father's ear. Even if it is inconvenient to openly ask for sin, I am afraid that Your official journey has also ended here. Can Li brother ever think about it?"

Li Yunxin silently, he certainly thought about it. In fact, this method was still his dream. He experienced this time and experienced the innocent crimes of his family. The summer party stepped and forced this rebellion, and he had already retired. I just want to resign and go back to the country to have some happy days. The son died and vowed that this life was not a big Miss Xu, and Xu’s family had such a bleak ending because of this marriage. He felt deeply embarrassed about his family, so he went to the eldest son.

Just now, Li Yunxin heard about Bai’s arrangement for Xu’s sisters. He felt that it was better for the two sisters, and he was alive. He not only had the news of the Xu’s sisters, but also hoped to keep up with his sweetheart. He was delighted and I thought about it again, and now I decided to stay in Beijing, and went to the border town to go to the doubles with Miss Xu.

"Since the Sixth Highness is the emperor of the twelve princesses, at least we are more familiar with the situation in the palace than with us. With his wisdom and wisdom, as long as he is willing to imagine, there must be a way to solve this marriage for Li Gongzi." I kicked the ball to Yang Lan.

Since he wants to win over the five horses, he can't just do the water, but he doesn't contribute.

Wu Yima had long wanted to ask Yang Lan for help, but thought that he had no friendship with Li Yunxin, and now it is time to be sensitive. Yang Lan is slightly inferior, and may have to ruin the good situation that is difficult to win. Now that Bai Hao has opened this mouth for him, he will inevitably give birth to some expectations, and hope that Yang Lan will be able to answer it.

Yang Lan indulged for a moment, said: "The palace is doing its best, but the details say that you must ask the county owner to help think about it. I wonder if the county owner can help Li Gongzi?"

Bai Yu knew that he would not be so simple to help people. She also had some questions to ask Yang Lan privately, so she agreed to it.

When Yang Lan was too late to be happy, she listened to Bai Yan and said with a smile: "Please ask your cousin to call two guests. Please go to the eclipse of the sixth hall and wait for me."Yang Lan soon knew why Bai Yu was going to "go to go" and saw the little raccoon flower she was holding on her hand. He couldn't help but sigh in his heart - it was really tight against him.

After the esoterics of the two little emperors who were rescued, he finally knew why she was so jealous of his approach in the Yiyi Palace last time. The original problem was really on the little raccoon. This cat is not only fierce, but also unknown. Why did the body carry the poisonous, and the eight dead soldiers who hijacked them, despite Fang Hai’s full treatment, have still not been able to eliminate the poison, which shows how poisonous the small raccoon is.

The white cockroach caught the helplessness in his eyes, and he was very proud and laughed very sweetly.

There are only two of them in the eccentric hall. She is no longer polite. She opens the door and asks, "You are not like the kindly charity, what is it for me to come to my house today?"

Yang Yan sighed and said: "If you can, you should persuade the white man to retire and resign as soon as possible."

Bai Yan raised his eyebrows: "Is this what you meant or what the emperor meant?"

"I mean, but the father is also optimistic."

"Bai Daren has nothing to do with my family..."

"Well, this is nothing but the last layer of window paper. The white man has long been waiting to recognize you. He only has one son left. If you are jealous or you are willing to speak, he will probably not. Refuse."

Bai Haoqiang said: "Well, let me try." The bird's bow and the rabbit's dead dog cooking have always been very skillful and unreasonable for the emperor's people. Being able to rush back automatically before they start to get a good end, this is the truth, the day is clear.

Although Yang Hao is a good reminder, but the bridge is his own old man, he is now an "accomplice", it is inevitably a bit embarrassing, but fortunately there is nothing to blame.

The hall was silent for a while, and Bai Hao suddenly said: "You... If you think that Pingzi will make you dissatisfied, remind him of it, okay?"

Yang Lan’s heart was like being blocked by something, and finally stiffened and nodded: “Good”

"I have to say that you are really good for my family." Bai Yan smiled lightly. If Yang Lan said that she would never do a bow to Lin Ziping, she would find it ridiculous. The position of the emperor is not so good. It is necessary to weigh the interests of all parties. When it is appropriate, it must be arrogant. It can be used as a way to use the "cup of wine to release the military power" as gently as Zhao Wei, suggesting that he will take the initiative to retreat. It is already very kind. It is.

Bai Hao did not want to continue such a heavy topic, nor did he want to let Yang Lan have some bad feelings for the Zhongguo Government for what had not happened or did not happen, so he quickly turned to the topic and asked: "The Queen just died. In a few days, how did you suddenly mention the marriage of the twelve princesses?"

"In addition to a Xia Queen in the palace, there is also a Xiagui person. This Xiagui person is the daughter of Xia's branch, and the queen is a distant house sister. He has been in the palace for ten years, has no children under his knees, has been with the queen and The relationship between the twelve princesses is very generous." Yang Weidao."Oh, the queen died, she has no children and no backing, so I want to please the twelve princesses, taking advantage of the emperor's enthusiasm for the Queen's death, looking for an ideal husband for the twelve princesses, counting on the twelve princesses to pray in the future. Take care of her for one or two? This method is not good, but it is estimated that she has no other way." Bai Yan followed his thoughts to guess.

Before the empress was still there, the second emperor was a popular candidate for the Prince. The Xia family still had the right to pour a moment. The twelve princesses naturally did not marry. Now the 12 princesses’ strong backings are down. If she wants to marry well, she must take advantage of the emperor’s right. She still apologized and pity when she decided to settle the matter as soon as possible, otherwise she would have forgotten her for a year after she had been observing the emperor for a year.

When the Queen was alive, the twelve princesses were arrogant. I don’t know how many palaces were offended. Now the Queen is dead. These monks are blowing pillows in the ears of the emperor for three days. How do the twelve princesses resist?

In the palace, there is no princess who has fallen out of favor. When she was in her twenties, she was still unmarried. Some of them later married some ordinary officials. Some even went to the dark and the old palace. How can the twelve princess not be afraid?

As long as Xia Guiren helped her with her, it was her great benefactor, and she would not have to pay back in the future. At the very least, if the emperor died and the Xiagui people did not die, the twelve princesses could play to receive her from the princess house, instead of being sent to the royal ancestral hall to be dying to death like other babies without children.

"You know what's going on in the harem woman, so if you do... you will marry me." Yang Lan smiled like a real smile, in exchange for a cold sigh.

"You want to be bitten by a cat, right?" The white raccoon took the raccoon flower and made a fierce styling of Yang Lan.

Yang Xiao smiled and made a sigh: "Don't dare to dare, my sister is forgiving."

"You can talk well, don't always want to take advantage of me."

"I am very serious." Yang Lan smiled bitterly.

"I am also very serious, I will not marry you just as seriously as you will not give up the emperor." Bai Hao looked down at the little raccoon, and his tone was firm.

"Even if I am single-minded to you? Nothing?" Yang Lan did not understand the crux of the problem, but the former dynasty also had a precedent with only one queen in the harem, Bai Yu is not willing to share her husband with other women, he can follow the example The former emperor, as long as she is alone.

This is not impossible, especially now that there is no power in the imperial court except Bai Changshan. There is no power to blame the imperial power, and no one will easily go to the harem.

Things refer to the feet. As long as Bai Changshan resigns and resigns, the doubts of the father’s fear of foreign affairs are naturally greatly reduced. Perhaps he has to grieve Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi as a minister who has no power and no power, but the relationship between the two men will definitely Her wishes are first.

Bai Hao looked up a little surprised, she did not do anything to Yang Lan, how did he even give up the entire garden for her flower? Especially if the garden is to be abandoned, it has to pay a small price.Yang Lan decided to look at her. She had no usual romantic smile on her face. She said seriously: "My mother-in-law was unclear when I was young, and I was dying. What happened in the middle, I don’t say you can guess. I don't want the woman that I really like to suffer from this disaster one day. I hope that you can always be happy to be with me."

Bai Yu is most afraid of people being serious about her, she can't afford it and can't afford it. She did not directly answer Yang Lan’s question. She asked: “If you are Li Yunxin, what will you do if you encounter such a thing? Or, your father will let you choose between me and the emperor. You What will happen?"

Yang Yiyi, he can sweetly say that he loves Jiangshan more loves beauty, but under the watchful eyes of Bai Yu, he can't say a word, half awkward: "You are more unfair, Li Yunxin. How can I compare it with the emperor?"

Bai Hao nodded: "It is unfair. I have heard a story in the past. There are two men who pursue the same woman, a millionaire who is wealthy and unparalleled. One is a craftsman who can only support his family every month. The rich can take it with you. One thousand and two silvers are used as dowry to marry this woman, and the craftsmen have only one or two silver for their family business. In order to be able to reach the beloved woman, he is willing to make all the money for the fake gift."

Yang Hao’s face changed slightly: “You want to tell me, would you rather have one that has no reservations?”

Bai Yan said: "I am not sure, but I know clearly that compared with here, I prefer the free North Gate City."

Yang Lan decided to look at her for a while, saying: "You can think slowly, maybe you will change your mind."

"Your prince's candidate should be settled years ago."

"The father has not officially announced the candidate. The nephew I chose is the daughter of the ceremonial Shangshu Mo's adult. The relationship between Mo Daren and the great prince is very deep..." Yang Yu muffled.

Well, this awkward guy, this is clearly intentional. Now that Mo’s adult has gone to eat a prisoner’s meal, even if he is holding his head, he is also a guilty officer. How can the imperial prince go to marry a criminal’s daughter?

It is no wonder that he did not care about the election of the emperor. It turned out that there was a countermeasure, but how did he know that the great emperor would rebel in the near future? The emperor knew what was in his mind, but let him do it. I don’t know what the abacus was.

Bai Hao didn't want to continue to guess the minds of these high-ranking people. He simply returned to the topic: "What about the twelve princesses, what are you going to do?"

"Tow, twelve of her current situation can not wait, as long as you help Li Yunxin get some evil, spread the way, the object of the 12-point marriage must be replaced, and the candidates must be confirmed, the purpose of the declaration, Li Yunxin can slowly recover, about two or three months is enough. During the period, he can slowly collect evidence to turn over the case for Xu Daren. Although the process may be difficult for one or two years, if it is successful, Li Yunxin can be bright with Miss Xu. Together." Yang Lan really has more clear ideas than the outside, and he grabbed the focus.When you hear it, you can rest assured that it is not necessary to pretend to be sick. If there is Fang Hai’s disease, it is better to get a disfigured poison like a ghost face, to ensure that the twelve princesses will be scared and half dead at first sight. Will not marry Li Yunxin.

"You have a very good relationship with the five horses. How do you trick him into the hand?" Bai Yu pretend to be easy. Yang Lan was rejected by her and her mood was a little low. She was embarrassed in her heart, and she rarely turned around and turned around. Just go.

Yang Lan faintly understood her mind and smiled: "What deceives me, I solved the bad wife at home for him. He naturally made friends with me sincerely."

"Five princesses? Hey, the accident of the five princesses is you..." Bai Yu was taken aback. When she first entered Beijing, she heard the news that the five princesses were seriously injured. I didn’t expect it to be the black hand under Yang Lan. This guy is really good enough. The heart is black and handcuffed. The five princesses are his half-sister. Although she has done evil things, she really has nothing to be sympathetic to.

Yang Lan raised her finger before her lips and blinked at her: "Can't say, can't say"

It’s no wonder that the Five Horses have trusted him so much. It turns out that Yang Lan once made such a big event for him. This is a double-edged sword. He has drawn five horses and added a blood debt between Mao Guifei and the Queen. In the palace, he still believes that his daughter was harmed by the Queen.

"All said that one night couples have a hundred days of grace, what are the deep hatreds of the five horses and the five princesses, to make this happen?" Bai Hao really can't see the five horses turned out to be a heart-wrenching.

Yang Weidao: "It's similar to Li Yunxin's. Wuyi Ma originally had a beloved woman who was a private life. Because she was born too low, she was a prostitute in the Wufu Mafu, so she has never had a name. Wuyi Ma has already found it. A senior official who is a retired official intends to recognize this woman as a daughter to form a marriage alliance. As a result, because the five princesses forced her marriage, the woman had to continue without name. The worst part was that the five princesses discovered shortly after marriage. The woman turned out to have the flesh and blood of five horses. She screamed that the woman would be tied to the outside of the city and dragged to death."

The white princess heard the creeps, this five princess is simply no one, so things can be done, it is no wonder that the five horses will be so ruthless to her. It is said that the twelve princesses killed the eunuch palace girls more than once in the palace. These royal princesses are really few.

Good man, Li Yunxin would rather be a coward than to pray that the princess is also normal.

"The five hummers are because of the same illness with Li Yunxin, so they did their best to help him?" Bai Hao understood.

"Yes, the two have had some friendships because of this, the two are very close."

"You did Li Yunxin because of the five horses?"

Yang Hao nodded, there is nothing to deny.

"狡猾 狡猾 ”" Bai Hao criticized without mercy.

"Politely polite." Yang Xiao smiled easily, just as unpleasant as if he had already sailed through the water.After sending away three guests, Bai Hao returned to the room. Ginkgo looked deep into his face: "Miss, your question is so deep, really, you will have ten or two silver or one thousand two silver?" Although the two silvers are wholehearted, but one thousand two silver... one hundred times and one hundred times..."

This guy just sneaked out from the outside and didn't have a good air. "You think about it, don't bother me."

After a while, Ginkgo looked up with a painful look: "Forget it, I want ten or two silver. It’s a big deal. I’m going to make that one thousand two. Anyway, I’m not making it for me. I still want to love me wholeheartedly. ""

"Can't see it, you still have the awareness of raising a family and living a husband." Bai Hao did not think so.

"That... then I want a thousand and two silver?" Ginkgo was shaken again.

"You have more than one thousand for the price of redemption. Is it worth it to sell your own money?" I scornfully disdain.

Ginkgo said: "This is not a metaphor... or Miss, you said, which one is better?"

Bai Hao looked up and said: "The two are not good. One has no money and no sincerity. One has only sincerity and no money. You think about it, although there is money in front, but he will give you very limited, maybe he will give it to his family. Xiao Yan has friends and relatives who are more than you, how much you are depressed, the latter is either you have to suffer from suffering with him, or you simply raise him together, the same is so depressed."

"I said it is equal to saying nothing..."

"Stupid, why wait for someone else to come out? You can say to the previous one, give me all your family, the old lady will marry you, you can also talk to the latter, you have to find a way to earn a thousand, the aging mother will marry you"

Ginkgo stunned and concluded: "No wonder Miss you can't get married..."


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