Yu Ren

By E Mei

147 male confused

147 male confused

147 male confused

When Yang Lan visited, Bai Yu was staying at the Fen Court to talk to his parents. He heard the red songs come to the newspaper, and the smiles of the two husbands and wives immediately picked up, and they saw a self-sufficiency in the eyes of "my family has grown up." Italian, although they did not intend to let her daughter develop something with Yang Lan, but as a parent, I heard that a man with good conditions chased his daughter to catch up with the door, and it was always a little self-satisfied.

The white pheasant was seen by them as creepy, and turned to ask the red song: "He is coming alone?"

The red song shook his head: "There are two sons to accompany."

The white slanted and looked at too many parents, and got up and went out with the red song.

The two women walked outside the hall, but they didn't go straight in, but they were hidden after the screen.

Lin Pingzi was accompanying the guests in the hall. Yang Lan and the five horses were fighting with him. Yang Lan was an old friend. Several men said that they were more speculative. In addition, the young man’s attitude was somewhat cautious and seemed to be closer to the relationship with the five horses. Some of them are quite respectful to Yang Lan and Lin Pingzi. They sit quietly on the side, but they will insert a few words by chance, but every time they speak, they are refined and focused.

Bai Hao listened for a while, pulling the sleeves of the red song, and the two entered the hall one by one.

As soon as she appeared, she was greeted with amazement. Today she is actually just a writer, but the beauty of the beauty is that it is better to wear than others.

Yang Lan took the initiative to introduce her two other guests. The tall and handsome man on the left hand was a five-legged horse. He was a tall, sturdy jewel, with a masculine face and a pair of charming eyes. This strange match is not only surprisingly harmonious, but also very beautiful, so that some of the too rough face is a bit softer. But there seems to be some depression in those eyes.

Bai Yi thought it right, he is the princess of the five princesses, and now the five princesses became vegetative people in the palace, he became a living coward, and he was too happy to be strange.

The other young son named Li, named Li Yunxin, is the son of the Li Langzhong of the Hubu. The five senses are clear and the face is like Guan Yu. It is a very typical image of a scholarly scholar, and he is also a explorer.

Although the eyes of these two people are amazing, they are just a flash, and more of them are pure appreciation and admiration. It is not annoying, white eyes are in the eyes, these two people The evaluation is also a lot higher.

From the moment she saw her, Li Yunxin looked a little more and looked forward to it. The five horses reached out and patted him on the shoulder. He said to the white: "I am taking the liberty to visit today, and there is something to be desired."

"Please tell." Bai Yan sat in the position of Lin Pingzi, and he said.

"I don't know if the county owner had bought a pair of Xu's sisters in the church in the past few days?" The five horses were somewhat uncertain. He sent people to the front of the church to intercept them. The few men saw the purchase. The men of the Xu family sisters are very ugly and ugly. The main appearance of Jingyi County is the first beauty of the Jingshi. How can the family accommodate such ugly people?

If it wasn't for the six emperors Yang Lan who had always assured him, he couldn't believe it.When Bai Bai heard it, he understood it. Isn't this what she told her before Lin Pingzi was called into the palace? The Li Yunxin son didn't need to say that it was the tragic actor who was seen by the twelve princesses.

She also wanted Lin Pingzi to "hook up" Li Yunxin. I didn't expect that people will be sent to the door automatically today. But nowadays, the Queen is dead now, and Xia Ge is dying. Xia Jia’s power is better than that. In the past, it was not the same as before. Yang Lan and Wu Hao Ma Ken specially asked Li Yunxin to come to the door. This person must be "hooked" by them.

She spent so much effort to fish out the Xu sisters, and naturally she had to get some benefits. At the very least, let the guys in front of her take on her feelings. Yang Lan and the five horses passed the turmoil of the previous two days, and their popularity soared. It is an obvious blue-chip stock, and Li Yunxin can't see anything for a while, but there are noble people who help each other, and they have real talents. How is it a potential stock?

Thinking of the turmoil in the past two days, Bai Min’s brain flashed in the light, and the dynasty suffered a big blow in the battle. Now it is necessary to deal with all the affairs of the insurgency as soon as possible, the trial of the trial, the investigation of the investigation; The implicated and dead and wounded officials have vacated so many positions, and naturally someone has to make up. This should be the most important thing in the imperial court.

However, Yang Lan and the five great horses and the big busy people have left so many important things to run to her to talk about the son of a small family lang, it is somewhat unreasonable.

Bai Yan looked up and looked at Yang Lan and the five horses. The former was sitting on the chair in a relaxed and relaxed position. She found her gaze and blinked at her with a smile.

He was so beautiful, this other person's scornful expression, he made it like a 10,000 tree peach blossom in an instant, very pleasing to the eye, people can not be annoying.

This male peacock, who was so arrogant, gave him a look and ignored him.

The look of the five horses is much more sincere and nervous.

Bai Yu recalled the scene she saw before she entered the hall. She immediately guessed some clues. The five horses and Li Yunxin had a good relationship, so they had a special friendship to help, and Yang Lan might want to win over the five horses, so it would be difficult for him to go. Of course, it is not excluded that he wants to see himself, but this is certainly not the main reason.

Those who are born in the royal family rarely have such emotional behaviors, and according to her mother’s words, if Yang Lan wants to sit in the position of the Prince, this time must be especially careful, even if the emperor is biased towards him, it will not Allowing the heirs of the heirs to pass him as an emperor when he was still in place.


She is very self-aware. She is now the most valuable prince of the capital in Beijing. She is a diamond-studded female tortoise. Whoever wants to marry her is the granddaughter of the first minister, Bai Changshan, Lu Ying’s sister. Less than 30 years of struggle is not a dream.

The emperor was very jealous of foreign affairs, and Yang Lan had to dare to fight her idea. The emperor refused to agree. If Yang Lan was smart, he should not show interest in her at this time.Now these people are rushing to find the door. There is only one reason, that is, Li Yunxin’s business has reached a level of 100,000 hurried. If he does not solve it immediately, he may miss it with Miss Xu.

Doing good deeds, Bai Yu likes the Xu family sisters in particular, and the return on investment is fast, and it is too worthwhile for the five horses and Li Yunxin to owe her family.

This is a calculation for Bai Yu, but it is just a flash of lightning. She is very refreshing and nod to the five horses. "There is such a thing. They are now living in a village outside the capital, and they are safe." Li Gongzi is the fiance of Miss Xu."

Li Yunxin’s heart was suddenly put down, and he was delighted to take a deep look with some embarrassment. He said: “It’s just that Xiaosheng thanked their sisters for their life-saving grace.”

Bai Hao wants to pretend to be a good person. He has a good attitude and a good attitude. He smiled and said: "It’s just a matter of raising his hand. Li Gongzi is not polite. You come here today but want to pick up the Xu sisters?"

Li Yunxin nodded hard.

"I am afraid that this is a bit embarrassing..." Bai Yu’s hesitation was made, and it turned out that the look of Wu Yima and Li Yunxin changed.

She gave Lin Pingzi a look, Lin Pingzi immediately coughed: "The identity of the Xu sisters is a slave, unless the case of Xu Daren is rehabilitated, or the emperor's special purpose is forgiven, otherwise they are not only, That is to say, their children are also slaves from generation to generation. Liangzhu can't be married. What's more, Li Gongzi was born in the bureaucratic house, but also explored Hualang. I don't know how to resettle them after they pick them up."

Li Yunxin listened, and his look was awkward.

Lin Pingzi continued: "My cousin meant that I wanted to wait for the wind to pass, send their two sisters to the border town, where the household registration management is not strict, it is not too difficult to give them a new identity, then they I can still marry my life as a good-natured woman. What do you think?"

If you can't get a pardon, this method is naturally the best choice for the Xu sisters.

The five horses are in a hurry: "It is really impossible to rehabilitate Xu Daren. It is because I am too owed..."

Li Yunxin bowed his head and said nothing. "So the county owner sent the two sisters away according to the original plan. On behalf of Xiaosheng, I said to Miss Xu.... Please ask her to wait for her to meet her. I, I will never bear her in my life."

Some words are said to be intermittent, but the points are not detrimental to the words and will be determined.

The five horses were shocked and eagerly said: "What do you mean by this? Your future is not going to be? What do you do with your mother?"Li Yunxin seems to have decided, but the attitude has calmed down a lot: "I can't filial piety in front of my mother. It's mine. Fortunately, there are two younger brothers and three younger brothers." If I stay, I will do twelve. The princess's Hummer, such a woman became my Li family's daughter-in-law..." When he said this, he glanced at Yang Lan and stopped talking. It was already disrespectful when it was said that it was passed away. To be a big disaster, let alone Yang Lan is the emperor of the twelve princesses. It is really inconvenient to say in front of his sister.

The people present at the meeting understood his meaning. The princess was not so embarrassed. When he went home, the size of the family had to be a gift to her. The grandmother of the family had to turn over and bow to her, although this is not forbidden. Hummer entered the DPRK as the official in charge of the real power. On the contrary, he could get the corresponding benefits according to the degree of favor of the princess. However, it is not acceptable for every household to pay tribute to the daughter-in-law. Not to mention the fierce reputation of the twelve princesses is not lost to her five emperors, and even later.

Bai Yanran understands the reason why they rushed to the door. It turned out that the princess forced the marriage, but they did not figure out the first problem that should be solved. Zheng Banqiao’s famous "funny confusion" should really be changed to "male confused".


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