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146 strong kiss is a technical activity

146 strong kiss is a technical activity

146 strong kiss is a technical activity

Bai Hao did not want to continue to discuss the differences in the marriage contract, especially looking at Xiao Yan’s baby face, and even did not study the “adult topic” with him. It’s not as dark as it is, it’s better to find a mother to discuss it tomorrow, let the emperor Some take this perverted child home.

If the emperor can't clean him up, then it's not too late to say anything else.

Xiao Yan probably thinks that the explanation is enough, and he has not continued the topic. He just smiled lightly: "You can't see your heart is good. The little raccoon scratches those guys. Even if he is cured, it is also the life of the behead, but it is If you die a few days later, why waste medicine?"

"How do they die with me? I don't want to have blood on my hands. You pressed me, got up, don't you want me to talk to you?" White is not surprised that he will know this, she just wants to do it now. Pushing the little devil who was half-pressed on her, he just held her by hand, and saw that she did not resist, and even changed her body and pressed her.

Xiaoyan eyes turned a few laps on her face, finally reaching out and scratching her nose and slowly sitting up and said: "Why should you say your woman's benevolence?"

"There are more people to kill, there will be retribution." Bai Hao sighed, and quickly stood up and sat far away from Xiaoxiao, she consciously did not trace the movement, but I do not know Xiaoyan's brow is very unpleasant Screwed it a bit.

"There are so many people who have died in my hands that I can't remember. I have never seen any ghost retribution." Xiao Xiao disdain.

"Not to not report, the time has not arrived." Bai Hao rushed out, and regretted it when he finished. Sure enough, I immediately received two cold arrows from Xiaoyan’s eyes.

"I am retribution, are you very happy?" A small sigh of relief with a fierce question.

The white cockroach does not say anything, trying to control herself not to reveal any expression that she should not have. She thinks that Xiaoyan can clearly see her, and her eyes can only see the dim light in the room, but still can only see the outline of Xiaoyan. This kind of "enemy and dark" situation is very unfavorable to her.

"The person I hate most is against my commitment to me is that you promise that as long as I give you a ghost-faced aunt in a time limit, you will marry me. You'd better learn how to be my wife from now on." Xiao Yan’s tone is stern, revealing a temperament that “everything is under control”.

The reason of Bai’s reason is to be patient, but unfortunately she has been used to being willful in the past ten years, and her anger is drowning in the mind: “The ghost face is clearly the emperor wants you to give it to me, but you take it. Come to me to lie to me, why do you keep me keeping your promise? You don't have to scare me. If you are big, you will die. I am afraid that I will not be afraid of death."

Xiao Yan did not rush to the crown as she imagined, but smiled lightly: "Let your mother-in-law once again have a ghost face, this time I will not give you aunt, then it has nothing to do with the emperor, right?"

This is a threat of red fruit. If the day is not in order, he will start with the Bais.

I have to say that this trick is very effective for white, she bites her lips and doesn't talk anymore.Xiao Yan didn't seem to want to make the relationship between the two people too stiff. When she was scared, she softly said: "Okay, don't say these words. The people in the capital are all packed up, you I will go back to Beiguan City first. I will go to the relatives when I have finished the matter here."

Still, she couldn't escape the tone of his palm, and even arranged a big trip to arrange her trip.

Bai Hao’s heart burst into flames, but he also knows that he continues to provoke him. He is not good for himself. He simply follows him: “We are not married yet...”


"There is no reason to stay in the same place, what do you think of me? Or you go, or I will go." Bai Yan felt that this must be said clearly, she did not want this guy to develop habits, happy in the middle of the night Touching her bed, if the day is hit by someone, where is her face?

If it is a sympathy for her, she is still forced by her, and she wants to be a master of the North Gate City.

Xiaoxuan thought for a moment and finally reluctantly said: "Whether, anyway, come to Japan. But this cold in the middle of the night, you willingly rush to your fiancé to go out, but it is too embarrassing."

"What do you want?" Bai Yu also knew that he could not leave so easily.

Xiao Yan gathered in front of the white sly and smiled. "You kiss me and I will go."

Bai Yi’s heart moved, deliberately making a very reluctant appearance, until Xiao Xiao’s urging, he was reluctant to say: “Just, you can’t hide.”

Xiao Yan’s heart smugly nodded, and Bai Yu deliberately said: “You close your eyes and don’t allow me to look at it”

Xiao Yan actually closed his eyes, feeling that the familiar aroma and temperature are slowly approaching, and the heartbeat is involuntarily quick, and the tension and happiness can not be stopped.

The sweet breath was only a few inches away from his face. His lips couldn't help but bend a cheerful arc. When the heart began to fantasize about the two lips touching, it was intoxicating.

In his twenty years of life, no woman has ever influenced him like a white cockroach. From her first initiative, he decided that this woman must belong to him.

The expectation of the kiss did not fall on his lips. He only felt that the forehead was gently touched by something soft. The woman had already retired, and she heard her sly laughter in her ear: "Oh, my dear. You can go, you want me to keep my promise, and you have to give me a good example."

Xiao Yan smirked and laughed openly, screaming at her, a little disappointment in her heart. When she saw her beautiful smile, she was very disappointing, just like a pricked ball, she disappeared cleanly, leaving only sweet. Happy sour.

He explored the body and went to the day

Hey, he wants to forcefully kiss her lips, and the result is too strong, and it becomes a "crash". A pair of teeth and lips hit a piece, and the white screams on the spot, licking his mouth and tears.

Xiao Yan was nowhere to go, sucked two breaths, hard to pretend to be fine, and turned and ran away.

Cruel facts prove that strong kiss is also a technical activityBecause of the pain, Bai Hao did not notice the oysters and abnormalities of Xiao Yan, thinking that he was revengeful, cursing him a hundred times in his heart, and suddenly got up and found some wounds on his lips, hoping that tomorrow will not rise. It became a sausage shape.

Back to the bed, the little raccoon was taken out from the corner of the bed. When I was confronted with Xiaoyan, I was very nervous. When I relaxed, I felt sleepy again. I yawned and held my dreams with my little raccoon.

Early the next morning, there was an advent of the imperial concubine. The loyalty of the country’s Gonglin Pingzi was greatly praised in the ancestral temple, and the rewards of gold, silver and jewels were counted, and he was appointed to serve as the assistant minister.

After a big chaos yesterday, nearly four senior officials of nearly four grades were nearly dead and wounded, because the big princes were clearly pointed, and the deceased were all based on the Xia Party.

Although Zhou Zhengkun, the head of the family department, is not a loyal tyrant's party, but also has a deep relationship with the great prince. It is a high-ranking official who is more inclined to the big prince in the neutral school. The great prince is rebellious, and he does not participate in it. Suspected a lot, immediately returned to Beijing yesterday was ordered to wait for the investigation at home, ready to defend.

The two ministers of the Ministry of Housing were both dead and injured, and they were unable to take care of them. Lin Pingzi went to the Ministry of Housing at this time. In name, he temporarily replaced the dead family minister. In fact, the family was temporarily handed over to him. His performance is not too bad. The position of the assistant minister of this household is stable and performs well. It is not impossible to upgrade directly to the book of the Ministry of Housing.

Before entering Beijing, no one would have thought that Lin Pingzi would complete the three-pole jump in life in just two months. From an ordinary business executive to a loyalty official, he could still take charge of one of the six departments. I have to be amazed.

White House national companies up and down as usual in the palace little to celebrate about it, because the new Queen's funeral scruples, very low-key celebration was held. Because Pak couple on dialogue as early as the Linping Zi Xijue announced his down home "country's Public House offshoot relatives' identity, so we go envy envy Not really, not what other emotions.

The scene of the rebellious incident yesterday and the subsequent development were also transmitted to the white family's ears by Lin Pingzi's mouth.

The surface is great prince frenzied, first sent to assassinate Queen's birthday in two princes in the palace in the day, then his attempt to usurp the throne of facts Xiage Lao found, and then the date of New Year's Eve ancestral worship openly memorial, the great prince advance had spies tips, see his plot, outrageously joint Mao revolted emperor to abdicate, but fortunately imperial guards command Puhuang desperate resistance, the town of North General Lu Ying arrived, five consort severing, the great prince and Maoist rebels in one fell swoop Qinxia. During Mao chaise lead thief outside the palace, the queen beaten to death, Aetna hijacking princess, two princes and Princess Ying Hua (wood Perrin), Aya King County Main (Poria) fled, British and other troops land was eventually captured, Enron hostages rescued.In fact, after this battle, Mao Guifei and the Great Emperor were abolished, and the Queen and the Second Emperor died. The Mao family became a rebellious one. They were suspended for investigation, but they were forced to rebel, and individual fleeing became a funeral dog. The Xia family was also killed by the murder. Not only did the elite of the elite be slaughtered more than half, but even Xiage’s old man was also overwhelmed. When he returned to Beijing, he vomited blood and stunned for three days. According to Mu Peilan’s analysis, most of them were People have moved their hands and feet, it is estimated that it will not last long, the mastermind does not ask.

The emperor lifted out two sons and cleared up the two major problems of holding the government for many years and became the real winner.

The middle school, which was commanded by Bai Changshan, became the last winner of the competition between Mao and Xia. The six emperors Yang Hao, who showed outstanding in this rebellious incident, and Lu Ying, Lin Pingzi, Pu Huang, etc., were even more popular. In particular, Yang Lan, has become the most popular candidate for the prince.

Just as Yang Lan’s door was in the city, everyone thought that he should be very busy, but he publicly brought five horses and a young male son to touch the loyalty government to visit Lin Pingzi. When he entered the door, he bluntly asked to see the main white of Jingjing County. Hey, I said that there is something to do.


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