Yu Ren

By E Mei

145 Say "No" to the wicked

145 Say "No" to the wicked

145 said "no" to the wicked

Just like the usual plot in a TV series, the police appeared after the protagonist and the evil forces fought and won the final victory. After the bad guys in the secret room were all laid down, Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi led the Yulin army. The difference is that as a positive figure, Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi launched an offensive and defensive battle with the Mao brothers in the farm. The result of the war is naturally ended in victory.

The Mao brothers were depressed. They just sent people out to send letters. How did Lu Ying hit the door so soon? The channels for sending letters have been specially considered. The messengers in front of Lu Ying will not know this place at all, even if they want to sell them.

The dead people they stayed with were all masters of the tenth, but the number of the Yulin army was hundreds of times. This farm is not as eye-catching as it looks like, it looks like an ordinary farm. It is even harder to resist the attack by terrain. .

When the Mao brothers discovered that the Yulin army was close to sending people to the bottom of the chamber, they wanted to bring the mother-in-law to the hostage. As a result, it was conceivable that the people sent by them would be like a sinking sea, and they would never look back.

It was not until Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi and Pu Huang attacked the farm, and all the Mao brothers and their men were captured. They still did not see the hostages. Not only the Mao brothers were puzzled, but even Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi felt very strange. .

Lu Ying handed the prisoner to Pu Huang to take care of himself. He took Lin Pingzi and followed the black bird who led the road to the backyard of the farm. The bird turned three times on a wellhead and finally stopped at the kerb. on.

Lu Ying walked to the well and tried to scream: "Yimu? Hey?"

Answering his first two squeaking snoring, the two in the well immediately recognized that it was a white baby, a cat, and a small raccoon, and suddenly felt a loose heart, then I heard the voice of the white singer: "I am below, the bad guys are I was brought down by the little raccoon, how come you come?"

There was a rope ladder next to the well. They had not come up in the day. They were worried that the situation was undecided. Now that Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi have arrived, it is safe and sound.

Princess Antai brought two emperors to climb up first, then Bailu, behind Mu Peilan. Bai Haoran climbed to the well, and the little raccoon flower on her shoulder was already excited to rush to Lu Ying.

Princess Antai and the two little emperors have seen the great raccoon in the bottom of the well. I was shocked and exclaimed when I saw this scene. I was afraid that the little raccoon would not separate the enemy and I would put Lu Ying down.

I know that the little raccoon just jumped on Lu Ying's shoulder and pleaded with him. The well-behaved and intimate feelings were like the two cats who had attacked the enemy with a fierce claw.

Lin Pingzi next to see the heart of the sour water, this only murderous cat knows to sell the lady to Miss and Lu Ying, he is also very handsome, how can I not see it intimate with him?

Lu Ying reached up and handed the white scorpion and the subsequent Mu Peilan down the kerb before reaching out and touching the little raccoon on his shoulder.

Bai Hao took him and Lin Pingzi to promote the glorious record of the little raccoon: "The little raccoon is very powerful, and the eight bad guys are laid down below. Um... Mao Guizhen is also below, you send people to bring them up. Let's go."Just now, Mu Peilan had no chance to shoot. The Mao family sent four people to pick up the hostages. They were all rushed up by the little raccoon and put down a few claws. The reaction was rapid and the white shackles could not stop.

Later, she thought about it like this, let Xiaozuhua vent their grievances in their hearts, lest it could not help but hurt the people. But now, watching the eight people hang up half-dead, and can't help but regret it. The poison on the little raccoon is under the armpits. She has no antidote at all. According to Xiao Yan, there is no antidote in half an hour. These people are going to die. Although she is not the Virgin, she is not willing to increase the killing without any reason, that is, these people are not the ones she kills.

Her personal experience told her that there is indeed a cause and effect in the world to reconcile this kind of thing, will the raccoon flower continue to break into the animal path? If you don’t care for it like her, what can you do?

Half an hour will soon pass, she looked up to Lin Pingzi: "These people are poisoned. Now it is too late to find Fang Hai. You have a detoxification pill on it. Let them feed them and see if they can. Hold for a while?"

Lin Pingzi naturally has no objection. Immediately, Fang Hai’s detoxification pills may not save their lives, as long as they can be dragged back to Beijing to find Fang Hai to treat them.

Princess Antai was greatly moved and took the white saying: "Your heart is so good..."

Bai Hao listened and just wanted to turn a blind eye. If these few bastards are injured by other Yulin army, she will not waste drugs to save them. She is doing this purely because she wants to be a thief, and she is cheaper. Xiao Yan.

Lu Ying sent people to continue to chase after other escaped rebels, but the main brain has become a net, and other small crickets have caught the icing on the cake, unable to grasp and harmless.

They were escorted back to Beijing, and Lin Pingzi took them directly back to the government office. Lu Ying guarded Princess Antai and the two little emperors into the palace.

Bai Hao returned home and saw his father, went back to the room to wash it from start to finish, and casually ate something and fell asleep.

This sleep is very smooth, and it wakes up in the middle of the night. The room is dark and lacquered, only the snow melts through the window.

Inflatedly rubbing his eyes, but suddenly met a warm human body, white stunned, almost immediately thought of a person - Xiaoyan

This has this idiot who has the ability to climb into her bed without knowing it, and only he has this annoying evil.

Xiao Yan was touched by her and snorted and opened her eyes and complained: "Don’t quarrel, I’ve been tired all day."

What is this? I dare to climb him to the yellow flower 闺 girl bed in the middle of the night.

Going to sleep is also taken for granted?

Although Bai Yu is jealous of the identity of Xiao Yan, but it is not casually cheap, she is too lazy to talk nonsense with her, and she can't leave him, then she is well.

She said that she was pushed up and picked up the raccoon flower that was once again fainted. She wanted to find thick clothes and go out.

Xiao Yan noticed her movements, grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to her head. She said flatly: "So late, where are you going?""I can't sleep and go out to sleep. You love to sleep and sleep." Bai said while trying to withdraw his hand.

Xiao Yan frowned: "You can't sleep and stay there to talk to me."

"Do not accompany" when I think of this is the demon leader, Bai Hao can not wait to go, her time is very precious, do not want to waste on the entanglement of this horrible character with great identity, God knows this guy still What trouble will it lead to?

"You really like to say no to me, don't guess, don't eat, not good, don't accompany..." Xiao Yan's delicate eyebrows slowly screwed up, revealing a cold anger.

The white cockroach was chilly by him. This guy loves to take revenge. She doesn't remember much that she once refused him. He remembers all the pieces in one heart, if he knows she is going to lie off. Marriage contract, I don’t know what he will do to retaliate against her.

Although Bai Hao feels that he has enough reason to cancel the verbal agreement, Xiao Yan is not a guy who will make sense. She was upset, and Xiaoyan had been waiting impatiently, and her hands were weak and standing on the spot holding the little raccoon on the bed.

Xiao Yan looked up and disgusted and picked up the little raccoon flower and threw it aside. He pressed the white squat that he wanted to sit up and said, "What are you doing?"

It’s useless to know how to struggle. I simply don’t do this kind of unnecessary thing. She looked up at the eyes of Xiaoyan’s light in the darkness and calmly said: “Why do you want me to marry you?”

"Because I like you, you are so beautiful and smart, I like your appearance, like your taste, like you to be with me." Xiao Yan uses soft children's voice "love words", does not feel affectionate in the dark. The money is only ridiculous.

"I like you too..." Bai Hao whispered, at least when he was still a sea pumice, she was really a bit tempted.

Although Xiao Yan’s memory of her frank identity has been erased, but with her cleverness and other signs, it is not difficult to re-guess, but she has not been recognized by Xiao Yan’s personal prostitutes.

Xiao Yan suddenly stunned, only feeling happy in his heart, more happy than his sacredness, more happy than he was convinced that the martial arts leader became a white leader, he was happy than he took over the magic, he defeated one more than him. A strong enemy is happy... The feeling of hesitation when he was a child, he finally tried to eat a sweet candy that he had wanted to eat for a long time and was hidden by his mother, and he couldn’t tell the satisfaction.

"But that's not enough for me to marry you." Bai Yu's next sentence, and easily beat Xiao Xiao's good mood.

"Your identity is too complicated. One day may bring disaster to my family, and you will only threaten me with threats. I don't like it." Bai Hao complained softly, and the tone made Xiao Xiao feel angry. Not up.

"What do you think of?" asked Xiao Xiao frown, otherwise how could he say that his identity is complicated? It is said that his town spirit ** should not have problems."Hmm?" What do you think of? Bai Yu was puzzled, Xiao Xiao’s skill was strong, and in the darkness, it was no different from daylight. When she saw her expression, she knew that she had never thought of anything, and most of them guessed his identity from certain details.

"You don't have to worry, as long as I am in a day, no one can hurt you and my father-in-law. And, who said that I will only threaten you against me? I am with you all day, I am afraid that you have something. It."

When Bai Hao turned his eyes, he automatically realized that even the "father-in-law" came. How can you get rid of this piece of leather candy? I really want to have more headaches.


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