Yu Ren

By E Mei

144 Close! This plays back the cat!

144 Close! This plays back the cat!

144 closed! This plays back the cat!

Mu Peilan’s attitude was gracious. After listening to Mao Guifei’s words, he whispered back to the sentence: “Thank you for your enthusiasm, the mother and daughter are fine.”

The white scorpion holding the raccoon flower also pretends to be a delicate look of awkwardness, trying to make yourself look threatening.

Mao Guizhen is a young lady from the family of the generals. Although she does not know the set of swords and guns, the temper is just strong and hot. The most despising thing is the appearance of their "timid and fearful". Seeing them, the heart is even more disdainful, face The smile on the face is more and more cordial: "Miss White came to sit next to the palace. The favorite thing in this palace is your beautiful and well-behaved girl."

When Bai Yan looked at her mother, she slowly swallowed it and sat on a flower bench on the left hand side of Mao Guifei.

Mao Guifei proudly lifted his eyes and swept the temple's guests. In addition to Princess Antai, the other monks, princesses, and princes all looked down and stared at her. Mao Guizhen was very satisfied with this effect.

The position she is sitting now is the Queen's seat, but no one in the entire hall dares to ask a half-question. In a few days, the Queen is so pleased. The secret that is secretly against her is a white face, a sorrowful cry. The look of fright.

Just as she was full of enthusiasm, she suddenly ran out of a Chinese girl in the back of the temple and pointed to her and shouted: "Who is going to sit in my mother's seat? What about my mother?" It is the twelve princesses who have seen one side of the day. The sisters who ran into the hall behind her were the sisters of Sui and Sui. They looked anxious and tried to pull her away. The twelve princesses could not die.

When Princess Antai heard the movement of Mao Guifei, the first thing was to let the two daughters go to see the twelve princesses who were resting in the apse. Don't let her run out to make troubles. I lost my life in vain. I didn't expect it to be this step.

She took two steps and said to Mao Gui: "The 12-year-old girl is not sensible, please ask Mao Guiyu to care about her."

When Mao Guizhen saw the twelve princesses, her eyes were red. She remembered the five princesses who were still stunned in bed, and suddenly angered from the heart, evil to the gallbladder. She had long suspected that the Queen and the Second Emperor had sent her daughter to harm her daughter. Even if it wasn't, why did her daughter suffer such a disaster, but the Queen's daughter was so alive and kicking, and dared to point her nose?

Or the queen is dead, just take this little girl and vent it.

Mao Guifei sneered twice, ignoring the princess of Princess Antai, and said loudly: "There is no way for heaven to go, and there is no way for hell to come and throw people to pick up this little monk."

Two sergeants like wolves rushed in, and the two princesses kneel down and kneel on the ground.

The twelve princesses were so big, and no one had dared to move her half fingers, and they shouted loudly on the spot. Mao Guizhen glanced at the two sergeants, and one of them raised the palm of his hand and gave the twelve princesses several big ear scrapers. The twelve princesses were beaten, and the sergeant played very hard. Her small face was swollen with the pig's head, and her tears were zero. One word could not be said.

Other people in the temple saw this scene scared, and Mao Guizhen even had such a slap in the hands of the twelve princesses of the empress. If they were to clean up, they would not even keep their hands.Princess Antai is very angry, but she also knows that the strong beginning will only make the situation develop in a worse direction. She has caught the hands of her two daughters and bite her teeth: "Maogui is also out of breath, how about this?"

Mao Guijun hated the voice: "They made my little five harmless and live, so I thought about it? Not so cheap, drag this little monk down and wait for life, but don't let her die."

Although Princess Antai does not like the twelve princesses, it is always her niece. It is really letting Mao Guiyu drag it down and hand it over to the soldiers. Then it is over, and those who are doing anything can do it.

But now she is in the hands of Mao Guifei, is there any way to save the twelve princesses? She couldn't help but look at Mu Peilan and wanted to ask her for help.

If it was more than a decade ago, Mu Peilan’s heart could be turned a blind eye to this kind of thing, but after so many years, she has become a habit to do good deeds. When she sees such a thing in front of her, she can’t hesitate.

White 茯苓 一切 一切 一切 , , 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓Princess Antai has taken care of them these days, and it is still good.

"The noble lady, you... you have spared the twelve princesses. She is the daughter of the emperor and the sister of the great emperor. If there are some bad rumors, the emperor is not good at the face." The cautious look of the wing is soft.

This sentence is heard from the perspective of the great emperor, although Mao Guiming knows that she is asking for love, her face is still softer, but her mouth says: "These things, you are a little girl, don't care. ""

The twelve princesses themselves are not a kind-hearted person. From the eyes of Mao Guifei, they can see that once they are dragged down, I am afraid that they will be spoiled by the rude sergeants.

The two county magistrates did not dare to explain the truth to her. She did not know the seriousness of the matter, and she did not know that her mother had been burned to death. She was seen in the palace. Princess Antai was dismissed unscrupulously by Mao Guizhen. The other ones in the temple couldn’t wait to squash themselves. No one would ask for her. She knew that her only vitality was in the white, a pair of tears. She looked at the day with enthusiasm, expecting her to persist and save her life.

Bai Hao didn't go to see her half-eyed, but since she had already opened her mouth, there was no reason to quit halfway: "You are going to punish her for the noble lady, why don't you wait for the emperor and the great emperor to come back and ask them to say it again?

It is time for the noble lady to teach the twelve princesses. If the goddess is still not deflated, let the twelve princess serve the five princesses. ”

Her deliberate innocence is actually a secret reminder of Mao Guifei. At this time, the overall situation is undecided. There is really no need to rush to get things done. Mao Guifei is not a fool, a glimpse of his heart, smiled and said: "Just your mouth is sweet, no wonder the boss likes him so much. Or, ignore her."The white scorpion is faintly shy, and her heart is so terrible that she has to be sent to the door to be a tiger aunt. But as long as it can delay the time, the emperor will certainly have some action.

Today's things are in the calculations of the emperor, but is he not afraid of this madness, the size of his wife and the children who have left him in the palace? Or does he think that these are insignificant people, dying and dying, and the children are dead and reborn?

Mao Guizhen ordered the twelve princesses to be tied and thrown aside. A confidant eunuch came forward to lie in her ear and slammed the things of Ningyi Palace. The fire of Ningyi Palace burned more and more, and the guards fled. The eunuch palace lady who came out was knocked down into the palace, and the palace gates were sealed. Now that the fire has been controlled, it should not spread to other nearby palaces, but Ningyi Palace is afraid to burn it into a white land.

As I said, the two brothers of Mao’s family, who were in charge of bringing troops into the palace, came in and came in. They did not say that Mao Guiqi was pulled aside and whispered.

Mu Peilan decided to look over there, after a while, whispered in a voice that only Bai Bai heard: "The people they sent to deal with the emperor have been completely annihilated, and the great prince and his grandfather have been arrested. Now the land Ying is coming to the palace. They will be in trouble soon, and you should not leave me."

The white singer said: "Mother, can you hear them talking?"

"I saw it..." Mu Peilan evoked a slightly radiant curvature.

Bai Hao suddenly came over, her mother would actually look at the lips and only watch them move their mouths to guess what they are saying. It’s not ordinary.

The one who was listening to the news of the two cousins, the face became very ugly, and looked worried: "What to do, will he have something to do with the boss?"

The two brothers are as sinking as waterways: "You can't just use the people in this temple to change the peace of the big princes and our Mao family. They haven't arrived yet. We will take the important hostages as soon as possible and quit, otherwise we will be trapped in them. The palace is over."

As if to fulfill his words, several sergeants ran in and said that the palace was in the east, south and west.

Mao Guifei’s arrogant arrogance was defeated by this bad news. Fortunately, the important hostage was that she had been negotiating with her father and son, so she did not delay the time. She immediately called the eunuch to see Princess Antai and the white mother and daughter plus two. On the weekdays, the young emperor, who was quite happy with the emperor, took the car sedan and was swarmed by the soldiers and flew away to the north gate.

When I arrived at Gongmen Maogui, I suddenly woke up and suddenly hated it. I knew that I had just killed the twelve princesses and then the empress was dead. She was enough, so she thought it was a little balanced, but she It is a bit more resentful to the white sorrow that she missed the great opportunity to kill the 12 princesses.

If I don’t remember to take care of Lu Ying, who is chasing after him, and rescue her son, she really wants to give the results to the day.On New Year's Eve, there are not many pedestrians on the streets of Beijing. Even if there are some, they have been scared away by these sergeants. The thousands of soldiers that Mao’s brothers brought were all the sons of Mao’s family. When they acted quickly, they held the white house and others and rushed out of the city gate.

So many people rushed on the official road, and it will not be long before they will be intercepted. The Ma brothers have to tell them to disintegrate and evacuate in different directions, while the two brothers personally brought Mao Guifei and more than ten dead men. The hostages such as Bai Yu were escorted to a farmhouse in the suburbs of Beijing.

Mu Peilan is okay with martial arts. Others like Mao Guifei, Antai Princess, Bai Yu and those two young princes are used to enjoying the food. Take a breather.

It is obviously a secret place that Mao’s family has long arranged. From the water well in the yard, connected to a secret basement, all the hostages are locked into this secret room. Mao Guizhen took four dead soldiers and kept them in the secret room. According to their thoughts, it is simply too simple for these four dead men to look at these unarmed women and children.

I have to say that the two brothers of the Mao family have some skills and acted decisively to do things well, but unfortunately they did not learn well, but they did something like a high-risk breach. Although they were in flight, the two brothers did not panic. After a few arrangements, the soldiers arranged for the guards to whistle around the yard. They never knew which one to find a lot of clothes for the farmers, and asked them to dress up as ordinary farmers. .

After the stoppage, the two brothers found ink and ink, and the main writer wrote a letter and sent a dead man to send Lu Ying to the emperor. The letter requested exchange of hostages, and asked the emperor to pardon the Mao family, and no longer pursue their rebellion. The sin.

Lu Ying took the people halfway and found that there was no trace of Mao’s rebel army. The accompanying Yulin army commander Pu Huang frowned and said: “How can this be good? This Mao’s thief is too embarrassed to know them. In the palace, see where they are going?"

Lu Ying Shen said: "If you don't give them a way to live, they are afraid that they will fight a broken net and pull other people in the palace to bury them."

Pu Huang knows what he said makes sense. He scratches his head and says, "What do you do now? I don't even know where they are going. Or I will find more people to go door to door."

Before Lin Pingzi shot immediately, I just heard such a bad idea. I couldn’t help but turn my eyes and go out from the north gate of the capital. I don’t know how many villages are big or small. When I search for it, I’m afraid, wait.

After they finished searching, the other party has already gone far. The officers and men really couldn’t stand it. Fortunately, the lady had a foresight. In the past few days, they sent people to send letters to prepare them.

He turned his head to Lu Yingdao: "Small... Hey, the cousin brought thyme powder, come with me."

He said that he blew a few whistle to the sky. A bird that grew like a crow flew over. He circled for two laps on Lin Pingzi’s head and flew northwest. Lin Pingzi immediately followed up. Lu Ying Bailishan listened to Bailu and said that a talented person can train a bird to follow a certain aroma, and immediately hesitate to follow the horse.Pu Huang looked at the black-haired bird in the sky and took a sip, and followed the past.

The two little emperors kept crying on the road, and they were slap in the face by Mao Guifei. The crying became a convulsion. Fortunately, Princess Antai and Mu Peilan protected them, and they were spared a bitter flesh. Until they were locked into the secret room, the two little emperors still hid behind them and refused to leave. The white cockroaches were instead aired aside.

Princess Antai breathed a sigh of relief, and her eyes turned a few turns on several hostages. The more she looked, the more angry she was. If it wasn’t for Lu Ying and Wu Yuma who had broken her son and father, she should now greet them in the palace. Returning, then began to prepare for the son's enthronement ceremony, and soon she will become the most honorable Queen Mother in the palace, enjoying the worship of the officials and the shackles.

But now? She fled to this broken place like a housewife, and was forced to hide in such a cold and humid burial chamber. The future is uncertain, and it is not known whether the son and his father and other relatives of Mao’s family in Beijing are safe.

All this is the fault of Lu Ying and the five horses. It is the fault of the mother and daughter in front of them.

Bai Hao has been observing her face on the side, deliberately pouring oil on the fire: "The noble lady is worried about the big prince? You can rest assured that he is a prince after all, there is a set of procedures to be killed, and now most of them are prisoners. Must be alive."

Mao Guizhen took the case and pointed to her and said: "Small monks, don't you dare to kill you in this house?"

Mu Peilan knew that her daughter would not do anything unnecessary at this time. She looked up and saw her daughter blinking at her and then looked at Mao Guifei. She suddenly understood that she wanted her to find a way to lead Mao Guifei from behind the dead. Come out, then hijack her, in turn to control the four dead.

Mu Peilan’s thoughts on electricity, which have been plagued by ghosts for more than a decade, have reduced their husband and wife’s skills by half, and the two have always been good at hiding their own strength. The four factions who have taken care of them have not seen her. Internal strength.

Among them, only one of her own martial arts, the other few are the hands and feet of the chickens, the four dead she did not have a successful grasp, so there has been no rush to shoot, is afraid of entanglement and hurt the rest Several people.

Mao Guifei sees that their eyes are very bad, I am afraid that they will soon come up with ways to humiliate them. Instead of reacting passively, it is better to take the lead and control the situation.

After thinking about this, Mu Peilan did not hesitate, took a few steps and left the rest of the people behind him. The interface said: "Kill us what do you want to exchange for the great emperor? Without us, my son will not I will give you a feeling of affection. I am afraid that you will not have the chance to see your son’s last side. You must die for the rest of your life and be reviled by all generations."

Mao Guiqi was extremely angry and wanted to rush to the front. One of the dead men reached out and stopped, and she was pushed open with a cold voice. Several dead men thought that only the women and children in front of them would stop.Mao Guizhen rushed forward to face Mu Peilan and wanted to slap her a slap in the face. How could Mu Peilan let her hit? Gently raising her hand caught her wrist, and by the force of the band, she turned into a furry back to her, her arm was twisted behind her, and Mu Pelan's other hand was holding her throat.

The four dead men did not expect to be unpredictable. Their masters turned out to be the hostages of the other party. They rushed over to surround Mu Peilan. Mu Peilan shouted: "Stand up, go one step further, I will kill her first."

Four dead men and eight eyes caught Mu Peilan, two of them were slightly moving, and one left and one right rushed forward to try to catch the white pipa against the counter-property.

These two are mothers and daughters, and the age of the day is so small that even if it is martial arts, it will not be high. It is important that she has a big cat in her hand, and it is impossible to vacate her hand to resist. .

They don't know, the most terrible thing is the cat in the white hand.

The two men rushed to the front of the white scorpion, and they saw something in front of the yellow shadow that flew directly to the door. The one that was closer could not be evaded. From the eyes to the cheeks, there was a burning pain, which made him unable to attack. The foot moved back three feet, and both hands screamed and fell to the ground.

Another hand raised his hand in time to protect the face door, and the palm of his hand was scratched by several things. He refined the palm of his hand, and his hands and hands were hard as early as the iron and stone. When the swords and swords came, they could resist with a pair of flesh palms. I did not expect that they would still be scratched.

He was shocked and angry and had not seen what was attacking himself. He had already turned around and stunned to the ground.

All this happened only between the electric and the flint. The other two dead soldiers standing in front of Mu Peilan watched as the two brothers were tripped and attacked the yellow shadow that was so light and fell to the side of the wooden table. "After the bow, the back of the spine was exposed to the fierce light and the remaining two people, it was the lazy rhubarb cat that Bai Hao had been holding in his arms.

The two dead men were cold in the heart. They had just seen the speed of the little raccoon. They couldn’t resist themselves because they changed themselves. The most terrible thing is that the cat’s claws don’t know what is strange. Their two brothers were caught by it. I can't afford it immediately, I don't know if I live or die.

Mu Peilan dared to take the initiative to attack, but also squatting

The little raccoon on the flower.

The two sorcerers looked at each other and couldn't help but retreat two steps away from the raccoon flower.

Bai Hao happily applauded the little raccoon: "The little raccoon is the smartest and the best."

"Retreat" one of the slain decisively, greeted the companion to evacuate the dangerous secret room, Mao Guifei looked at their ghostly figure and drifted away, anxiously the eyeballs almost came out, but the throat was pinned by Mu Peilan. I can't stop talking.

Where Mu Peilan would let the two men escape to report, and stunned her on the neck of Mao Guifei, and quickly stepped forward to pursue the two dead men. How can she know that she is quicker and the raccoon is faster, and the lightning usually rushes to the front of Mu Peilan and flies toward the heads of the two men.

The two tried their best to dodge, but it was still a little worse. After a few moments, one person was scratched and thighed. One person was scratched his arm and both fell into a coma.The little raccoon jumped back to the wooden table, slowly licking the blood on the claws, and looked up and smirking at the white singer, asking the owner to praise and hug.

The white cockroaches lived up to its expectations, picked it up and slammed it on its fluffy head, and praised: "You are amazing."

Not only Princess Antai was stunned, but even Mu Peilan was very surprised. She knew the speed and attack power of the little raccoon, but she had never seen it before, because no one had ever been able to get close to the white scorpion. Zhang has been beaten by Bai Shi, Bai Guo, Bai Yu and others.

She only expected the little raccoon to block the enemy. She had enough time to clean up the rest of the four people. Unexpectedly, the raccoon flower was so fierce. A cat put down four dead soldiers who could be called martial arts masters. .

I have to say that this is mainly due to the poison that Xiaoyan applied to it. If it is normal, those dead people will not be scratched by it, and they will fall into a coma.

Bai Hao caressed the little raccoon flower, and thought in his heart that the little raccoon is so hot, is it because the bullies have been bullied and nowhere to vent? Hey, I really want to thank these few punching bags.


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