Yu Ren

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143 Demon Lord

143 Demon Lord

143 cult leader

Just in the Yiyi Palace next to Ningyi Palace, Bai’s mother and daughter are sitting leisurely under the window to play Backgammon. There is no shadow of half a palace eunuch in the temple. The insistence of the priest and the county magistrate in Mu Peilan has already followed Princess Antai went to the Lanlan Palace. The entire Yiyi Palace had only two mothers and daughters and a dozen eunuchs, and she was quietly and completely unaffected by the tension outside.

Yiyi Palace has also been surrounded by Mao Guifei, and Mu Peilan was very calm when he received the news. He told the head of the palace to bring all the palace eunuchs to the apse to avoid hiding, so that they still have daughters. Stay together on the partial hall.

Bai Hao has never been a very strong person. He remembers the situation outside, and he is absent-minded and easily loses a few games. Mu Peilan saw her like this, simply pushed the board and didn't play.

"Does Xiaoyan have any special relationship with the emperor? Does the mother know the details of Xiaoyan?" This question has been in the heart of Baiji for a long time. She feels too shaky when she is forced to marry and marry by a child. I have been trying to avoid mentioning a small shackle these days, and I am so upset today that I can’t help myself.

"Why do you say that?" Mu Peilan looked at her interestingly. She knew something about her daughter's heart. She was thinking about how long her daughter could endure.

"If there is no special relationship, how can he be allowed to do such a secret thing? And the mother, your daughter was deceived, you are not nervous..." Bai Yu mouth.

Mu Peilan couldn’t help but say, “Why don’t you be nervous, dowry, I’m ready to go with you.” Seeing her daughter’s face was not happy, she slowly stopped smiling: “He may be the emperor’s flesh...”

On the day of the day, I heard some doubts about the past, and all the things were practiced in a string. For a person who has been brainwashed for many years by the dog blood TV series, he can quickly launch the beginning and end of the matter: "His mother is not in the same year." The one in the palace?"

Mu Peilan nodded and said: "My nephew is the most intelligent. Xiao Yan's mother-in-law is named Qinglan, which is the leader of the demon."

White eyes: "That, how old is that?" She had a terrible guess in her heart - wouldn't Xiaoxiao be the demon leader? Gan Qinglan died two years ago, and she never heard that she has other sons.

Mu Peilan said: "The magical teachings have a secret that is called 'nine reincarnation'. There are nine weights in the exercises. Every time you break through a body, you will return to the old one for three months, and then return to adulthood. Most of the tricks are practiced. This kind of internal work."

Bai Yu was shocked and said: "Is it a sweet sorrow?" Since it is a secret that is not passed down, the average person is definitely not connected. Xiao Yan is the only son of Gan Qinglan. Who is it?

She had committed the disease of Madonna for a while, but she did not expect to get into such a horrible person, she was going to die.

Mu Peilan reached out and patted her shoulder and said: "Don't be afraid, he is the emperor's son after all. The marriage does not leave the life of the parents, the words of the matchmaker, and then tells the emperor about it, and reveals it." Mu Peilan Therefore, I did not take Xiaoxie’s marriage contract seriously. It was precisely the relationship between him and the emperor. As long as the emperor refused to do so, Xiaoxi could not be convinced.Is it really that simple? Bai Hao did not dare to be so optimistic. As for her observations with Xiaoxiao, this guy is definitely a lawless figure. Others dare not defy the life of the monarch, and he can do anything.

Mu Peilan saw her worries and comforted: "Since you know the identity of Xiao Yan, you should know that he can have today. It is inseparable from the secret support of the emperor. It is based on interests and will not easily turn over with the emperor. ""

The emperors of their husband and wife are very clear, and the emperor is never willing to let their family have anything to do with Xiaoyan, otherwise they will break the existing balance of power, a young and influential young man in the wilderness. People, even the emperor's own son, will make the emperor sleepless.

Moreover, with regard to Mu Peilan’s understanding of the emperor, he would not let Xiaoyan inherit the emperor’s position. After all, he was born with a grasshopper, and the extreme way of acting would bring too many unstable factors to the country. How could the emperor be in danger? In the meantime, choose such a reserve prince?

White can only hope that everything can be said as a mother.

The people who surround the Yiyi Palace may have gotten the strict rules of the upper head. They just surrounded it and did not break in. The two mothers and daughters looked at the gray sky at the end of the high wall, and the mood was a bit heavy.

On the other side, I didn’t know where to go for a can of oil spilling on the queen’s body. I smiled and said: “Yan Yin is killed by your medicine, right? My mother often said that my aunt is not weak. Use, can always be a Gan family, can not allow others to start hurting her, since you have done, you can not die. Unfortunately, time is tight, you have to spend a lot of time on me to teach a big sentence, say no, you can only It’s an interesting way to die. You should be happy. If it’s not the emperor, he’s afraid of losing his face. I want to kill you first. What is the end?"

"Not that I am not, I don't want to kill me... Don't." The Queen was really scared and screamed.

Xiaoyan was unmoved, spilling the remaining oil in the jar on the other female eunuchs in the temple, then lifting the oil lamp to lightly illuminate the curtains and other things in the room, turning back to the queen and twisting because of the fear of fear. The face of the word, one word at a time: "Mao Guizhen rebellion against the palace, the empress is fierce, not willing to be humiliated, the rate of the same people from the palace. Burned in Ningyi Palace."

The guards outside the Ningyi Palace saw the fire suddenly rising into the sky. The leading guards panicked and quickly sent people to the door to rush into the fire. The Queen’s people knew the machine very early. The gate of Ningyi Palace had long been latched from inside. As the palace where the Queen lived, Ningyi Palace not only had a higher wall, but even the portal was full of real materials.

When the guards rushed into the door and rushed in, the sleeping hall of the Queen of Ningyi Palace had turned into a sea of ​​fire.

The head of the guards feared that the emperor would escape and arbitrarily, while sending people to fight the fire, while still strictly guarding the entrances and exits of the various places, but unfortunately could not stand the fire, and eventually had to retreat outside the palace wall. In the chaos, no one noticed that a small figure ghost was generally gone from the height of the palace wall to the flowers not far away, and disappeared without blinking.The Ningyi Palace caught fire. The first thing to get the news was the guards who surrounded the Yizheng Palace. They feared that the fire would spread. So several leaders discussed it and decided to rush in to take the white mother and daughter away.

They are all the confidants of Mao Guifei. I know that today Mao Guizhen intends to kill the empress, but the white mother and the daughter are to be taken hostage. The great emperor personally told me that if they are not necessary, they should not offend and not hurt them. a hair.

Mu Peilan in Yiyi Palace also saw the fire in the direction of Ningyi Palace. I was wondering what was going on there. The palace gate was forced to open. The general manager of the grandeur, Huang Gonggong, took the other two. When the eunuch came in, Pi Xiaowen didn't smile: "Ningyi Palace is on fire, and our noble niece is afraid of disturbing the two guests. Please ask Miss Bai, Miss Bai to sprinkle the house to the Lanlan Palace to avoid it."

Mu Peilan and Bai Yu looked helplessly. They stayed at Yiyi Palace. They thought that if they turned their faces, they could be less tired and not afraid of accidentally hurting others. Don’t worry about being threatened, otherwise they will see the situation. No, the knife is placed on the neck of several emperor princesses. They don’t care about their life and death, and they have to vote for the mouse. It’s too much trouble.

I didn't expect to go around a circle, but I still had to go to the Woodlands Palace.

Now, when they are not risking their faces, the two mothers and daughters followed Huang Gonggong to the Lanlan Palace, and the people who had been outside the Yilong Palace also went to the Lanlan Palace.

Mao Guizheng just forced the opening of the palace gate and placed his two cousins ​​into the palace. On that side, he saw the fire of Ningyi Palace, and soon the guards came to report that the fire of the Ningyi Palace had been captured. The Eunuch Palace, who escaped, did not see the Queen himself, and suspected that the Queen had self-employed in the palace.

Mao Guizhen looked at the direction of Ningyi Palace. I didn’t expect anyone who had been fighting with her for a lifetime. It was so dead. The means of imagining and humiliating her in advance could not be made. I couldn’t say anything in my heart. I feel that I am lost and feel that I don’t hate it. I feel a little bit sorrowful. But now is not the time when I feel it. Mao Guizhen cheers up and says to the guardian: "You send people to watch Ningyi Palace burn well, absolutely no half omission. All that came out of the Ningyi Palace, all killed, one can't stay"

Some of her unbelief, the Queen will be so self-sufficient, she still has to be careful, absolutely can not allow a little accident.

Someone soon reported that they had sent the mother and daughter of Bai’s family to the Lanlan Palace. Mao Guizheng commended a few words and went to the Lanlan Palace with two cousins.

Mao Guizhen thought that after today, this harem is her decision, so she told the two cousins ​​to carefully restrain the sergeant and avoid destroying her palace.

When Mu Peilan’s mother and daughter arrived at the Gaolan Palace, Mao Guifei had already taken the first step. She looked at the beautiful mother and daughter in front of her eyes with cold eyes. If she did not want to win over Bai Changshan and Lu Ying, she would never leave the life of this double fox. . But as long as her son is enthroned, she will slowly pick them up later.In the same year, Mu Peilan had no two in the middle of Beijing. The pressure on these officials was so great that they couldn’t lift their heads. The feeling of being awkward and hateful, Mao Guizhen still remembers it, and his son is intervening in the loyalty of the loyalty government. Suddenly hit the wall, seeking for the white and the twists and turns, let her be full of malicious to these two mothers and daughters.

Mao Guizhen twitched a smile of "harmony" and said: "Sure enough, it is the first beauty in the capital. I can’t help but see this palace. Do you have anything in the palace today, can you scare you?"


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