Yu Ren

By E Mei

138 Death trap

138 Death trap

138 death trap

Because of the second emperor's business, the Queen's birthday can not be done naturally. After the return of the Iraqi government, Princess Antai returned to Yiyi Palace with Mu Peilan and her mother, and the two county magistrates were waiting in the palace. They were in the second. The emperor was stabbed before he went to the palace. He was going to go to the emperor and then go to the mother Antai Princess. I didn’t expect to hear such a terrible news when I went halfway. At this time, I went to the Queen’s Ningyi Palace just to add chaos. So the two sisters negotiated and then diverted to Yiyi Palace.

Princess Antai told the eunuch that the eunuch was strictly guarding the gate of the palace, and brought two daughters and Mu Peilan to the main hall to call a grand eunuch to ask what happened to the assassination of the second emperor.

The eunuch surnamed He, who has stayed in Yiyi Palace today, has also had some eyeliners in the palace. When such a big event happened, someone immediately sent the message through various channels.

He Gonggong listened to Princess Antai and asked all the news received in an orderly manner.

"You said that the two emperors and his eight entourages were all killed by one person? And there is no trace of fighting?" Princess Antai frowned.

"Yes, the guards who went to the scene of the investigation said that there was a residue of shampoo and cartilage in the incense burner of the main hall. Most of the two emperors were in this kind of fragrance, so they were weak and unable to resist. Found the palace of the second emperor." Yuan originally lived in two talents. Only a few days ago, he was moved to another place. Only a few palace eunuchs were responsible for the care. Today is the birthday of the empress, and the few ladies’ eunuchs were temporarily transferred to work, the palace’s The door was also locked. It is said that the Queen discovered that after the second emperor disappeared, he sent a lot of people to search all the way, only to find out that the gate of the palace was hidden, and the copper lock in front of the door did not know where to go." He Gonggong replied.

Princess Antai asked a few more words before he waved his hand to let He Gonggong retreat. He turned his head and retired the other eunuchs who served on the palace. Even the two daughters sent a break to rest. There was only her and Mu Peilan's mother and daughter on the main hall.

Princess Antai sighed: "I have never liked this son of Empress, but I have always called my aunt for more than 20 years. Today I heard that he was dying when he was young. I really don't know what it feels like."

Although Mu Peilan and her mother can understand her feelings, but from their point of view, they feel that the second emperor has a lingering fear, not to mention how his minister, who is different from Xiage’s old party’s persecution, is black-handed. Today's intention is to think of the rice to cook the mature rice, forcing her to marry into the emperor's house, it is enough to pinch the little sympathy in their hearts.

Princess Antai looked at Bai Yudao: "The Queen seems to think that you are related to this matter. I heard that the first thing she wakes up is to ask the Iraqi father to take you to Ningyi Palace. You know what is the reason?"

The white-skinned flat mouth, I feel that there is nothing to hide, and said: "The accident that I made in the middle of the Lanlan Palace today is estimated to be related to the Second Emperor."

Who is Princess Antai? I understood it when I heard it. I thought that the girl with my son was safe and the son was dead. All mothers instinctively thought that the death of the son was related to the girl."What happened on this road?" Princess Antai felt very strange. Why did the plan of the Queen and the Second Emperor die halfway, why the two emperors and his men would fall into the palace of no one, and they would panic in accordance with the Queen. Sending people to look for the actions of the two emperors, the palace is obviously not the place they originally agreed to "break the private feelings", why did the second emperor go there?

Bai Yudao: "Today, the car that I took was halfway. The eunuch who pulled the car suddenly turned to the road. I felt that something was wrong. I was about to open my mouth and ask, suddenly he fell to the ground and stunned. Danzhu and Pinellia caught up and called him a few times. He didn't respond. I thought it was awkward. There were no half-person shadows nearby, so I got off the car and let them pull the car back. People come to help, and then they meet you."

She only concealed what happened to Xiao Yan. Danzhu and Pinellia can't remember that they have been stunned. They only remember that the white car's car suddenly turned. They chased it and asked for the reason. The result was that the skirt fell over and fell a lot. When catching up, the eunuch of the cart has been dizzy. These are the little ones who left after they left, and they asked them to know. From their eccentric expressions and speeches, they didn’t mention Xiaoyan. She knew that these two palace ladies were mostly hypnotized by Xiaoyan. Special means, forcibly modified the memory, so she is not worried that they will not confess or vent her bottom.

Princess Antai knew that she didn't have to lie to herself, and today's incident reveals a strong conspiracy smell. Obviously, some people have pre-designed it. The white mother and daughter are not informed by her before entering the palace, let alone themselves. This series of incidents was too much coincidence, especially the eunuch who was inexplicably fainted, and easily made the plan of the Queen and the Second Emperor aborted, saved the White House, and indirectly caused the Second Emperor to embark on Huangquan Road - if not Calculating the ambiguous idea of ​​the day, even in the palace, the second emperor is not only wearing eight followers, he originally did not want the inside story of this scandal to let too many people know, did not expect the assassin to have a detestable machine.

I really don’t know what the main brain will be behind the scenes. The assassin can not only lurk in the deep palace, but also know that there is no one in the palace today, and prepare the shampoo and cartilage in advance, and there are ways to lead the two emperors to take the initiative. Into the trap, it is convenient for him to kill them without knowing it... In fact, Princess Antai knows that there is a person who can do it, but she does not dare to think deeply, the tiger poison does not eat, he really will be for the kingship, Just kill your son like this?

Princess Antai slammed her head and put aside the absurd thoughts in her mind, and cheered up her mind: "I didn't expect you to go into the palace once and actually hit such a thing. The Queen is now almost unreasonable. I am afraid I will find your mother and daughter at no cost. Trouble. Pelan sister

I am going to see the emperor, and explain this to your mother and daughter, how? ”

Mu Peilan nodded: "The only way is."The people sent by Princess Antai soon came back to report that the emperor was in the Queen’s Palace of Ningyi. The people in Yiyi Palace were very clever. They did not rush to Ningyi Palace to ask for help. They just left one person to stay outside the palace and planned to wait. When the emperor came out, he immediately went forward to obey.

On the other side, He Gonggong received new news. The fatal wound of the second emperor was in the abdomen. The guardian doctor and the prostitute verified it together. He felt that the angle of the palm was strange, and from the palm injury of each person, the murderer was the same person. And the palm is as small as a child, but the palm of the hand is thick, mostly a gnome master.

Bai Hao listened to the side and couldn’t help but secretly beat the drums. It was really Xiaoyan’s perverted child.

Others listened and felt incredible. Princess Antai asked Mu Peilan: "Sister Pelan, you have the most extensive knowledge. Have you ever heard of such a powerful gnome master on the rivers and lakes?"

After Mu Peilan pondered for a while, he shook his head. The gnome was physically disabled and his bones were different from ordinary people. How easy is it to cultivate superb martial arts? Not to mention the strength of the hand, it is short, light and short, even if the gnome figure in the rivers and lakes and martial arts are superb, it is mostly an expert in weapons.

At the time of doubts, the eunuch's eunuch, Lei Gonggong, came to the emperor to declare that the Queen was too sad to be seen. The matter of the harem was temporarily taken care of by Princess Antai.

According to the conventional moment, the Queen can't see things. Usually, Huang Guifei came forward to preside over the harem. The emperor bypassed Mao Guifei and let Antai Princess, such a married emperor, take over. The discerning eyes all saw that it was tricky.

The emperor’s second emperor and the great emperor’s great emperor fought for the prince’s position for many years. Now the second emperor was accidentally assassinated in the palace. The most suspected one is Mao Guifei and the great emperor and mother. How can he hand over the harem? Mao Guifei's hand?

Princess Antai was both happy and worried after receiving the will, saying: "Most of the emperor has already persuaded the queen, and your mother and daughter have nothing to do with the assassination of the second emperor. Otherwise, it is impossible to hand over the harem of the palace. It is just this way. I can be busy."

Mu Peilan smiled slightly: "The Holy Ming has no emperor, naturally know that our mother and daughter are innocent." She did not have any deep meaning, Princess Antai listened, and she was shocked and looked at her with horror. Mu Peilan gently Patted her arm and said: "You don't have to think too much, you are different from the emperor's love..."

Princess Antai smiled bitterly and stopped speaking.

At the sacred apocalypse, Princess Antai was busy immediately. She pulled the two daughters together to help. The first thing to deal with was the women who were stranded in the Shulan Palace. Princess Antai asked the emperor and sent the guards to the eunuch. They were escorted out of the palace, and the emperor announced that the mother and daughter of Mu Peilan would see the driver tomorrow. The Princess Antai turned around and deliberately left some of her life, and then arranged for the palace tomorrow.

The ostensible reason is that things are handled, and each person needs time to ask questions. In fact, it is for the mother and daughter of Muppeland. Imagine that in addition to such a thing in the palace, everyone else arranged to leave, leaving Mu Peilan and her mother to stay for a day, and to the people who are interested, I don’t know what to say.So that night, the day is still spent in the Yiyi Palace. Princess Antai is busy dealing with the affairs of the palace. Mu Peilan and Bai Yu used their dinner to enter the room early.

The two mothers and daughters lay side by side on the bed, the white baboons were around the mother, and the ladies who were waiting for them were sent outside, and the sound of the snow falling outside could be heard quietly in the temple.

Mu Peilan suddenly whispered: "You have seen the person who killed the second emperor, right?" The mother and daughter are connected, and others may be deceived by Bai Yu, but Mu Peilan, who cares about her every move, can detect it. Her normal bit by bit is different.

For example, when she found the white scorpion this morning, she was as vigilant as her little raccoon in her arms. For example, when she heard that the murderer was a gnome master, she had a strange expression in her eyes. (

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