Yu Ren

By E Mei

105 are royal relatives

105 are royal relatives

"They? Which of them?" Has this matter reached the level of street knowledge?

"Hui He and Hyein said, is it true?" Xiao Yan insisted on asking. This thing is basically known to people in the government office. Huihe and Hyelin are also talking about their parents and brothers.

Bai Yuji hated Xiaoxuan deliberately provoked her in the poetry meeting and forced her to cooperate with her family's safety. She was very impatient with him. He said that he was not very good-spirited: "The little man is big, what is it for you? go with."

Xiao Yan licked his lips and suddenly said: "You don't like me, it's better to marry me."

A few of the people in the room couldn’t help but laugh and laugh, Baiguo said: "Small, how old are you, I want to marry my lady? I don’t know how to look at beautiful women and wives."

Xiao Yan ignored their jokes and looked at the whites very seriously, waiting for her answer.

Bai Yan refused to take him seriously, and waved like a fly: "When you grow up, say it."

Xiao Yan’s expression reveals a few strange words: “I will grow up soon...”

When Mu Peilan and Bai Ug returned from the Yasukuni Government, they called the white stork to the room of Mrs. Zhong Guogong.

Mrs. Zhong’s wife, Su Shi, sat on the bed, and Bai Hao went up to her to greet her. Then she sat down to the side and listened to her mother’s story about the “negotiation” of the Zheng Guogong couple tonight.

The Jingguogong couple really couldn’t wait to show their cards to them. It’s nothing more than urging them to pick one of the “shameless” three brothers as soon as possible and go to the loyalty of the country’s name. In fact, they have been negotiating even the candidates. The eldest son, Murray, has to keep the incense of inheriting the Yasukuni family. The second son, Mu Yi, has two sons, even his grandson. It is most suitable for succession to the Chungcheong government. Jue.

The exchange conditions they proposed were that they had recommended the election of the Emperor of the White Emperor. As long as the attacker chose it, he would definitely find a way to let Bai Yu become a prince, and he would be a daughter in the future. Supporting the clouds. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

In the words, the ugly business identity of the white ugly, and the special circumstances of the two people, means that if they did not come forward, the identity of the white 根本 is simply not qualified for the election of the emperor, this is a great blessing. With their couples escaping from the border town, it is impossible to find a decent home for the day.

Before the two couples went to negotiate, no matter what the other party said, they insisted on tossing after the day and the rituals. Although the two couples were dissatisfied, they also knew that Mrs. Tongzhong’s wife, only through the road of Mu Peilan, Fortunately, it’s been a few days since I’ve been away from the day, and I have to bite my teeth and promise.

Mu Peilan simply explained the matter and looked at his mother, Zhong Guogong’s wife, Su Shi, and said: "Mother, how do you see this?"

Su’s eyes looked white and said: “Would you like to be a prince?”

Bai Hao shook his head and said: "Don't"Su Shi closed his eyes and never opened again after a while. When Bai Yu suspected that she was already asleep, she suddenly said: "This title was originally reserved for you, since you don't want to Yes, that would be fine."

Bai Hao heard a mist, this tone, is the grandmother really planning to pass the title to the "shameless" three brothers?

Su Shi’s spirit was extremely poor. After sitting for such a while, he had already expressed his feelings. When Bai Qi pulled his wife and daughter to quit, Bai Hao could not help but ask: “I am a grandmother, is the grandmother planning to give the title to the people of the Yasukuni Government? ?"

Mu Peilan saw no one around, and coldly said: "As far as what they have done in these years, this title is to give the emperor no inheritance. Anyway, your grandfather is not really surnamed Lin."


Mu Peilan did not continue to explain, until the daughter was brought back to his room, only to tell the story of the matter.

"Your grandfather was originally the illegitimate son of Prince Lu, the Prince of Lu and the Lin family made a good deal, but unfortunately he died young, and your grandfather was not born before he died in the battlefield. [wzdff posted a hand to fight the group] Lu’s family had many wives and children. He is afraid that your grandfather and mother will be harmed by others, so he will entrust your grandfather and mother to the forest family to take care of him before he dies. In fact, your grandfather is also a royal family, and he has no blood relationship with the Yasukuni family, except for the old Yasukuni. Others don't know about it. The Emperor and the Emperor of today know it, so your grandfather can become the head of Tsing Yi in the weak year."

The white cockroaches secretly sweated coldly. It turned out that there was a royal bloodline on his body. It was a relative with Yang Lan’s bastard. It is no wonder that she always feels that her grandmother's attitude towards the people of the Yasukuni government is a bit strange. It seems to be condescending and disdainful. They still have such a secret.

She said, even if the grandfather got the title of the country by his own skills, the grandmother is not the kind of snobbery who looks down on the broken relatives, not to mention the fact that Jing Guogong is still there, and his family is not really broken. And according to common sense, even if you don't agree, you can't beat the interests of your relatives. It's unreasonable that for many years, the grandmother refused to let the people of the Yasukuni government pass the squad, and they didn't take themselves as Lin family.

In this case, she must be at least a county-level, county-level leader. Bai Xiao sneered a little, and did not mind.

However, if the duke of the country is returned to the emperor in such a vain, it is really a good loss. If you can get yourself to be a national official, the business of Baijia in Beijing will be smoother in the future... Bai Yu’s heart is secretly calculating.

Bai Ug grabbed the lady's hand and apologized: "The grievances of the grievances of the county are married to me."

The Yasukuni government and all the people who know the identity of the white ugly businessman are not worthy for Mu Peilan. Many people think that she is because the appearance is ugly or heavy.

It is only after the illness is ruined that a low-ranking merchant with no name is married.

White ugly was not ashamed of his identity. After returning to the capital, he heard the other people sneer at his wife and even insulted his baby daughter, and could not help but feel a little sad.Mu Peilan smiled and said: "You are also making fun of me. Do you want to hear me again, can you marry you is the most fortunate and fortunate thing in my life?"

White ugly heart and emotion, regardless of his daughter is next to him, reaching out to take over his wife, deep feelings said: "I am also like this."

Mu Peilan sighed and said: "If it weren't for me, your father and daughter wouldn't have to go back to Beijing to see other people's faces. If you talk like this again, I will blame you for pushing me back to Beijing."

"Don't say no more."

Bai Yan looked at the grumpy mother, and she got up and slid decisively.

There is no star and no moon tonight, and the heavens and the earth are dark and silent. Only the sound of snow falling and the sound of drums and dogs screaming in the city, everyone in the government office has fallen asleep, and I don’t know where to float from the darkness. A faint white smoke, a small figure unparalleled to open the window of the white room, and jumped into the room.

The raccoon in the bed opened his eyes vigilantly, aiming to pounce on the "thief man" who sneaked in silently. However, when he just got up, he felt that his limbs were soft, and he swayed into the bed and picked up the cat's eyes and went to sleep.

The person who came was a small sly, he smiled coldly, and skillfully picked up the raccoon flower to the end of the bed and leaned over to see the white plaque next to him.

She slept very hard, and did not notice that there was more person in the room. Xiao Yan reached out and touched her face, then broke open into the bed and hugged her, whispered: "You first provoke me." You can't marry someone, you can't like others."

Speaking of a strong kiss on her lips, closed her eyes and slept.

The white pheasant was eaten a lot of tofu, but there were no signs of waking up at all, as if sleeping to death. The white baboons, ginkgo and other people who lived in her next room were also immersed in their sleep, and they did not realize that someone had entered the room and had climbed to the bed of their own lady. I don't even know that a similar situation has happened many times...

Early the next morning, Bai Pingzi went to the government office to ask for a good news. Lu Ying will arrive in Beijing at the latest tomorrow.

Bai Hao has not seen Lu Ying for more than two months. When I heard that the big backing was suddenly over, Bai Pingzi said: "General Lu said that he must secretly enter the palace and wait for him to come back. I will take him to ten. Step by step, then meet you again."

"Is the big brother going back to Beijing to live in the generals?" asked Bai Yu.

Bai Pingzi shook his head and said: "He said that this time he went back to Beijing and didn't want to let too many people know about it, so he would not return to the military office. I have prepared a place for him."

Bai Hao thought for a moment, not wanting too many people to know is a reason, it is estimated that the most important thing is not to see Cui Zhenyi.

I don't know what the big brother will bring to her for this gift.

Xiao Yan sat in the corner of the small hall, listening to the white face and looking forward to talking with Bai Pingzi about another man, his face was so cold that he could scrape a layer of ice... This woman is still unclear with a few men. ?

Bai Hao heard the news of Lu Ying, smiled and looked at Bai Pingzi for a few laps, and suddenly asked: "Do you remember what you were originally?"

Bai Pingzi shook his head strangely: "How come suddenly asked this?""Nothing is nothing, just ask me." Bai Yan smiled and looked treacherous.

Bai Pingzi was alert and said: "You must have a conspiracy."

"No, um... you are such a smart person. When my second supervisor is a bit too wasteful, is there any interest in changing a more promising job?"

"As long as you can stay with the lady, it doesn't matter what kind of work you do." Bai Pingzi said that he was deeply affectionate, and a pair of peach eyes forced high-voltage electricity.

Bai Hao didn't eat his set, reached out and pulled his face, and smiled and said: "But I can see that you are tired of this face, what should I do?"

"I look so handsome, can the lady still look tired?" Bai Pingzi flashed her claws and made a fuss.

"Well, I won't make trouble with you. I think I will tell you again... Fortunately, you are called Pingzi, not flat..." Bai Yu retracted.


Hey, the idea of ​​the woman, everyone understands...

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