Yu Ren

By E Mei

104 Be my nephew!

104 Be my nephew!

Soon the carriage moved again, and Bai Hao figured out that Yang Lan’s guy was not dead, but he was not so boring to play the "wolf is coming" trick. He is the local snake in the capital, afraid that there is really something important. Things have to be said to yourself... It is very likely that it is about the big brother Lu Ying.

When she thought about it, she suddenly got a boost.

The appointment was still in the old place. The day is still without the raccoon flower, and I regret it, but I also made up my mind. No matter how rhetoric he is, he will not promise to be alone with him.

Being insulted, even if you start with a super handsome guy, it is also very unpleasant.

Seeing the dressed white, Yang Lan had forgotten the words for a short moment. After a glimpse, he smiled and said: "It’s no wonder that the nylon embroidery workshop business is so good, and surely, the Huayi beauty complements each other."

He is one of the few people in the capital city who knows that Jinfang Embroidery is one of the people in Baijia Business. He also heard that the recent Jinle Embroidery was a hot business because of the gorgeous appearance of the twenty-four-color makeup satin robes. After turning around, I understand that this is a deliberate attempt. No matter what, after the battle, the first position of the Nylon Embroidery in the heart of the famous lady of the family is firmly established.

Even if Bai Hao is angry with Yang Lan, vanity can't help but be satisfied by the stunning praise that he does not hide.

If Yang Lan’s romantic body likes to please the woman, the sweet words that are spoken are absolutely intimate: “The elegant and beautiful, gorgeous and gorgeous, you can dress beautifully regardless of the dress.” Bai Hao finally met a character who did not need to be polite with him. Raised a small face and smiled: "Of course."

Yang Lan couldn't help but want to reach out when she saw her smug smile, but at this time it was not good to provoke her, she had to hold back.

"You let me come, don't you just want to praise me?" Although Bai Hao was exaggerated, he still couldn't faint.

Yang Lan listened to her asking, and the smile suddenly became a bit more dignified. "I sent the candidate's roster to my hand in the palace this morning."

Bai Hao found a comfortable posture and leaned against a soft chair under the window. He said carelessly: "You want to get married? Congratulations."

The smile on Yang Lan’s face slowly converges, one word at a time: “I saw your name on the roster.”

Bai Hao stayed, and slowly looked up and yelled at Yang Yudao: "Would you read it wrong? Or is there someone in Beijing who has the same name as me?" Not only her, but also Yangmei, Ginkgo, etc., who are waiting with her. Was shocked, all of them are a pair of unexpectedly sluggish expressions.

If it is someone else, Yang Lan will not specifically come out to say this, but Bai Hao ... he is very clear that she will not be willing to become a prince. Now, when they look at their expressions, he does not know whether the disappointment is still relieved. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

Before he went out, he specially sent people to inquire about the reactions of several other emperors. Several uncomfortable brothers were very interested in Baiji, the first beauty and talented woman in Beijing.Their psychology is not difficult to understand. Since the throne has no hope, finding a prince who is too strong in the background will only provoke the suspicion of the emperor and the emperor. It is better to find a safer family who has no power to be safe. They are dragons. There is no need to rely on Yuejia to enhance their status. In the future, the new emperor will be enthroned. They have their own seals, and they can be said to be carefree. In this case, of course, it is more comfortable to find a beautiful woman.

The white pheasant is just a granddaughter of the national government. Without a good father and brother support, Zhong Guogong has already passed away early, and his identity is very safe. Coupled with the beautiful talents of the famous capitalist, it is simply a perfect prince.

If this is the case, then, Yang Lan has a way to make them unable to get what they want. The worst part is that he has gotten a message. After the two emperors saw the white scorpion at the Xiafu poetry meeting, it seems that Very interested in her.

The Great Emperor and the Second Emperor want to be the most important, of course, the family and the noble woman who have decisive help for their battle for the throne. But now there is no such suitable person. In this case, in order to balance their men’s It is not impossible for all parties to simply choose an "outsider" with a lower status.

The Great Emperor and the Second Emperor have many different character traits, but there are two kinds of amazing and consistent, that is, lascivious and like to win each other.

He can already predict that if the Emperor of the Great Emperor finds that the Emperor of the Second Emperor is interested in the White House, the Tenth ** will come forward to compete, and it is really not a mess. However, the risk of such a gimmick will be reduced... Yang Hao has begun to unconsciously plan for the day when he received the news.

The white cockroach on the other side has already erupted directly. She suddenly screamed and said, "Which good thing is the bastard?" Yang Lan saw her anger and calmed down. She took the opportunity to sneak past and smiled. "I know you." Most of them don't know, so I will remind you specifically. If you want to be a prince, you will tell me directly. I will be happy to ask for help. I will ask the father for help. Why do you want to go to the election?"

When the white smoldering came up, no matter what his identity, he took a thing around him and threw it directly. Yang Hao haha ​​smiled and picked it up. It turned out to be a small silver plaque on the table. It was filled with fresh milk and was already white. After half-drinking, the technique he took was exquisite, and the remaining half of the milk was not sprinkled.

When Yang Lan’s heart moved, he drank the milk from the sputum in the place where Bai Bai had just drank. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

To see the narrow smile on his face, the onlookers reacted with several of Yang's guards, and the eyes almost fell out.

When she thought of her side, she still kept the rouge on her lips. She was so thick that she could not help but reveal a blush. This one-of-a-kind satyr asshole

Before she crossed, she had eaten a cup with her classmates and colleagues. I usually eat a dish from a plate. What is it? It doesn't matter if she cares, this bastard Yang Lan is proud of it.Bai Hao worked hard to do psychological construction, pretending that nothing had happened before, and asked evilly: "Is there anything else besides this?"

Yang Lan swallowed: "There is another one..."

"What is it?"

"Be careful of the Emperor and the Emperor of the Second Emperor, try not to contact them. I have inquired in secret that the person who recommended you to participate in the election of the emperor is Yasukuni, and his three sons are most like the people of the Great Emperor. Secret, it seems to have the meaning of trust. There is..."

Bai Hao smelled something from his short sentences, his face suddenly dignified, and listened to Yang Lan's following.

"There is... you are so fierce, or do not harm me a few emperors, if it is not good, Xiaosheng is willing to sacrifice the ego at any time, and greet you as my righteousness." Yang Lan suddenly reached out, in the day The little face touched it gently, then jumped off, and it was able to avoid the sharp palm of the ginkgo.

For this little tofu, he took a good shot to lead the white pheasant to the front of a few martial arts, such as Ginkgo, so that they could not go forward to destroy his "good things", and then spread the day by talking. The attention, slowly leaning against her, finally succeeded in one fell swoop.

Because of the angle of the two people standing, Yang Lan’s guard did not see his little movements, and he saw that Bai Guo suddenly attacked the master and rushed up to protect Yang Lan.

Bai Hao was again smashed by his eyes, his face was green, and he pointed to Yang Hao’s anger: "You are a git"

Yang Xiao smiled and restrained the guards and did not fight with the ginkgo. She blinked at her eyes: "I can't help myself for a while, but I welcome Miss Bai to come to the door at any time, ‘in person' to get back to justice.”

He deliberately emphasized the word "personal", and his intention is self-evident - welcome Bai Bai to go back indecently.

Yang Lan is not a hungry ghost in color. The reason why she can't help but sway the manual foot, but she wants to tease her and see her pretty look of anger, so that she can remember him.

One day, I want to get all the Yang Lan of this woman secretly swearing in my heart.

Once again, the meeting with Yang Lan ended in a unilateral disappointment.

Ginkgo and Yangmei exchanged a tacit look - finally determined that the last time Bai Yi and Yang Lan had a separate discussion, and then what happened to Bai Qi’s suffocation for a day, I think the loss of the last time was greater. Excessive

But the same as the woman's ginkgo and Yangmei, it is difficult to hate his frivolous behavior on the white, the man is handsome, it really is cheaper.

Returning to the National Government, Bai Yu told his parents that he had been recommended by the uncle Yasukuni to the list of the Prince’s, and Mu Peilan was furious and sneered: "Well, my loyalty government is no one." I dare to do these things."

It is related to their baby daughter, white ugly can not calm down, jump up to go with his wife. Bai Hao took his parents and said: "The most important thing now is how to get me out of the list. As for them, maybe they thought that doing this is to lift me up."Mu Peilan was stopped by her daughter, frowning and figuring out, and now she is less than ten days away from her daughter’s rituals. What happened at this time, the family’s endurance planning will be lost. She also counted on the grand and rituals that can bring enough blessings to her daughter so that her daughter can survive the 18-year-old death and longevity.

Although the matter of the emperor’s embarrassment is scheduled to be settled years ago, the list has just been sent to the hands of the emperors. It takes at least half a month to actually produce the results. It is only waiting for the daughter’s rituals, and the fashion is sick or suspended. I can always avoid this stall.

Although the daughter was born to the country, it is estimated that the princes will not be willing to pay no price.

The two husbands and wives discussed it, and finally decided to endure it first, pretending to be ignorant, waiting for the daughter and the ritual to pass the disaster.

Their family plans to hold it for the time being, but the Yasukuni government can't wait for it. The list of the emperor's monks has been sent to the hands of the emperors this morning. These days, they have knocked on the side blows and softened the hard foam. The Mu Peilan and the couple have refused to let go and convince Zhongguo. Mrs. Gong selected a person from the "shameless" three brothers to inherit the Duke of Loyalty.

Mrs. Jing’s wife, Lee’s heart, had another abacus, but it’s okay to say that, but the country’s own situation is getting worse and worse, and his body is getting worse and worse. His three sons are not good. Before they found a reliance on them, he really died and could not be reassured.

So I invited the Mu Peilan couple to eat the meal that night. The white donkey didn't want to see them. So I went out to blow the wind today, and I stayed in the Zhongguo government office because of my discomfort. Yasukuni’s thoughts about what he had to discuss with the Bai’s couple were really inconvenient on a junior’s premise and not to be reluctant.

Bai Hao sent away his parents, went to see Grandma, and then read Yun Xuan.

Only when I entered the door, I saw a small man sitting on the stone steps in front of her room. A small face was red and purple, and her lips were purple. A few of his own beggars are trying to persuade him to leave.

When Xiao Xiao saw the white cockroach, his eyes lit up and he jumped up and rushed over. After a white cockroach, he hid behind the white fruit and said coldly: "Don't forget that you promised me."

Xiao Yan stopped the action, sucking her nose and looking at her pitifully, said: "Where my sister went to play, why didn't I take it? I really want my sister, does my sister hate me?"

In this way, he succeeded in making all the women’s careful livers in the room hurt, and they were clear or dark.

With a condemned gaze, he turned to the day.

Xiao Yan's strangeness, Bai Yu did not understand to mention to others, she instinctively believes that most of them hide some secrets, the average person knows too many secrets, is definitely not a good thing, her good intentions have caused this situation.

Everyone fell down on the sympathy and pity, she became a cold and ruthless bad woman. Fortunately, Bai Jia is familiar with her temperament, but she thinks that she doesn't like children. She is too small and too sticky, so it would be so cold to Xiao Yan.Bai Hao can look at her no matter how others look at her. She walked into the room and looked up and down a few eyes and asked, "What about your sisters?"

Xiao Yan’s eyes flashed a hint of coldness, and he replied: “I am going to wait for my sister here, and they are afraid that they will catch the cold and bring them back.”

His good looks are used to kill women of all ages. Not only my sisters and aunts like them, but also have great appeal to Xiao Loli. After the two cousins ​​of Huihe and Huimin of the Yasukuni government met him, they often tried to find ways. Lai to his side, Xiao Yan to pretend to be a well-behaved child, not easy to drive them away, the result of these days I saw him surrounded by two six-year-old Lolita.

Bai Hao felt that this was a good way to avenge him, so it was a few days of jokes. Anyway, before the "mission" of Xiao Yan's "mission" was not completed, she still had to rely on her family to cover it. It would be annoying and would not poison the two little gimmicks.

The two little hoes are really a bit of a skill. Even if they are entangled in a small cockroach, they have to rely on bitterness to get out of their bodies. The white sly is laughing in the heart, and the anger of Yang Shu’s indecent assault has also disappeared a lot.

"Sister, they said that you are going to choose the emperor, is it true?" Xiaoyu suddenly asked. ◆◇◆◇◆

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