Yu Ren

By E Mei

103 bragging heroine

103 bragging heroine

The ladies who did not know the truth listened, and they all said indiscriminately: "Mrs. Guo Gong said so too much, that Xia Xinxin is doing this thing with her own door. Is it because you want to swallow it?"

Their husbands and even their maidens are the Great Emperor's Party. To the Qing Gao who is not used to Xiajia's decent book family, Xia Xinxin is unlucky for them to have only the words "big heart" can describe the feeling of the heart.

Bai Hao shook his head and said: "Miss Xia is just a moment, my grandmother has a good lesson. I am hurting her reputation. I am also reprimanded with me. I have promised that the elderly will not talk about poetry again. Yang, the governor of the article, can not say much. Mrs. Huang, really... really can’t live...”

She looks pitiful, like a child who is doing something wrong and afraid of the blame of the adults. Several older ladies see the motherhood, and it is still good to continue to force her, this matter has been revealed.

Bai Hao’s heart was laughing, but Xiao Xiao’s guy was not a good thing, but his usual tricks were really good.

She has the heart to let the red song know more about the tea culture of the aristocrats in Beijing. So she asked Mrs. Huang and a few ladies who are quite good at this way to enlighten me. The attitude is gentle and courteous. If I don’t understand, I will ask directly, not afraid of Lucy, Huang. The lady brought a few expensive guests with a smile, and the more she saw her, the more she felt cute.

Several people sat for a while, and later reported that Cui Jiada* milk brought Mrs. Lu’s general to visit, and Bailu did not respond. Yangmei and Baiguo suddenly came to the spirit, and the generals of Lu’s surname Lu were more than one, but It’s only Lu Ying who has a relationship with his wife’s family. The Lu’s general lady who came here doesn’t have to say that it’s Cui Zhenyi’s.

Lu Ying is very prestigious among the 祁 队 team. He is known as the general of the victorious general. He has been officially worshipping two products at a young age. Cui Zhenyi is also a four-product commander. In this group of ladies, the age is not big, but the grade is the highest. .

Mrs. Huang and other guests heard that she came, and did not dare to neglect, they all got up and welcomed each other. [wzdff posted a hand to play the group] Yang Mei sees the white face and looks stunned. She knows that she didn’t even think of who she came from. She hated the iron and bowed her head and said a few words in her ear. Bai sighed and said, "I am really narrow." I hope I won’t scare her later."

There is no doubt that Bai Yu is the nemesis of Cui Zhenyi's life. She was shocked a while ago, and she finally managed to ease her strength. She was invited by the big brother to go out and hit the booth for the first time.

She has been autistic in the generals of the military all these days, and she has never heard of the "hegeway name" of Bai Yu in the capital, so she did not think much about it. Her father, Cui Changyun, was a former official of the Sanpin Bing Department, and he was at the same level as the owner of the family, Huang Tengye. After his father’s death, her family was not as good as before, and her brother’s ability was ordinary, relying on his father Yu Yin and Ba Jie to welcome the great emperor. Reluctantly became the chief of the military department of the six products.

The reason why the great emperor was willing to make friends with her brother was to look at her husband, Lu Ying, so Cui Jia always attached great importance to her promising daughter. Daxie Ping’s communication at the sunrise gate, she was able to pull her up and try to pull her up, quite a bit of the taste of foxes and tigers.Cui Zhenyi was full of shelves in front of a group of ladies and ladies. When Mrs. Huang personally ushered in the hall, her head was high and her pale face was hung with a reserved smile, but her noble and dignified mask was The moment I saw the day in the hall, I was frozen on my face.

She stayed for a while before she exclaimed loudly. Shouldn’t this nemesis be in Beiguan City? How did you get back to Beijing? Also appearing in the home of Huang Daren?

Next to Mrs. Huang did not know the fear in her heart, laughing and jokingly said: "Mrs. Lu has never seen Miss Bai, this is our first talented woman and first beauty in Beijing, I first met her. At that time, I saw my eyes straight, and Mrs. Zhongguo’s wife was so blessed that she had such a granddaughter’s daughter.

"Mrs. Huang has a good reputation..." Bai Yu asked the public to be humble and humble. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

Similar to the entertainment, she said that she is almost a repeater, but I have to say that it is really boring. In fact, she feels that these praises are completely affordable. What she wants to say is - thank you, your eyes are good.

Cui Zhenyi listened to Mrs. Huang’s introduction. It took a while to react. The daughter of this merchant turned out to be the granddaughter of Zhongguogong.

She hated her and was very afraid of whiteness. She could have been repaired by her for a long time. In particular, she heard that she seemed to have another backing, and she did not dare to provoke. The thing she wants to do most is to immediately bring up the skirt and escape. However, only the remaining reason reminds her that there are still many official ladies and Miss Qianjin. If she makes such a rude thing, she will not have to wait until tomorrow to become a laughing stock in the capital.

Cui Zhenyi forced herself to pull out a smile that was more ugly than the cry, and stiffly nodded to the day.

Bai Hao did not regard her as an opponent from beginning to end. Retaliation was also retaliated. As long as Cui Zhenyi did not come to provoke her, she did not intend to treat her, so she smiled and smiled at her. Speaking.

A group of people sat down again to enjoy the tea, Cui Zhenyi sat in the farthest position from the daylight, and soon others noticed her strangeness. No one thought she was afraid of white, such a young and beautiful. The "sweet" little girl is only caused by physical discomfort after she is seriously ill.

She is a guest, Mrs. Huang is not good to leave her alone and go to the other high-spirited ladies, and say a few jokes, see Cui Zhenyi no response, the scene is a bit cold. Her big lady, Ms. Cui, refused to let her talk about Cui Zhenyi’s quest for her husband, how to take her husband to the city, and take the lead to take the city’s heroic deeds.

This is her favorite topic. For the big gates of the capital, the two wives are not small.

Sisters, it’s just a legend. Even if many people have heard Mrs. Cui’s storytelling at other gatherings, they don’t mind listening to it a few times.

Cui Zhenyi was in a mess, and at first she didn’t hear what her nephew was saying. When she set her mind, Cui Dazhen had already said how she took the lead to watch the city, and thought that the witness of the incident was listening to her, her The face suddenly became very exciting.She used to enjoy the adoration of her lady’s “story” when she heard her “story”. These can make her forget the frustration experience in Beiguan City for a while, and immerse herself in the dream of a heroine who does not want her eyebrows. In the middle, I imagine that I am a married couple who is in love with Lu Ying’s case. The bumpy and dangerous experience of going back and forth to Beiguan City has become her medal of honor.

But today is not the same, the existence of the day, relentlessly pulled her back to reality - completely disliked by her husband, hit the wall everywhere in Beiguan City, and suffered death threats after returning to Beijing, a piece made her feel humiliated The picture of frustration, anger, and hatred appeared in her mind like a horse.

She didn't even dare to look up to see the reaction of Bai Bai. She and her maids on her face must be full of ridiculous smiles. The more I think, the more I feel that I can't help myself. I can't help but put a few cups on my hands. One put.

The sudden slamming interrupted Mrs. Cui’s wonderful speech, and the halls were quiet. Everyone looked up and looked at Cui Zhenyi with uncertainty.

Cui Zhenyi woke up and said what she had done, regretting it, but she really couldn’t wait any longer. She hurriedly got up and pleaded with Mrs. Huang: "I am sorry, I am a little discomfort, disturbing Yaxing, I will retire first, change On the day, please go to the generals to eat alcohol and pay for the crime."

After saying that he had pulled out his mind, he was still awkward, and with a kind of awkward aunt, he did not wait for Mrs. Huang to stay and then hurriedly left.

Mrs. Huang’s heart is not good, but who makes people’s family high, has to smile and turn the topic to cover the past. The other ladies, Miss, saw that the time was almost the same, and they all got up and retire. Bai Hao also left with a lot of words.

Out of the door, Ginkgo and Yang Mei squeezed into her carriage without saying anything. When they left the section of Huangfu, they couldn’t help but laugh.

Bai Hao weakly turned his eyes and said: "You have to laugh and don't laugh on my carriage. People think that where is the madman who escaped from the car?"

Ginkgo laughed and tears flowed out. While wiping his tears, he groaned: "Today is really worth it. Wow, that Cui Zhenyi is really brave, and the legendary novels are much more. The first female hero of Laos, a generation of females who can stand shoulder to shoulder with General Lu, I can’t do it... Miss, you are too tolerant, don’t you feel funny?”

When I remembered it, I laughed and said: "It is really funny."

Yang Mei slowed down and sighed: "She must have never thought that Miss will run from Beiguancheng to Beijing. This cow has been blown into the sky."

Bai Yan listened to her mention of Beiguan City, thinking of the boring boring in the capital these days, could not help but miss the good times of what they wanted and arrogant.

When I thought of Beiguan City, I thought of my brother Lu Ying. The smile on Bai Yiliang faded. I still have less than ten days from her and I don’t know if my brother can arrive.

I was thinking about it, and I heard someone inside the car: "My host wants to ask Miss Bai to go to the west of the city for a while. There is something to do."

White 茯苓 frowned, how is this way of being familiar?Bai Awu seems to have negotiated with the other party, and he ran to the side of the car and whispered: "It is the sixth man."

Bai Yu remembered Yang Lan’s last indecent act, suddenly angered from the heart, evil to the gallbladder: "I don't see him where to cool and where to go"

Bai Awu hesitated a moment: "The person who came said said that it is a matter of importance, please ask Miss to see you anyway."

Bai Hao calmed down and thought about it. He was reluctant to say: "Let him lead the way."


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