Yu Ren

By E Mei

102 The Three Chapters of the Law

102 The Three Chapters of the Law

Xiao Yan’s response to the question of white enamel was to pretend to be innocent. His beautiful little face was put on the face and he always used to kill females of all ages.

The face of the white pumice against the sea pumice, it is really difficult to harden the heart, but it does not mean that it can not be done, especially in front of this is not a handsome sea man.

In particular, she has already begun to feel that Xiaoyan is very problematic and is likely to threaten her parents and relatives. In this case, there is nothing to say. It is the sea pumice that appears to her, and she does not give face.

Xiao Yan found that the cold and cold expression of the white scorpion had no traces of looseness, and he said with a flat voice: "I am a small cockroach. I am a sea pumice, and my sister knows it."

"Reload? Anyway, anyway, I will let Bai Pingzi send you to the Jitangtang. You can continue to wear them to you." Bai Yan sneered, she is not really interested in Xiao's secret. She has never had much curiosity and she is too lazy to manage things. She will not know that the little sister is a misfortune, and she insists on leaving him.

Xiao Yan suddenly rushed to hug the white soft voice: "My sister said that I will teach me well, control me, let me know that some people cherish and care for me, can not rely on skin"

When Bai Yu and Bai Pingzi said these words, they walked away a few steps to avoid Xiaoyan. If he was just an ordinary child, how could he hear it?

Moreover, the strength of this guy is completely different from that of ordinary children. Bai knows that he can't make this piece of candy, so he doesn't make unnecessary movements. He just looks at him indifferently: "If you are an ordinary child, then naturally there is nothing. Say, but are you? On the calculation of the mind, the adults are not your opponents. If you still read the friendship of my family these days, please leave immediately."

Xiao Yan was silent and resumed the look of a hippie smile: "My sister is driving me away, I am not afraid that I will come back and know that you are angry with you?"

Bai Hao is very angry and funny, she has a good impression on the sea pumice, but how do these people think she is anxious to pour the sea pumice? Handsome guy, teasing and teasing is just that, these people too take the pumice stone seriously.

"Your uncle still owes me 20,000 yuan and money to do things for me. Why do he get angry with me, what is my relationship with him?"

Xiao Yan Yin said: "You don't like me?"

"I like it. I like it when I look good. I like more people. If I have to take care of my family for them, I will be troubled by my upper body. I don’t have enough three or six arms." Bai Yu deliberately said it was mean, want to force small I was relieved to leave, but I don’t know how much trouble this day will bring to her.

Xiao Yan’s look became terrible. He stared at Bai Hao for a while and said, “You don’t want a ghost-faced aunt?”

A glimpse of what happened in the brain: "Who are you?"

According to common sense, comfrey will not confess this kind of thing to a child. After all, the sea pumice is missing for finding this thing for her. If I know it, I will inevitably complain about the white cockroach that hurts him.Xiao Yan was hesitant to detect the white sputum. Some of them quietly let go of her hand and sat on her side. They played with the white jade worn on her skirt. They were lazy and said: "Who am I, don't worry, as long as you don't happen anything. It’s just fine, when I come back, I will give you the ghost face."

Bai Hao’s heart quickly calculated a little, and Xiao Xiao’s tone was clearly affirmation that the sea pumice had nothing to do and the ghost face was already stable. Since he entered the loyalty government, he has no contact with other people. That is to say, before the comfrey is alone, he has confirmed that the sea pumice will surely bring back the ghost face. After the comfrey was alone, it brought all the elite masters of the Jitangtang to the reinforcements of the total altar, hoping to bring the sea pumice back.

There are three possibilities for this:

First, there are other plans for the sea pumice, deliberately concealing whereabouts, and those who are in distress are either kept in the dark or deliberately cooperating in a play. [wzdff posted a hand to play the group] and Xiao Yan is also in his plan, performing a certain task, so at a very delicate time, then through her close to the circle of the elite in Beijing, or assassinate the emperor, or have Other bigger plots.

The second possibility is that Xiao Xiao is a demon or other unidentified person. The sea pumice and the ghost face are in their hands. Xiao Yan repeatedly tries to test her relationship with the sea pumice. In fact, she wants to measure her ability from her. How much benefit you get. It was discovered that she did not care about the pumice stone, and she changed her mind to use the ghost face.

The last possibility, Xiao Yan is actually not sure about the whereabouts of the sea pumice and the ghost face, but just bluffing to force her to cooperate.

No matter what the reason, she is the one that is threatened to be used.

What Bai Hao is most concerned about is not the face problem, but the cooperation between the ghost face and the little one, and the value is not worth it.

She wants to let her parents restore the good looks of the past, so that they don't have to bear the fear of others' fears, and they can appear in front of people. When the parents returned to the capital these days, they had been staying in the government office and had never seen an outsider. The government also claimed that her mother-in-law Lin Peilan had been recovering from illness in the field and did not return to Beijing because their appearance was too scary. The ridicule of others was disgusted, and she was also ridiculed when she was tired.

This is the last thing that Bai Yu thinks can be done for her parents, but if she compares with the safety of her family, she is more willing to choose the latter. The retreat she prepared for the White House has not been fully completed. At this moment, it is implicated in the unidentified forces that intend to assassinate the Emperor. One is not good enough to lose three of her family. Those who have been rescued by Baijia or are being rescued have lost. Relying on, it is very likely to fall back to hell, what should she do to save the people?

After thinking about it, Bai Yu reluctantly said: "No, you must leave."

Xiao Yan didn't think she was so stubborn. She thought about her feelings and quickly understood her concerns. She said that it is not too late to draw a line with me. Just now, everyone knows me at the poetry meeting. It is the son of your father, and I was discovered in the future. Do you think your family can escape?"Bai Yi thought it right, and couldn't help but hate himself. He didn't listen to Bai Pingzi's advice before. He didn't put Xiao Xiao on his heart. He always only thought that he was a child. He didn't expect to beware of him. As a result, he couldn't get rid of it. Misfortune

It is no wonder that he will suddenly be afraid of her suspicion and take the initiative to ask her to participate in the poetry. It is so strange in the poetry meeting. It is not only that she wants to use her to find an opportunity to approach the two emperors to carry out the assassination, but also to force her to cooperate with him. .

Nowadays, regrets or self-blame and self-satisfaction are useless. White has set a certain god. He said to Xiao Xiao: "You must stay in the government office, but we must first go to the three chapters of the law, otherwise I will not send you to the temple. Directly send you to the Second Emperor's House, presumably he will not blame, but also thank my family for arresting him."

Xiao Yan was not scared by her words to send him to the official, nodded and said: "Speak and listen."

Bai Yu also knows that this threat is of little use to him. People are entrusted to her by the dilemma. If Xiao Xiao is really a nephew of the sea pumice, she handed him to the second emperor, which is equal to offending at the same time. The martial arts lord and the straits of the martial arts, the consequences of the consequences as much as the emperor's decree.

Even if he has nothing to do with the sea pumice, he dares to assassinate the emperor, and it must also represent a powerful force in a certain aspect. And from the current point of view, his acting methods are strange and bizarre, and he has broken their business. The result may be better than offending martial arts. The lord is even more terrible, and the saying goes: It is better to sin the gentleman and not to sin the villain.

Therefore, Bai Hao did not care about his careless attitude and seriously said: "First, I don't care what you want to do, but please keep your hands and feet clean and you must not be involved in my family. You must make a vow." Wzdff posted a hand to play a group]"

This is the most important point. If Xiao Xiao does not agree, she has to implement the preface, and fight to be chased and killed, but also to expose him.

Xiao Yan suddenly smiled and smiled: "Do you care about your family?"

"It is if they have a case, I can do anything." Bai Hao decided to look at Xiao Yan, never back down.

Xiao Yan snorted and promised very cheerfully: "Yes, I promise you."

"Second, within three months, the sea pumice must be sent safely to the ghost face."

Xiaoyan’s eyes hugged her arm and sullenly said: “My sister still cares about me, I thought my sister would be a ghost-faced mother, don’t want him.”

Bai Hao did not answer this sentence, and continued: "Third, you can't use my hands and feet. Without my permission, I won't be close to me."

Xiao Yan frowned, the boss did not want to die, she refused to let go.

The day is not struggling, just a slap in the face: "Three conditions, if you can't do it, you can take a shot and you don't have to say anything else."

The two leaned against each other and they were cold and cold in the car.

"Complete." Xiao Yan did not seem to want to push the white scorpion too tightly, loose his hand and flatten his mouth and sit on the chair opposite her.The Yingying snow, which came in through the window, shines on Xiaoyan’s face. With a dissatisfied look, he is like a cute white porcelain doll. Before changing, I am afraid that Bai Hao could not help but reach out and ask him. The little face is simmering, but now she only feels a chill.

What kind of soul is hidden under this familiar cute face? For a moment, I was ashamed, and I was silent and melancholy. I was so mad at the moment, and it was cold and cold. Is this like a ** year old child?

Recalling the conversation just now, except that he deliberately put on a cute part, from the beginning to the end is an adult's tone, black and cold. I promised to leave him with me. Is it right or wrong?

Bai Hao felt very tangled, and she hated this uncontrollable and helpless situation.

This place in Beijing is really annoying to people who are in a hurry.

The events that took place in the poetry were spread throughout the capital on the same day. I thought that there were two accidents in which the two emperors were accidentally injured, and the new section was seriously injured. The Xia Xinxin’s plagiarism of the female government’s poetry should not be transmitted too much. But it is counterproductive.

In the city of Manjing, I was talking about how the plagiarism of Xia Xinxin was plagiarized in the poetry of the day. How to make a child’s words, how to create a counterfeit and bite a bit, and finally how to be exposed, the details of an individual, as seen by the eyes, are vivid and vivid. The beauty of the day is even more vividly rendered, and the name is also relished. I would like to ask why even the female manager of the family is so outstanding. How can she be a young lady? It must be above this female manager.

Some people even said that those wonderful poems were simply the work of Miss Guogongfu, but she was reluctant to retaliate against the filth of Xia Xinxin, so she deliberately said it was a slave.

Not only did Xia Xinxin’s reputation fall to the bottom, but her brother Xia Guoxun and even Xia’s reputation were more or less affected. It is already imaginable that Xia Jia must hate her hateful teeth, just looking at her face, and embarrassed to openly deal with her or the National Government.

When the second emperor was in danger, he pulled Huang Xixin as a backing, and it was also rumored to be a hot one, but the versions were different. There was a truth version. It was also said that the champion was actually excited to think about Xia Xinxin. The result went to two. The emperor was accidentally injured in front of him. He also said that the champion was a savior, and he took the initiative to step forward for the second emperor. The listener only said a few words.

It’s a pity that it’s a pity.

Later, this incident quickly faded, and to a large extent, the people were secretly guided, and the interest orientation of the masses also played a certain role - compared to a few months, the fresh energy has passed The unconscious, yellow-haired boy is obviously more attractive.

Bai Hao expressed great pressure on this famous way of bringing endless troubles, but things have not been within her control.

White ugly listened to these rumors and just sighed: "This scandal between the Xia family and the second prince was spread so much. The big prince is afraid that it is not a small task. The child of Huang Xixin is too quick and quick, so it is so bad. Your ancient uncle is also a hard mouth, and I don’t know how sad it is."Huang Xixin is the adopted son of Gu Shanlong, who is responsible for the management of Gu Shanlong. Although the two had turned their faces before, Huang Xixin really had an accident. Gushan Long took him home for care at the first time.

Huang Xixin's condition is serious. Fang Hai personally saw it. It is hard to say whether he can wake up. Even if it is good, it may leave behind the sequelae. In the past, a group of "friends" around him disappeared. The two emperors sent people to send a large number of valuable drugs for treating the wounds and nurses. There are still a lot of money to see him groggy in bed, slowly no longer. I sent people to look at them from time to time.

Bai Hao was very depressed and ticked off one of the number of tasks, and took a few eyes. Xiao Yan did not admit that the accident of the second emperor was his hand, but he did not deny it. Although he did not know how he started, but finally others did not find clues, but she lost a rescue quota.

What is strange is that the reaction of the Yasukuni government has caused such a big disaster. It directly offends one of the best dignitaries of the dynasty. They have been shocked for a moment, and they have not complained or over-extended. Fear, just looking at her eyes is a bit more weird.

Bai Hao has never put their family in the heart, so they did not go deep into the roots of their abnormal reactions.

After the plagiarism incident, Bai Yu thought that he would inevitably become a famous unpopular figure in the official daughter-in-law of the capital. She once offended the old Xiage family, who would dare to take the initiative to contact her? Not afraid of being angered by the Xia family?

She is happy that she doesn't have to dress up for three days, to cope with those boring women, and the facts are once again in her unexpected direction - the invitations she received are not increasing.

Bai Ug and Mu Peilan carefully analyzed the guests' homes and found that the daughters who invited them were basically unshakable Great Emperor's Party. They dared to think that the enemies of the enemy were their friends.

The two couples discussed it and felt that it was still low-key and moderate. They completely refused the invitation of the great emperor, fearing that they would offend people. They still have to stay in the capital for the New Year. At the same time, they will offend too many people and will be afraid of affecting the day. .

It can be too close to the big prince, and it is easy to arouse the revenge of the two emperors. The majority of the two princes are literati, and they are decent. The poetry event is the loss of them. Although Xia Xinxin is the old granddaughter of Xia Ge, she can There are several such grandchildren in Xia Ge. Her little girl is not important in the family to let the Xia family defend her. Even if they are resentful in their hearts, they will not be arbitrarily retaliated for a while, but if there is a factional dispute, It is hard to say.

As a result, the white cockroaches began to get sick again for three days. The big prince sent a date to the son-in-law’s date, sometimes not, and should not be cold and cold.

After the poetry event, the first party attended by Bai Yu was invited by the wife of the left-hander of the Ministry of War, Huang Tengye. There were several ladies and sisters of the military department, as well as several relatives of the generals who stayed in Beijing. Mrs. Huang’s hometown sent a few red lotus teas on the cake, so please have a taste.Although the Huang Teng Ye Huang Daren is a great emperor's party, but he is a sea-going faction, and he has a wide range of exchanges. He is a serious scholar of the Imperial Examination. He is not only close to Mao, but also has many friendships with many hardcore members of the Second Emperor Party. Mrs. Huang’s reputation among the son-in-law is also quite unsatisfactory. She is very generous and funny. She had seen her at a party before the day, and the impression was ok.

The so-called Honglian round tea is the Pu'er tea that Bailu has eaten in modern times. She doesn't like tea, but she doesn't know what kind of tea is good, but the red song around her is the tea master who Mu Peilan personally tutors. The brother of the red song runs the tea house for the white house in the southwestern and southeastern states of the country. This is also a very profitable business of the white family.

A little bit of historical common sense knows that ancient tea, silk and porcelain are the most popular export products. Bai Yu realized that the humanities and natural environment here are similar to those of ancient China, so these years, the export has gradually become a scale, and the tea has become One of the important industries of Baijia.

The couples in the yellow vines are very fond of tea, and they are famous tea lovers in Beijing. Many of them are also like tea. Listening to Mrs. Huang’s tea, it is more conducive to red tea to understand the tea of ​​the official residence of the capital. Habit, she has already planned to leave the red song here next year, and to do some high-end tea business by the convenience of the embroidery workshop and the massage hall.

Red Song made a dear with her brother's right-hand man two years ago. The other side will also go to Beijing to expand business next year, just let their husbands sing.

The party atmosphere was good. After drinking a cup of tea, Mrs. Huang smiled and said to herself: "The female manager around Miss Bai is the one who made three good poems in the past few days?"

"It’s just a game, I don’t dare to go to the elegant hall.” Bai Yan looked at the Yangmei around him, and the two exchanged their eyes in secret - it really came.

A few of the son-in-laws next to them laughed: "There are such good poems that don't dare to be elegant, and others don't even dare to make poems? Miss Bai is too modest."

Mrs. Huang pointed to the cup in front of her and sighed: "I

I have especially liked this red lotus tea since I was a child. Unfortunately, I saw a book with a headache. I barely recognized a few words. I couldn’t make any good poems and praised the good tea in my hometown. I wonder if Miss Bai can give a poem, so that I am willing to make this snack? ”

There is no such thing as a classic poem about tea. At least there is no such thing as a classic poem about tea. Although Yang Mei can't learn from any talent, it is difficult to make a good poem that can match the three famous poems. And if everyone comes up to have a poem in the future, then the trouble can be big.

It’s not difficult to make a blockbuster. The hard part is that every song can’t be too far away from this first song. Instead of being so troublesome, it is better to think of a way to do it once and for all, completely eliminating the possibility of being dragged by people.

Bai Hao and Yang Mei had already thought about the countermeasures before, so the performance was very calm. First, they showed a difficult expression. They tried to stop everyone’s appetite for a while, then they began to talk: "Everyone still has to It was a matter of mentioning the poetry. On that day, my grandmother called me to the front and learned a lesson..."Mrs. Huang smiled and said: "I want to have such a cute granddaughter as Miss Bai, but I can't bear to teach. Good boy, what does the lady of the country say about you?"

"The grandmother said that poetry and lyrics are the elegant and elegant things. They are not used to fight for the victory and make a name for themselves. What I did on that day is really a big mistake. I also condone my management. Disputing with people, there is no such thing as a slapstick style. If my mother knows it, I don’t know how to be sad.” Bai Yan said with a pitiful expression of sorrow.

Yang Mei and several other servants who are waiting for her are very admired for her ability to blink and talk.

On that day, they returned to the government office and said things to the old lady. Both of them were a pair of proud and proud expressions. What kind of sadness did the lady have, but instead praised the lady for a good compliment. I said, "My daughter is the smartest", "I am not a good daughter of Mu Peilan", I just told people not to buy a few firecrackers, and beat the drums to celebrate the "first talented woman and beauty of the capital". Someone.


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