Yu Ren

By E Mei

101 discouragement and murder

101 discouragement and murder

Bai Yu said that people who had a good impression of her beauty and doubts about this matter could not help but be greatly disappointed. It turned out that this beautiful woman is really lying, and there are still people who insist that the day is forced to succumb to power. The confession is wrong.

It wasn’t just that no one saw Yang Mei’s poems written for the white singer—not far from Bai’s side, there were two young ladies who watched Yang Mei’s four wonderful poems, and they secretly stunned and admired for a while.

From the beginning of the dispute, they escaped hiding into the corner. I feared that Bai Yu or Yang Mei would ask them to testify. They did not dare to offend Xia Xinxin, and they did not want to lie with their conscience. At this time, they are guilty. They knew that the white pheasant was innocent, but they had to watch her be forced by Xia Xinxin.

In fact, they don’t know about white cockroaches... she’s never been a soft persimmon

The tone of Xia Xinxin’s heart has not completely loosened, and she was immediately stunned by the words of Bai Yu.

"I was not feeling well. This poem is that my housekeeper can't bear to work for me. I did it for me. I didn't expect to have the favor of Miss Xia. In this case, Yangmei, you will make another plum poem, a 咏Snow poetry, please present your talents and talents." Bai Yan looked at Xia Xinxin's smile and revealed his guilt and contempt.

The meaning of the day is clearly to let her housekeeper make two poems that are not lost to "Mei Xue is not willing to fall in the spring". Is a maid so powerful? Everyone else in the otter feels incredible, and Xia Xinxin is even more incredible. But Bai Xin’s confident eyes made her feel guilty. The first talented woman of the capital, not only learned not as a slave to the Miss Guofu, but also made a plagiarism. This scandal is enough to make her robbed.

But now that she has been riding a tiger, she can only go to black one way.

She suppressed the panic in her heart and sullenly angrily: "Miss Bai is deceiving too much. Where is this place, and it is a slavish slave?"

Yang Mei had some market, but she was afraid that things would be too big to be ruined. It would make the lady's wife embarrassed, and listened to her a "low three to four", suddenly changed her face. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

Xiao Yan once again spoke, and the sentence was poisonous: "You dare not let Yang Mei make poems, but she is afraid that her poems are better than you, and prove the fact that you plagiarized her poems."

Xia Xinxin couldn't wait to rush to tear the mouth of Xiaoyan, but she couldn't do anything under the crowd. She could only ask for help from the two emperors with grief and anger: "Cousins, they... they are really deceiving too much."

The second emperor also felt that it was inappropriate. Although he liked the beauty of white, he was a mother of Xia. If Xia Xinxin wiped his face, his face was not good. What he was trying to say, the young man who was black and thin but bright-eyed in the pile of talents, he shouted to the second emperor: "His Royal Highness, since Miss Bai said so, why should we listen to what she can do? Good poetry, everyone in the public to judge, so that they are convinced."The second emperor was indulged for a while. Today's thing is afraid that it can't be good. If he is too early to express his position, he will inevitably fall in the hands of the princes to force the people and favor the relatives of the relatives. He is trying to recruit new sci-fi. It is really unnecessary. A little cousin took the risk and nodded.

Yang Mei was suffocated by Xia Xinxin, and she went to the audience to give a ceremonial ceremony. She said: "The woman is ugly." She was a good citizen, and she has been no longer claiming to be a slave since she was with her. She is very concerned about Xia Xinxin's words, so she shows her identity when she speaks. She is not a slave.

She did not intend to leave room for Xia Xinxin. She read one of the immortal poems of the Baizhen version on the spot: "Zhongfang swayed and swayed to the small garden. The shadows were shallow and the water was shallow, and the dark fragrance floated at dusk. The frosty bird wants to steal the eye first, and the pink butterfly knows how to break the soul. Fortunately, there is a slight difference between the birds and the scorpion.

I don’t know who took the lead and drank a lot of color, then I was amazed by the audience.

The imagery of this poetic realm is clearly higher than that of the first "Mei Xue is not willing to fall in the spring". Everyone can't help but repeat the sentence in the poem. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

Only Xia Xinxin stayed in the same place, Yang Meikou's poems were worded into her ears, like a thunder, and she was overwhelmed.

The praises of the people came one after another, and finally slowly went down. Yang Meidao said: "The second "Snow Snow", the north wind is rolling in the white grass, Hu Tian is flying in August. Suddenly, the spring breeze comes, Qian Shuwan The pear blossoms."

This poem combines the style of the North, and it happens that the white is from the border town. Although it is not as good as the previous one, it is very easy to crush all the so-called talents of today.

In addition to admiration or admiration, everyone looked at Yang Mei's eyes full of worship and surprise. I did not expect a female manager next to Miss Bai Jia, there is such an amazing talent.

Xia Xinxin roared in both ears, leaving only two words in her mind - finished

Yang Mei chanted two poems and bowed a bow, and returned a few steps back to Bai Yu.

Everyone wakes up from the shock, and the sight of Xia Xinxin is very strange. No one believes her words anymore. The female director of Bai Yi’s casual poetry is not lost to the contemporary writers. It is enough to be proud of the poetry of all of us today. There is no need to rely on her plagiarism. And it is so possible that the manuscript of a house is the only one that lacks the day.

Xia Xinxin shook her body twice, her throat was sweet, and she spit a blood, and she fell on her back. The beggars around her quickly grabbed her to help her.

On the occasion of this chaos, the second emperor suddenly heard the sound of the top of the head, he did not know well, instinctively backwards and squats, pulling the yellow closest to him

Asahi is in front of him.

Huang Xixin is just a scholar who has no strength in the hands of the chicken. He has no reaction at all. He has been knocked hard by the hard object and can't stand up and throw it down.

This way, the guards brought by the second emperor have already reacted, and they rushed forward to help the master to retire. Poor Huang Xixin was smashed and fainted on the spot.Because many officials in the hall have a lot of money, Xiajia is paying special attention to etiquette, paying attention to men and women, and the area of ​​the otter is limited. The two emperors are afraid that their escorts will inadvertently collide with the delicate ladies, and think about it. These official children and their confidant slaves have no other people, so they did not let the guards follow the water, and they stayed near the hall door, otherwise it would not be so embarrassing.

The accident happened too suddenly. The people in the hall stunned to see what happened, and they could not help but scream.

The knocking down of Huang Xixin was a large copper frame that was suspended from the sluice beam and used as a hanging candle. I don’t know why it fell suddenly. I almost got to the second emperor. Fortunately, His Royal Highness has been tested and responded quickly. Pulled Huang Xixin as a ghost, otherwise he would not be killed if he was not killed.

The unfortunate thing is that the new section of the champion, Mr. Huang Xixin, was stunned. He wanted to get close to the two emperors and get out of the crowd as soon as possible. He didn’t expect to break the blood flow when he was not successful. It is hard to say whether he can save his life.

Xia Xinxin, the only owner of the otter, was unconscious, and other people were scared of the six gods. The second emperor was guarded in the middle by the guards. The shock was a little bit and it was a headache. Just now he was in a hurry to pull Huang Xixin as a ghost. The people here can see clearly. If he spreads out, he will work hard. The sergeant Li Xian, the hunter of thirst, the reputation is over.

The hall was in a mess, and suddenly the entrance to the hall hurried into a few people. The head was not someone else. It was Xia Xinxin’s brother, Xia Guoxun, the author of Xue Yinghan.

Just now, Xia Xinxin’s blink of an eye saw that the development of the situation was not quite right, so he sent a rush to Xia Guoxun to live in the scene, lest Xia Xinxin suffer, he rushed to the scene, and the result was too late to help the girl, but instead hit the stall.

This individual house was given to Xia Guoxun by Xia Ge, and the second emperor of the second emperor had such an accident in his property. The new section champion was seriously injured and comatose. In contrast, Xia Xinxin’s plagiarism in the loyalty of a servant’s servant’s poem is nothing. Great things, Xia Guoxun's famous young man, can not help but change his face in the face of this series of troubles.

However, he quickly calmed down and sent a doctor to treat Huang Xixin. He sent someone to return to Beijing to report his grandfather Xia Guo Lao’s affairs. He told them to take care of Xia Xinxin and walk to the second emperor. apologize.

The second emperor waved his hand: "There is nothing in this palace, but everyone is frightened, and the cousin sends the guest away, and then slowly investigate the matter."

Xia Guoxun listened to the secret tone, he was afraid that the second emperor decided that this was someone who had assassinated him. On the spot, he asked for all the guests in the otter to be detained. That would be even more troublesome. The guests invited today are not rich and expensive. It is hard to leave them in check, and their parents will find it difficult to clean up when they come to the door. And once you find out what, there are many people involved, it is not a non-fried pan on the hall.In fact, the second emperor felt that this accident came true. He also wanted to find out who the behind-the-scenes instigators were. However, according to past experience, some even if they were found out, they could not be dealt with. It is better to behave in a more tolerant manner than to offend people. A good reputation. He also has to worry about the aftermath of Huang Xixin, and he does not want to make his reputation worse.

Yangmei, Baiguo, Yunxiao and other people firmly held the white scorpion in the middle, and left the Xiajia Bieyuan with the shackles of the passengers, and returned to Beijing by horse-drawn carriage.

There are still only white and small cymbals on the ebony carriage. The carriage left the Xiajiabeyuan soon. The white singer said coldly: "Who are you? What happened to the accident just now?"

Just a mess in the hall, she paid special attention to observing Xiaoyan. This time she did not miss the horrible killing on Xiaoyan’s face...


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