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099 No affair

099 No affair

The two emperors of Xia Xinxin and the Queen are a cousin. The second emperor often visits Xiafu and is very close to Xia Xinxin. His literary attainment is second to none among the emperors. It is common for him to co-host the poetry with Xia Xinxin. In order to make more friends, he is also willing to participate in similar activities.

However, different times in the past, the emperor once said that he would set the righteous candidates for the emperors. It is only a month away from the end of the year. Most of the talented women here are born in the family. It can be said that even if it is not a popular candidate for the emperor. It is also one of the reserve candidates. Regardless of whether or not you are eagerly awaiting this position, once you hear that the two emperors have even participated in today's poetry meeting, everyone will feel a little different feelings.

Even the sisters of Deng’s family, who stared at the white pheasant like the cockfighting, returned to the gods, showing a shyness and a tweak.

The only thing that was completely out of the game was the white scorpion. When she heard the words "two emperors", the little sly around her flashed a hint of coldness.

Adhering to the glorious tradition of talented and unimaginative women in Beijing, Xia Xinxin’s topic is plum blossom, and Bai Yan almost wants to give her a blank eye regardless of her image.

She bowed her head and said, "You want a normal point, don't say anything about ice muscles."

Xiao Yan twitched her sleeve and said: "I think, you will not be angry with me?"

Bai Yan said: "You think about it, I will go back and ask you a few times. If you don't think about it, you will return you directly to the shackles."

Xiao Yan’s flat mouth was aggrieved, and Yang Mei couldn’t see her eyes. She didn’t know what Xiao Xiao had done in the car just to see him poor, so he bowed his head and said: “It’s better for me to think for him.”

Bai Yan squinted at her and threatened directly: "I want you to do more things? You don't even want the monthly money of the next month?"

This embarrassing Xiaozhengtai will most likely hold up the motherhood of her mother and the large and small women such as Yangmei and Ginkgo. If they lose, they will eat this set, but instead treat her as a wicked person.

Yang Mei immediately stunned, but also a face of grievances and papers. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

She and Ginkgo are good people who have already redeemed their high prices. The monthly money they work for at Baijia is very rich, especially the quarterly dividends of the firm. It is a considerable income. It was because of the small bed climbing incident. The one-month wages and the one-quarter dividends that have been deducted by Bai Yu have made them very painful, and they can no longer afford such a blow.

Bai Hao was quite satisfied with her attitude. She did not really hope that Xiaoxi would make poems for her. She thought about it: "This plum blossom poem, um... just come and choose your favorite 'Mei Xixun snow. Three points white, but the snow has lost a piece of fragrant 'good.'

Yang Mei gave her a look and said: "How can the immortal poetry lady say that it is just a little bit? Miss does not know how much blessing can get the immortal dream..."When she was too small, she ignored her embarrassment. When she accidentally read the first woman’s favorite “Maylights of the Moon”, she was suddenly stunned by the young woman Yang Mei, who knew that it was her own work. Yang Mei will not believe it. He has to be depressed and said that it is what the fairy is doing.

Since then, Yang Mei has asked her whether she has a fairy to dream, and she is too annoyed by her. So she read all the classic poems and broken sentences that she remembered. Yang Meiru was treasured and transcribed, day in and day out. .

Over the years, Bai Hao himself has not remembered those poems, but Yang Mei is backwards. When she sometimes listens to a few classic verses from her mouth, she can't help but sigh.

By crossing her like a woman

The other ladies in the otter have often made a lot of poems about plum blossoms. At this moment, they are carefully scrutinizing the hope that excellence can be a blockbuster. The sisters of Deng’s family are also very calm and talk to their servants and children, thinking that she also has Prepare, can not help but secretly swear, only hate Xia Xinxin is too simple.

Yang Mei quickly wrote the poems designated by Bai Yu to the Xia Jiayu waiting for him.

Xia Xinxin thought that this poem was written by Bai Yu and he did not care. He took it and looked at it and could not help but change his color. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

Mei Xue is not willing to drop the spring, and the Sao Renge pen fee evaluation.

Mei Xixun snow is three points white, but the snow loses a piece of fragrance.

When this poem came out, her triumphant work was immediately compared. What other aspects does she have as the first talented woman in Beijing?

Her face changed a few times, and suddenly she found that there was no signature on the paper. She felt a move in her heart and whispered a few words to her close confidant. Then she bowed her head and secretly handed the poem written by Yang Mei. In the sleeve, quietly retired.

Probably after a meal, the ladies in the leeches have already finished the poems, and Xia Xinxin does not look at them. Together with their own rewriting, they are handed over to Xiaoyan to take a copy and send them to the other side.

The handwriting of the woman of the Pavilion is not allowed to flow to the hands of strange men. Otherwise, the reputation is detrimental. Therefore, Xia Xinxin was not surprised why the white poems would be written by the servants around her.

However, the big men and women in the country are not as strict as the previous ones. Only Xia’s descendants from negative poetry are also clearly clarified in these sections to reflect their so-called personal style.

Shortly after the departure of Xiao Biao here, Xiao Xiao, who sent a poem to send a poem, has arrived. The topic of Libo is also extremely uninspired – poetry is written with snow.

Xiao Yan displayed the poems of the 16 young talents of Libo Xiaozhu, one of which was also the poems of the two emperors. Bai Yu accidentally heard a familiar name - Huang Xixin.

White verse on poetry

The appreciation of the limited is limited, but Yang Mei whispered on the side, very professional: "This new section of the Yuan Lang really learned well, a sly poetry poetry is far and wide, it is very colorful. The poems of the two emperors are quite airy, but unfortunately Still a little bit solid."

"Who are the two of them better?" Bai Yan asked casually.Yang Mei looked at other poems and didn't pay attention to her words, let alone distracted. Xiao Yan suddenly whispered: "One is too flattering, a bluff."

Bai Yan tilted him and said: "You are so powerful, can you come and see?"

"You have to marry me, don't tie up with any prince." Xiao Yan looked at the white squint and looked at it with a warning. He saw the white cock and chilled. .

Is this what Bai Pingzi said? How old is the young yellow-haired boy?

Bai Yuzheng was suspicious, and the sound of Xia Xinxin’s cold voice came: "You have seen the masterpieces of all the talented people, please also make a poem with snow as the title."

Xiao Yan quickly recovered his shy appearance, and Bai Hao had not recovered his surprised expression on his face.

Yang Mei turned her head and said strangely: "Miss, what's wrong with you? This snow poem..."

White eyes, stunned: "Snow ah... 'Thousands of trees, pears and flowers are open.'" Xiao Yan’s words and deeds are more and more strange. It seems that he can’t just be seen as a child. Be careful to pay attention to him. .

Yang Mei nodded, and the paper-drawing pen was preparing to write the poem. Suddenly there was a burst of laughter outside the hall, and then I heard a man’s voice: "The cousin is the first talented woman of the capital, and a singer of poems and flowers is a must. I have to wait for the public."

With the voice, a young man wearing a blush group dragon robes brought a dozen young men into the otter. This young man was the second prince.

He is about twenty-seven years old, and his eyebrows are similar to Yang Lan. However, he is far less beautiful than Yang Yu, and the elegant and elegant show reveals the unique pride of the royal family.

Xia Xinxin is only a delicate show, it seems that the Xia family is not rich in handsome guys.

The woman present at the scene saw the second emperor suddenly approaching, followed by a dozen strange men, all of them were shocked, some people were shy and there was no way to go back. There were a lot of people in the hall, and everyone retired, and the white plaque sitting in the corner was blocked.

Xiao Yan lowered his small face and hid behind the white scorpion, as if he was scared by these sudden appearances. No one noticed that his eyes were so delicate and the killings did not flash.

Xia Xinxin's face changed slightly, and stood up and seemed to be true and falsely complained: "The cousin is so awkward, and I am not afraid of shocking my guests." She does not call the second emperor his high-ranking prince, but her mouth is called "cousin", and she and her two emperors are obvious. The relationship is close.

The second emperor haha ​​laughed: "When I wait for the light, why should I stick to the secular ethics?"

Speaking of a hand pointing to the side, said: "This is our new section of the Yuanlang, today's champion lost in the hands of our first teacher, the conviction of oral, specially came to ask for advice, I naturally want the beauty of adults."

Behind him, wearing a blue Confucian costume, his face was reddish, and he looked up at the nose and nose and looked at Xia Xinxin with a sigh of relief: "Miss Xia’s poetry is high, and Xiaosheng is not as good as himself."When Bai Yan listened to Huang Xixin, he was secretly surprised. Xia Xinxin was not surprised by the champion, but her poetry could overwhelm her famous sayings? How can it be? If this is the case, then Xia Xinxin is really very powerful.

Ms. Deng Wu has a heart to please Xia Xinxin, and she wants to show her face in front of the second emperor. She deliberately debuted out: "The summer poetry of Xia’s sister, we have not heard it yet."

The second emperor smiled and said: "So please ask the champion to be in public." He has the heart to win the yellow smock, the intention of the combination of Huang Xixin and Xia Xinxin, and everyone feels at the place.

Xia Xinxin looked at the side with a sly look, and Huang Xixin smothered the scorpion and read it in a loud voice: "Mei Xue is not willing to fall in the spring, and the Sao people's pen fee is judged. Mei Xuxun is three points white, but the snow is lost. Fragrant."

Bai Yu and Yang Mei are silent, this is their poem, how can it become Xia Xinxin? White 茯苓 is even more sullen, a generation passed through the female plagiarism, even let an ancient person give anti-plagiarism, what the world


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