Yu Ren

By E Mei

098 Poetry Society

098 Poetry Society

Bai Hao also had to admit that Xiao Xiao’s child was too genius. At the age of **, he was able to make poems as required. In time, he would definitely grow into a culturally popular hooligan.

This child needs thorough re-education

However, what kind of poetry will be taken to attend, but the shield is very good.

The reason why Mu Peilan so promised to let Bai Yu go to the poetry was not to have confidence in her daughter's literary talent, but to trust her ability. Bai Hao has a lot of ideas since he was a child. No matter what the situation can handle, the most important thing is that she has a lot of people around her. As long as she has enough help, who can make her difficult?

Bai Hao is very self-aware. She remembers the poems of some great writers, but fake virgins often do not have two poems. The ancient literati’s word games are more, a wine order, or a couplet. Can immediately let her show a big horse.

Over the years, she thought that she could only live to 18 years old. She has always been a female overlord who has not learned anything. She hasn’t read a few books in her serious life, and her handwriting is terrible and she can’t help but add another word. This level runs to pretend to be a talented woman. The risk is too high.

However, the lazy person has a lazy way... She has smugly looked at Yang Mei and Xiao Yan, and I already have a plan in my heart.

Xia Xinxin’s poetry would not be allowed to enter without the invitation, so only Bai Yi’s person took him to the front, and Xiao Xiao’s young age could also be mixed in. Hui Wei and Hui Ru could not walk together.

Bai Hao just sat in his own ebony carriage, Yang Mei and so on to take a carriage, Xiao Yan everyone did not pay attention to slip into her car would not come down, white can not, had to accompany him.

Along the way, Xiaodong Dong Zhang looked at the car in a variety of exquisite designs, the small face was full of curiosity, the white scorpion was stunned by him, and he looked at it, and he calmed down and raised his eyes. It’s a pity that Otaru soon saw enough and squeezed into the white scorpion. The eyes turned to her face. The white cockroaches couldn’t stand the harassment. He opened his eyes and said to him: “Go there and sit down, if you don’t obey, I Ignore you, throw you back to the poor and let us clean up."

Xiao Yan suddenly laughed and changed her arm more tightly. The child said with a childish voice: "My sister likes me, right?"

Bai said: "Don't you know what a child likes?"

"Then you don't like me?" Xiao Yan had a hint of haze on his eyes. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

White is not very airy: "People are big and play,"

"You tell me," Xiao Yan suddenly shyly not introverted, the whole person is in the white, and a pair of virtues who can't give up without getting an answer.

"You are quick to let go and wrinkle my clothes." This is a very tired thing when it takes a lot of time to be a beautiful woman.

"If you say it, I will let go." I don't know if it's because there are no other people around me. Xiao Yan's performance is completely different from usual, and the look on his face seems to reveal a bad atmosphere.Bai Yan was surprised to find that the physical strength gap between men and women was far beyond imagination. She was almost fifteen years old, and she could not earn a boy who was less than ten years old. "You don't let me go, I will ask people to clean up." You "have made a fuss about it."

Xiaoyan, suddenly flew over and took a sip on her face, and then giggled and shook a corner without waiting for the white reaction.

Bai Yu pointed at him incredulously, and his face was blue and angry. She was insulted by this stinky child. She was gnashing her teeth and preparing to attack. At this moment, the carriage suddenly stopped for a stop - the venue of the poetry meeting was arrived at the scales.

The person who picked her up and got off the bus is coming soon. The white cockroach is not good at making a slap in the face. He has to swear: "Smelly child, wait, see how I can pick you up."

Xiao Yan laughed innocently, and when the door opened, he turned back to the introverted shy innocent little Zhengtai, and the speed of changing his face was even better than that of Bai Hao.

Bai Yufei quickly made good clothes, and Yang Mei helped to get off the bus. The carriage stopped in a wide courtyard, and a small car sedan like the National Government was parked next to it. Several Xia’s servants were waiting On the side, when I got on the car, I walked half a cup of tea and went to a water door in front of the lake. The plaque above the water bottle was written on the word "Chengbi". [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

The scales are also built outside the capital, because the small lake in the other house is named. To be honest, in the winter, the lake is frozen, and the green leaves of the lake are also lost. What scenery, I really don't know how the arty ladies will choose this place to open a poetry.

The area of ​​the otter is quite large. There are already ten women in the shape of a young lady. Each person stands behind several servants who are waiting for them. The wide otter is also somewhat crowded. There are several young ladies who are very familiar and have seen them in recent gatherings.

Today, these young ladies do not know what kind of wind has been drawn. They are all dressed in plain colors. I think it is more like a talented woman.

As everyone knows, the so-called talented women are often nicknames of women who are not worthy of literacy. They are adjectives such as cute, kind, and temperament. The subtext is not beautiful.

Therefore, if a talented woman plays, she must win with temperament - nothing to do with makeup, plain and elegant, and no jewelry to wear, otherwise it is vulgar, clothes are not too flamboyant, or frivolous.

In fact, there are still some good things in these young ladies who are doing well. Today, all of them are bleak, and not everyone has the ability to learn what Xiangxiang Fairy is. The dressed white pheasant is among the horrible girls, and the back is also a hundred times more eye-catching than them.

White and politely with a few understandings

The lady nodded and was about to find a comfortable and warm place to sit down. Suddenly, there was a notification from behind him: "Miss Xia, Miss Qin and two Miss Deng."

When Bai Hao turned his head, he saw the Deng family sisters who had a relationship with Meiyuan and their cousin, Miss Deng’s cousin, Miss Qin, and a beautiful girl in a white dress and green dress walked into the water.The ladies in the otter have come up to see the ceremony, and the handsome girl is the owner of the poetry, Xia Xinxin. Her age is similar to that of the day, and in the middle and upper position, she is deliberately pretending to have a calm and fascinating look.

When she met her with a big flow, she wanted to sit down and wait for the meeting. Miss Deng San suddenly said: "I didn't expect to see Miss Bai at the poetry meeting of Xia's sister. The poem of Xia's sister. I will ask for the famous singer, and Miss Bai’s birth must be extraordinary. The last time I was in a rush in Meiyuan, I forgot to ask Miss Bai to make the lord, who is in the DPRK?

She knows this reason. The last time they were at the Meimei party, they lost their faces because of the appearance of the white scorpion. They were frustrated, and they didn’t feel like going out for a few days. They were afraid of being pointed and then stunned to hear the birth of Bai Yu. I want to find a chance to degrade her.

This time, it was the idea given by Qin’s cousin of their big family’s milk. They thought that Xia Xinxin’s invitation to Bai Hao was to revenge and hate, so that this low-lying merchant’s daughter would no longer be in the capital.

If the people are not good, the good people will not come to see them. They will know what they want to do, and they will not care about them. They are only confused and innocent to Xia Xinxin: "Miss Xia’s poetry will only invite the court to be the daughter of the official? Miss Xia, why do you specially send invitations to the National Government to invite them?"

The invitation was Xia Xinxin’s personal dispatch to the government office. Bai Hao asked this question and immediately transferred the contradiction to her. The master asked me to come, but I was not crying and crying, I am not convinced. Go to the owner’s house and talk about it.

Xia Xinxin and Deng’s sisters are not familiar. She wonders why they constantly lobbied her to invite Bai Yu to participate in the poetry. Now it is clear that she is daring to love this Deng’s lady who wants to borrow her poetry to make it difficult.

She doesn't like how much she likes to be fair, but she doesn't want others to use her as a gun. He has said faintly: "I never said that the poetry would only invite the official lady."

The Deng family and the three women had a glimpse of the face, but Xia Xinxin was not able to offend them, so they had to swear: "It was our sister who misunderstood..."

Xia Xinxin is also curious about the white 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 声 声 声 声 声 声 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 也是 孙 孙 孙 孙 孙 孙 孙 孙 孙 孙

She really grew up in the country, she often went to the palace to accompany the Queen's aunt, and was used to the beauty of the palace, but no one can compare with the white. However, Xia Xinxin did not have much affection for the beauty, especially satisfied with curiosity and knew that the Deng family sisters wanted her to invite people to come, and I felt more interested.

This white father is only a merchant. Although his mother was the first beauty and talented woman in Beijing, she was away from Beijing because of illness. It is difficult to say that she has been able to teach her daughter in these years. She only looks at her gorgeous dress, and most of them are also Those who love vanity will not work hard on learning. It is estimated that they will return to Beijing to marry a shallow woman with a good family by the mother’s fame and grandfather’s title.Xia Xinxin had a prejudice against Bai Yu, and her attitude was cold. She ignored her and strode to her main seat to sit down and said: "Today's poetry is also in the usual practice. We are in this clear water, The talented people are on the other side of the coffin, and they have questions on both sides. Each person has a poem. The transcripts are sent to the other side by Xiao Xiao, and they are judged each other. Then they give a poem to the other party’s questions. The winner of today."

Yang Mei is eager to try, white boring wants to yawn, the heart is not as good as playing around the lake, the drums are stopped, the drums stop, whoever takes the hand to the lake, "cool down", of course, she wants to drum That one. These young ladies have rusted their brains and want to come up with such boring things.

Xia Xinxin stopped and added a word: "Chengbi Shuiyu is hosted by Xiaomei, and Libo Xiaozhu is presided over by His Royal Highness."

When she said this, most of the ladies present were not naturally natural.


Thank you, Yan Ling, the weight of the mm and the sputum, hehe. (

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