Yu Ren

By E Mei

097 Little poems

097 Little poems

Ginkgo screamed coldly, everyone was shocked, turned to look in the direction of her contempt, only to see a blue plaque flashed, the consequences of the big stone hidden a person.

Today, only Baiguo was alone with martial arts, so she did not dare to leave the white robes. She took a teacup and threw it there. She soon heard the cracking of the teacup, and she heard it for a while. , Songkou airway: "The guy ran."

Bai Yan frowned and said: "Forget it, leave him alone. There are a lot of guests here today, maybe just passing by."

Ginkgo snorted and said: "The sneaky, certainly not a good thing, if the day is good, I must have pulled him out."

The customs of Beiguan City is complicated, and it is adjacent to the barbarian. At least there are several guards to protect and protect the whites. But today, they are guests in the other houses of the Shangshu, and they are all the official sons and daughters. There are also many nursing homes, so she only brought a ginkgo gong to the martial arts.

A little stunned a little, a few women soon forgot this episode, the flower viewing, drinking and drinking, talking to the sky until the shadow of the West, the white and Yin agreed to this time to go with She met, so I greeted everyone to go to the Yulu Palace Powder Court.

Yin’s Yongzheng waited in front of the hall and saw them rushing in to inform Yin. Yin took them to Mrs. Yin’s resignation, and Mrs. Yin reluctantly pulled the white singer and said: “Today’s people are too many to talk to you. If you have time, let you show you to my house to play. It’s just a street away from your loyalty government.”

Bai Yan smiled and succumbed to the mouth, and Yin, Hui and Hui Ru came out of the Meiyuan car back to the government.

Along the way, Hui Wei and Hui Ru took the day and said nothing.

“Is the aunt aunt very kind to the Princess Antai? Is it familiar with the white shopkeeper of Nylon Embroidery?”

"You are all surnamed Bai, the same name is three-pointed, can you let her also give us a twenty-four color makeup satin dress?"

"You are also very good at this dress. If you can do it as you like. [wzdff post it to the group]"

"The pillows in your room are cushioned, the tablecloths are all things of nylon embroidery, it's no wonder so chic!"

The white cockroaches were dizzy by them, and they were once again weakened. They relied on the wall to claim that they were too tired to rest. Yin’s eyes were stopped with his eyes, and Hui Min and Hui Ru were unwilling to stop.

Back to Zhongguo Gongfu, reading Yunxuan, Bai’s couple were sitting there waiting for her, Xiaoyan was also there. When she saw her, she jumped up and rushed to hold her and said, “I miss you, you are today. Not a day..."

The white cockroach couldn't avoid being hugged by him, and earned his strength: "Speak and talk, don't move the manual foot."

Mu Peilan looked funny, opened his pitiful little sly, and said: "He is still young, don't be so fierce to him."Bai Yan looked at his little face similar to the sea pumice, and reached out with a bad heart to make a pig face. He said: "If he is still young, he should teach him the truth of the person, lest he grow up and harm others. "It has grown so long that it is guilty of sin, and it is also a hug with people, how can it be!"

Xiao Yan did not resist her, but she looked at her innocently with her eyes wide open. The eyes looked more and more like the sea pumice. The white heart felt a move, and she slammed her hand and changed her clothes and disarmed.

Since that day, Li’s addictive three-day two-headed two-headed let Bai Hao go to the party of the Beijing-Chinese son-in-law, and Bai Hao is happy for her mother, and she is dressed up every time.

However, in a few days, there are more and more rumors about her in Beijing, and it is said that it is a fairy, and the city is unparalleled.

The most sensational is a picture of the beauty of the three sons of Zhou Shangshu, entitled "Looking at the two and not tired of it". The painting is the scene in which Bai Yu sits in the pavilion and looks at the plum blossoms. It is said that he is the most in his life. Satisfied works, no one.

This portrait was taken to the gathering of friends by the son of Wednesday, so that the nobles of the capital who had no chance to see the white eyes opened their eyes, and the name of the white stork also went up. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

Ginkgo heard about this, and immediately remembered the people who peeked at them after hiding in Dashi on the same day. They suddenly understood that the three sons of Zhou’s family were frivolous and mad, and they went to the son-in-law’s party to peek at the woman!

The white cockroach is somewhat curious about the portrait. She thinks it is similar to a sneak shot. As long as she is beautiful, it does not cause harassment.

On the second day of the participation of the Meifang Embroidery in Bailu, the housekeepers sent by each family took turns to “step on the field” and asked about the twenty-four color makeup satin and the question about the VIP. Wei and Mo's two are as busy as the top, but fortunately, before the day, they reminded them to make a lot of elaborate brochures and hand them over to the guests to take a closer look. There are not only standards for becoming VIPs, but also a lot of tricks. "VIP Service and Offers" and some new limited editions next year.

To become a VIP, you must spend one thousand and two silvers at the Jinxiu Embroidery. This standard is unimaginable in other embroidered workshops. However, there are not many other guests in the Nylon Embroidery Workshop. The money is especially large, less than three days. More than 20 ladies and wives have become the first VIP members.

Originally, they all came to the makeup satin. If it wasn't for Bai Wei, there was a maximum of two sets of dresses for each person. I am afraid that the ten makeups will be sold out.

Bai Hao heard that they earned money by making money, because the grievances accumulated during the visits to the market have been reduced. On this day, Li took another invitation for her. The person who sent the invitation was not very ordinary. It was the niece of Xia’s dynasty, the grandson of Xia Xin, the grandson of the cabinet, and the famous talent in Beijing.


Her invitation is to invite Bai Yu to attend her poetry. As a literary leader in the capital, she has been keen on engaging in various literary activities, especially poetry.In order to express the literary level of the eyebrows, the poetry will not only invite the official lady, but also invite young talents and sons who are famous in the city. Can be praised at the poetry of Xia Xinxin, regardless of men and women, will become celebrities in the city the next day.

Lee received this invitation but it was both happy and worried. It is of course great to be able to make a sneak peek at the poetry. She is afraid that she is just a sloppy straw bag. When it comes out, it’s time for her. The arrangement of the mind spent on the body is all in vain!

But if you let the white cockroaches do not go to the hospital, it will not be possible. These celestial celestials participate in several large and small gatherings. When Xia Xinxin suddenly becomes sick, what would others think?

It’s not that the girl’s literary level is too inferior. It’s obvious that she doesn’t give Miss Xia’s face, and she doesn’t even give her grandfather Xia’s face. The National Government is different from the past, and it really deserves to be sinned.

She sent someone to give Mu Peilan an invitation, and let her decide. Mu Peilan nodded and nodded and agreed. Li’s sent her to come back and sue, only thinking that she was full of confidence in her daughter, and then thought about her. Not only the first beauty of the capital, but also the recognized first talented woman, I immediately felt that I had previously suspected that there was no level in the day, so it was really a worry!

Bai Yan listened to the mother to mention this matter, the only reaction was to pout, disdain: "This person must be bored to what extent to eat every day, just thinking about poetry, life is so empty, it is better to throw it In the countryside, I will accept the education of the poor and middle-class peasants, and plant all kinds of sedges. I can also plant some food that I can eat without wasting paper."

When Yang Mei listened to the poetry, she looked forward to her eyes and listened to Bai Yu. She couldn’t help but scream and completely embarrassed to express her longing for the poetry.

The little beggar on the side suddenly grabbed the sleeves of the white stork: "I want to go too! Can you take me with me?"

Bai Hao strangely said: "What do you do for a child?"

Xiao Yan’s face is red: “I... I will also make poems...”

Not only is it white, but even Yang Mei is amazed: "You will make a poem? How old are you?"

The white scorpion looked up and down and looked at him two eyes: "Well, if you make a poem, I will listen to it. I will use the plum blossom as a title. I will take you there when I get it!"

Xiaoyan thought for a moment and said: "The jade bones greet the snow and the ice muscles have the fairy wind. The plain surface is suspected of powder, and the makeup is red."

White eyes blinked, then blinked, turned to look at Yang Mei, she is also a face of incredible, so suddenly made a poem, but also too smart too much! And how does this poem come to the face of a fragrant wind? !

"Is this poem really made for you? The lying child will be bitten by a cat!" She had listened to Yang Mei before, Xiao Xiao was very clever, and her degree was chasing her. The reconciliation with them not only slowed down their progress, but they said what they did, he would learn and help them. Less busy.Now it’s a cow to make a poem? ! There are only two reasons for this. One is that Xiao Yan is really a genius, and the other is that he is also passing through. Poetry does not know the works of the great poet. However, when he heard about the nylon embroidery workshop, he clearly said nothing. As a person passing through, have you ever heard of nylon?

Xiao Yansheng said: "I did it, I didn't lie..."

Yang Mei questioned: "When you are young, how is it ice muscle jade and makeup lipstick?" Although Yang Mei understands that this is a flower, can a child think of using a beauty to compare plum? !

Xiao Yan blushes: "It was made by the sorrel sister before I made it. I said... I will be very happy when I say to my sister, and I will be very happy when I say that I am stealing my eyes and seeing the reaction."

People who are in a dilemma do not have such a bad child! It’s too much! In order to match her with the sea pumice, even such a small child is completely poisoned!


Xiao Yan’s poems were changed from Su Dongpo’s “Xi Jiang Yue”. The original sentence was “Yu Gu’s fog”, Baidu could find it. The time spent on making a poem is enough for me to write five hundred words, so I am lazy to bully an ancient man who can't entangle my copyright with me. Khan, the top pot climbs away. (!

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