Yu Ren

By E Mei

096 don't love so much

096 don't love so much

The reason why Bai Hao was so obedient to promise this kind of party that she was not interested in was to promote the new products and VIP program of Nylon Embroidery next year. Originally, she still wanted to put forward the advertisement without any traces. As a result, she immediately took out a passerby to help, and it was also seamless, and it was more intimate than the family!

Bai Hao forced to hold back the raging mad laughter and made a shy expression that made Baiguo Yangmei Qiqiu turn his eyes. He whispered: "It’s not embroidered. This woven gold makeup satin weave is twenty-four colors."

"What?" Not only did Miss Blue, who was asking the question, surprised, but even the lady's lady around her brushed her eyes to the white koi.

According to legend, the emperor had a dress with 18-color satin. Later, because of the war, the palace was burned, and even the dress was burnt to gray, and it was able to weave eighteen colors. The satin craftsman died in the war, the disappearance of the disappearance, this magical fabric eventually became a legend, occasionally someone can weave, the color is also very poor, most of them can not be a horse, let alone like ordinary makeup satin Delicate and beautiful.

Now I can hear that there is a luxurious fabric that is better than the eight-color makeup satin. Can the woman present be excited? ! One like a hungry wolf, I can't wait to stick my eyes to the dazzling koi. What the master of the nylon embroidery workshop is no longer worth mentioning.

After all, needlework embroidery is still imaginable. As long as there is enough patience and financial resources, it is something that can be expected. But the twenty-four-color makeup satin that is unheard of is simply a mythical legend.

Some of the ladies are also skeptical, deliberately relying on the white scorpion to carefully identify the color of the pattern on her koi. The result surprised and envied them. It was really twenty-four colors, and there was no trace of post-weaving embroidery.

Just now everyone was stunned by the color of the white enamel. I only thought that the costumes on her body were clear, and I forgot to look at the materials used, how to do it, etc. Tone. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

The pattern of the satin koi is so beautiful that in different light, the color of the whole koi has different subtle changes. Under the koi, the white gold-painted pleated skirt with white lining, in addition to its normal straight crease, with some fine embossing creases on the top of the mud gold, the golden pattern seems to be walking when walking. Floating on the skirt, beautiful.

Miss ladies, surrounded by white singers, asked the origins of this dress.

Mrs. Yin is the master, watching a beauty show will become a clothing and cloth show, there is no dissatisfaction at all, but like other ladies and ladies.

A pair of white crickets were forced to ask but they were helpless and awkward. They said the standard answer: "The dresses are all made at the nylon embroidery workshop."

“Jinfang Embroidery Square?! How have you ever heard that nylon embroidery workshop can weave twenty-four color makeup satin? And this pleated skirt, the craftsmanship and nylon embroidery workshop are completely different this year.” Mrs. Yin said. I heard this kiss is the old customer of Nylon Embroidery.“The shopkeeper said that this makeup satin is the result of their occasional purchase from the foreign caravans, and it is ready to be launched next year. Because the number is very small, the VIPs of her family are qualified to customize... She is watching the relationship between her mother and Princess Antai. I only tried to make a new one. As for the skirt, it is also the style that will be launched next year." The white sly look is innocent, and a pair of chances are cheap and happy.

VIP of the nylon embroidery workshop? Miss Ladies have never heard of the Jinfang Embroidery Square, but also the VIPs and ordinary guests, but if they openly ask them, they seem to be too ignorant. Everyone looks different and they are thinking about going back and sending people to the embroidered workshop to ask. Knowing what is the condition for becoming a VIP, you must start as soon as possible. This twenty-four-color makeup satin can't be worn by the former queen, and you can get it all together. This life is not awkward! Wearing it to attend a big party, it should be a face-lifting thing.

Bai Hao is very satisfied with the effect of such advertisements. The twenty-four-color makeup satin is the master of the Beiguan City Embroidery, and combines the skills of his ancestral ancestors, and also gathers a lot of weaving experts, and has worked hard for many years. It has already been produced on a small scale. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

Because it can't do industrial mass production like modern weaving mills, the output is extremely low. Even if Bai Hao finds a lot of craftsmen to transform tools for them, it can't reach the speed of general silk weaving. One foot, it takes ten months to weave it into one. Therefore, from the beginning, Bai Hao has positioned it as a high-end luxury goods, limited sales, and specially selected in the capital of high-ranking and wealthy businessmen to test the water.

This body makeup satin clothes were made by the 佟 佟 , , , , 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一 第一And so far, the highest achievement is only eighteen colors. If people know that they can make twenty-four color makeup satin, I am afraid that they will soon be tribute to the royal family.

Do not say much about doing business with the royal family, the fame will inevitably rise, and the risk will rise accordingly. People will hate it, and whatever problems they may have may be the felony of murder. Moreover, the day is not willing to be too high-profile at this time.

To avoid this, there is another way to popularize the twenty-four-color satin technology. Everyone can buy it everywhere, so it is not rare, but it will not make the most profit.

After discussing with several people such as Bai Wei and Mohs, Bai Hao decided to mention the novel fabrics that were occasionally purchased from foreign merchants, and then supplied them from time to time as a new year’s fist product, which not only improved the nylon embroidery workshop. The reputation also promotes the new VIP system and avoids the risk of technical beatings and even being restricted to royal tributes.


As for this pleated skirt, it is only fashionable and has a breakthrough in design. It is not too much technical content, but it is sure to lead the trend next year.A group of darlings stunned for a while, the master Mrs. Yin patted the palm of the hand and pulled back the topic, please go to the plum, and the niece was served by the 丫鬟 子 伺 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。

The four women of Deng’s family were left to the side. They used to get used to this situation. However, today is different from the past. In the past, others alienated them because of jealousy and dissatisfaction. They not only did not feel uncomfortable, but they enjoyed the hatred of others. Envious eyes, today they are lonely, white from the appearance to the clothing, all the way to press them, everyone sees their eyes like watching a falling dog, that feeling is particularly uncomfortable.

When the purpose of the day is reached, I don’t want to deal with these ladies, by taking flowers, bringing Yunxiao, Ginkgo, Yangmei, etc. to serve her, I want to sneak into a remote place to hide, wait until the time is almost Go back and say goodbye to the owner.

Yin’s wife was dragged and talked by Mrs. Yin. The two sisters Hui Hui and Hui Ru took a breath today. It was a happy, busy and happy couple who had a good relationship with the couple, and they didn’t want to show up in front of their friends. Appearing, so she easily took off these few people, along the promenade gradually drifted away, found a more remote five-corner pavilion.

The pavilion hangs a thick curtain in the direction of the northwest to block the northerly wind. There are several stoves, but it is not too cold. The white donkey sent a small donkey in the pavilion, sitting in the pavilion with several people like Yangmei. Quietly only the wind, the eyes are different, the plum blossoms in the cold wind, the scenery is very good, it is the favorite of Yang Mei, a petty bourgeoisie young woman.

Ginkgo teased and said: "Oh, you can get what you want. The plum blossom here is not as good as the Baili Mountain, but it is also very good."

Yang Mei smiled and said: "It is said that the scenery of Meilin on the Pinking Ridge is better. We have a rare trip to the capital. After two days of vacation, you will come here with me."

People who work in Baijia have a six-day holiday every month and take a break, so Yangmei has this. The rest of the crickets also echoed and talked about where to go for the holidays.

Bai Yu looked at the pink plum blossoms in the tree next to the pavilion. The plum blossoms and the stones that the sea pumice gave her were probably the same variety. It is said to be called Yulu Palace powder. The few flowers on that day were from him. Picked from the Xia Ling, the color of the fragrance is no different from the one in front of the eye, but the person who picked the flowers has no life and no news.

I don't know what happened to him? Is it safe now? The white sighed out with a sigh of relief, and my heart was a little confused.

Have had her experience, life and death for her, is not too heavy, just feel pity and reluctance. The sea pumice can have such an achievement in this life. I don’t know how much hard work has been done, how many setbacks have been experienced, how much luck is needed, and death means that all this will be completely obliterated. Whether there is such luck and achievement in the next life is completely unknown. The number.

If I don’t see this again, she will be blushing at all, and it’s a pity that the martial arts and high-powered martial arts have been bullied by her.If she is not herself, she can only live for another three years. Presumably her regrets and sadness will be much deeper.

Bai Hao does not know whether such a cold-eyed passer-by is a good or a bad attitude. She only knows that she should not go too far into the heart. Don’t be too deep with others, and the pain will not be so much when she gives up.

Parents and Lu Ying are already enough for her, and for others, they should not be tempted to provoke others.

I hope that the pumice stone can be safe and sound. If he can come back safely, she will try to contact him as little as possible in the future, so that she will be saddened when she has to die in the future.

Ginkgo and several others were more close to the white pheasant and saw her fainting at the plum blossoms. They all vaguely guessed that she remembered the pumice stone, and did not bother her. Ginkgo looked around and suddenly saw a shadow on the right side of the stone. Someone was shocked and shouted: "Who?!"


All the books of "The Fox" were sent out, and I received a slam. (!

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