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095 to be loaded together

095 to be loaded together

... today's second chapter...

"Laughing Lady" followed by three young girls, the smallest one is estimated to be similar to the age of the day, the biggest one is only about sixteen or seven years old, and the appearance is outstanding, all of them are dressed in a silk satin, put together A thousand and charming, the phosgene field is better than the other Miss Qianjin.

Four women gathered around a dozen times, and all of them were like peacocks, and they couldn’t wait to see people in their nostrils.

When the "Laughing Lady" entered the hall, she felt that something was wrong. It was true that everyone was paying attention to them. However, there was no jealous envy in the eyes, but it was full of ridicule and optimism.

She was shocked and thought that she had a problem with her dress today, but she had carefully checked it three or four times before going out! She couldn’t lose her momentum when she lost anything. She pretended to go to the front with Mrs. Yin, and Mrs. Yin didn’t dare to support her. She quickly nodded and returned, and the three beautiful girls behind her also said that they were well-informed. Mrs. Yin smiled and said: It’s worse for your family, and you have to pay three drinks for a late arrival!”

Hui Min suddenly came to the side of Bai Yu: "This is the grandfather of the Dashang Shangshu Deng Daren, who is called Deng Da* milk, the granddaughter of Xingguogong. The latter three have two daughters of Shangshu adults. Another one is her cousin. In the past two years, she was known as the 'Jingshi Sanxiu'. She often made a big splash at various gatherings. She was above the top and had no family yet!"

Bai Hao was said by her, and suddenly understood the reason for everyone's strange eyes. When I saw it in front of myself, I didn't let Deng's four women see their own Yin, and they felt even more ridiculous.

Unexpectedly, he became the tool of these long-lost young ladies to "revenge and hate", and his big watch, Yin, is also a bad one. Now it is clear that the four women of Deng family are proud of Then, she will be pushed out again, and they will be mad at once.

Just now Yin also reprimanded Hui Min and Hui Ru to remember that the identity could not be a small family. Her hand was much more embarrassing than them. [wzdff posted a hand to play the group] It seems that the Deng family of these women's character is not very good, or even if they grow up, they will not commit public anger.

She also loves to watch other people eat, especially like gloating, but I feel that this kind of competition is too boring, but I think that I have another important task today... I can’t say it can only be a childish skin.

There, Deng’s four women and Mrs. Yin have already paid for the tea, and they are suddenly laughing and laughing. Mr. Yin smiled and said: “Today’s party is a newcomer. I’m going to introduce you to some of your girls. Pretty and wonderful people, how close they are in the future."

Deng Da* milk glanced at Yin’s side, faintly seeing a purple woman sitting behind her, and her mouth twitched slightly, and she said with a smile: “But the Miss Sun, the loyalty government? I’ve been I also heard that the sisters said that the daughter of the first beauty of the 'former day', of course, must be close to the family."The people in the hall heard that she had the heart to emphasize the word "the past". The white cockroach is even more heart-wrenching. What others say about her, she actually doesn't care much, but says her mother-in-law, oh! Then don't blame her for being unkind! Ginkgo, Yangmei, Yunxiao, etc., who are waiting around her, are also in their hearts. They are waiting to see this woman and see her lady later. What is the face!

Before Deng Da* milk came, I heard that Miss Sun, who is now Zhongguogong, will come. These days, Li’s little abacus for the heart has been making a fortune for the day, and the rumors of her beautiful appearance began to spread in the circle of the goddess.

When Mu Peilan’s reputation was at its peak, Deng Da’s milk was still a yellow-haired girl who was crying to drink milk. She had never seen her before, but only when people exaggerated.

In the past two years, she has taken the husband’s younger sister and her cousin’s social gatherings with all the noble ladies in Beijing. She has never had a good time. She has never met a lady who can compete with her little aunt and sister in her appearance. Today she is still full of confidence.

And look at the girl of the National Government, hiding behind Yin's body, dare not show up, afraid that there is limited beauty, or else it is a country girl who has never seen the world, what are you afraid of?

Yin has endured this for a while, waiting for this moment! She Shi Ran stood up and smiled: "My sister came to meet a few sisters of the Deng family, but they have the reputation of "the three masters of the capital"!"

I don't know what kind of hatreds the Yin and Deng family have. It seems that even Mrs. Yin is faintly trying to see them. [Wzdff posted a hand to play the group] White 茯苓 live up to the expectations, holding the hands of Ginkgo stood up, looked up to them a little smile, convinced as a gift, smooth and elegant movements to enter the painting.

On the opposite side, Deng’s four women saw her face changed. The three smiling girls, who were originally smiling, froze on the face, and looked incredulously at the beautiful and beautiful woman in front of the fairy. Returned to the ceremony.

Deng Da*'s face is especially ugly, and she now fully understands what the strange atmosphere in the hall is for, good! It turned out that a room was waiting to see their jokes!

However, she has been in this circle for a long time, and she quickly succumbed to the different colors. She also gave a ritual and said faintly: "Sure enough, the city is unparalleled, and the wife of the country is blessed."

The latter three women also came up to see the ceremony, and the face was replaced with a smile that was sweeter and more gracious. It seemed that I didn't feel embarrassed at all, and it was very tempting to talk with a white singer and look like a night.

They know that the people in this room are waiting to see their jokes, seeing them as shameful and angry, watching them turn around and fleeing. If they leave today, they will become the laughing stocks of the official women’s mouths in Beijing. They can’t let them These people wish that way!

The skill of the white dress is not as good as that of others. They are laughed at by them, and they can’t openly ask them to get out of their hands. They have to hold up their smiles.

Hui Wei and Hui Ru did not see enough of their wonderful expressions, but they were unhappy, but I also knew that these women would definitely die in the end today, so they had to pack up and help the whites.The ladies in the hall seem to be talking and laughing, and their eyes are not looking at this side. I am looking forward to seeing a few women in the Deng family unable to stop. The four women of Deng’s family were provoked by them, but they did not leave in front of the day.

Hui Yan’s eyes turned and deliberately interjected: “Several sister’s dresses are beautiful, elegant and beautiful, but are made by the emperor’s embroidered mother?” She deliberately only boasted that the dress is not boastful, that is, the heart I want to sneak them.

The three women in the opposite side hated to die, and the smile on their faces did not decrease. The youngest Miss Deng Jiasan pretended to be inadvertently: "This is made by the Nylon Embroidery Square. The handwork of the embroidered mother is not bad, but the style is better than the nylon. He Shifu of the Embroidery Square has been a lot worse."

He is the most famous needleworker in Jingcheng, and he is the first place in the embroidered workshop. He wants to get the dress she made by her own hands. I have to wait for one year, and the dress that Mr. He has done every year is ten. Set, so being able to put on the dress she made is undoubtedly a very worthwhile capital.

Hui Wei did not expect that she had given me a chance to let her out of the limelight. She was so angry that she only wanted to turn her eyes. She erected her ear and listened to the lady who was moving. When she heard that Miss Deng Jiasan was wearing it, it was actually produced by Master Hefei. One by one can't help but walk over and watch, everyone is envious.

Miss Deng San smiled extraordinarily: "In fact, there is nothing. The mother is a little girl, her dress is also made by Master, but the material is much rarer than me."

The little girl in her mouth is the youngest girl next to her, and the third lady of Deng’s family.

Ms. Deng Wu and her sister worked together seamlessly. When she heard the words, she immediately said: "My sister didn't make sense. This is the birthday gift that my mother gave me. My sister didn't pick any days. Just open the door and the mother asked He Shi for the replacement. You make a dress, and my sister is still coming to eat my vinegar. I don't care."

After the cousin of Qin’s name surnamed Qin did not fall, he deliberately smiled innocently: “If you are a big girl, if you don’t help the cousin, I might be able to wear a dress made by He’s own hands. Oops, the three of us have three sets of dresses. I don’t know who else is the other seven sets of dresses?

Miss Deng San said: "I heard that Mao has booked two, and the two emperors have booked two on the house. Others are not too clear..."

The Mao family is the Mao family of Mao Guifei who gave birth to the great emperor. The second emperor’s palace does not need to say that Miss Deng San’s casual personality is a character of Jingzhong’s righteousness. It is clearly self-raising, and Bai Yu now understands why. Miss Lady of Jinglitou will be so deeply resentful to these women.

However, if it is her turn to be open later, will everyone's resentment be transferred to her? It’s really tangled!

Finally, a blue lady couldn't look down on their faces, deliberately getting together and talking about the topic: "The pattern on the sister's koi is special, is the makeup satin plus gold silk thread embroidered? Smooth and smooth, This embroidery is so good to be born! I don’t know which master is so powerful?"Nowadays, the patterns of the popular makeup satin are usually only six to nine colors, and the eighteen colors are the best. More is to add color by hand, similar to embroidering on the flower cloth.

However, this piece of koi in the white enamel is mainly composed of bright purple woven gold, with dark lines of different shades and shades. There are at least ten or twenty colors, and the ordinary embroidery will leave a slight bulge on the cloth. The stitches, she is smooth and supple, can not see the traces of embroidery processing, so Miss Blue will ask.

She said that everyone's eyes turned to Bai Hao, and Bai Hao was overjoyed. She almost wanted to imitate the roaring horse and swayed her to shake her a few times to show gratitude - this is simply the daycare given to her! How good and ingenious this topic is! All of a sudden she mentioned what she most wanted to say.


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