Yu Ren

By E Mei

094 Yan Yan Qunfang

094 Yan Yan Qunfang

The day is dressed in a bright, bright purple woven gold-tone satin koi, white gold pleated skirt, silver-gray mane with a cuff in the neckline, a coral-red carved cloak, black and black The long hair is plunged into a cloud, and a pair of red roses made of red gold are inserted on it. The rose is half-open and half-footed with a fist size. Each thin petal is engraved with a complex pattern, inlaid with several rice grains. Pink pearls, with her every move, the petals of the film can tremble in the wind, looks light and magnificent, and is completely different from the styles seen nowadays. In addition, there are no other hairpins on the hair, but the hair is dotted with more than ten small pearls.

She was there for a stop, like a full-fledged fairy flower, gorgeous and unconventional, magnificent and unparalleled, full of plum blossoms are eclipsed.

Zhuo's first recovery came over and took two steps and said: "What is Tianxianhua, I can see it today. When I was a child, I always heard that the lady of Zhongguo Gongfu was the first beauty in Beijing, but unfortunately failed. Seeing Miss Lin, she left for Beijing because of illness, and now she met her daughter, and she really deserved her name! Please, please, this cold weather, don't freeze it!"

As soon as she spoke, the other cockroaches who came to greet her also woke up, and walked up to them and walked inside.

Zhou Shangshu is a special garden called Meiyuan. The whole yard is built according to the original terrain. There are five pavilions connecting the whole house with a cloister. The corridor is twisted and twisted. Every other time, there will be a pentagonal kiosk that stretches out. For people to rest and enjoy the plum, the pavilion is placed in the five corners of the stove, the pavilion is equipped with tea stove snacks, and there is a small waiting time, the original wild plum blossoms outside the gallery, is indeed a good place to enjoy the plum, and the owner is also prepared thoughtful.

If all the women who are as noisy as the hens disappear, it will be more thoughtful... The white face has a shallow smile, but my heart is very disapproving.

Today, she intends to play a young lady who is ignorant and sloppy, can not talk, try not to talk, even if it is said, it should be solved within ten words as much as possible, and the other will use smirk. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

Because Yangmei and Ginkgo evaluate her, they can still wear ladies without snoring. Once they speak freely, it will be bad, and they will immediately expose the bully!

Although she felt that this was because they had been detained for one month's work and the first-quarter bonus for the last night's climbing, and they were resentful, they still listened to the opinions of the masses. Anyway, she was not interested in talking to these women.歪拉家常.

Zhuo was very interested in her. She often turned back and tried to pull her to talk. Fortunately, before Yin’s arrival, she was repeatedly told by her mother-in-law. She must look after this sister, so she took the initiative to stop her from many Zhuo’s enthusiasm. offensive.Bai Yu lived in the loyalty government for a few days, but the chances of the son-in-law of the Yasukuni government being in contact with her were very limited. The next time she saw that she was not sick, she was weak in bed, and she was a weak gesture to prepare to fall ill in bed. There are very few words, even if they are provocative, she always looks back with a look, or asks the beggars around her to solve the problem. If it is several times, she will inevitably give her some suspicion of contempt - this is mostly a The brain is not good, the apostle has a grass bag with a fairy face!

I think she is just from the "countryside" outside the capital, and she must have limited knowledge. It is not her own thing to be ugly on such occasions. Even the faces of these Yasukuni's son-in-law are also lost!

Therefore, even the two sisters, Hui Min and Hui Ru, who are full of jealousy, are also very careful. They are interested in walking around her to block the harassment of others.

Bai Hao was somewhat surprised by their reaction. She had no good feelings about the two sisters before. Now it seems that they are all typical of fighting in the nest. When they go out, they will join the external type, and their evaluation has been slightly improved. Minute.

Soon the group went to the hospital hall of Meiyuan, the Yulu Palace Powder Court. Zhou Shangshu and his wife love plum blossoms, so the five main buildings of Meiyuan are named after their favorite plum varieties. The most famous plum variety in Pinking Ridge is the Yulu Palace powder, so the largest living room is called Yulu Palace. In addition, the other four large houses in the park are named Qingzhi Yudie Pavilion, Yutai Zhaoshui Pavilion, Xiaoluo Zhusha Pavilion and Lianhu Light Powder Pavilion. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

It’s not too late for them to come in time. There are already seven or eight ladies in the hall who are sitting and talking. Hui Wei quickly swept away other guests in the eye hall and exchanged a disappointing look with Hui Ru. The few people had not arrived yet!

Zhuo Shi, who was in front of Yin’s parallel, had already taken two steps. When he first entered the hall, he was blessed with a mother-in-law who was sitting on the top. He smiled and said: “Mother, today we can invite a fairy to go. meeting!"

Mrs. Yin smiled and said: "If you have a lot of tricks, what kind of fairy, bring me to see!" She is about forty years old, she is well-maintained, her appearance is not beautiful, but her eyes are bright and refreshing. I couldn't help but feel a good impression at first glance.

In the hall, the dragon was burned and the stove was warmed up. The warmth was like spring. The white fruit broke into the hall for the white cloak and then went into the hall. Then the hall once again replayed the scene when Zhuo’s welcoming guests.

Mrs. Yin couldn’t help but stand up and walk a few steps to the white plaque and praised: "It’s really a fairy, Ling sister, this is the girl of the loyalty of the loyalty of the country. I was born a lot better than Miss Lin!"

Ling sister is the name before Yin’s marriage. Mrs. Yin is her aunt, and she still calls her so far. Yin’s promptly told Bai Hao to go forward and say hello, and briefly introduced a few words to his aunt.

For the first time, Bai Yu listened to people outside his family to mention the appearance of his mother. After he gave a ceremony to Mrs. Yin, she couldn’t help but wonder: "Mrs. Yin had seen her mother?"

Mrs. Yin smiled and said: "I have seen you before, there are several ladies here.I have seen the order, but the court has rarely gone out before, but we have had the privilege of seeing her several times. ”

The ladies in the hall have different expressions, and two of them really look back on the memory of remembrance, but the other six are just smiling and laughing. The white singer understands it slightly. If the mother is like her, she looks like her. I don’t know how many people have been overwhelmed here. These beautiful women can compare each other with appearance, family history, fame, clothing and the like, and their own mothers in the past are clearly a decathlon master. The official lady of her age will like to miss her.

Mrs. Yin seems to really like her very much, and personally took them to the nearest position of their next head, and even Hui Wei and Hui Ru were dimmed.

In fact, the gathering of the son-in-law in the capital is also the main way for the husbands to see the daughter-in-law. The ladies will bring out their grown-up or soon-to-be-adult daughters, hoping to meet a suitable good family. Next, suddenly there is a beautiful woman who is arrogant and fragrant, and her daughter is compared to a green leaf. No one can laugh at it. Although the blind date is not just a look, but who does not want her daughter to get the most attention. What about force?

Hui Wei and Hui Ru looked at the full hall and focused on them. This is a scene that has never been seen before. Although it is sour, more is a proud pride. The two girls temporarily forgot each other's suspicions, and Hui Laila Huiru's sleeves whispered: "I don't know 'they' are coming here today, I have to come! I think 'they' will be surprised later. I want to laugh when I am ashamed!"

Hui Ru is very excited: "Yes! Yes! I hope for the first time that 'they' must come to this Meimei party. Didn't it be a big show last year? I think 'they' still laughed and laughed this year! You go Let you inquire about it!"

Hyelin blinked at her smugly, and whispered a few words to Yin’s side. Yin’s head turned back and said: “I’m not going to ask, this is too trace, you are all kingdom. Miss of the government, I have to do this kind of little family."

Although she reprimanded her mouth, but her eyebrows also showed a little bit of gloating smile, there is not much true rejection.

Hui Hui Hui Ru was dissatisfied in the two hearts but did not dare to rebut.

When I sat down, I sat for half a meal. Some ladies and ladies came over and talked about it. Yin was only responsible for smirking at the side, and her face was a little stiff. During the period, several lady ladies came again, and everyone was shocked when they saw the white color.

Bai Hao was so happy that he could let Bai Guo collect the visit fee from everyone present. Her super-beauty-level beauty exhibition is open, and it is quite reasonable to receive a pair of two and eight, so that she can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in one day, and she will not be dressed up.I was walking around the sky, and suddenly I heard that there was a legend about what the lady was, and then the atmosphere in the hall began to feel a little bit wrong. The conversations were all quiet, and the two sisters, Hui Wei and Hui Ru, were excited. Sleeves, eyes glaring at the hall door, if they are not with a smile of obvious gloating, they will think that they are waiting for the crazy fans of idols.

Looking at the rest of the audience, the look is mostly the same, but the degree of excitement is different. The obviously young lady is more excited. Many people still can't help but peek at her. Does this seem to be related to her?

Yin’s unmoving body moved in front of her.

Before she thought about her reasons, she was surrounded by more than a dozen women in the front of the hall. The first woman was similar to Yin’s age. She was about twenty years old, she was thin, and she was slanting and picking up the eyes of the phoenix. The appearance is not much more beautiful, but the dress is luxurious and exquisite, and the arrogance of the outside is not low.

She and Zhuo’s laughter and walked into the hall. The horrible laughter of the man who had not cut the neck and hen had already spread throughout the hall, lest others would not know that she was coming.


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