Yu Ren

By E Mei

093 Bad child stealing incense in the middle of the night

093 Bad child stealing incense in the middle of the night

Bai Hao looked down and looked at it. "I don't think there is anything wrong? I didn't see it!"

Ginkgo glanced at her little face around her face. It was estimated that such a small child couldn’t quite understand what they said, so she bluntly said: "The purchase price of Ge’s treasurer is only 60% of the normal estimate. This... Is this too low?"

"Low? I remember that the pawnshops are only willing to pay 30% to 50%, and we are selling them for him. If you are risky, you have to pay so much money in one lump sum. It is very reasonable to give 60%." I don't think there is a problem at all.

Ginkgo scratched his head and said: "This... This money is for disaster relief. If the treasurer wants to make money, is it a bit..."

"My family is not open to charity, not making money, what does Ge Ge counters eat with his men? You are not counting the business, you can give 60% the highest price after deducting operating costs and various losses. When they are high, they will turn to the treasurer. They have to ask for food. Then, who can save them?"

Ginkgo wrinkled his face: "Even if this is the case, we don't have to write it clearly. We can understand that he can understand the Haimeng master. It is boring that everyone is not happy."

"If he is not happy with me for this, follow him. Anyway, I am conscience." Bai Hao yawned, clearly said that this need not be said.

To say that money hurts feelings, so feelings belong to feelings, business is business, she is not really ignorant girl, to be emotional on this issue. Not to mention that she did not intend to really develop a relationship with the sea pumice, even if it is to be with him, this principle problem must also make the other party clear.

The sea pumice is already good enough. If you develop the habit of letting her family suffer from subsidizing his charity, how can it be? !

Ginkgo flat mouth, silently sympathize with the unidentified Haimeng master, holding the books back to continue reconciliation.

Bai Hao looked at the little girl sitting quietly around, suddenly said: "Take him too, let him learn some! I will not walk away in this house, you go there with this sister. Look at their work. [wzdff posted a hand to play the group]" The previous sentence is said to the ginkgo, the latter sentence is said to Xiaoxuan.

Her family doesn't have a leisurely person, and Xiao Yan is now ** and should start learning something. Xiao Yan looked at her with reluctance, and finally went to Yangmei and Ginkgo.

As soon as Xiao Xiao walked away, the little raccoon flower that was not right all night suddenly jumped on her body and smashed and arched. The white scorpion reached out and touched it. Suddenly, it felt strange. The raccoon flower seemed to be particularly repulsive to the two pumice stones. The last time I saw the pumice in the mountains of Lushan, it was also a gesture of guarding the whole god. It was strange!

Very unprofessional to throw Yangmei and others to work outside, Bai Hao hugged the little raccoon flowers to go to sleep beauty, one night without dreams to dawn.

When I woke up in the morning, I suddenly felt that something was wrong. I took a closer look and found that there was a big chunk of the bed around me. It was obviously more personal! This scary scared her and screamed! She slammed up from the bed and pulled her quilt back into the bed.The quilt opened, revealing a small body, he was awakened by this sound, and the quilt was taken away, immediately snorted and opened his eyes, looking innocently at the white.

"How come you are here?!" Bai Yu was shocked and angry. She grew so big that she had never had a bed with her. What do they do with Ginkgo arbutus? ! How can I leave this child in her room and sleep in her bed? ! What about pipa? It has been drilling into her bed every night since the night in the haunted house. How can it be safe to lie in and not be attacked?

Xiaoyan eyes, climbed up and wanted to stick, immediately stopped by the white sputum, sitting on the edge of the bed with a wounded face.

Ginkgo and other voices heard the sound coming in. When I saw this scene, I smiled and explained: "It was very late last night. How could Xiaoyan refuse to go back to his room to sleep, so let him sleep on the dwarf, no I think he will be in the middle of the night..."

Bai Hao looked at her finger and saw that there was a pillow on the dwarf squat under the window. The little raccoon flower that had just disappeared was being drilled from the quilt, squinting at the eyes and not waking up. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

How could this be? Bai Hao didn't have the mood to think about why the little cockroach and the little raccoon would change the place to sleep in the middle of the night. She pointed to the little cock's nose and taught: "Nobody taught you, can't you just climb to the girl's bed?" ?"

Xiao Yan bowed his head and his voice complained: "Mother will sleep with me..."

White is powerless: "But I am not your mother!"

Xiao Yan is not suffocating, and the ginkgo eats and eats: "That I took a small donkey to go out and wash, let the red song come to serve you..." Then he picked up the little sister and waited for him to react quickly and took his little quilt to him. I wrap it out when I wrap it up.

Wake up is so scared, white face is not good looking in the whole morning, Ginkgo pulls Xiaoxu education: "Miss least likes people to be inexplicably tired of her side, you have to be obedient! Hey, girl's bed can not Just climb up, if it’s not that you are still young, the problem is big! My grandfather doesn’t blame you for peeling the bones.”

Xiao Yan seems to understand the nod, nodded, and said: "I know, I will not make her angry..."

Ginkgo was very satisfied with his confession, and he did not find the smugness in his eyes.

At noon, Baijia Sankou took a small donkey to the Yasukuni government for dinner. Yasukuni’s physical discomfort was not attended. Only Li’s family brought three daughter-in-laws to greet them. The atmosphere was different, because the food was not spoken, and the bed was silent. The rules, in addition to the light impact of the cup plate accidental collision, quietly no one snoring on the table, but each person's eyes intentionally or unintentionally aiming at the white and small scorpion face.

The appearance of the white ugly couple has completely disappeared.

It is impossible to find similarities with the facial features of the children. It is only possible to judge whether they are brothers and sisters from the similarities of the two children.

The white pheasant was used to people, and there was no reaction to these strange eyes. Xiao Yan was very embarrassed to see them, and almost buried his small face in the rice bowl.After eating a meal, Li took the Bai’s couple and started to knock on the side. Mu Peilan thought about her daughter’s ritual and asked her to come forward to prepare, so she also resisted her sex and took a break. She still has no way to go. She is already a 60-something person. Her spirit is far less than that of young people. She has been sleepy after eating lunch. She knows that there will be no gains today. She frowned and turned to Mu Peilan: "Before saying Let Shantou participate in the party of Mrs. Jingli’s party, and I’m looking forward to seeing Mrs. Shang’s wife’s feast in the future. The lady who is diligent is her niece, and we are relatives, and Huihui and Huiru also They will go with their nephews, and the little sisters will have a photo."

Mu Peilan looked at her eyes and saw her no opinion and nodded and promised her.

The daughter appeared in Beijing for the first time. Mu Peilan was much more nervous than going to the feast. When she went back, she took the white plaque to prepare the clothes to be worn tomorrow, and decided to choose the person who went out to serve her. Please go with Yunxiao.

Bringing them to Jingli, these women and women are all personally trained by Mu Peilan. There is no problem in etiquette. However, she is not familiar with her life in Beijing. She can’t be completely relieved. She can’t believe her, only the cloud around her mother. It is enough to entrust.

The luncheon was used at noon the next day, and Lin Muli’s eldest son, Yin Shi, took the two sisters, Hui Wei and Hui Ru, and joined the day to go to the meeting place, Chengdong Pinking Ridge.

Zhou Zhengkun, the head of the family department, built a dormitory in the village of Pinking Ridge. The courtyard retains a piece of Merlin that was originally wild. The plum blossoms are held every year, and Zhou Zhengkun and his wife will each entertain the DPRK and Chinese colleagues. The gathering of the plums has almost become a famous affair in Beijing in the past few years. The invitations to participate in each have their own backgrounds.

Bai Yu and Da Biao Yin and Hui Hui Hui Ru took a big carriage with the mark of the Yasukuni government. The other waiters took the two smaller carriages.

The carriage of the National Government is not bad, but the design of comfort and shockproof is always inferior to the special carriage of the house. Even if the official road is relatively flat, it will be bumpy enough, and there is a delicate foundation without the need to install it. .

Today is the son-in-law, so the Zhoufu hospital opened a corner door. All the carriages went straight into the yard, and then the ladies and ladies got off. There were many people coming here. There are dozens of light carriages, but Zhoufu’s The next person is obviously well-trained, and it doesn't take long for them to turn their carriage into the door.

Yin’s let Zhoufu come to greet the guests, and they got off the bus. Then they were Huilu and Huiru. The two women are dressed up today. All the clothes are from the nylon embroidery workshop. The banquet is specially tailored.

Zhou Shangshu’s grandmother, Zhuo’s personally, greeted him. When he saw Yin’s mouth, he called his cousin, and he was very affectionate. He also praised Hui Wei and Hui Ru: “I’m listening to the story, there is still a guest today. Come, is the baby granddaughter of Zhongguogong, who is it? Isn’t it too damn, the cousin hides and refuses to let me see?”Yin’s thought of the sensation that may be caused by the appearance of Bai Yu in the future, the heart is proud, and smiled: “Reassured, always let you see.” Then he turned his head and said to the white saying in the car: “Sister is better?”

The white stork was dizzy by the carriage, and the carriage stopped for a while before he slowed down. Hearing, he reached out and let the Yunxiao, who had already arrived at the car, get off the bus.

When she stood on her feet and stood up, the people around her suddenly quieted down. In addition to the few people who went to the government office, they all became mud-plastic puppets. Everyone looked at the girl in front of them, and they were all surprised and unbelieving. .

The smug colors on Yin's face are more intense. The two sisters, Hui Min and Hui Ru, secretly bite their teeth and have to face the reality of a cup. When they appear, they will only dress as green leaves.


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