Yu Ren

By E Mei

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092 was selected

Li’s mouth was beautiful, but there was no idea in her heart. She sent her sons and daughters away. She had to smack her head to find her husband, Jing Guogong, and the three sons of the two men. She did not believe that he could really succumb to his heart. Regardless of it!

Yasukuni listened to her words and did not say anything for a long time. Although his mouth said that the three sons did not attack the priest to hone, but after all, it is the flesh and blood, and the son is no longer a child.

He never mentioned it in his mouth. In fact, he had long felt that the younger brother of the loyalty of the country would soon be inherited by one of his sons. Especially after the prostitute’s accident and unrecognizable, he was even more certain that the loyalty of the loyalty of the country was absolutely impossible.

How can a woman who is ugly like a goblin marry? Even if you can't recruit anything decent, the second brother is absolutely perfect.

The reason why he has not been urging his younger siblings over the years has been to worry about being a long-brother, because of this determination in his heart.

I didn't expect the change to come so quickly and so suddenly. I thought that the ten-year-old title was suddenly full of variables. As a parent, he may not have selfishness. Otherwise, he will not indulge his children to occupy the nest, and openly occupy the loyalty government. Now that the situation is changing, he has to seriously think about how to keep this opportunity.

He thought about it, but found that in addition to taking out the uncle's posture, he forced his younger brother to promise to pass the son to attack the prince, and there is no other way to reverse the situation.

Their two brothers have already separated, and they have set up their own portals. They just did not have a wall to separate the two houses. The second brother earned his family business by his own skills. It can be said that all the bricks and the bricks have nothing to do with the Yasukuni government. Now I have to open my mouth to force people to take his son to the prince. He really can't pull this face.

Yasukuni thinks that there is no way to think about it, and he sighs: "Unfortunately, diligence and diligence have become close, otherwise..."

"Otherwise?" Li did not respond for a moment, I do not know how he suddenly pulled the marriage of two grandchildren.

"Otherwise, it’s not good to kiss your daughter’s hoes and kiss them.” Yasukuni shook his head and smiled, but these two grandsons are already more than 20, how can they wait until today?

When Li was mentioned by him, he suddenly thought of the idea that the three sons Mullin had with her. He suddenly noticed: "Your niece and niece see the daughter as a pearl baby. Where can I see it? Thinking, diligence and brothers?"

"Also..." Jing Guogong thought that Bai Yu was able to disdain the superior appearance of the noble woman in the capital, and felt that his two grandchildren did not match. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

Li’s test: “The third child told me an idea. Now it seems that I might try it!”

When Yasukuni heard that he was the idea of ​​his three sons, he suddenly became embarrassed, and the obstacles were cherished by Li’s favor. When he was young, he did not do business, and he was good at eating, drinking, and gambling. What good ideas can he have?Li’s observations and his understanding of his disapproval, said: “The emperor once mentioned the emperor’s son who chose to be an adult emperor, Hui Hui and Hui Ru, a young age, no such blessing, but your niece. Heart and baby, but it is suitable again! Her parents are not ready to come out now, if we take care of the princes who have made the fortune for them, then they will reciprocate, they should be able to loosen it?!"

Yasukuni is not very clear about his wife and son's plan. He just shook his head and said: "Now the emperor has not set up a prince, and the two parties in the DPRK and China are attacking each other. It is like a fire. Why should we blend in? I can experience several times. It’s because you know how to protect yourself. At this time, it’s a bad relationship with the emperors. It’s a bad thing in the future. It’s possible to get rid of the hardships! If you didn’t look at the two gimmicks, I wouldn’t You are going toss and toss!"

Lee had argued with him many times for this matter, and he refused to promise to clear the joints for them.

The reason why she has not mentioned the day to send her to participate in the election, because she has always been inconsistent with the loyalty of the government, rushing to recommend the granddaughter for the emperor, the fool knows that she has ulterior motives, Even if it is mentioned, the husband will certainly not accept it. [wzdff posted a hand to play the group] I did not expect that today's business actually let her find a turn, with the help of her husband, coupled with the amazing beauty of the day, she and her son's plan is not what? At that time, maybe her son can be sealed as a national official, but also to see the face of the woman in the loyalty government? !

Her heart was happy and more vigorously lobbied: "The emperor is not only the emperor of the two emperors and the two emperors. There are also four emperors such as the four emperors and the six emperors."

"You said it is simple, this prince wants to be able to do it?" Yasukuni’s heart was moving, and his tone was softer.

Lee’s confidence is full: “Others may not do it, but you can see the look of the girl. You can’t find a comparison with her in the city. It’s the only granddaughter of Zhongguogong. Although the father’s no place, this identity is also It's ok."

That is also true. Yasukuni’s thought that the Great Emperor and the Second Emperor, if they are righteous, will definitely choose a family woman who will be more helpful to them, instead of choosing a granddaughter who is too angry, and the other four. The emperor has no real power, and he is wisely never blended into the struggle between the two brothers. In the future, even if the new emperor is enthroned, he will not be like them. To be married with them, the identity of Bai Yu is indeed enough.

He never imagined that his wife and children's plans were not limited to this... but he thought it was inappropriate if he thought carefully. "You said that the boy who entered the government today is better off if it is the same family. If it is Peran, she is My dear, she is willing to sacrifice her family’s title for her daughter as a prince?"

Lee had long thought of this festival, but it was an excuse to ask her husband to find a way to get the white pheasant to the prince.

I chose the list, so I didn’t take it for granted. Instead, I advised: "It’s just a guess. It’s not necessarily her son."There is really no other way for Yasukuni to say: "Then, let me know what to say first."

"I recommend the girl who participated in the election of the emperor..."

"You just manage it, I will send people to clear the relationship." Yasukuni finally agreed.

Lee’s eyeballs turned around: “Before this is not done, don’t let them know, or else this condition can’t be discussed.”

Yasukuni’s heart is bored and waved: “Know it...”

Li's dissatisfaction with her husband's attitude, but also helpless, sent a pleading to the Mu Peilan family to lunch at the Yasukuni government office at noon tomorrow, and also specifically proposed that the small guests who came today also invited.

On the other hand, Bai Yun is reading Yun Xuan with a few servants to check the sales contract and various accounts and report letters sent over Ning'an River.

One of them was the sale of the victims of the White House. Because it was carefully selected according to the requirements of the White House, only one hundred and twenty-six people were bought, and there is still a distance from the target of 300 people.

This stack of sales deeds is personally counted by Bai Yu, and it is not a fake hand. She repeated her eyebrows three times and read each person's descriptions. Then she told Ginkgo to carry the box that was specially sold and sold, took the envelope and put the contract together, and wrote the number of contracts on the envelope. When and where to buy, then put the thick envelopes in the box and lock them in a precious way.

Adding more than one hundred, it is nine thousand and eighty-two, and it is a big step closer to the goal!

Xiao Yan was sitting next to her, watching her miserable behavior, her eyes flashing and not knowing what she was thinking. Since entering the National Government, he has been sticking to the white robes, and he refused to leave when he pulled her clothes.

Bai Hao said that he would bow his head and ignore him. He threatened to blame him and looked at her with a big pair of eyes. He made everyone look at her with condemnation, even she felt like she had done something evil. general.

Fortunately, he was young, and the contract account he was going to deal with today was not a secret, so he did not try to catch him again, and he stayed with him.

Seeing him now looking at the box that was selling the deeds, Bai couldn’t help but feel bad, and reached out to his head and asked, "Do you know literacy?"

Xiao Yan nodded hard and said: "Mother has taught me..."

Bai Hao knocked on the box and said: "Do you know what is inside?"

Xiaoxi hesitated and nodded.

Bai Yu said with a smile: "If you can't come back safely, you have to sell it to me to pay the debt. He owes me 20,000 yuan! Are you afraid of it?"

Xiao Yan looked at her with grievances and did not speak.

Yang Mei couldn’t stand her and glanced at her: "I know that bullying scares children!"

"Hey! I hate to bring kids!" The white face was depressed.

"Because you are a bad boy from your own! Little 祢 祢 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 也不 也不 也不 也不 也不 也不 也不 也不 也不 也不 也不 也不 也不 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , The tone of the woman.Bai Hao did not agree, she has three years left, what is a child, is a cloud! However, she was also afraid that Yang Mei would continue to swear, and quickly pointed to two other piles of letters on the table: "Don't be embarrassed, and they will sort out the two piles with the ginkgo, and copy a copy back to the Jitangtang."

The two pairs of books and letters, the first day, the pumice stone for her handling of the stolen goods, one is her exchange of ghosts and aunts of the two thousand two silver, have been replaced by grain cold clothes and other things sent to the disaster area, which involves various The amount of work is not small when buying and selling bills and receipts.

The white-handed shopkeeper, now in addition to the trafficking of the people, personally, others are not willing to do it, the servants of the house are all "squatting" into a hard-working, accountable accountant accounting, now sitting around the table,噼 啪 打 打 打 打 打 打 打 打 打 打 打 打

Yang Mei is planning to go in the past. Baiguo suddenly holds a book to the front of Bailu. She interspersed: "Miss, Ge’s treasurer wrote this on the books, and I saw it to the Haimeng...not very good."


Hey, smart kids are still quite a lot. Although there is no middle school, the combination of the answers of several of them is basically the true identity of Xiao Yan. (!

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