Yu Ren

By E Mei

091 is weird!

091 is weird!

Bai Hao wanted to believe Bai Pingzi, but this statement is too ridiculous. She hesitated and asked: "Are you sure? Will you be wrong?"

Ginkgo echoed and retorted: "Don't look at other people's development potential than you have to talk nonsense? How old is it? Little love is not around, you are an adult, you are bullying people! Besides, he is younger and distinct. It looks exactly the same as the Haimeng master. Is it true that the Haimeng lord is just strong and sullen?

When they said this, they were playing drums, because according to past experience, Bai Pingzi seems to have really missed it.

Bai Pingzi sighed at the ginkgo: "I have never seen the sea pumice. Seeing the companion is not just looking at the facial features, but the adults and the children are similar. When they grow up, they are absolutely not exactly the same."

A twisted head pulled the white scorpion to the side and advised: "Miss, this child's face, I dare not say that I am absolutely wrong, but at least 90% of the grasp, the girl who has not yet gone far, take him quickly. Go back, lest you get into trouble!"

Bai Hao suddenly hesitated.

It is difficult to say the fate of a person. Just as some people may have handed over a few close friends of the opposite sex, they finally found that their appearances, behaviors, and behaviors are surprisingly similar. This is the subconscious of the human heart. Hobby impact.

For the white pheasant, the sea pumice is undoubtedly in line with her aesthetic preferences, so it is always difficult to truly succumb to the face similar to the sea pumice.

I was unable to make up my mind. Suddenly I saw Xiao Xiao’s turn and strode away. I didn’t think much about it at the moment. I quickly greeted Bai Hao and chased him back.

The martial arts of Baiji is not weak. It is easy to chase a child of ** years old, and the foot is stopped in front of Xiaoyan.

The white cricket caught a few steps around the front of the small scorpion. Xiaozheng bit his lip. The big eyes were all wronged and sorrowful. "I am a disaster star. I will kill you..."

Bai Hao heard the words of the disaster star, suddenly shocked his heart, bent down his hair and said: "Who said you are a disaster star?"

She was the real disaster star in her life. From childhood to big, her parents died young, and her relatives avoided her like a snake. There were not many friends. Everyone feared that she would be infected with her, even if she was slain... She always thought that she had forgotten those tragic experiences, but now she suddenly came to her heart because of the familiar words. She was so bitter and scared that she almost fell on the spot. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

Xiao Yan looked at his eyes and looked at his face. He was cold and glared at his Bai Pingzi. He said: "Everyone said that the mother-in-law is gone, and there will be an accident, maybe it is because of me..."

When Bai Pingzi listened, he immediately added fuel and added vinegar: "Miss, the people in the dilemma are clearly trying to blame you..."

"Well, you don't want to say it again! Go back to the ten steps and use the carriage to send the little donkey to the government office. It is said that I am the son of the world, and there is something in the house. I will take care of it for the time being. The next thing, you Don't worry!" Bai Hao stood up.Bai Pingzi was in a hurry, and he couldn’t care about the difference between the top and bottom. He took a few steps and continued to persuade him: "Miss, I don’t know how good you are with the Haimeng, but this is not the same thing, it is the lord. The lady knows and will definitely agree with my approach."

What Bai Hao decided, and did not listen to advice, she asked: "Do you think that a person's face will determine his life? There is no room for change?"

"That is not the case, people have the innate command, the fate of the day after tomorrow, each accounted for half. The natural time of the eight characters, face-to-face life, parental sex is the innate command, but not necessarily there is absolutely no chance to reverse." Bai Pingzi suddenly remembered what His face changed slightly, and he unconsciously looked at the face again.

Bai Hao patted his arm and said: "Don't be distracted, I am serious about you! Will this child's face kill people around you?"

"That wouldn't be..." Although Bai Pingzi wanted to persuade Bai Yu to stay away from Xiaoxiao, he would not be guilty of conscience. [wzdff posted a hand to play group]

"There is no problem! If he is born as a comet, he may not have to kill him in the future. If he is by our side, we will teach him and control him. He knows that someone cherishes and cares for him. How can you go to the grass to kill people? On the contrary, if everyone abandons him like a slap in the face, let him taste all kinds of cold eyes and pains, even if his nature is good, he will become cynical and violent. "There is a rare time for the Madonna." The reason is that Bai Pingzi is speechless.

"I am packing up. I teach people the skills, do you still believe?" Bai Yu continued to lobby.

Bai Pingzi knew that he could not change her decision. He said: "You don't have to leave him with him, but you must be careful. If you have any damage, I can't pay for a small life... ”

"Know it! You don't want to mention this to anyone, including my mother!"

Bai Pingzi sighed and finally nodded and promised.

Bai Hao succumbed to his heart and reached out to pull his mouth on both sides: "I always sigh, be careful to become a little old man, then it is not handsome, it is not good, no woman likes it!"

Bai Pingzi used to play with her since childhood, and she reached out to her shoulder very unreasonably. The hippie smiled and said: "As long as the lady does not deny me!"

"Hey! You have to be ugly, I am the first to sweep you out!" Bai Yan raised his face, very incomprehensible.

The two people did not notice in the laughter, and the icy and angry look of the twinkling eyes flashed.

The white stork walked back and confessed that the white stork and the ginkgo must be kept secret, and then the handcuffs of Xiaoyan were pulled up: "Okay.

Go home with me, and don’t say anything like ‘fighting star’ in the future, do you know? ”

Xiao Yan peeked at her eyes and finally nodded.

On the way back, Xiao Yan was sitting in the white ebony carriage with white pheasant and ginkgo. He began to sit on the back of the white squat with some restrained straight back. After a while, it seemed to be a little tired, head by bit. Just squatting on the white scorpion, and finally simply squatting on the white squat leg and sleeping.Ginkgo is stunned. White does not like strangers. He is notoriously close to the body. He has no good feelings for children. Today, he not only maintains this little cockroach everywhere, but also lets him sleep on her lap. I don’t know if it is a house or a house. What other reasons.

Thinking of this, she smirked and whispered: "Sleeping a beautiful woman's knee, Xiao Yan is much better than him."

Bai Baibai gave her a look: "It’s especially evil in your mind!"

Bai Hao quietly looked at the sleeping little cockroaches, always felt that there is something wrong, the shallow smile of the child's lips is more and more evil! It seems that after a few minutes, the prodigal son succeeded in a pro-beauty, Fang Ze, and he was proud!

But this is obviously a child of ** years old. Could it be that she heard Bai Pingzi’s words and began to be suspicious?

The carriage quickly returned to the ten-step lane. The white horse ordered the white fruit to find the clothes for the children who were suitable for the little sister. The place of the government office, dressed a little bit, would be pointed out by the slaves. She didn’t want to As soon as he entered the door, he was looked down upon by those boring people.

Xiaoyan took the clothes and ran into the room and quickly ran out. He was wearing a blue scorpion clip, a white silk trousers, and a pair of black boots embroidered with auspicious moiré. He suddenly changed from a simple boy to a jade. Snow cute little son.

Bai Hao was more satisfied with this effect, and ordered Bai Ashi to prepare some food for him. When he was full, he took the carriage and sent it to the government office. He took the white pheasant and the white fruit first and walked back to the Yunxuan to prepare to pick up.

Bai Yu only said to his parents, Xiao Yan is the nephew of the sea pumice. He has to stay for a few days, let his parents help the lie, neither mentioning that Xiao Xiao was assessed as a super comet by Bai Pingzi, nor saying that the sea pumice is looking for her. The thing that the ghost face is missing and the mother is missing.

White ugly did not say anything, Mu Peilan could not help but make fun of laughter: "You! Not yet with him, even the people outside the junior are taken care of."

White is not easy to explain anything, just spoiled and buried in the mother's arms and said nothing!

Mu Peilan had only had a daughter in her life. She also liked the beautiful, shy and shy little sisters. I asked Yunxiao to let the kitchen send some snacks to eat for Xiaoyan.

The women in the inner court are all energetic and extremely boring. They have always been hungry for the gossip. The white ugly sent a very handsome little boy to the Zhongguo government for a temporary stay. He also lived in Baiyun’s reading Yunxuan. Things have spread to the two government offices in less than dark.

It was a very simple thing, and it was changed by passing it...

White ugly is the son-in-law of the loyalty government. I am half a guest. How can I just take my friend's child to Yuejia? There must be a stupid!

The friend’s child brought it to the Yue family. When he came, he went to stay at the Fenfen Court and went around, and let the child live in the courtyard of his sweetheart and daughter! There is no weird head here, who believes? !

The point is, this is still a boy, a very beautiful boy, how do ordinary people get such a child?

Who was born to the child? Suddenly brought to the government office for what?All kinds of doubts are speculated. The ladies in the Yasukuni government have come to a terrible conclusion - will this child also be Mu Peilan's own birth? Or is it actually a brancher of the Lin family? Suddenly getting him into the government office, in fact, I want to go to the loyalty of Mrs. Zhong Guogong to inherit the title? !

The next son of the Yasukuni government is not calm, the "shameless" three brothers brought the wife to Li to discuss the countermeasures. After all, Li’s family has seen the storm, but his heart is also very flustered, but the face is not vivid. Faintly said: "I know, I will go to discuss with you about this matter. You are listening to the wind alone, and Lin’s family is big, how do you say that you are also a long-term brother, the emperor’s enemies of the prince’s Jing Guogong, and the round It’s not that they are a pair of widowed and unaccompanied women and outsiders Hu Zuowei!”


I shouldn't say that everyone must guess the identity of the child. It should be said that everyone must guess that it is not right, hehe.

The cover was changed to a smirked buns face mm, look good? (!

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