Yu Ren

By E Mei

052 Moral Trading with Bodhisattva

052 Moral Trading with Bodhisattva

The dream has returned to twelve years ago... It has been a long time since Bailu had not dreamed about the past, although I knew that I was dreaming, but I could not escape from the dream.

At that time, she was Lu Xue, a sly fresh female ghost in the government, and an authentic devil.

If a person has been unlucky for more than 20 years, he has experienced both parents' deaths, relatives' dislikes, children bullying, going out to step on shit, car accidents, falling objects, collapsed buildings, earthquakes, being thundered, falling into a manhole without a cover... ...and a variety of common, uncommon dog blood unfortunate things, still unyieldingly thrive in the disaster, the result is not hard to come, but on the day of life is finally getting on the right track, life is finally on the right track is a sip of water It’s dying, and it’s estimated that even if you have a good life, you will become a sly ghost.

So, when she was brought to the front of King Luo, she broke out completely...

Lu Xuejie generally broke away from the control of the bullhead horse, jumped to the front of the king of Jurassic, and yelled at his collar and asked: "I will give you a lung! You give me a reason! I have been unlucky for more than 20 years! Haven't you had a good day yet, what did you mean by getting me here against you?"

A young white face of the king of Jurassic was smashed into a purple sauce by her. The cow head and the black and white impermanence that came to save the car could not open this amazingly explosive little woman from the king of the king.

The judge said calmly and calmly said: "Get out of the mix, come back sooner or later! You are so unlucky because you are too deep in your previous life."

Lu Xue turned his head and looked at him wickedly, ready to turn to change his neck.

The judge warned and stepped back two times and asked: "Have you ever heard of this person?"

"Where is the famous Qin State general who digs a hole?" Lu Xue’s historical knowledge is OK, and he doubted it and quickly reacted.

"Yes, your predecessor was white, and you killed Zhao Bing 400,000 people, so you are destined to be unlucky for thirty generations to fight for killing!" The judge announced a "you are not dead" gesture, while demonstrating the hand Life and death book.

Lu Xue stayed, and let go of the scorpion king who had been sullen and black, and asked with a hint of hope: "Then tell me, this is the first few?"

The judge turned over the book on the table and calmly said: "The twenty-seventh world, you will be bad for three lifetimes."

Lu Xue was shocked and angry, and slammed the judge's book case. He said: "This is clearly a smashing case! Killing 400,000 people? How is it possible?! Do you know how many pits to dig so many people?" Four people in the square meter area count, killing 400,000 people needs to dig a big pit with a depth of more than two meters and an area of ​​100,000 square meters. You can dig it for me! Little Japan has guns and guns to kill us 300,000 Nanjing. It’s still a week for my compatriots! This is clearly a slap! How can you count so many dead people on my head?!”

The judge was dizzy by her string of numbers and said: "Even if there is no 400,000, 100,000 can't run away! Let you be unlucky for thirty years!"If someone is unlucky, Lu Xue certainly feels uncomfortable, if it is her? Then it is really dead! As soon as her eyes turned, she immediately changed her face with a flattering smile. She said to the judge: "Can we negotiate a job? Since you said that I am too deep to pay debts, then I will use the power to return the debts in my next life. Don't bother to arrange so many bad luck for me."

"Not at all trouble..." King Luo took a small sigh of the neck and immediately received a fierce eye knife from Lu Xue, and quickly closed his mouth.

The judge was still hesitating, and suddenly heard a Buddha number. A middle-aged monk wearing a vaulted crown and wearing a scorpion walked into the hall. The monk was holding a tin can and holding a lotus flower. The original sinister hall of the Jurassic seemed to be in an instant. It becomes clear and solemn, and it is full of fragrance.

This is the famous King of Bodhisattva! When Lu Xue saw him for the first time, he only thought of one thing - no wonder the goblins wanted to eat Tang Yan meat. It turned out that these monk uncles looked so delicious!

The Tibetan King Bodhisattva is facing the people in the temple: "Sincerely, what was asked by the day before, the little girl went to complete it, which would allow her to eliminate the evils of her former life, and also the wish of Bi Ning Fairy. ?"

Lu Xue heard that there was a turnaround, and he did not care about asking what he was going to do, and nodded and promised. As long as the next life, every life will not be so unlucky! She has had enough for more than 20 years!

The judge gnawed his teeth: "Okay! Look at the Diwang Bodhisattva, give you this opportunity!"

The judge waved his hand to the cow's head and said: "Take her away! Take her away! Tell her on the road!"

The head of the bull's head came forward from the left and right, pulling Lu Xue hurriedly to the bridge and went to tell her about the beginning and the end of the matter.

It turned out that Tianting’s Bi Ning fairy had been robbed in the mortal world. Now she is only three years old. Although her parents love her life, they are all killed. Bi Ning Fairy is unable to persuade her parents to change from the good day, and seeing that Yang Shou will die and return to heaven. She is worried that the parents of the mortal will suffer a false report, so please ask the Tibetan King Bodhisattva to give her parents a good morality. And offset the opportunity of evil.

The Tibetan King Bodhisattva softly agreed, and it was suffering that no one could spot the two couples. It happened that Lu Xue took over the task.

"The Bodhisattva of the Tibetan Kings has been a sequel to you for 15 years. You will devote yourself to the dying girl. If you can help the 10,000 people in 15 years, if the merits are perfect, then the couple and you can get rid of the bitter sea and regain their lives. , to protect you from the birth of the world, Fu Lu Shou Sanquan." Niu Tau finally confessed.

Lu Xue bitterly said: "Helping 10,000 people? Is this task too heavy? Only 15 years, what can I do as a three-year-old child?"

The horse face gloating: "That's your business, talk nonsense! Just less

Save one, you will wait for another three years! ”

"Hey, hey! I don't have such an account..." Lu Xue still wanted to struggle at the end, but he was pushed hard by the bull's head behind him. He only felt that his body was black and his body was involved in a huge whirlpool.In the middle of the song, I heard the voice of the Tibetan King Bodhisattva in my ear: "Be good and good, life and death, female donors, please remember that the so-called help to people is not just a porridge, a meal, a life..."

Good girl's sister! Then what is the rescuer! Hello, give a standard! Lu Xue still wants to ask, but consciousness has already sunk into the dark.

When she woke up again, she had become a white, a beautiful little loli who was only three years old, sick and thin, but her parents were full and cherished.

She is in a very ruined temple. The sacred bodhisattva in the shrine is like a lacquer, which looks so sloppy. It is not as beautiful as the real body she saw in the government.

She lay in a strange and warm embrace, listening to the mother after the newborn, whispering and mumbling and muttering: "As long as I live safely, the little woman will die immediately and be willing to do so, please bodhisattva. As long as I am safe. It is a willingness to do what the little woman does. Seeking the Bodhisattva to show the spirit, the little woman is willing to give the poor number to the poor child."

No one has ever been so willing to do this to her. Lu Xue, who was already full of grievances, suddenly felt that she could become a day. It was a good thing. At least in this life, some people loved her wholeheartedly and would like to do everything for her.

She is no longer an annoying hapless, a sly life like a hard orphan...

The miracle of the white sorrow awakened, and the almost desperate Mu Peilan was ecstatic. When she didn’t notice her daughter’s appearance, the strange and frightened look devoutly held her daughter in front of the statue of the Tibetan king Bodhisattva. Jiubai has since become a loyal fan of the Bodhisattva.

There is only one old monk in the temple who is wearing a rotten robes and is more lonely than the Bodhisattva. When he sees him at first sight, he thinks that he is like a child who is looking for a child in the mortal world. His language is obviously mysterious. The color of the doctrine, in a more straightforward way - God gods, pretending to be ghosts.

"The little donor has the blessing of the Buddha, the spirit has been opened, and the intelligence will be different from ordinary people. It is a great creation to get this blessing." Sure enough, this old monk opened her bluff.

Although Mu Peilan usually kills and decisively, calm and wise, it is difficult to maintain reason in this situation. She worshipped the Bodhisattva and came to worship the old monk. Only when he was a bodhisattva, what is true is true.

"Women's main line is a lot of good deeds, and this is not a good thing." The old monk continued to flicker.

Bai Hao slightly moved his weak body, and his thoughts quickly reassessed the current situation. I don’t want to say that it saves people, that is, self-help is a problem, and must rely on the power of adult guardians to complete the task. So, he quickly looked up and said to Mu Peilan: "Mother, Bodhisattva said, ask us to help the people to thank God!"

Mu Peilan listened to a daughter who could only barely send one or two monosyllabic utter fluently and said a whole sentence, especially the clear "mother-in-law"... She thought she had no chance to hear it in her life. After the shock, there was another ecstasy. I even believed in the blessings of Bodhisattva. At the moment, I said that I will surely complete the glorious mission of Bodhisattva.The white monk asked the old monk: "Master, what is the rescuer?" This is very important. Listening to the tone of the Tibetan King Bodhisattva, taking a porridge porch to send porridge to the hungry people, this "batch to save people" Not counting, hehe! This is hard to do.

The old monk cracked the big mouth that had few teeth, and said a nonsense that made Bai Yu want to take his bricks and shoot him: "All the law is from the heart, the little donor only needs to ask."

Ask your sister! This is related to her luck in her next life, next life, and every life. In case she guessed the bodhisattva's mind, not only will she have to work for three lifetimes, but the problem is very serious!

Bai Hao still wants to ask again. Suddenly she feels that someone is shaking her. She suddenly opens her eyes and sees Ginger screaming at her with a strange look: "Miss is getting up, something is wrong! It happened!"


Pk last day, a little bit worse than 20,000, and finally called for the next pk ticket and pink ticket, that ... can not break the record to see everyone.

It was put on shelves on February 1st, because I want to send a big chapter to make everyone look cool, so it may be delayed later, but it is basically not affected when I am used to during the day.

Before the shelves, I will explain the origins of the woman. I am honest, hehe.

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