Yu Ren

By E Mei

051 Don't be obsessed with sister

051 Don't be obsessed with sister

White gnawed his teeth and cut his teeth: "You will have less meat if you boast me! Hey! Get out of the way, do cows and go horses! What else?"

The savvy Missy really got angry.

Bai Shanglu’s eyes were a little helpless: “Miss’s smart people are well known, why bother to listen to people?”

"I'm happy!"

"..., if the lady is free, why not listen to me about the arrangements for the afternoon today, see what can be missing?"

"Don't listen, anyway, you have a hard wing, and listen to what I do?" Bai Hao is not really angry, just want to force the white famous cold noodle king to say a few good words to satisfy himself. Vanity.

Bai Shanglu did not understand her thoughts, but she still habitually moved her arrogance and humbly asked: "What kind of compliments does Miss want to hear?"

The white scorpion was weak and turned white: "You don't think about it yourself! I really don't understand how you guys deal with the profiteers, and you can't even say good things!"

"Generally they all say good things to me." Bai Shanglu said that he was very serious and sincere, and Bai Hao finally couldn't help but laugh and no longer struggle.

Bai Shanglu still simply said his thoughts to Bai Yu: "I plan to send people to the bureaucracy and the business office this afternoon to provide some help in the name of Tongcai Dental, including asking the officers to check and check for them. The baggage goods in Beiguan City may be lost. If necessary, they can be temporarily transferred to Tongcai Dental for custody. If they are released from martial law, they will pick up the goods with our documents, and some fresh meat dishes. We can also buy goods at market prices. In addition, we can see what special needs they have. As long as the official difference allows, we will send people to run errands... These small things will occasionally be done for the familiar guests. One of them is to bridge their match so that they can still use these days to make a sale, and not miss the opportunity."

Bai Hao loves to ignore the "oh", there is no more, Bai Shanglu is not angry, continue: "Miss has proposed to do an auction in the teeth, I always thought that the time has not arrived Do, this is a rare opportunity. The bureaucrats and the business bureau have all the foreign merchants in the city unified. As long as we have done this first auction, we will not let go of the reputation of our teeth. Such an auction can still be carried out all the time, like the market, which is regularly scheduled to be hosted by our dental company. What does the lady mean?"

I thought about it in my head: "Auction? I thought you forgot it. If you feel good, just do it. Just in a hurry, are you sure you can get these details?"

"I have tried many times in the details of the auction. I didn't think of it suddenly. I have a chance to implement it this time. I will go to the site to do some work. I have any problems on the spot. I am the general manager of the White House. Can't even be as good as Cork."Bai Hao’s heart was a little touched. Although Bai Shanglu had a few face-to-face words and a few good words she had said to her, she kept thinking about her words and tried to help her transform many unrealistic ideas.

When she opened the auction proposal, she was free to mention it when she was free. Bai Shanglu did not seem to have any intention at the time. Later, she accidentally asked, Bai Shanglu always had a time when she was immature, and she was fast. When I forgot about this, I found out that people were really seriously considering it and looking for the most appropriate opportunity to turn it into reality.

Bai Yu is not a native of this world. She knows that many things in her mind that are advanced and modern are very unreliable in this world, especially in business operations, so if they are not quite sure, they will rarely Force others to follow her advice.

Suddenly I heard that Bai Shanglu intends to put her ideas into action. Bai Hao actually had some flattering surprises and smiled and sent a high hat to Bai Shanglu: "Our family manager is of course much more powerful than Huang Bo. You If you have no problem, you will have no problem!"

Bai Shanglu shook his head helplessly. The three households of Baijia are standard shopkeepers. Many things are that they are not in a hurry. They are dying to make him a cow.

"Huangbai is calm and sleek. If he stays in the management of a hundred schools, he will never be inferior to me. Why did Miss Miss want him to go out and stand on his own?" Bai Shanglu is somewhat puzzled. In fact, Bai Hao does a lot of things. Not too understand.

"What is the origin of Huang Bo, you know it. What he wants most is to carry forward his family's craftsmanship and rejuvenate his family. Staying in the white house and doing it well is just a matter of white house." On the delicate tattoo, I don't care too much.

The father of Cork is the royal chef of the palace, and the Huang family has the title of “the first kitchen in the world”. There have been many royal chefs in the past, and Huang’s classic dishes are famous all over the world. The generation of the Huang family was in the palace more than 20 years ago. The brothers of the royal chef were involved in the accident caused by miscarriage of the medicated diet, which was unfortunately involved in the accident. Therefore, they were severely convicted, not only the brothers were killed, but also the wife and wife at home. He was also shackled, and the old exiles could never return. The young ones were sold as official slaves and could not be turned over for generations.

Huang Bo inherits the recipes of the ancestors, and he is also very talented in cooking. He always hopes that one day he will be able to reinvigorate the Huang family and make the Huang cuisine once again famous.

Bai Jia thought a lot of ways to bleach the foundation of the cork, so that he can open a shop to open a business as a civilian, but if he wants to reinvigorate the name of the "first kitchen in the world", it will inevitably reveal him as The fact of the slaves, so you can only temporarily stay in the North Gate City to open a store, waiting for the right time.

White houseOver the past decade, I have recruited a number of similar capable figures who have excelled in all walks of life. Most of these people are sold to the White House or have to be sheltered from the White House because of their poverty and their identity. If the White House wants them to leave their lives, they will not refuse it, but Bai Qi said at the outset that they will be redeemed when they are at the right time. Even if they stay in the White House, they must Redemption, and then continue to work for the White House as an employer.

This is really a strange thing, like Fang Hai, and even Bai Yu’s two days urging him to redeem himself as soon as possible.

Bai Shanglu stayed in Baijia for more than ten years. He watched a group of people coming and going. He sometimes had a ridiculous feeling. His young lady seemed to be relieved if he "sent" a group of people. It seems that the task has been completed and the burden is relieved.

Although he likes Bai Bai as much as Bai Jia, he is grateful and respectful to Bai Bai San, but he said by conscience that he does not think that his family is a pure and enthusiastic person, although she always smiles like a flower to be an innocent girl. Look like it.

He feels that the heart of the day is cold. In addition to the Bai's couple, Lu Ying, and a limited number of people including him, she may not be in the heart, or even say that nothing is in the heart.

The attitude of her game life is very obvious. She is not concerned about what the girl of this age will care about. What is the reputation and reputation? In her words, those are clouds.

Although she seems to like to make money, she does not love money or care about money. These are just tools in her eyes, part of her game. From the beginning to the end, she is like an outsider, and she walks by herself. This kind of person, Bai Shanglu has only seen such a person so far, and she does not know what caused her character.

Bai Shanglu faintly felt that the white scorpion had hidden secrets that others did not know, but he couldn’t think of any clues when he wanted to break his head, and occasionally knocked on the side, she always did nothing.

Just like now...

"The ones who stay in the white house are all heart-warming, dead-hearted, non-man who wants to make a horse to answer my great grace. If you are strong or have other arms, I won't!" Bai Yan said while naughty and squinting Looking at Bai Shanglu, she naturally said that he was "not to be a cow."

"Understood, I am going to do the horse and do the horse, and repay the big grace of the lady." Bai Shanglu was so angry and helpless, got up and left.

His young lady always asked them to make a cow and a horse. In fact, the white family gave them far more than they asked for, and never even used what they asked for.

If there are people in the world who do not ask for a return and do good deeds, then it is estimated that the three are the white family, but to say that they are good people, even the white business land can not help but scream... really not like!

The Bais and his wife once said that they would help the 10,000 people to be a good fortune. Thanks to the grace of the Tibetan King Bodhisattva who saved the life of the Miss more than a decade ago. Is there such a sincere devout man? Bai Shanglu shook his head and felt that he thought too much.Bai Hao can see that Baishanglu is wondering what, and people who have been around for a long time, except her parents, everyone is surprised by her behavior, but everyone is habitually indulging her, her parents are unconditionally Support her, slowly everyone is used to it, and few people express doubts.

She has lived in this world for more than ten years, but she has never regarded herself as a part of the world. She feels that she is a passer-by. After staying here for fifteen years, she will leave the work done and leave. .

Until recently, there were only a thousand days left before she left. She couldn’t help but feel uneasy and worried. She began to feel uncomfortable and began to think about what to do with her love for her life. ? Especially her parents...

Although the parents still have each other, but the white-headed people send blackheads, or their only baby for more than ten years, the daughter is so embarrassed.

Bai Yu feels that his mental burden is already enough. He really doesn't want to get too many people, so the beggars around him are all changed in batches. The people trained by Baijia are almost forced to redeem themselves. Because she will eventually leave, she is not sure whether her parents still have the energy to shelter them after she leaves, they must rely on themselves in this troubled world.

Bai Yan thought about it, leaning on the soft lounge chair and falling asleep...


It’s only about 600 points away from 20,000 pk. There are still two days. I don’t know if I can break through and scratch, the pink ticket expires, and the waste is wrong. Give it to me.

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