Yu Ren

By E Mei

050 praising

050 praising

It is rumored that Bai Yu is the real boss of Bai Jia. The affairs of Bai Jia have always been dominated by Bai Shanglu or Bai Pingzi. The whites rarely came out personally. These vendors saw her appear in the hall. When I knew that this time, it was a small matter. Listening to her saying this, I quickly whipped my ears and listened.

"First, you can't sit on the ground, use this exclusive right to raise prices, and the appropriate price increase can be, but it can't exceed 50% of the original price. Half of it needs to be handed over to Tongcai, as a cooperative."

Bai Hao likes to have money to make money together, but the style of geese plucking will never change. These vendors and white families have more or less cooperation, knowing the style of the business, this opportunity is The white family gave it, so she wanted to draw it. Everyone felt very reasonable and no one disagreed.

"Second, to do business with peace, you should take care of other experts as much as possible. You have limited supply of goods, you can go to the door to buy the inventory of the peers, do not use the public machine to reduce the price, look farther, and you will return in the future. To continue to stand in this north gate city, it is only a bad thing for everyone to sin against their peers. "The character of these people is credible, but it is still necessary to remind you that you will not be able to seduce your privilege.

Everyone listened and felt that it made sense. They all nodded.

"Third, this is the most important point. To beware of spies and scams, all those who handle these things must be reliable people you can trust. If they are mixed with spies, what is wrong with you, you are the boss’s Even sitting and being punished, this is a felony of murder. If you are not kidding, you must be cautious and careful!" When Bai Hao said this, he was already very strong. The people in the hall listened to her with a childish and crisp voice. Come, I can’t help myself, it’s just an unsuccessful girl...

"Last nights, several places in the city were devastated by fire. Although the barbarian cavalry has retired this morning, it may come back at any time. The generals will take the soldiers outside these days. They will not be unwilling to attack the city. The city will try to make it. The chaos gives them the opportunity to break the city. I don't want the chaos to be on our head."

See the following people who have already grasped the truth, Bai Hao made a gesture to the red songs that have been prepared for a long time, and said to the merchants who invited them: "I am confident that I can do the three things I said and I am willing to take it. The business is going to the red song to get the voucher, which has your name and identity, and has a seal of Tongyin's teeth. When you go out and move around, you should use this certificate, you must keep it safely, you must not lose it. If you lose it, you must immediately Report to the generals, bureaucrats and me, otherwise they will be treated as enemies."

It was also a decapitation and it was based on the enemy. Several bosses heard the cold in their hearts. The excitement that was full of brains immediately calmed down a lot. One by one, they carefully took the voucher from the red song, and each of them was attached to the body. it is good.

After solving the problem of eating for the merchants during the martial law, Bai Hao pushed all other things to Bai Shanglu, the general manager of the company, and went to rest later.Baishanglu has received several “relationship households” from Baijia. The so-called relationship households refer to the same group of merchants who have been interviewed by Bai Bai before, and those who have redeemed from Bai’s home to stand on their own or are relatives of these people.

We have money to make money, not to mention the fact that these people’s businesses have more or less investment or shares in Baijia. Bailu naturally enjoys the opportunity to let them once do the monopoly of monopoly business, and send a pen to “war money”.

At the same time, as she said, these people are well-informed, and they are not afraid of being confused and confused. In an emergency, they also became a good helper to assist the officers in managing the order in the city, and they could accomplish many things that the army could not take care of.

Bai Shanglu spent a morning on the reception of these people. The list of all the people was sorted out by a few things around him. He and Bai Yu confirmed that the goodwill of the character is trustworthy and the work is firmly and carefully. Can be entrusted.

At noon, Bai Ashi, who was sent to run the lap, came back. He listened to Bai’s instructions and went to the bureaucracy and the business office to make a round trip. He carefully reported the situation of Huangbai’s sale of food and food.

Huang Bo received the entrustment of Bai Hao last night, and undertook the food business of these two foreign merchants. He took the food and dried food for the morning and sent it to the bureaucracy and the commercial office for sale. The price was almost the same as usual.

The merchants who were unprepared and frightened for a night had a full meal, and the fair price was good. One by one moved to tears, and the money was extraordinarily refreshing. Cork and a group of buddies tried their best to keep up.

Fortunately, some merchants have already prepared some dry food on their own. Otherwise, it is estimated that there are still many people who can't eat rice when they are busy. There is not so much reserve in the Tongbai Tongyun Building. He constantly sends people to other peers who cannot open the door to operate, and this is barely able to cope.

Cork is a capable person, otherwise Bai Yan will not find him first, except that he is operating a restaurant business directly related to eating, one of the most important reasons is his ability to co-ordinate. When he took people to sell food, he also knew that he would appease the emotions of those merchants and pay for two bureaucratic duties.

Others can't think of earning the money of these merchants. The bureaucrats and the bureaucrats responsible for taking care of the merchants in the business bureau have long thought of it. They originally intended to take the opportunity to raise their fortune, and they are dissatisfied with the fact that Huang Bai is openly robbing the business, but Who makes people have a white house to rely on? The backstage of Baijia is the general of Zhenbei, Lu Ying! They are angry and can only squat on their own, but this grievance has accumulated, and God knows when it will break out and what kind of damage will be caused.

Huang Bai saw this point and took the initiative to give money to these bureaucrats, greatly reducing their resistance and truly making one thing happy.


Ten is the most vocal and white-minded guardian of Baijia Guard. In a few words, he vividly explained things from beginning to end, which makes people feel like they are immersed in the situation. Hearing Bai Shanglu could not help but nod his head: Cork is indeed a capable person, and I don’t have to be able to do things in such a way."What Huang Bo did in Bai A’s ten sentences was explained in a few words. In fact, each piece is very well-executed and the execution ability of the agent is very good. In addition, in such a short period of time, it is necessary to clearly understand the situation and to cooperate with each other. It’s seamless, and the interests of all parties concerned are taken into account. This is not something that ordinary people can do.

White is sitting idle and not half a chance to boast: "Of course, don't look at who is coming out."

Bai Shanglu listened to almost want to learn to see his sister, Ginkgo, and turned his eyes on it. It was as natural as a bully temper. The offender was as natural as eating and drinking. It would be bad for a cypress to learn one ten-thousandth of a million, and she had such a big face.

With Bai Ashi reluctantly exchanged a "you know" look, the two directly skipped the nonsense of their own lady and continued to discuss meaningful things.

"You have seen it in two places, what is the problem?" Bai Shanglu asked.

Bai Ashi had an opinion to be published early: "There are several problems. The temperature difference between the night and the night in Beiguan City is quite large. Even if it is summer now, it is very cool in the evening. There are many tourists who are being watched, bureaucrats and commercial offices. Limited, most of them were forced to sit on the ground. When I went, I heard some people coughing, fearing that they had a cold syndrome."

Bai Hao listened and smirked, smiled and said: "You see how fascinating I am! I have let Fang Hai's medical school send people to these two places to apply for their medicine, treat emergency, and let people rent Tent, bed, quilt, etc. Have you seen me so considerate and considerate?"

Her self-selling and boasting was unaccompanied, and Bai Shanglu nodded and continued to ask: "What else?"

"And..." Bai A Shi looked up at the white face sitting on the side with a long face, and some of his words stopped. He finally explained the following in the impatience of Bai Yu: "And, bureaucracy and There are too many people gathered in the Business Department. Many people are screaming everywhere... The smell is terrible. But after a night, if this situation continues, I am afraid that few people can get the taste."

Bai A Shi remembered that the look on the face of the smell immediately distorted. Everyone in the white family knows that Bai A Shi is a bit clean, no wonder he will pay special attention to this.

Bai said: "Eating and drinking Lazar is something that people do every day. You are a big man. What are you embarrassed to say?! I have already let people solve this problem."

Bai A Shi finally sincerely praised the sentence: "Miss Ying Ming!"

"Hey! I have always been very wise!" Bai Hao was somewhat dissatisfied with such a short compliment. He wanted to say something again. The result was interrupted by Bai Shanglu: "Can there be other things besides these?"

"Yes! Many merchants said that they were in a hurry when they arrived at the Tuen Mun Commercial Office. The goods were left in the coaches, shacks or temporarily rented carriages and warehouses. They were worried that no one was taking care of them or there was a loss. Some people complained that they could not Leaving, business can't be done, wrong going elsewhere, going to market, negotiating business, etc..." Bai A Shi casually listed a lot of problems that merchants are more worried about.Bai Hao opened his mouth and said what he was going to do in the future. He was robbed by Bai Shanglu: "This has been arranged, and people who have passed the afternoon will help solve it."

Bai A Shi said with a grin: "I still want to be thoughtful. Others, nothing is there for the time being."

"Well, you are going to be busy with you first. Something will be told again."

Bai Shanglu opened the white A ten, and when he turned back, he saw Bai Yan’s face sullenly glaring at him. The plain expression was inadvertently a little more smiling. He did not see her dissatisfaction and also got up and said: Going down to prepare for the afternoon, I will retire first."


It’s still more than 800 points to 20,000. In the afternoon, I saw a pink on my account. Let’s take a look, maybe there are surprises, hehe.

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